Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 53, Can We Take Our Boyfriend with Us?

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Translator: Silavin

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Xia Yan would have his revenge against the Xie Group due to their treatment of his father. At the same time, he had a good impression of the Liu family.

Just the thought of Xia Yan’s terrifying powers being pointed towards the Xie family made Liu Shan and Old Man Liu feel like laughing.

“Find a way to tell Xia Yan the truth of the accident, but do not let him know that we investigated him.” Old Man Liu instructed Liu Shan.

“The editor-in-chief of ‘Chengdu Evening News’ is my university classmate!” Liu Shan nodded and replied.

“Good!” Old Man Liu nodded his head, closed his eyes, and continued to fiddle with the Soul Ataraxia Stone.

Liu Shan withdrew from the study and made a few calls. Soon, the peaceful Chengdu would be mired in chaos.

“Let’s go with this!” In a small stylish shop, Xia Yan selected two silk fans with beautiful embroidery that gave off a nostalgic vibe. The two palm-sized fans had a very steep price and cost ¥1200 in total. This exceeded Xia Yan’s budget by ¥200 but that was not a big deal.

Even the tomboy, Zhang Shufen loved these two exquisite fans, so Xia Yan believed his martial uncle’s two granddaughters will also like them.

The three of them had been shopping for almost close to 5 hours in the downtown area by now and it was no exaggeration to say that Xia Yan was on the brink of collapsing. However, even though Zhang Shufen and Yue Wenqing had also shown signs of fatigue, they were still in high spirits and all in about continuing the window shopping.

“Are we done shopping already?” Zhang Shufen asked indifferently when she saw Xia Yan pay for the fans.

Her words made Xia Yan’s calf muscles twitch, [Shop, my foot! I’m gonna end up dead if we continue!]

“Let’s go have lunch. My treat!” Xia Yan made the firm decision to spend more money to avoid a disaster.

“No kidding! Of course, you’ll be treating. We sisters spent the entire afternoon shopping with you, okay?” Zhang Shufen countered.

The two girls both had an independent mindset, so naturally, they would choose to eat food that was reasonable for Xia Yan. The two of them took out their smartphones and browsed it for a while before settling on a self-service barbecue restaurant that had a ¥38 buffet deal per head. After booking their table, the three people went straight to the restaurant.

This barbecue restaurant was in the downtown area as well and was a small storefront that was located next to a western restaurant called Sena Time, which was popular amongst the middle-upper class. It seemed as if just sitting inside would imbue a rich scholarly aura onto the person and make it possible for them to run into a classy girl and begin a romance with her.

“Tch. When will I ever have the chance to dine in such a place?” Zhang Shufen looked at the Western restaurant and shook her head ruefully.

“Just get a rich boyfriend,” Le Wenqing interjected.

“Heh, do you think I need one?” Zhang Shufen scoffed. “I can become a rich woman as long as I just take on two exorcism jobs!”

“Oh yeah? Go and do it then!” Xia Yan and Le Wenqing stated simultaneously. Le Wenqing then turned her head towards Xia Yan and asked, “Do you really believe she can exorcise?”

“Of course!” Xia Yan nodded with conviction.

“Young man, I have high hopes for you. You are gifted in picking up girls!” Le Wenqing patted Xia Yan’s shoulder and praised him. Xia Yan smiled but did not say anything more. [Since you were able to live in that haunted apartment room for so long, she must be fairly skilled.]

“The two pretty ladies over there, would you mind if I invited you to lunch?” The three of them were about to enter the barbecue restaurant when someone caught up to them from behind and asked quite courteously.

“Xie Zheng?” Xia Yan froze for a moment. The handsome man donning a pair of gold-framed spectacles that had appeared before them was none other than Xie Zheng.

“Xia Yan! It’s you?” Xie Zheng only had his eyes on Zhang Shufen and Le Wenqing with a smile plastered all over his face and didn’t pay much attention to the man beside them. However, he immediately recognized Xia Yan after hearing him utter his name and his expression changed immediately.

“Are you acquainted?” Zhang Shufen asked curiously as she could feel that the mood had turned strange.

“Yes!” Xie Zheng said, clenching his teeth.

“Hehe!” Xia Yan sneered. Although he had taken the upper hand last time, he did not intend to give Xie Zheng any face.

Xie Zheng’s expression morphed before settling into a smile, “Xia Yan, aren’t you pretty skilled? The girls want to have lunch at Sena Time, so how could you be willing to take them to such a buffet barbecue restaurant?”

Zhang Shufen’s and Le Wenqing’s gazes locked with each other and both of them came to the same conclusion. However, they decided to remain silent taciturnly and watch the amusing show from the backseat.

“Mind your own business!” Xia Yan said, making Xie Zheng furious. When Xie Zheng was about to speak, Xia Yan continued “Our relationship is such that it is normal for both of us to start fighting whenever we meet. I have no interest in having a battle of words with you, so scram from here if you aren’t here to fight, and stop interfering with our lunch plans!”

The eyes of the two girls lit up as they never expected that Xia Yan, who always blushed after speaking a few words with them, would behave so aggressively now and they saw him in a whole new light.


“You…” Xie Zheng clenched his fists, but he did not dare to attack as he could still recall Xia Yan’s two slaps from before. He knew he wouldn’t be able to take the upper hand in a fight, but he would lose all face as the scion of the Xie family if he were to run away with his tail tucked between his legs.

“Ladies, I’m Xie Zheng, from the Xie Estates. May I have the honour of having lunch with the two of you?” Xie Zheng arrived at a decision swiftly. Since he could not beat Xia Yan in a fight, he decided to take away his female companions.

The Xie Group was pretty famous in Chengdu and the Xie Estates was one of their holdings, so it was impossible for anyone living here to have not heard of it. No woman had ever declined his invitation after Xie Zheng had revealed his identity, so he believed that today would be the same as well.

[Xie Estates!]

Xia Yan narrowed his eyes and directed a sharp gaze at Xie Zheng, his heart pulsing with rage.

“Lunch, huh? That sounds great!” Zhang Shufen revealed a jubilant expression on her face, and it seemed that Xie Zheng’s invitation had really attracted her.

“Are there any plans for after lunch?” Le Wenqing asked with an equally excited expression.

“How about playing golf together?” Xie Zheng glanced at Xia Yan and felt pleased after seeing the expressionless look on his face. [You poor sob. I’m hitting on your female companions right in front of you, but you can’t do jack shit about it!]

“Golf!? I haven’t played it before!” Zhang Shufen cheered.

The smile on Xie Zheng’s face became even wider, as he thought, [Women. Heh, they are all so vain.]

“Can we take our boyfriend with us?” Le Wenqing asked delightfully.

“Boy… Boyfriend?” Xie Zheng froze for a moment, [It’s fine to have a boyfriend, but how come it’s ‘our’?]

“Yeah!” Le Wenqing pulled Xia Yan’s arm and declared, “He’s my boyfriend!”

“Mhm, he is also my boyfriend!” Zhang Shufen hugged Xia Yan’s other arm at the same time.

Xia Yan blushed. He felt the tender cushions on his arms and they made him inadvertently recall An Xiaoru’s body again. Obviously, his virgin body also showed an embarrassing and unavoidable reaction.

But he felt great since this had turned Xie Zheng’s mood worse.

Xie Zheng froze when he saw the two pretty women who seemed as if they would readily follow him just a moment ago hold onto Xia Yan’s arms right now and the words ‘Damage x2’ seemed to have appeared over his head.

He had obviously figured out that these two women had played him just now.


Xie Zheng cursed in his heart. He said nothing more and turned around to enter Sena Time. Hence, he failed to notice that a tiny blue wisp had flown out of Xia Yan’s fingertip and entered through the back of his shirt to leave a faint mark behind on his skin.


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