Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 86, Elder Shi


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Xia Yan had seen various high-end birthday parties organized by wealthy people on TV, and those said parties had all kinds of luxuries, a dance event, wines and large cakes, as well as an upper-class audience in luxurious attire.


He was always curious why those parties included all kinds of ridiculous events, but after seeing this luxurious party that had outdone even the parties shown on TV, he finally got a slight understanding of them. Some loser students could go crazy for a high-end piece of equipment in a game, and the things pursued by wealthy people weren’t any different.


It was just a craving!


All kinds of artistic and philosophical notions ran across Xia Yan’s mind as he lamented inwardly while his gaze was attracted by the low-cut dresses. [Those knockers are really big!]


“Master Xia…”


“Stop it! Young Master Quan, call me by my name. I don’t deserve the title ‘master’,” Xia Yan interrupted Dong Quan and said.


“You can also call me Dong Quan, don’t ever call me Young Master Quan.” Dong Quan had gotten anxious and expressed his objection.


“Fine, let’s call each other by our names,” Xia Yan said and observed the surroundings. He asked, “Why isn’t Liu Xue’er here?”


“She will only come out after the official beginning of the party,” Dong Quan explained.


“Okay,” Xia Yan nodded and found himself a little bored. It seemed like the people in the hall knew each other and they assembled in various groups and chatted and joked around. He could only spend his time discussing some boring topics with Dong Quan.


“Bro, who is this?” A youngster approached the bored Xia Yan.


“Dong Feng, didn’t you always want to meet Master Xia? This is Master Xia,” Dong Quan said.


“Master Xia, nice to meet you,” Dong Feng extended both hands and shook Xia Yan’s hand earnestly.


“Xia Yan, this is my little brother, Dong Feng, I have already told you about him,” Dong Quan said.


“Hi!” Xia Yan greeted him indifferently. He didn’t have a good impression of Dong Feng. It could be discerned from Yan Xiaoqing’s affair that this lad had surely forced many women to drink with him or do even more outrageous matters.


[I’m done for!]


Upon seeing Xia Yan’s cold attitude, Dong Feng was terror-stricken. Like Dong Quan, he was also afraid of Xia Yan, but he still wanted to approach him. He assumed that they had some common topics for discussion because they were at the same age but didn’t expect this outcome.


Upon thinking of the consequences of Master Xia’s displeasure, Dong Feng’s heart shuddered. On that day in Dynasty Karaoke Hub, that said sight was too shocking, especially the terrifying taciturn black-robed man. He didn’t wish to ever see that man again.


“Xia Yan, this is… Lil Feng has done a lot of horrible matters in the past, but I can guarantee that he didn’t do anything more than forcing women to drink with him and he didn’t force himself on them if they didn’t consent to do more with him,” Dong Quan spoke for his little bro and helped him.


“That’s right, all of those women have consented to it. They all wanted to get famous and become stars, and it’s always them who sought me proactively. As for Yan Xiaoqing, I just got angry because she stood me up and I was muddle-headed then. Master Xia, please forgive me?” Dong Feng defended himself anxiously.


Xia Yan couldn’t help but say inwardly, “Is it me who should forgive you? You didn’t offend me.]


But, Xia Yan was still skeptical. Dong Feng was handsome, rich, and tall, and he was still the entertainment industry’s director. Many pretty women wanted to get into his bed and he didn’t need to force himself on women. But, he still couldn’t believe him, and it wasn’t only due to Yan Xiaoqing’s affair, as Xiao Yuan had once tried to send Xiaoyu to him.


“Master Xia, Yan Xiaoqing has already joined my company and I plan to support her fully… By the way, I provided her with the most excellent contract… And I have also brought her with me to help her get acquainted with some influential people,” Dong Feng said in a fluster. He wanted to improve his image in the eyes of Master Xia.


[Did Yan Xiaoqing come, too?] Xia Yan opened his eyes wide and Dong Feng noticed this so he said quickly, “I’ll call her over.”


After he spoke, he turned around and went to seek Yan Xiaoqing.


Xia Yan was exasperated. He didn’t say anything other than ‘Hi’ from beginning to end, and he didn’t say that he wanted to deliver justice and deal with this lecher, Dong Feng, and it was he who got scared all by himself.


[Is this the so-called prestige?]


Xia Yan lamented inwardly. It was no wonder that in his memory’s fragments, the appearance of the lich alone could scare off an elite army of 100,000 cavalries. A man’s fame wasn’t any different than a tree’s shadow. This proverb was really correct!


“Xie Zheng has also come,” Dong Quan looked at the entrance and spoke.


[Xie Zheng?]


Xia Yan turned around and got to see Xie Zheng. The latter was surrounded by a group of people and they chatted cheerfully as they went through the door. He was a top-notch young master of Sihe Province, and many people wanted to fawn over him. Wen Yipin was standing next to him and chatting with him, while Zhou Yi’s status was obviously lower than him by a lot so he could only follow him like an attendant and smile obsequiously.


Upon entering, Wen Yipin and Xie Zheng attracted a lot of people’s gazes and many pretty women in the hall rushed toward him like moths throwing themselves to fire.


“Did Liu Xue’er invite Xie Zheng, too?” Xia Yan asked in confusion. The Liu family was on bad terms with the Xie family, and she didn’t have to put on an act and invite him, did she?


“She didn’t invite him,” Dong Quan said without the least bit of hesitation. “Xie Zheng doesn’t harbor any good intentions. I must inform my uncle and grandpa. Xia Yan, I’ll leave you here for now, but I’ll be back right away.”


After speaking, Dong Quan left quickly.


Xia Yan looked for a seat and sat down before he continued observing Xie Zheng. The latter was chatting with ease with the people surrounding him, and there were still several stars next to him who made ambiguous approaches at him.


All of a sudden, Xia Yan’s gaze focused on the person behind Xie Zheng.


“Why did Xie Zheng bring an old attendant? Is he a martial art master bodyguard?” Xia Yan observed the thin old man curiously, and that said old man had also turned his head around and opened his eyes wide. Their gazes met for a moment, and Xia Yan’s heart skipped a beat. The old man’s gaze was ridiculously sharp!


If it was an ordinary person in the face of this sharp gaze, he would have turned his head and averted his gaze long ago, but Xia Yan was no ordinary man and his disposition had already fused with the lich’s prideful and lofty disposition. He faced the old man’s gaze calmly, and after two seconds, the latter nodded and smiled at him and averted his gaze.


“What an unusual youngster,” the old man mumbled in a low voice and turned his head around.


“Elder Shi, what’s the matter?” Upon hearing the old man’s voice, Xie Zheng turned around and questioned him in a low voice.


“The youngster over there is anything but simple,” Elder Shi pointed at Xia Yan with his chin and spoke.


“Xia Yan?” Xie Zheng was taken aback and his face fell. He knew Elder Shi’s capabilities, and he had never heard him praise any person. If Elder Shi said that Xia Yan wasn’t simple, then he was surely anything but simple.


“Elder Shi, is he also like you, a…” Xie Zheng asked carefully.


“Ordinary people can’t face my gaze, but I can’t detect his power and I can’t judge him,” Elder Shi shook his head and spoke.


“I have a feud with him, and if it’s possible, I want to ask you to teach him a lesson,” Xie Zheng’s expression turned grave and he spoke in a resolute tone.


“Fine, I also want to try him out,” Elder Shi said calmly.


“Elder Shi, thank you.” Xie Zheng was overjoyed. He had been humiliated twice by Xia Yan and he even got beaten. He would never forget this feud, and now that he had Elder Shi’s help, Xia Yan would surely suffer greatly.



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