Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 85, Isn’t He a Swindler?


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Editor: Spectre


“Lad, you can run your mouth off for now, but you will regret it later,” Zhou Yi slowly opened his fist and looked at Xia Yan with a vicious gaze. A while ago, he only wished to teach Xia Yan a lesson due to An Xiaoru, but now, he really hated this freshman.


“Zhou Yi, why are you blocking the entrance?” At this moment, a voice a lot more arrogant than Zhou Yi’s echoed, and the latter’s expression turned for the better upon hearing it. He turned his head around and faced the speaker with a smile, “Brother Wen, you have come!”


Xia Yan turned his head and looked at him. It was another acquaintance of his, Wen Yipin.


At this moment, Wen Yipin had already recovered his grace as the son of the deputy governor and he didn’t seem like someone who had just spent the previous days in the hospital.


“Yuan Tianlin is really skilled and he nursed Wen Yipin back to health, but he still won’t be able to help Wen Yipin recover his memory,” Xia Yan speculated inwardly.


“Huh, this lad…” Wen Yipin rebuked Zhou Yi with several words before he turned his gaze to Xia Yan, who confronted Zhou Yi a while ago, and he was startled upon seeing him. [It was an old acquaintance!]


“Brother Wen, do you know him?” Upon seeing this, Zhou Yi questioned him quickly. He was afraid that the latter would be close to Xia Yan, and he was afraid of offending the wrong person.


“I know him, he’s a swindler, a con artist,” Wen Yipin said. He didn’t remember what occurred in the parking lot, and he only knew that Xia Yan got thrown out by Old Master Liu, and he recounted this right away.


“It turns out that he’s really a swindler, isn’t he?” Zhou Yi said in feigned surprise.


“That’s right, he said that he’s exorcising evil and he attempted to swindle Liu Xue’er and Old Master Liu, yet he got thrown out by Old Master Liu. Hahaha!” Wen Yipin said and laughed loudly.


Upon hearing him, the dozen people in the vicinity expressed their understanding and they all looked in disdain at Xia Yan.


“Didn’t he get thrown out by Old Master Liu, why is he here again?” Zhou Yi asked.


“Old Master Liu is a poised man and didn’t bother with him, but juniors should put some effort for their elders,” Wen Yipin said with a sneer and instructed the others, “Catch him and send him to the police department. Just tell them that he’s exploiting people’s superstitious beliefs to swindle them of their money.”


“Understood!” The two black-clothed bodyguards behind Wen Yipin immediately followed his orders. They were both bodyguards hired by Luo Xiaojuan to protect her son from suffering another mishap, and she had instructed them to follow her son everywhere and stay close to him.


“Wait! Wait!” When Xia Yan was about to get into a fight, the attendant came back with the walkie-talkie in his hand.


“Mister Xia Yan, I’m sorry for making you wait, Mister Liu has invited you into the establishment.” The attendant decisively bowed to Xia Yan in apology.


The people watching this dispute were startled by his actions, and Wen Yipin planned to question him about this, but Xia Yan’s phone rang at this moment.


“Miss Xue’er… It’s alright, it’s just a misunderstanding… You don’t have to welcome me, I’ll go inside right away…”


“Is he putting on an act? Would Miss Liu call him?” Zhou Yi said in disbelief, while Wen Yipin’s expression turned gloomy and he said, “Xue’er should have been deceived by him, but Old Master Liu learned of his visit and he plans to throw him out once again.”


“Did Mister Liu really invite him?” Zhou Yi found this unbelievable.


“Mas… Xia Yan, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. My uncle asked me to welcome you, but I got pestered and delayed by other guests.” A guy ran out of the restaurant and sought Xia Yan impatiently. He explained what had occurred!


“Mister Quan, what are you…” Upon seeing the man, Zhou Yi greeted him quickly.


“Lil Zhou, please come in, I’ll first welcome our honored guest and seek you later for a drink,” Dong Quan cast a glance at Zhou Yi and replied politely.


Zhou Yi was surprised by this, and he could only look as Dong Quan brushed past him and went toward Xia Yan.


A large crowd of people was present, and this was why Dong Quan didn’t call Xia Yan, ‘Master Xia’, and called him directly by his name cordially, but Xia Yan didn’t mind this, as he never liked the title ‘master’ in the first place.


Dong Quan’s uncle was Liu Shan, the Ceo of the colossal Liu Group, yet such a person instructed him to welcome Xia Yan personally, and it could be seen from this that he attached great importance to him.


The people who took Xia Yan lightly a while ago were taken aback. Didn’t Young Master Wen call this youngster a con artist and swindler? Didn’t he say that he got thrown out by Old Master Liu? This didn’t seem true!


“Dong Quan, did Uncle Liu invite him? Isn’t he a swindler? Didn’t Old Master Liu throw him out last time?” Wen Yipin obstructed Dong Quan and questioned him.


“Young Master, you have misunderstood everything. How could Xia Yan be a swindler? Our grandfather has even asked us why Xia Yan didn’t arrive yet,” Dong Quan furrowed his brows. If it was someone else who called Master Xia a swindler, he would have flared at him long ago, but Wen Yipin was the deputy governor’s son and he couldn’t afford to offend him. He could only reply politely before bypassing him and walking toward Xia Yan.


“Xia Yan, let’s go inside!”


“Okay!” Xia Yan nodded and brushed past Wen Yipin and Zhou Yi without sparing them a single glance.


“Young Master Wen, what… What’s happening?” Upon seeing Xia Yan entering the restaurant, Zhou Yi finally recovered from his shock and approached Wen Yipin.


“He surely employed some tricks to deceive the Liu family. Humph, I’ll surely expose him later and throw him into the police station,” Wen Yipin said resolutely, even though he was also confused by the turn of events. He had just called Xia Yan a swindler a while ago, yet he got welcomed into the restaurant as an honored guest. He had lost face and he resented and hated Xia Yan!


“Young Master Wen, who do you plan to throw into the police station?” A lazy voice resounded behind him.


“Brother Xie, why did you come over?” Wen Yipin turned around with a smile plastered on his face and spoke to the youngster behind him.


“I’m not allowed to come here?”


“You can, you surely can,” Wen Yipin chuckled and spoke, “Brother Xie, I heard that you are pursuing Qi Ziyu. So, you aren’t planning to fight over Liu Xue’er with me, are you?”


“You can set your mind at ease, I won’t fight over her,” Xie Zheng patted Wen Yipin’s shoulder and spoke. The man was followed by two people, a young man and an old man clad in official attire with grizzled hair and a beard. The old man was quite skinny with a sharp and vicious gaze hidden behind his droopy eyelids.


As for the young man, he had a strong and sturdy body and he surveyed the surroundings warily. He was obviously a bodyguard with adequate fighting prowess.


Upon seeing Xie Zheng, Zhou Yi quickly rushed at him to fawn over him, and the three people chatted and joked around as they entered the restaurant.



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