Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 57, What Demonic Thing is This?


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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Spectre


Xia Yan recalled an item that he had forgotten about till now—magic scrolls! A mage didn’t need to chant the incantation of the spell and just had to tear the scroll open and use a minute amount of magic power to activate the spell stored within it. If he had the scroll on hand, he wouldn’t have had to worry about his spell being interrupted.

However, it was useless to ponder about such things right now. Xia Yan sent a strand of his magic power inside the Skeleton Horcrux and summoned the skeleton soldier without the slightest hesitation. In this situation where he couldn’t use his other undead spells, his best offense was the skeleton soldier that didn’t need any incantations.

The blue soul fire was very eye-catching in the dark alley, so it made Daoist Desireless cry out in alarm, “What is this? It’s filled with such a formidable Yin energy!”

However, the skeleton soldier had appeared before he could even react to the soul fire. The scene of a skeleton appearing from blue flames was just too shocking, so even the experienced old Daoist leapt back in astonishment.

Xia Yan’s eyes twitched when he saw this. [The explosive amount of power possessed by this old man is enough to qualify him for the Olympics. He was actually able to leap 4-5 meters away without a run, so he would be able to break the world record with ease if he had taken a run. No wonder he was able to handle five women at the same time.]

“What demonic thing is this?” The old Daoist cried out in fear. The term ‘demonic thing’ definitely wasn’t a metaphor as the skeleton soldier was much more demonic than demons.

Xia Yan was afraid the old Daoist would take out some other item that could restrain him, so he didn’t dare to say any superfluous words and ordered the skeleton soldier to attack the Daoist. At the same time, he began casting the Vampiric Curse spell again.

The skeleton soldier didn’t have any muscles, so even though its gait didn’t look that different from an ordinary human’s while walking, its movements looked pretty monstrous while running. However monstrous its movements may have been, they actually contained quite the power and enabled it to cross about two meters with a single step. It had rushed towards the old Daoist with just 2-3 steps and delivered a swooshing punch towards him with its fleshless fist.

The old Daoist regained his senses and evaded it immediately. The skeleton soldier had a rigid nature, so it executed its orders to attack without fail and gave one punch after another to the old Daoist.

The old Daoist’s fears had scattered for the most part after receiving a few punches from it. He had thought that the skeleton soldier possessed some weird abilities like magic and so on, but never had he expected it to only have physical attacks. As such, it didn’t possess that much of a threat to him.

Moreover, he had a good estimate of the skeleton soldier’s strength from its punches. Although they were stronger than those of ordinary humans, they weren’t that much of a big deal to him. Hence, he crossed his arms to block its next punch.

Xia Yan had finally finished casting the Vampiric Curse spell at this moment, but he didn’t bless himself and instead pointed towards the skeleton soldier. The black orb struck the back of the skeleton soldier and assimilated into it, following which the soul fire within its eyes flared up and the velocity of its punch experienced an increment suddenly as it smashed onto the old Daoist’s arms brutally.

“Oh, no!” The old Daoist cried out loud, but it was already too late for him to withdraw his hands. He felt a tremendous force approach his body. Fortunately, he was pretty experienced in fighting, so he crouched down slightly then fell backwards to roll about on the pavement hideously to dodge this vicious hit and pulled open a considerable distance from the skeleton soldier with haste.

The skeleton soldier’s strength was a few times stronger than an ordinary human’s, and now that it had been blessed by the Vampiric Curse, its strength was at least ten times that of an ordinary human, so it could even deform a steel plate easily with its strike. Although the old Daoist wasn’t an ordinary human, even he wouldn’t have been able to receive it and if he hadn’t dodged swiftly, his arms would’ve become fractured already.

Although the old Daoist had dodged it, he still felt an unbearable pain in his arms and almost dropped the scarlet calabash onto the pavement.

“Ghost Controlling Arts? No! Corpse Controlling Arts? Not that too! Is it Puppetry?” The three items in the old Daoist’s hands had disappeared at some point in time and a yellow pearl had appeared in place of them. He voiced out his conjectures while dodging the skeleton soldier’s attacks.

Although his situation appeared dire, there was no doubt that it would be quite difficult for the skeleton soldier to succeed in injuring the old Daoist after suffering the prior loss. Hence, the thoughts of retreating had already emerged in Xia Yan’s mind.

“Justice Shall Be Meted, At Once!” The old Daoist dodged the skeleton soldier’s punch again and chanted the incantation with haste before pointing at the yellow pearl, following which it shone with a radiant yellow light along with a clear bestial roar. A huge tortoise appeared all of a sudden and then blocked the skeleton soldier’s attack.

The skeleton soldier smashed its fists onto the tortoise’s back relentlessly and caused the sounds of its strikes to echo in the alley, yet the three meter wide giant tortoise hid its head within its shell and didn’t pop it out no matter how much the skeleton soldier attacked it.

“What demonic thing is this?” It was Xia Yan’s turn to cry out in shock now. [This Daoist Desireless has too many tricks in his arsenal. I just summoned a skeleton soldier and he actually summoned a huge tortoise!]

[He’s pretty good at close-quarters combat, has a lot of treasures, can use magic and even summon a contracted beast. Is this Daoist a warrior or an artificer or a summoner or a mage?]

Xia Yan blanked out for a moment, [If such a character were to appear in a game, he would definitely be a bugged one! How come I’ve run into such a person in reality?]

The skeleton soldier continued with its ferocious assault and when Xia Yan was about to order it to detour around the tortoise to attack the old Daoist, the tortoise peeked its head outside of its shell and bit onto one of the arms of the skeleton soldier. It then shook its head firmly and almost snapped off the skeleton soldier’s arm.

Xia Yan had a bad premonition in his heart at this moment and had a feeling that he might suffer a loss tonight. Daoist Desireless had already detoured around the skeleton soldier that was tangled with the tortoise by now and approached Xia Yan with haste, “Young man, you’ve already taken the wrong step in life. I will hand you over to the Cleaners and allow them to deal with you!”

[These cleaners again! This bro isn’t trash, so why the hell are you planning to hand me over to the cleaners?]

Xia Yan had no time for the old Daoist’s crazy ravings. The second Vampiric Curse spell was already ready by now, so he casted it on himself. However, he saw the old Daoist take out a Peachwood Sword all of a sudden, that too one which was glowing slightly!

[Fudge!] Xia Yan was on the brink of collapsing internally. [Just how many things does this old Daoist have on him? Does he have some spatial treasure like a Storage Bracelet or something? If not, it’s simply impossible for him to have so many things!]

The old Daoist was a whale loaded with treasures who steamrolled his opponents. On the other hand, Xia Yan looked at his fists and then at the Peachwood Sword and the copper bell in the old Daoist’s hands before finally deciding to go with a strategic retreat.

A window from upstairs within the alley opened up at this moment, following which, someone threw a dark object down. The old Daoist halted his footsteps hastily and the thing smashed into pieces on the ground, its identity of a flowerpot finally becoming evident.

“It’s the middle of the night, so can you let me sleep? Fu•king…!” A person showed their face outside the window and rained down a series of curses. A lot more windows opened up after that and a few splattered water down while a few threw flowerpots, each cursing one after other!

Xia Yan chanted the spell silently, but he wasn’t able to summon back the skeleton soldier, which left him in shock. At the same time, Daoist Desireless summoned his tortoise back, following which the skeleton soldier finally turned back into soul fire and returned inside the Skeleton Horcrux.

The two of them stared at each other and realized that they had to stop at this point tonight. Xia Yan turned around and dashed out of the alley while the old Daoist also retreated decisively. However, he touched the foreheads of the two women before he fled.

The two women opened their eyes a few moments later and felt their thoughts were a huge mess. They had completely forgotten about the events that had transpired on this night as well. Soon, they quickly discovered that they were in dire circumstances with curses resounding in their ears from all directions, so they immediately lent each other their arms and retreated from the scene with pale faces. The alley finally regained its tranquility once the commotion died down.


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