Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 48, Yan Xiaoqing’s Fortune

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Spectre


“I saw her hide behind Master Xia’s brother,” Dong Quan gave Dong Feng a hard punch and scolded him, “If you keep messing around like this, you’ll definitely get done one day!”


“It can’t be that bad, right?” Dong Feng said indignantly, “I didn’t even do anything to her. I just invited her to sing and have drinks. You were the one who taught me to have fun like this!”


“Did I teach you to use force?” Dong Quan kicked him to the side, “Scram now and go take a look at what has become of Wang Gang’s crew. If it wasn’t for the relationship between us and Master Xia, you would have ended up like that today as well!”


Dong Feng rushed towards Wang Gang’s room and returned in a terrified state after taking a look inside, “Elder Brother, did the person from before do all that?”


“What do you think?” Dong Quan still shivered in trepidation.


“He’s so cruel!” Dong Feng shrunk his neck and said, “I noticed that two of them seemed to have gone crazy. Was it because of the fear?”


“What else then?” Dong Quan glared at him.


“So, the rumor about the method Master Xia used to treat Grandpa’s illness… it was true?” Dong Feng’s eyes filled with fear.


“Do you think Mom and Dad would lie to you?” Dong Quan asked.


“Sir Quan, Sir Feng. Who is this Master Xia you are talking about?” One of the minions came closer to them and asked with an obsequious smile.


“It’s none of your business!” The two brothers kicked him at the same time and sent him flying a few meters forward. Dong Quan scolded him after that, “I still haven’t made up with Master Xia and you want to create more trouble for me?”


“Remember this! Don’t go to look for students from Sihe University ever again!” Dong Feng yelled at them.


“Sir Feng. Yan Xiaoqing isn’t from Sihe University. She’s from the Music Academy!” The minions grumbled.


“You dare to talk back?!” Dong Feng scuttled over and beat the minions up.


“Lil’ Feng, it doesn’t matter whether Master Xia’s friend was acquainted with the girl before as he definitely is now. If she gives a prejudiced opinion of you…” Dong Quan speculated pensively.


“It won’t happen, right?” Dong Feng’s face turned pale from the fear as he grabbed Dong Feng’s hand, “Elder Brother, didn’t you say you helped Master Xia with something last time? Can’t you just explain it to him?”


“I gained this small favor with much difficulty and you want me to use it so nonchalantly?” Dong Quan asked in an infuriated tone.


“I’m your little brother!” Dong Feng pleaded pitifully.


“Idiot! You need to take responsibility for your actions!” Dong Quan suggested after pondering for a while.


“What do you mean?” Dong Feng felt puzzled by his words.


“Look for that girl. Won’t everything be fine as long as she isn’t angry anymore?” Dong Quan advised.


☠ ☠ ☠


Yan Xiaoqing followed behind the black-robed man cautiously. She felt grateful and curious about the man in front of her as she would have got into huge trouble if he hadn’t appeared before her suddenly tonight.


She was a student of the Music Academy, so she was familiar with the unwritten rules of the industry. Although Sir Feng’s Chengdu Star Media wasn’t that huge, it had the backing of the Liu family and had an extensive list of contacts. Although it wasn’t possible to become an A-list or B-list actor under them, it wasn’t that difficult to become a local C-list celebrity. Just the Music Academy had countless girls who would willingly allow Sir Feng to harass them to achieve their dreams of becoming a celebrity.


However, Yan Xiaoqing didn’t want to do that because she had full confidence in her skills and also knew she looked pretty, so she had the foundation for obtaining success in the industry. Furthermore, she had a strict upbringing, so if she were to really cross some bottom line for fame, her parents would probably cut all relations with her in fury.


If she hadn’t got swindled by her so-called senior sisters today, she would have never got compelled into getting inside the minivan. Right now, Yan Xiaoqing cursed all those senior sisters of hers as two-faced bi•ches and so-on.


Xia Yan walked out through the entrance of the karaoke hub under the gazes of the security guards and he knew Yan Xiaoqing was following behind him. He wasn’t planning to get involved in the matter, but it seemed like the girl still had a sense of self-respect and was brought over here forcefully, so he just helped her out in passing.


After reaching the end of Xinglong Street, Xia Yan turned into a dark alley. Yan Xiaoqing paused in her footsteps for a moment, but still decided to follow him inside even though she felt a little scared. [What should I do if this black-clad man does something to me inside this soulless alley?]


Xia Yan didn’t know what Yan Xiaoqing was worried about, but he couldn’t summon back the skeleton soldier since she had followed him inside the alley. Hence, he stopped and turned around, then, he gestured towards this somewhat brave girl with his hand and hinted at her to leave.


After a moment of astonishment, she immediately became unhappy. [Is this guy actually trying to avoid me?!]


She forgot that she was afraid that the man might have ill-intentions towards her just a moment ago and stepped forward bravely. She then expressed her gratitude when there they were a meter away from each other, “Thank you for helping me today. Can you tell me who you are?”


She saw the black-robed man shake his head after that. It would have been fine if he had just done that, but he actually gestured with this hand and hinted at her to leave as if he were shooing away a kitten or a puppy. This landed another blow to Yan Xiaoqing’s ego.


Yan Xiaoqing was a girl in the ranks of the campus queens even in a place like the Music Academy that was brimming with beautiful women and had received her share of bouquets and gifts from men, but no man had ignored her in this manner till now. For a moment, she even felt that this guy was really horrible. However, after pondering for a while, she took out a slip of paper and a pen from her purse and wrote down her name and number under the lighting of the streetlight, intending to hand it over to the black-robed man.


Xia Yan naturally couldn’t allow her to touch the skeleton soldier’s bony palm as it would make her suspect something, so he grabbed the slip of paper with two of his fingers swiftly and turned around to disappear into the alley without wasting any more time here with her.


“Humph! And I thought you weren’t interested in me at all! Why did you snatch the slip then?!” Yan Xiaoqing revealed a proud smile on her face. She believed the black-robed man had acted like that intentionally and was no different than the virgin boys who blushed and turned mum after seeing her on the campus.


After arriving at this conclusion, she hummed a tune proudly and hopped over towards her campus. Although she had almost lost her purity tonight, she had somehow made it out unscathed in the end and even encountered an interesting and enigmatic black-robed man, so her adventurous girly heart was fully satisfied now. The black-robed man had also left an everlasting impression on her heart.


“Master, you have a call!” Yan Xiaoqing’s phone began ringing suddenly. Yan Xiaoqing checked the number and discovered it was an unfamiliar one before she answered it. A friendly male voice greeted her from the other end, “Hello, is this Yang Xiaoqing?”


“Yes, May I ask who you are… Sir Feng? What do you want… what? You want me to sign with Chengdu Star Media and release an album? The black-robed man? I know him, he’s my friend…”


She then hung up.


Yan Xiaoqing couldn’t help but laud her wit during the call. Dong Feng had called her personally, intending to sign her as a singer under his company and that too with the best contract for newbies and without any of the unwritten rules. He also inquired about the relationship between her and the black-robed man in a vague manner, and it wasn’t like she hadn’t figured out the reason for that, so she firmly replied that she was a friend of that man. As for whether she would put in some good words for Dong Feng in front of the black-robed man, that obviously depended on her mood.


Yan Xiaoqing also felt pretty curious about the black-robed man’s identity right now as she wished to know just who this person was that could make Dong Feng feel so terrified.


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