Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 65, Bronze Rod

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“Please have a seat, I’ll offer you a glass of water. Let’s talk about it slowly.” Miss Li invited him to sit on the sofa and offered him a glass of water. She asked him, “Can you let me have a look at the product?”


“Are you the owner?” The man held into the woven bag tightly and asked nervously.


“I’m the owner.” Yao Shigu walked over and sat down opposite him. He said with a faint smile, “Mister, can you first take out the product to verify that it’s genuine, okay?”


“My treasure is absolutely genuine, I dug it out of a pit.” The man defended himself in a loud voice and opened the woven bag. He took out a black trash bag buried among a pile of clothes. He placed it on the table carefully and said, “It’s in here, I will take it out for you to observe it.”


After he spoke, he opened the trash bag and revealed a heap of rice straw. He pulled out the rice straw, and picked up a metallic rod carefully. This was a one-foot-long rod as thick as an arm.


When the man took out the rod, Xia Yan couldn’t help but walk over to him. It was this metallic short rod that emitted Undead Element’s aura.


“Old mister, I’m placing my trust in you. So, can you please look up how much this rod is worth?” The farmer passed the metallic rod to Yao Shigu. The latter took it carefully and weighted up its hand before sniffing its odor. Upon doing this, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows and he started examining it again.


Jiang Wenchuan and Yao Ting also came over and sat down. Everyone was waiting for Yao Shigu’s appraisal.


Yao Shigu examined the metallic rod calmly for ten minutes before he passed it over to Xia Yan. “Lil Yan, you should also have a look at it.”


Xia Yan cast a glance at the farmer and found him staring attentively at the metallic rod, as if he was afraid that people would steal it. Xia Yan received the metallic rod with a smile. “Okay, Martial Uncle.”


“Mister, may I ask what’s your distinguished surname?” Yao Shigu started chatting with the man.


“My surname is Li,” the man replied quickly.


“Huh? Mister Li, can you tell me in detail where did you get this object?”


“You should first tell me whether you will accept it or not, if you want it, then give me a price. Why are you raising so many questions?”


“This object is really an antique, but I have to know whether its origin is clean or not. If it has a shady origin, then I will take a certain risk by accepting it.”


“It’s clean, absolutely clean! On that day, it’s me who…”


While Yao Shigu was fishing for information, Xia Yan had gotten greatly shocked and astounded by what he had discovered.


Upon taking this bronze rod in his hand, Xia Yan realized immediately that it was stolen from a tomb because it had two types of Undead Elements. One of them was attached to its surface and wasn’t corrupted yet, and it was easy to discern this through comparing it to the Ming Artifacts he found early in the morning. It had gotten this type of Undead Element from the body of the dead.


As for the other type of Undead Element, it emanated from the inside of the bronze rod, and it was similar to the Undead Element in the jade piece he bought in the market. But, the Undead Element within the bronze rod was thicker by dozen folds, and it was also severely corrupted.


[The Undead Elements are constrained within the rod and can’t get out. Or else, even if only a wisp of them leaked out, the tomb raider Li would have perished long ago.]


[What kind of power can constrain such dense Undead Elements? What kind of object is this rod?]


The Magic Power in Xia Yan’s Magic Tower was shaking ceaselessly, as if it was attracted by this bronze rod and it wanted to rush out of the Magic Tower. But, Xia Yan’s Magic Tower was too stable and firm, and it wouldn’t be threatened by such little turbulence.


Xia Yan carefully absorbed the Undead Element on the bronze rod’s surface into his Soul Storage Horcrux, and he also sent a wisp of his Magic Power into the bronze rod. But, when his Magic Power had just come in contact with the bronze rod, Xia Yan detected a great suction power that absorbed the wisp of his Magic Power. It wasn’t just limited to this, as it had forcefully absorbed a whole tenth of the Magic Power in his Magic Tower.


Xia Yan was startled and he let go of the bronze rod. The rod fell upon the teapoy table and the suction force disappeared instantly. Sweat was dripping off Xia Yan’s forehead, if he had hesitated for several seconds, most of his Magic Power would have been absorbed by this bronze rod.


When the bronze rod fell upon the teapoy table, a bone-chilling wind swept the store, and everyone shivered. They all revealed a surprised look!


“Is it going to rain?” Yao Ting looked outside and found out that the sun had already risen, and it was shining brightly. There were no signs of an upcoming rain!


“This is so strange, did the air conditioner malfunction?” Yao Ting went to check the air conditioner.


The people were just surprised and didn’t overthink this, but Xia Yan had noticed that fright appeared upon the face of Mister Li, and he had moved back quickly, as if he wanted to distance himself from the bronze rod. Even though tomb raiders were quite daring, they were still very afraid of supernatural beings and events, and this chilly wind had scarred him greatly.


“Youngster, why did you throw my treasure?” The man feigned anger and shouted loudly.


“I’m sorry, it slipped off my hand,” Xia Yan apologized promptly.


“You should be a little more careful,” The man grumbled and said to Yao Shigu. “Old Mister, you have already observed it, so will you take it or not?”


“Mister Li, how much do you want for this antique?” Yao Shigu was hesitant. While Xia Yan was checking the bronze rod, he had already questioned Mister Li. This man claimed that he had dug it out of a pit in his home, but he was certain that this object was robbed from a tomb. The stinky smell of soil emanated from Mister Li, and it was obvious that he was a tomb raider.


Yao Shigu worked in the antique industry for dozens of years, and wasn’t afraid of taking in Ming Artifacts. He had already decided to accept this product!


“200,000¥!” The main said, “I have questioned other people and they stated that this is its real worth.”


“200,000¥?” Yao Shigu broke into laughter and said, “Mister, it would be better to go take a look at other stores, as some of them may afford to pay this price.”


“Then, how much will you pay for it?” The man was obviously not going to walk away, and he asked again with sparkling eyes.


“This object is really an antique, but I have never seen anything like it before and you can’t even find a reference value for it in the market. So, even if I take it, I don’t know who will buy it. Secondly… This object’s origin is unknown, and I’m taking a big risk…”


“I have dug it out of a pit,” The man shouted, but Yao Shigu only smiled in response. The man realized that he couldn’t deceive him and he got less assertive. He asked in a low voice, “How much are you gonna pay for it?”


“3000¥” Yao Shigu cut down the price greatly, and the man immediately started whining, and asked for fifty thousand. They started haggling over it intensely, and in the end, Yao Shigu insisted on 7000¥, while the man didn’t want to go lower than 10,000¥.


They continued haggling over it several times, and none of them wanted to give in. The man was about to take back the product into the woven bag, and Yao Shigu didn’t even attempt to stop him. When this deal was about to fail, Xia Yan suddenly spoke, “What’s about 8500¥?”


The man stopped and raised his head to ask, “Do you want to buy it?”


“Lil Yan, don’t act so rashly!” Yao Shigu advised him quickly.



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