Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 82, Worse Than a Beast

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The Undead Element could be converted into the Bone Element or vice versa, and the Bone Horcrux was a very useful medium. It could strengthen his spells, while it could also store Bone Elements and lower his Magical Power’s consumption.


If he had the Bone Horcrux on that night, he wouldn’t have needed Desireless Daoist’s assistance and he could have taken down the Nanyu vampire by himself.


As Xia Yan chanted a section of the Magic Incantations, his Magical Power got consumed quickly and his forehead started dripping with sweat. But, it was fortunate that he had gone through this process thrice and he was already used to it.


In the end, the ebony skeleton head flickered and emitted white light, as if it had regained life.


The Bone Horcrux was finally complete!


Xia Yan linked this Horcrux to the other three Horcruxes with a string and those said Horcruxes got stuck together due to the suction force emanating from them. But, Xia Yan wasn’t worried about splitting them apart, as whenever he needed to use them, he could take off any of them with a single thought. However, he would have to waste a red string every time he used them and this was its sole troublesome demerit.


Xia Yan still had two thirds of his Magical Power left. So, he decided to take out another ebony bead and start crafting the Curse Horcrux. He had already gone through several battles and he discovered that the spell he used frequently, the Vampiric Curse, was quite useful. He couldn’t only cast it upon himself, he could even cast it on the skeleton soldier. It was very practical!


Practice was the source of all knowledge. If he still couldn’t grasp the Curse Horcrux even now, then he could only call himself dull and dumb. Moreover, two vampires were hiding in the dark and he must quickly increase his strength to raise his odds of success.


Upon thinking of this, Xia Yan triumphed over his inner lazy guy and started working on the last Horcrux shortly after finishing the Curse Horcrux. He made the Puppet Horcrux, too.


In the end, he ended up consuming all of his Magical Power, and he laid weakly on the bed. He couldn’t even move a finger and he had a huge headache.


In the morning, Qin Jian got up ahead of others and he discovered in surprise that Xia Yan, who usually got up before dawn, was sleeping like a pig on the bed, and even the feeble Zhao Qiang that had been bitten by a vampire was more energetic than him.


“Xia Yan, are you sick?” Qin Jian touched Xia Yan’s forehead with his hand. “He doesn’t have a fever, I could almost assume that he still has a residue of the Vampiric Virus left in his body.”


“I’m fine, I just didn’t get enough sleep last night,” Xia Yan struggled to stand up and drank a glass of water. He immediately felt a lot better.


“That’s good to hear, I’ll leave to buy breakfast for you,” Qin Jian felt reassured and he could leave at ease.


“Xia Yan, did we really run into a vampire yesterday? Why do I still find everything so surreal? This has subverted my view of the world,” Zhao Qiang lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling. He couldn’t help but sigh with emotions.


“As if you ever had any good view of the world,” Xia Yan looked in disdain at him and said, “Whatever, just assume that nothing occurred yesterday and it’s you who bit yourself and left such holes in your neck. Are you fine with this?”


“Get lost! Why don’t you try to bite your neck and see if you can?” Zhao Qiang mocked him.


After they chatted for a while, Xia Yan got up and took a shower, and by the time he came out, he received Zhang Shufen’s call. She said, “Hey, Xia Yan. I’m leaving for a walk, why don’t you accompany me?”


“No, thanks. Leave it for some other day,” Xia Yan said.


“Get lost, you are taking advantage of me again,” Zhang Shufen said.


“I don’t think I have ever done so, it’s a misunderstanding,” Xia Yan sweated profusely and tried to change the topic. “Aren’t you in charge of protecting them?”


“Are you dumb?” Zhang Shufen said in disdain, “Did you ever see any vampires getting out during the day? You can set your mind at ease, I’ll be back before dusk to protect them.”


“Thanks for your trouble,” Xia Yan said.


“Stop with this. By the way, which one is your girlfriend?” Zhang Shufen asked.


“None of them,” Xia Yan said decisively.


“You’re so damn useless! You’re worse than a beast,” Zhang Shufen said. She was very disappointed in him and she immediately hung up the phone.


Xia Yan sat down in a daze and reflected over this. He really felt that he was a little inept. Should he try pursuing An Xiaoru?


But, what would he do about Xue’er and Miss Ting?


Xia Yan couldn’t resolve himself to make a choice, and in the end, he just came to the conclusion that leaving things as they were was also pretty good and he regained his calm after getting over this.


This was why it was difficult for unassertive men to get a girlfriend, but Xia Yan didn’t realize this issue yet.


Qin Jian had bought both breakfast and lunch, and Xia Yan ate both of them right away, and he had even eaten twice as much as usual. After filling up his belly, he recovered most of his power and he got over his headache. As for Zhao Qiang, he didn’t get out of bed yet, but he was only temporarily feeble and he would probably recover by the next day.


Thereafter, Xia Yan got a call from Liu Xue’er. She said, “Xia Yan, can you come over right now?”


“Miss Xue’er, what’s wrong?” Xia Yan inquired about her well-being. He could discern her distress from her voice and he couldn’t help but get nervous.


“I can’t tell you on phone, can you please come over right now?” Liu Xue’er asked.


“Fine, I’ll be right over there,” Xia Yan said.


“I’ll send Mister Quan to get you,” Liu Xue’er said.


Xia Yan didn’t have any qualms about this. In any case, he had already decided to cooperate with the Liu family. After he hung up on her, he contacted Dong Quan and asked him to wait for him next to the university’s northern door. Soon after, he took another shower, wore the branded clothes bought for him by the Liu family, notified Zhao Qiang, and left the university.


Upon seeing Xia Yan again, Dong Quan was a lot more respectful than usual. He had assumed that Xia Yan was only a student despite his amazing capabilities, but he shortly discovered that this youngster had a vicious and merciless black-robed friend. Later, he gave some thought to this and he realized that Xia Yan should have studied his arts under someone and he surely had a teacher, and that said teacher was likely a lot more powerful than him.


After he mulled this over, Dong Quan realized that Xia Yan’s status was mysterious and unfathomable and he was probably a disciple fostered by the great hidden sects described in novels. He was probably a disciple that set off on a trip for practice…


The person who respected Xia Yan the most in this world was none other than Dong Quan, and he was even one of his fans, a moronic fanboy at that.


“Dong Quan, what happened? Why did Miss Xue’er invite me?” Upon getting in the car, Xia Yan questioned him.


“An incident has occurred, but I can’t explain it to you clearly. Just wait until you arrive there and my cousin will tell you everything. By the way, my grandpa and uncle are also over there,” Dong Quan started the car and said.


“Okay.” Xia Yan nodded. He didn’t question him further. Since she had insisted on inviting him over, then it must be the same issue as the previous time.



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