Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 88, Xia Yan’s Domineering Attitude


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What was the apex of human strength? No one had any accurate data about this. In ancient times, valiant generals were able to stop galloping oxen, carry large cauldrons, uproot willow trees, and swing 900 pounds hammers… But, this wasn’t yet a human’s upper limit, and Xia Yan’s power had already surpassed those said valiant generals and his grip strength wasn’t any lower than a Nile Crocodile’s bite force.




A crisp sound echoed out, as the young bodyguard’s wrist was twisted again to a weird angle. But this time, he clenched his teeth and didn’t let out a cry.


“You still don’t have the right to act so arrogantly!” Xia Yan let go of him and said calmly. At this moment, he almost wanted to applaud himself for his calm performance and he felt so pleased with himself.


The crowd was startled, and Xie Zheng glared at him so hard that his eyes almost popped out of their sockets, while both Zhou Yi and Wen Yipin were dumbfounded. As for Dong Feng, he was so excited that his face got flushed and his body started shuddering lightly, as he felt an intense adrenaline rush stimulating his nerves.


A cry almost escaped from Yan Xiaoqing’s mouth, but she covered her mouth tightly with her hand. She wasn’t afraid, but rather excited. At this moment, she finally realized that she also longed for thrills.


Upon seeing the young man’s bone getting twisted broken, she wasn’t even scared and her head was full only of Xia Yan’s heroic stance, as he moved swiftly and caught his opponent’s wrist, as well as his pretentious and moving words.


‘”You still doesn’t have the right to act so arrogantly!’”, those words reverberated constantly in Yan Xiaoqing’s mind, while her body warmed up and her face got flushed. She couldn’t help but clamp her legs and rub them against each other involuntarily.


[This is the man of my dreams!]


Yan Xiaoqing observed Xia Yan’s ordinary-looking tanned face in a daze, and stars almost shone in her eyes.


The only person who still kept his calm was the robed old man. His eyes were still semi-open as usual and he wore a calm and indifferent look.


“Xia Yan, you dare to assault and injure people!” After several seconds, the crowd recovered from their shock, and Wen Yipin jumped out to condemn Xia Yan.


“It’s only self-defense!” Xia Yan leaned against the sofa and said calmly.


“You have still injured him, and I’ll call the police to arrest you,” Wen Yipin said.


“Do as you please!” Xia Yan sneered. [Would the police drop by the Liu family’s party to arrest people? If it was a wanted criminal, then it was possible, but the chief of Chengdu City’s police department wasn’t a fool to rush over for a trivial fight. Even if your father ordered him to come, he may not obey him, let alone you.]


Wen Yipin wasn’t a fool and those were only empty threats. He didn’t take out his phone to call the police.


As for the young bodyguard, he went back to Xie Zheng’s side. He was both shocked and ashamed of himself.


“Lil Wu, take a trip to the hospital for treatment, you haven’t made any mistake,” Xie Zheng cast a glance at him and said.


“Understood, Young Master Zheng,” Lil Wu lowered his head and turned around to leave, but he still didn’t forget to cast a last glance at Xia Yan before leaving, and his gaze was filled with hatred and fear.


“You are so skilled!” Xie Zheng lowered his head and observed Xia Yan. He didn’t fly into a rage!


“You have already tried it last time,” Xia Yan faced his gaze and spoke calmly.


“Are you taunting me?” Xie Zheng’s pupils contracted.


“I have already given you two slaps, and this should have been enough for a taunt, don’t you think so?” Xia Yan asked with a smile. “Or else, why are you standing here in front of me?”


Xia Yan didn’t drop the previous time’s slaps and he kept mentioning them repeatedly. In most men’s eyes, a slap was more humiliating than a vicious beating, while Xie Zheng was the oldest son of the Xie family, and he had a big ego, so every time Xia Yan mentioned that day’s affair, he felt like he was getting slapped again.


“Xia Yan, do you think that the Liu family can protect you?” Xie Zheng tried his best to curb his anger and not lash out at Xia Yan, but his expression had already turned hideous, and he had lost all of his grace as a noble young master.


“I do,” Xia Yan said with a smile.


“Old Master Liu can’t even protect himself, let alone you. Hahaha, it’s so laughable,” Xie Zheng laughed heartily.


“Xie Zheng, you don’t have to remind us, the Liu family won’t ever forget what happened.” A middle-aged man walked over, and he got to hear Xie Zheng’s statement. Anger was apparent on his face, but he still spoke calmly and slowly.


The previous quarrel had already attracted the attention of most people in the hall, and they all started discussing this matter after seeing the middle-aged man that had just arrived.


“Deputy CEO Liu has arrived!”


“I have heard that the Liu family is confronting the Xie family, and it seems like it’s true.”


“What’s happening? Can someone tell me?”


Xia Yan knew this middle-aged man. It was Liu Shan’s second brother, Liu Hai, and he was also Liu Group’s Deputy CEO. The host had already arrived and Xia Yan had to get up from the sofa to greet him. He said, “Hi, Mister Liu.”


“How come you are treating me like a stranger? Xia Yan, if you don’t mind, you can call me Second Uncle Liu,” Liu Hai welcomed Xia Yan with a smile and shook his hand. He still said warmly, “Thank you for attending Xue’er’s birthday party.”


“You’re most welcome, Miss Xue’er has always treated me well,” Xia Yan replied with a smile.


The people observing this matter from afar started discussing it spiritedly. What was the origin of this unknown youngster, who was so close to Liu Hai? Moreover, he was still quarreling with Xie Zheng. So, he surely had an unfathomable familial background.


It must be known that a conflict was possible only between equal opponents, as if there was a large disparity between both parties, it wouldn’t be a conflict, but rather a one-sided bullying. So, the youngster quarreling with Xie Zheng was anything but simple.


“Xia Yan, you’re right, the Liu family won’t let anyone harm you, and if anyone dares to do so, we will make them pay a grave price,” After exchanging greetings, Liu Hai changed the subject and spoke to Dong Feng, “Lil Feng, what happened a while ago?”


“Someone assaulted Xia Yan, but Xia Yan broke his hand,” Dong Feng said quickly.


“Look for him and break his other hand,” Liu Hai said without the least bit of hesitation.


“Understood, Second Uncle,” Dong Feng said excitedly and looked provocatively at Xie Zheng before turning around and making a call.


“Liu Hai, you dare to do so!” Xie Zheng got anxious and shouted.


Another heated discussion broke out among the crowd. Liu Shan was the one in charge of the Liu family, and the Deputy Ceo Liu Hai had always kept a low profile. None expected him to show off his might on this day, and he had even ordered men to break a civilian’s hand right in front of the crowd’s gazes.


Upon seeing this, the crowd gained a new level of respect for him.


“The Liu family doesn’t just have Old Master Liu and Liu Shan,” Many people sighed inwardly and they also gained a higher opinion of the mysterious youngster. Liu Hai had ordered people to harm someone openly just for the youngster’s sake, and he was obviously fawning over him. But, why was the Liu family fawning over him?


Upon giving this more thought, it seemed that the youngster’s familial background was so high it was far from reach.


“Xie Zheng, according to seniority, you must call me respectfully Second Uncle Liu. Are all descendants of the Xie family so disrespectful?” Liu Hai said sternly and coldly. “If any Tom and Harry dares to run amok here, then won’t people look down upon our Liu family?”


“You…” Xie Zheng was left at a loss for words.


“Moreover, young master Liu, you turned up without being invited. I wonder what business you have here?” Liu Hai.


“It’s Miss Xue’er’s birthday, so I have obviously come to congratulate her and I still plan to send her a precious gift. Deputy Ceo Liu, am I not welcome here?.” Xie Zheng’s expression changed, but he still curbed his anger and chuckled nonchalantly.


No matter how great their enmity, they still shouldn’t show it openly, and Liu Hai also didn’t dare to have a falling out here and drive him out. He could only say calmly, “Anyone who has arrived is our guest, you can do as you please.”


“Deputy Ceo Liu, I’ll do so,” Xie Zheng said with a smile and cast a meaningful glance at Xia Yan before turning around and leaving.


“Elder Shi, when will you make a move?” After distancing himself from them, Xie Zheng’s smile disappeared and he spoke to the robed old man next to him in a low voice.


“Is it to deal with that youngster?” Elder Shi opened his eyes slightly and asked.


“That’s right!”


“If you just want to teach him a lesson, I can do it right away, but if you want him dead, we must look for another suitable opportunity,” Elder Shi said.


“Teach him a lesson for now and turn him into a laughing stock. I want him to leave in shame.”


“Fine, I’ll first take a seat,” Elder Shi said calmly and confidently before turning around and walking toward the row of sofas.


“Young master Zheng, you can’t let him off the hook.” Wen Yipin and Zhou Yi didn’t dare to approach Xie Zheng when he had a private discussion with Elder Shi and they didn’t get to hear the content of their discussion, and it was only after the old man left that Wen Yipin approached Xie Zheng and spoke indignantly.


“That’s right, Young Master Zheng. That lad didn’t give you due respect, and you must teach him a lesson,” Zhou Yi rejoiced inwardly. He couldn’t deal with Xia Yan, but Xie Zheng could. In Chengdu City, anyone who offended Xie Zheng would have a terrible end.


“Just wait for a good show,” Xie Zheng said with a smile. He trusted Elder Shi because he had already seen with his own eyes his magical abilities.




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