Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 55, Daoist Desireless

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Spectre


Xia Yan swore internally that he had never seen such a handsome old guy ever before. Even those so-called elderly gentlemen who appear on television and the ever so charming elderly celebs couldn’t compare with this old man.

He had creases on his face, but they didn’t make him seem old and instead gave more depth to his face, prompting a second look from those who laid their eyes on it. His huge, sunken eyes contained an unfathomable intensity and he had a square-shaped face, but it wasn’t that perceptible, and the grizzly goatee on his chin even seemed to add an inexplicable charm to it.

The two clubbers called the guy an old man in the beginning but after they had gotten a clear look of his face, the duo became much more mellow immediately and took a seat on either side of him and hugged his arms each, squeezing their young, smooth and glossy bosoms against them openly.

[What a bloody hotshot!]

Xia Yan was stupefied for a moment. The old man possessed an ethereal handsomeness and even though the wrinkles on his face and his grizzly beard placed him in at least his fifties, the charm that oozed out of him far surpassed 90% of the young men in this world.

This kind of handsome old guy had a lethal effect on women of all ages… and even men!

The handsome old guy had a solemn expression on his face right now and he hadn’t even sneaked a glance aside even though two goddesses were hugging his arms. On the other hand, his unflustered appearance made the two women sitting beside him turn similar to cats in heat, making them itch to eat him up.

[Huh, those two…]

When Xia Yan shifted his gaze away from the handsome old guy, he suddenly discovered that the two women really had a strand of dark energy twining around them, and it was none other than the undead element. Obviously, they weren’t aware when it had tainted them.

In other words, although the handsome old guy was perhaps really hitting on the girls, he hadn’t lied to them and could truly see the undead element on them.

This made it certain that he wasn’t an ordinary person.

As Xia Yan observed him, he seemed to have sensed Xia Yan’s gaze as well. Thus, he turned his head to look for the source of the gaze and a gleam of light flashed across his eyes when he saw Xia Yan.

After the two women took their seats, the handsome old guy read their fortune for them earnestly. On the other hand, since Xia Yan wasn’t in a rush, he took a seat at one of the tables and pretended to wait for someone as he wanted to see what kind of skills this old man possessed.

The undead element twined around the two women made Xia Yan feel uncomfortable as they weren’t pure undead element and seemed to have been tainted with a veiled viciousness.

The two women were already referring to the old man as ‘Old Immortal’ by now, but it wasn’t with respectful intentions that they did so and were instead hitting on him. From the looks of things, it seemed that they had already decided to treat the old man as their prey tonight and clearly, they didn’t mind making it a fun game of three.

“Take a look here, Old Immortal. Are there any inauspicious signs on my body?” One of the beauties questioned while poking her half-bared breasts, her voice containing a toothache-inducing sweetness.

“No bra huh… No, girl. I already told you. You have a shadow on your face. If you ignore it, you’ll definitely run into danger!” Xia Yan noticed that the old man’s eyes had paused on that pair of knockers for a moment and had almost caused him to say the wrong thing.

“Whoa. I don’t want to run into danger. How about you help me solve the issue, Old Immortal?” The beauty hugging his arm flailed about randomly in a coquettish manner, making her soft breasts take all sorts of forms.

“Do you know how to feel the bones, Old Immortal? I heard it’s a pretty magical experience. How about feeling mine?” Hearts appeared in the eyes of the other woman hugging the old man’s arm as she pulled his palm to make him feel her body.

The old man didn’t show any embarrassment and still had the same prim expression on his face and appeared like an expert who had achieved Dao and become an Immortal. He didn’t take the initiative to make a move on the two women no matter how they moved his hands around, and even Xia Yan felt utmost admiration for him after witnessing it. [This level of flirting… Really. If it were me, I wouldn’t have been able to last this long!]

[A grizzly bearded old man who isn’t necessarily wealthy is actually capable of making two pretty ladies take the initiative to hit on him. Indeed, looks are the most important thing in this world!]

“Girls, have you encountered anything strange over the past few days?” The old man spoke up when the two beauties had begun feeling up his well-built, hard pecs.

“Anything strange? We did. What could be anything stranger than running into you, Old Immortal?” One of the beauties had already entered into a mood, so she just gave a casual reply.

“Can you really tell fortune, Old Immortal? Some strange things really happened to us!” The other beauty was still sober and hadn’t become befuddled by the old man, so she narrated the strange events the two of them had encountered over the past few days after expressing her astonishment.

After listening to it, Xia Yan found that these two women were indeed down on luck. A billboard had almost crashed on them while they were taking a walk; Hot water came out of their shower instead of cold water and almost scalded them; They had almost gotten hit by cars a few times…

These kinds of dangerous things happened frequently and even though they hadn’t realized anything back then, the two of them were covered in cold sweat now that they recalled them.

Furthermore, the two of them were plagued with nightmares every day that would always wake them up regardless of whether they had someone accompanying them or not. Unfortunately, they also had a perfect recall of their dreams, almost as if the things in the dreams had really happened to them.

Xia Yan wasn’t surprised by their encounters. It was common for those tainted by the undead element to have nightmares and their minds were also affected sometimes, so it was normal for them to run into accidents frequently. A normal human could easily have an accident while looking at their phone, let alone someone whose mind was being influenced by undead elements.

Therefore, although the experiences of the two women resembled those from ‘Final Destination,’ the core reason for them was actually the undead element twining around them.

The two women were fully hyped about hitting on the old man till now, but as the conversation proceeded, the fear made them forget about hitting on him.

“Old Immortal, since your fortune telling is so accurate, can you help us deal with the issue with an exorcism?” The two women pleaded in fear.

“Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable. This old Daoist actually called out to the two of you for precisely this matter. Helping you girls exorcise the evil plaguing you is a meritorious deed, too!” The old man stated righteously, “How about we book a room? That would make it pretty convenient for this old Daoist to perform his magic.”

“Alright!” The two women answered simultaneously.

“This little brother, do you wish to come along as well?” The old man gazed towards Xia Yan and inquired with a raised voice.

“Me?” Xia Yan was taken aback and questioned while pointing towards himself.

“You are so naughty, Old Immortal!” One of the beauties punched the old man gently and pouted playfully. However, from the tone of her voice, she wasn’t really angry at him.

“Hoh! It’s a student. He looks pretty buff!” The other woman chuckled after scrutinizing Xia Yan.

[What’s with this development?] Xia Yan was stupefied, [From the sound of it, it seems like they are inviting me for a foursome? You fellows are too bold!]

“If this old mister has such a hobby, I’m obviously willing to join you!” Xia Yan stood up firmly and walked over towards them.

“Great. Youths need to be frank like that!” The old man replied with a nod.

“Handsome, you’ve really picked up a windfall this time!” One of the beauties hugged Xia Yan and pressed her body up against his without any misgivings.

“This old mister, which…”

“Call me Daoist!”

“Daoist, then. May I ask which temple you hail from?” Xia Yan inquired.

“This poor Daoist is Daoist Desireless from Qingyang Palace. This little brother, where do you…”


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