Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 90, What’s Amazing!


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“Do you know him, too?” Fang Le’er asked in surprise.


“I have met him once,” Wen Yipin whispered near Fang Le’er’s ear, “He has beaten Xie Zheng’s bodyguard a while ago.”


“Then he’s done for, isn’t he?” Delight appeared in Fang Le’er’s eyes.


“You don’t say, just wait. Young master Zheng has many tricks up his sleeves,” Wen Yipin said complacently.


“He’s really honored. He’s only an ugly toad, yet he offended young master Wen and Zheng at the same time. He’s so daring, and it just happens that I have something to ask him, why don’t we approach him?” Fang Le’er walked toward Xia Yan.


“Ugly toad?” Wen Yipin said inwardly in confusion and followed her.


“Another beauty has come over, who is she?” Yan Xiaoqing asked directly.


“Mayor Fang’s only daughter,” Xia Yan said.


“Wen Yipin has also come with her, and it seems like they came to pick quarrel,” Yan Xiaoqing said in surprise, “Xia Yan, they aren’t here for you, are they? How many thorny people did you offend?”


“That’s why it’s better for you to keep your distance from me, or you will end up implicated and hated by them, too,” Xia Yan smiled at her and said.


“Pah! I’m not afraid of them!” Yan Xiaoqing said stubbornly, even though she was quite fearful. Xia Yan wasn’t mistaken, she should avoid incurring the hatred of those wealthy and influential families’ descendants.


“Xia Yan, what did you come here for?” Upon approaching him, Fang Le’er questioned him.


Xia Yan furrowed his brows and asked back. “You can come, but I can’t?”


“Are you comparing yourself to me” Fang Le’er was so infuriated that she laughed. “Who do you think you are, and who am I? Hahaha…”


“Haha!” Wen Yipin also laughed, and a group of young youths had also laughed with them.


“Then can you please tell me who are you?” Xia Yan chuckled and observed Fang Le’er’s pretty face.




“Don’t forget to omit your surname, or else people will assume that you are introducing your father rather than yourself,” Xia Yan interrupted her and spoke.


Fang Le’er’s face got flushed. She really wanted to say that she was Mayor Fang’s daughter, as this was how she usually introduced herself. But upon hearing Xia Yan’s statement, she felt like her worldview was toppled and she fell into a trance. What did she have other than her father, the mayor, and what she could introduce herself with other than that?


She found herself at a loss for words and didn’t know how to introduce herself. She could only gnash her teeth and say, “And who are you?”


“Me?” Xia Yan chuckled. “I’m a guest, a guest invited by the host. So, why can’t I come here?”


“You…” Fang Le’er suddenly realized that this poor bum was blessed with a slick tongue, and she couldn’t help but say rashly in a loud voice, “Did you blacklist my father’s number?”


Upon hearing this, the people in the vicinity went into an uproar.


“What? Did this lad blacklist Mayor Fang’s number?”


“How could he do so?”


“Is this true?”


Dong Feng and Yan Xiaoqing looked in shock at Xia Yan. He could blacklist even Mayor Fang’s private number, what was in his mind, how did he get his number, and what was his relationship with Mayor Fang?


Xia Yan was dumbfounded. [What’s wrong with Fang Le’er’s head, how could she question him about this in public? Does she want to shame Mayor Fang? Even though I don’t like the mayor’s actions, I still don’t plan to step on him and humiliate him. If I tell you openly the reason why I blacklisted him, I will end up shaming Major Fang.]


He could only look in silence at Fang Le’er, and this lassie had also realized her mistake. She didn’t linger on this topic and she said with a flushed face, “Xia Yan, you are a b*stard!”


Soon after, Fang Le’er turned around and left, as if she was afraid of Xia Yan’s response.


“Xia Yan, you are so amazing,” After the crowd left, Yan Xiaoqing gave Xia Yan a big thumb up. She was pleased by Xia Yan’s actions. Xia Yan was an expert when it came to mocking people and had done so twice in a short space of time and repelled two batches of people, and they even had among them powerful families’ young masters, the Deputy Governor’s son and the Mayor’s daughter.


If this wasn’t amazing, then what else was amazing?


“It’s not my fault,” Xia Yan said weakly.


“Xia Yan, is it really you?” While they were speaking, someone else came and spoke in surprise.


“It’s another person seeking you,” Yan Xiaoqing had already gotten used to this, and even if everybody sought after Xia Yan, she wouldn’t be surprised.


“Jiang…” Xia Yan raised his head and looked at him. It was Jiang Wenchuan!


“You can just call me Brother Jiang!” Jiang Wenchuan’s attitude was a lot better than the previous day, and he treated him more cordially.


In his eyes, Xia Yan had been only a poor bum seeking shelter from his relatives, but on this day, he discovered that he was a guest invited by the Liu family’s princess, and he also had disputes with several big shots. Jiang Wenchuan had been in the crowd a while ago, and he was shaken up by what he saw. He wouldn’t treat Xia Yan any longer as an ordinary poor student.


“Brother Jiang, it turns out that the friend you talked about that day was Miss Xue’er,” Xia Yan chuckled and greeted him.


“That’s right, I didn’t expect it’s the same for you, too,” Jiang Wenchuan said.


Both people had only met once and had no common topics for discussions. After they exchanged greetings, Jiang Wenchuan walked away and left.


Dong Feng looked at his back and said, “Jiang Wenchuan is a descendant of Tonghai County’s Jiang family, and he has just finished his studies abroad and come back from the USA. He plans to start up a business for his family in Chengdu City, and I heard that he’s quite talented.”


“Hum.” Xia Yan nodded. He didn’t care much about Jiang Wenchuan, and Dong Feng had also noticed this so he didn’t say anything else.


At this moment, someone started playing the piano, and a veteran female singer stood by his side and started singing.


Meanwhile, Liu Xue’er had appeared at the staircase and she held Liu Shan’s hand. On this day, she was clad in a white off-the-shoulder dress, and she looked like a real princess.


Xia Yan observed her left wrist. She still wore the wooden bead bracelet, and an incomplete spirit storage magic circle was carved in two of its beads.


Liu Xue’er treasured those two beads and she never took them off other than bath time.


But, her Soul Ataraxia Stone had already been broken, and she only wore an emerald jade necklace around her fair neck.


“She’s so pretty. Young master Feng, is that necklace made of imperial emerald jadeite?” Yan Xiaoqing’s eyes shone up and she spoke in envy.


“That’s a matter of course, other materials don’t deserve a place around my cousin’s neck,” Dong Feng said.


“How much does it cost?” Yan Xiaoqing smacked her tongue.


“A whole house in the center of the city,” Dong Feng said.


“If I have one, I’ll never take it off, no woman can resist the allure of this treasure,” Yan Xiaoqing said.


“Wipe off your drool,” Xia Yan couldn’t stand looking at this and gave her a paper towel.


“Thank you… Huh, pah! I’m not drooling,” Yan Xiaoqing said angrily.


When Liu Xue’er emerged, cheering and applause, and whistles from the youths broke out in the hall. The ambiance became festive and lively!


Liu Xue’er stood on the staircase with a mesmerizing smile on her face and surveyed the whole hall with her eyes. Upon seeing Xia Yan, a bright smile blossomed on her face and she waved her hand at him.


“Xia Yan, is she waving at you?” Yan Xiaoqing said in surprise.


“That’s right!” Xia Yan wore a faint smile and let out a bitter laugh inwardly. [Miss, you are only incurring more hatred toward me, didn’t you see the flames of anger raging in those youths’ eyes?]


Qi Ziyu was walking next to Liu Xue’er. Both women were exceptionally beautiful, and all the youths were looking at them in a daze.



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