Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 49, An Invitation from Mayor Fang

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

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After the skeleton soldier returned to the back alley of the hotel, Xia Yan switched his consciousness back to his body and got up from the bed. He experienced a dizzy spell all of a sudden as even though his consciousness relied on the skeleton soldier’s soul fire, the synchronicity between the consciousness and the skeleton wasn’t as perfect as his body, so it had a bad effect on his spirit.


He forced himself to walk up to the window and ordered the skeleton soldier to disrobe itself and throw the lump of clothes back up. After that, he whispered the incantation of the spell and transformed the skeleton soldier back into an elemental state and recovered it inside the Skeleton Horcrux.


Once he was done with all this, Xia Yan couldn’t hold on anymore and collapsed onto the bed to enter a state of deep sleep.


☠ ☠ ☠


Dong Quan felt a little relieved as he had personally listened to Dong Feng’s call with Yan Xiaoqing. Since she had agreed, it meant that she wouldn’t speak ill of Dong Feng again. As for the black-robed man and Xia Yan’s side, even Dong Quan wasn’t sure about how they would respond to this. However, as the black-robed man had just run into this situation coincidentally, he assumed that the man wouldn’t continue looking into this matter.


Dong Quan’s current objective was to understand what had finally happened here today, so he and Dong Feng covered their noses and entered Wang Gang’s room, which  was a mess right now. As for the others, they stayed behind outside the door to prevent anyone from entering inside.


“Tell me, just what happened here?” Dong Quan acted like an obsequious young man in front of Xia Yan, but to these thugs, he was Sir Quan, a person with great capabilities who could swat their so-called Brother Gang to death with ease.


Soon after, Dong Quan learned about the events that had taken place inside the room from the terrified mouths of the thugs.


“A skeleton with flaming blue eyes?” Dong Quan was dumbstruck after hearing this. In the beginning, he doubted whether Wang Gang was just giving him some crap, but all the thugs said the same thing, and since two of them had even gone crazy, he eventually came to accept it as the truth.


“A skeleton with bones harder than a rock’s and strength stronger than a beast’s, and its actions are so brutal… Elder Brother, this is a skeleton soldier, that too a skeleton soldier with its own consciousness!” Dong Feng’s face turned pale when he recalled that he was face-to-face with such a terrible skeleton.


“No wonder the black-robed man never spoke, it didn’t have any vocal cords or tongue, so it couldn’t speak at all!” Dong Quan also felt his heart go cold when he recalled he was close to such a horrific creature and still had some lingering fears from it.


“I still refuse to believe this unless I can personally see… it again!” Dong Feng stated while wiping the sweat off his forehead.


“My thoughts are the complete opposite of yours. Unless I’m forced to, I don’t wish to see it ever again!” Dong Quan stated.


“Yan Xiaoqing!” Dong Feng exclaimed suddenly, “Yang Xiaoqing followed after it. Nothing awful would happen to her, right?”


“Probably!” Dong Quan’s expression also changed, “Didn’t you call her just now?!”


“If Yan Xiaoqing knew what kind of existence she followed just now, she would have definitely chosen to accept the unwritten rules instead!” Dong Feng stated with certainty.


While the two brothers discussed the skeleton soldier, a beautiful, transparent butterfly flickered behind the chandelier on the room’s ceiling before vanishing.


At a bar a few dozen meters away from Dynasty Karaoke Hub, Qi Ziyu was seated at a corner with a baseball cap covering most of her face and fiddled with the glass of liquor in her hands. A transparent butterfly appeared on her fingertips suddenly before dissipating in the next moment.


“This is weird. Who does that skeleton represent?” Qi Ziyu’s lovely face filled with doubt, “Unfortunately, the Butterfly Rune only allows me to see the image and not the voice, or else I would have learned much more!”


“I originally came out to deal with the trouble brought by these thugs, but I never expected someone to get to them earlier than me. Who was it?”


“That skeleton was shrouded in a potent aura of darkness, so I thought it would kill those thugs, but I never expected it to just wound them lightly. The person used such a strong power to only inflict such minor injuries, it’s indeed equivalent to using a sledgehammer to crack a nut! Was it all just to intimidate them? But who would do such a prodigal thing… From the movements of the mouths of those two rich kids, it seems like they uttered the words ‘Master Xia,’ but who is this Master Xia?”


“Is it Xia… No, he should be just an ordinary university student. This is really strange. That said, the person who drew a force of the world last time was someone from Sihe University, so could it really be him…? Hmm, I’ll have to look for a chance to find this out!”


Qi Ziyu left a few notes on the table and then left the bar after standing up. Two men who tried to hit on her and were turned down also got up at the same time and followed behind her silently…


On the next day, two drunkards with faces swollen like pigs were found rolling in the mud at the riverside of Fu River, but unfortunately, they had forgotten what happened to them. Afterward, the doctors who inspected them discovered that they had lost the most important function of a man.


☠ ☠ ☠


After the march-past, the cultural show, and the drinking party, the freshmen military training finally came to an end.


As Xia Yan had shown off during the march-past, he just spectated during the cultural show. Anyhow, he didn’t have any talent in this field, so he would have just made a fool of himself if he had gone up on the stage.


Qi Ziyu had the best performance in the cultural show and since it was her, the freshmen’s cultural show attracted a lot of reporters as well, and a vast crowd had gathered at the site. A lot of Qi Ziyu’s fans from nearly all the universities in Chengdu were present here, so the cultural show had pretty much become one of her concerts.


The lectures began formally after the military training ended, so the lives of the students also became regular.


The freshmen still hadn’t learned about skipping classes, so the guys from C402 attended the lectures on time daily. During their free time, Zhao Qiang would go play basketball since he planned to apply for the bench team and enter the university’s team later on and participate in the University Basketball League. From what Xia Yan had seen, Zhao Qiang played pretty well, so it was feasible for him to do that.


Qin Jian spent most of his time each day online and either played games, browsed the forums, or chatted with girls on his phone. Alas, Xia Yan had never seen him land a date successfully till now.


Hou Xiaotian’s father had already returned home, but he obviously didn’t mention that his father had completely recovered from cancer to Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian, and only told them that his father had returned home to recuperate since the operation had succeeded.


And Xia Yan never discovered the grateful and reverent gaze Hou Xiaotian directed at him from behind.


Xia Yan’s life was also quite normal. He would go spend a night at Hearthcreek Apartments occasionally and chat with Zhang Shufen and Le Wenqing. After that, he would lock himself inside his room the entire night to meditate or tinker with the Horcrux. He also transformed the cloud of the undead element present inside the mirror in passing.


Soon after, it was time for the consequent arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, and to compensate for working on holidays, a total of 10 holidays have been given this time, so the students were exhilarated.


Xia Yan received a call from Fang Xiangdong on the first day of the holidays. Since he had spent nearly a month in Chengdu, he already knew Fang Xiangdong’s identity. As such, he felt quite surprised that the mayor of Chengdu city had called him personally.


“Xia Yan, it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival tomorrow, so why not visit my house for lunch tomorrow? Your Aunt Zhao also wants to see you and you can meet with Le’er as well. You’ll certainly get along well since you are both young people,” Fang Xiangdong didn’t have the vanity of a typical mayor and talked with a genial tone as if he was a close elder of Xia Yan.


“All right, Uncle Fang,” Xia Yan had no reason to refuse as this was something his master had told him to do, but he wasn’t that optimistic about getting along well with Fang Le’er.


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