Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 84, Acquaintance


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The girl’s soft breathing tickled Xia Yan’s neck and heart, while her alluring lips were next to his ear, and he had a strong impulse to turn around and kiss them, but the former stood on her tiptoe and kissed his left cheek before he could obey his impulse and fulfill it.


“Xia Yan, thank you.”


Liu Xue’er left nimbly and left Xia Yan standing there in a daze for five minutes before moving and leaving the restaurant blankly.


[This isn’t my first kiss, is it? Nope, it shouldn’t be, she didn’t kiss me on the mouth…]


Xia Yan strolled around in a park in the vicinity for a while before turning around and going back to the restaurant when it was almost time for the party. He had already met them, but he must participate in the official party, and he was also quite curious about the life of wealthy people.


The restaurant was a part of the Liu family’s industries and wasn’t open for business on this day. There was still half an hour left until the party’s beginning, but there was already a heavy line of traffic in front of the restaurant and luxurious cars came over and parked one after the other.


There was also an endless stream of handsome men and beautiful ladies, as well as successful men clad in western outfits and married women in gorgeous evening dresses. He even saw many actresses, famous singers, and TV Channels’ hosts. This lineup of people had surpassed even award bestowal ceremonies, and those people’s status was higher than upcoming stars by a lot.


Previously, Xia Yan had no idea about the chasm between him and the Liu family. After all, he had only an abstract concept of the Liu family’s wealth and influence. But now, the arrival of those outstanding guests demonstrated clearly the Liu family’s amazing status.


“When it comes to wealth and influence, the Liu family is already at the peak of the pyramid, while I’m its bottom, and there are at least 180 layers between us,” Xia Yan lamented inwardly, but he didn’t have any feeling of inferiority. He had such a feeling previously, but after he fused with the Lich’s memory, he became the most unique being in this world, and he believed firmly that he wasn’t inferior to anyone.


Xia Yan walked to the restaurant, but he was stopped by an attendant at the entrance. “Sir, can you show me your invitation card?”


[An invitation card?]


Xia Yan was taken aback, and he noticed then that other people had exquisite invitation cards in their hands. It seemed like Liu Xue’er had forgotten to give him one, or she probably believed that Xia Yan didn’t need one.


“I’m a friend of Liu Xue’er and she invited me over,” Xia Yan said to the young attendant.


“I’m sorry then, but may I ask what’s your name? I’ll confirm it,” the young attendant was quite polite, but he probably didn’t look down on Xia Yan only because he wore branded clothes.


“I’m Xia Yan.”


“Xia Yan?” A surprised voice echoed among the bystanders. At this moment, the young attendant was about to use his walkie-talkie to verify Xia Yan’s status, yet he stopped upon hearing this voice.


Xia Yan turned his head around to look at the speaker, and sighted upon a handsome youth in his twenties, as well as a pretty woman with a figure rivaling models clad in formal attire. The woman was holding the youth’s arm and they seemed a perfect match. However, many pairs of handsome men and pretty women were present tonight and they didn’t stand out.


The main point was that Xia Yan didn’t recognize this youth. He asked in confusion, “Do you know me?”


“Hahaha, I obviously do,” The youth laughed loudly, but it was obvious that he wasn’t laughing out of excitement due to running into an old acquaintance, and his hostility was apparent through his laughter.


“You are the man of the moment among Sihe University’s freshmen, not only you befriended the most beautiful woman of the dormitory, you are also quite close to Qi Ziyu, aren’t you?” The youth asked with a sneer.


“Who are you?” Xia Yan asked with a smile.


“I’m Zhou Yi,” the youth uttered his name without bothering to introduce himself, as if he was confident that Xia Yan knew him.


“Zhou Yi?” Xia Yan furrowed his brows. “I have heard this name somewhere… Let me think…”


After he spoke, he started mulling it over earnestly, as he really couldn’t recall him. But in Zhou Yi’s eyes, this behavior wasn’t any different than brazen contempt of him.


“Young Master Zhou, who is he?” The pretty woman next to Zhou Yi asked in a sweet voice. She knew well that her male companion wanted to show off, and she would do her best to support him.


“A poor loser fond of pestering pretty women,” Zhou Yi said disdainfully.


“Why did he come here?” The woman continued acting dumb and helped him.


“Who knows, he probably knows Liu Xue’er and wants to suck up to the Liu family, haha!” Zhou Yi laughed heartily.


“It turns out it’s like so, this man is a joke. Even a bum wants to get into Miss Liu’s birthday party,” the pretty woman also laughed alongside the youth.


After this duo’s speech, the people in the vicinity had also cast a disdainful gaze at Xia Yan, and even the attendant lowered his walkie-talkie and didn’t bother with checking and confirming Xia Yan’s identity.




Xia Yan flew into a rage. [They are stepping over me, aren’t they? This is the first time I meet you, is there any great enmity between us?]


{Zhou Yi… Oh, that’s right, isn’t he the one pursuing An Xiaoru, the student union’s vice president, the taekwondo club’s president, isn’t he?]


Xia Yan finally recalled him. Someone had already told him about him and said that he set his eyes on him due to the friendship between room 404 and room 504’s residents.


“Looks are really deceiving, I felt like I stepped on shit,” Xia Yan shook his head and said in disgust.


“Who are you talking about?” Zhou Yi shouted sharply. He had heard him clearly and his face fell.


“It’s whoever replied first, do you still have to ask?” Xia Yan sneered and said, “Who are you even? What the hell does it have to do with you whether I suck up to the Liu family or not, why are you even running your mouth off?”


“You…” Zhou Yi was enraged and he couldn’t help but think of the ambiguous relationship between Xia Yan and An Xiaoru. He really wished to stamp him with his foot!


“Do you want a fight? Come over and have a try, don’t hold yourself!” Upon seeing Zhou Yi clenching his first, Xia Yan couldn’t help but laugh. This guy was putting on airs and came clad in a refined attire. So, he obviously wouldn’t resort to blows, but if anger got over his head, then it would be unknown what he would do.


At this moment, Xia Yan felt like he had turned into a petty villain and he started taunting Zhou Yi, “Come at me, isn’t it just a cheap western suit? Just take it off and come at me, don’t stand there like a girl. You’re all talk and no action and people will look down on you. Come at me, just give it a try, Mister Liu may even take a liking to you after the fight and you will get close to the Liu family. Come at me, what are you still thinking of? Let’s fight…”


Zhou Yi clenched his first further. Xia Yan had spoken quickly and loudly and he couldn’t even break him off and retort back in time. If they weren’t now in the Liu family’s estate, he would have already assaulted him. But now, he could only bear this.


“What you are standing here for? Didn’t you see Young Master Zhou getting cursed and humiliated? Why didn’t you drive out this poor loser? Where is security?” The pretty woman next to Zhou Yi realized that the current situation was anything but reassuring and she sought help from the attendant. She exploited Zhou Yi’s might to order him around.


“Sir, if you don’t have an invitation, then please leave, or I’ll have to call the security,” the attendant walked to Xia Yan and interrupted him.


Xia Yan cast a glance at him and said with a sneer, “Didn’t you see him provoking me?”


“This…” The attendant’s face got flushed and he said, “But he has an invitation and he’s a guest of the Liu family.”


“You should do your duty,” Xia Yan cast a glance at the walkie-talkie hung on the attendant’s waist. “If you don’t want to suffer terribly, don’t overstep your bounds and join in the fun.”


“You…” The attendant’s heart shuddered and didn’t dare to utter another word. He had already realized his mistake, and realized that he should have checked the youth’s identity. He could only mumble several words and go back awkwardly. He just went to a corner and reported this affair to his superior and checked Xia Yan’s identity.



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