Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 87, Doesn’t Your Face Hurt?


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Xia Yan wasn’t aware that Elder Shi had already set his eyes on him, so he just sat down and started filling his belly out of boredom.


After a short while, Dong Feng came back with Yan Xiaoqing.


“Xiaoqing, this is Big Bro Xia, you surely know him, don’t you?” Dong Feng was older than Xia Yan by several years, but he still called him ‘Big Bro’ without any qualms. He obviously didn’t dare to call Xia Yan directly by his name.


Upon hearing the surname ‘Xia’, Yan Xiaoqing got a bad feeling about this. Every time Dong Feng asked about her relationship with Master Xia, she gave him a vague reply, and this was why the former misunderstood their relationship and assumed that she was acquainted with ‘Master Xia’.


But now, it turned out that this male student, who was seemingly younger than she was, was Master Xia and she ended up in front of him. If she didn’t deal with this well, she would expose herself and ruin her smooth-sailing star career, and she would also have to face the anger of Dong Feng, who had been deceived by her.


“Miss Yan, hi,” Xia Yan wasn’t aware of Yan Xiaoqing’s inner struggle and he just greeted her politely.


“Hi!” Yan Xiaoqing replied quickly and said, “Xia Yan, thank you for your help last time.”


“It wasn’t me, but my friend,” Xia Yan stuffed a cake in his mouth and drank a mouthful of fruit juice, then said with a smile, “I didn’t eat lunch and I’ll have to fill up my belly. I have made a joke of myself, haven’t I?”


“Your friend has helped me only thanks to you, and I still have to thank you,” Yan Xiaoqing said.


Xia Yan nodded. Yan Xiaoqing wasn’t mistaken, he had fused his consciousness with the skeleton soldier to help her.


At this moment, Dong Feng believed fully in Yan Xiaoqing’s relationship with Xia Yan. If this wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t state that the black-robed man had helped her for Xia Yan.


Upon seeing Xia Yan nodding, Yan Xiaoqing heaved a sigh of relief. She realized that she managed to bluff her way out. At least, Dong Feng wouldn’t suspect her relationship with Master Xia.


Yan Xiaoqing was actually quite curious about this young master, who she was meeting for the first time. On that day, the black-robed man was taciturn, imposing, and vicious, and he was a terrifying man, yet he was a friend of this student. This was really unimaginable!


But, Yan Xiaoqing still knew clearly that if she wanted to keep Dong Feng’s support, then she must make him believe that she was close to Master Xia, or she must try to get close to Master Xia.


[He looks like an ordinary university student, and it should be easier to deal with him than the black-robed man, shouldn’t it?] Yan Xiaoqing thought inwardly.


Dong Feng had been observing Xia Yan and Yan Xiaoqing all along, and he concluded that they were at most simple acquaintances and weren’t close to each other. But despite this, he still had to support Yan Xiaoqing fully. After all, they were youths of the opposite sex and they might get ‘closer’ at any moment.

While the three people were chatting, they suddenly saw Xie Zheng walking over. He was the whole hall’s man of the moment, but many people found it embarrassing to follow him around, and they just observed him at a distance and sought an opportunity to get closer to him.


Xia Yan raised his head and cast a glance at him. This time, he didn’t face the robed old man’s gaze; the old man’s eyes were also semi-open and it seemed like he didn’t pay any attention to the vicinity. But, the other young bodyguard was glaring at Xia Yan with hostility.


Wen Yipin and Zhou Yi were still following Xie Zheng and they were both next to him. Those five people all had a great imposing manner!


Xie Zheng and his companions quickly reached Xia Yan and stopped in front of him. He observed Xia Yan arrogantly and let out a grim laugh.


“Xie Zheng, what did you come for? I didn’t send you an invitation, did I?” Dong Feng stood up and spoke.


“Dong Feng, what do you mean?” Wen Yipin said. “Is there any place in Chengdu City which Young Master Zheng can’t visit? Besides, your surname is Dong, not Liu, and it isn’t up to you to take charge here.”


“You…” Dong Feng’s face got flushed. The Dong family had always been subordinated to the Liu family, and this was an undeniable fact. Wen Yipin had just poked Dong Feng’s sore spot!


Xie Zheng disdained to talk to Dong Feng and he just stood next to Xia Yan and sneered. “Loser, wasn’t it enough for you to beguile girls in the university with your sweet words, yet you still fantasize about getting close to Liu Xue’er? You are really ignorant and reckless!”


“Mind your own business!” Xia Yan also sneered. “Xie Zheng, doesn’t your face hurt any longer?”


[Doesn’t my face hurt?]


Upon hearing this, Xie Zheng’s face turned more flushed than Dong Feng’s, and the people started making guesses about this matter’s inner story.


Did Xia Yan hit Xie Zheng’s face? Did he hit him literally or did he just humiliate him?


At this moment, many people’s gazes focused on Xie Zheng’s face and they tried to see whether there were any slap marks left on it.


“Xia Yan, you are courting death!” Xie Zheng gnashed his teeth and his gaze turned vicious.


“You said the same thing last time, yet I’m still living well,” Xia Yan sneered and said calmly.


“You’ll die, you will surely die!” Xie Zheng’s handsome face got twisted up. He had already set up a plan to take revenge against Xia Yan, but he didn’t dare to openly attack a student of Sihe University during the military drill period. That said drill was followed by a vacation, however the university’s director couldn’t enact the plan during the vacation.


Originally, he wasn’t in a hurry and he planned to wait for the vacation’s end before retaliating against Xia Yan. But he didn’t expect to meet Xia Yan on this day and also get mocked by him. He couldn’t bear this any longer!




Xie Zheng’s statement was clearly a command. The young bodyguard behind him strode forward by two steps and closed in on Xia Yan before he swiftly moved his palm towards Xia Yan’s face. He used his whole power and his palm created a whooshing sound in the air.


Xia Yan’s gaze turned grave. He raised his right hand quickly to grasp the bodyguard’s wrist. But, the young bodyguard moved his hand away and evaded Xia Yan’s hand and continued making his way toward Xia Yan’s face for a slap. He moved very swiftly and it seemed impossible to dodge this slap.


But, all of Xia Yan’s physical aspects had already reached the human body’s upper limit and this included his reflexes. When the young bodyguard had just moved his hand away, Xia Yan’s hand pursed it closely. If it could be said that the young bodyguard was like a pouncing viper, then Xia Yan was like a nimble cat and he managed to hit the viper’s weak point accurately.




A strong wind hit Xia Yan’s face. There was only one foot left for that callous hand to reach Xia Yan’s face, but its wrist was grasped by Xia Yan’s firmly.


The expressions of Xie Zheng, the robed old man, and the young bodyguard changed drastically. The bodyguard’s speed was ridiculously high, yet he didn’t manage to pose any threat to Xia Yan and his hand had been grasped by Xia Yan shortly after he assaulted him.


“Impossible!” The young bodyguard shouted in disbelief.


“I also think so,” Xia Yan shrugged and said, “But it has occurred.”


As Xia Yan uttered those words, he exerted power in his hand and tightened his grip on the bodyguard’s wrist and a crisp sound of bones breaking apart echoed out. The young bodyguard was caught off-guard and he suddenly felt an intense stab of pain. He couldn’t help but let out a miserable cry, “Aaahhh!”



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