Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 92, Counterattack


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As Xia Yan pondered over this, the wooden box was opened. There was only a jade sculpture of Buddha placed within the box, but this sculpture had a sparkling and verdant green color, and even an amateur could discern clearly that it was a priceless ornament carved out of top-grade jadeite.


“Wow! Is it imperial jadeite again?” A gold-digger shouted.


“It’s surely so, only imperial jadeite is so beautiful,” someone said.


“It’s a pity. Miss Xue’er is already wearing a necklace made out of imperial jadeite. Her necklace has so many beads made out of jadeite. So, it’s surely more precious than this jade sculpture of Buddha, isn’t it?”


“But a jade sculpture of Buddha can protect her from evil spirits and ensure her safety, and if I have to go out with only one of them, then I’ll surely pick the jade sculpture of Buddha.”


“You’re right.”


The crowd discussed it spiritedly, while Xia Yan furrowed his brows. When this jade sculpture of Buddha got taken out, that impure Undead Element’s aura turned so dense that it was already on par with the one in Sheng Hospital.


But, the Undead Element in the hospital was very pure, and it had already been purified by the Red Cross and wouldn’t inflict any harm on people. As for this jade sculpture of Buddha, if one wore it around his neck, then he would suffer a mishap within a day.


“Hehe, what a coincidence. Two people gave her a jade sculpture of Buddha. But there is a large disparity between them. If I was in his place, I’d be too embarrassed to gift anyone this trash,” The alluring woman next to Zhou Yi said sweetly and directed the crowd’s attention toward Xia Yan again.


They all looked at the greenish-white ordinary jade sculpture of Buddha in Xia Yan’s hand before they looked at the precious imperial jadeite’s sculpture in Xie Zheng’s hand, and many of them started laughing right away.


“Shoddy goods should be discarded,” Zhou Yi said and sighed.


Liu Xue’er was so infuriated that her pretty face turned pale. She was very afraid that Xia Yan would take offense, and this wasn’t simply because the Liu family needed his help, it was mainly because she was afraid that her relationship with Xia Yan would be ruined by this trifling affair.


But when she took a look at Xia Yan’s face, she noticed that he still wore a serene look as usual. She relaxed then and said to Xie Zheng, “Young Master Zheng, this jade sculpture is too precious and I can’t accept it. Please take it back!”


It seemed that Xie Zheng had already expected such a reply and he said with a smile, “It’s only a trifling jade sculpture, and it’s anything but precious to the Liu family. Miss Xue’er, you really know how to joke.”


“By the way, this jade sculpture of Buddha has been crafted by a master sculptor, and I wonder whether you have heard about Han Yidao and One-Knife School?” Xie Zheng spoke again.


“Who is Han Yidao?”


“One-Knife School sounds so cool, as if it’s a name taken out of a martial arts novel.”


“What’s One-Knife School?”


The people started another spirited discussion, while Xia Yan was observing the jade sculpture carefully and he noticed some familiar-looking lines on it.


[Is it really a work of my master?]


“Young Master Zheng, I still can’t…” Liu Xue’er was about to refuse it, but Xia Yan suddenly spoke. “Miss Xue’er, this is their birthday gift for you, so just take it and give him due respect.”


“Xia Yan, didn’t you say…” Liu Xue’er looked in surprise at Xia Yan. Didn’t he tell them a while ago not to accept any gifts from Xie Zheng? Why did he change his opinion?


“Miss Xue’er, take it,” Xia Yan nodded at her and spoke again.


“That’s right, Miss Xue’er, please accept it and don’t hurt my fragile feelings,” Xie Zheng wasn’t aware why Xia Yan spoke suddenly to persuade Liu Xue’er, but he didn’t really care as sending the gift was his visit’s sole objective.


“Young Master Zheng, I’ll have to thank you for your gift,” Liu Xue’er hesitated only for half a second before she decided to trust Xia Yan and she stretched her hand to receive the jade sculpture in Xie Zheng’s hand.


“Wait!” Xia Yan spoke again suddenly.


“What’s the matter?” Liu Xue’er was surprised and she quickly pulled back her hand.


“Miss Xue’er, since I have taken out my gift first, then shouldn’t you take mine?” Xia Yan handed over the jade sculpture in his hands to her.


“Okay!” Liu Xue’er rolled her pretty eyes and took off the imperial jadeite necklace with a smile. She handed it over to Dong Feng and said, “Third Cousin, I’ll have to trouble you with holding onto it for me.”


“Fine,” Dong Feng received it and held it carefully. He was very afraid that this priceless treasure would slip out of his hand and be broken apart. As for Yan Xiaoqing, who was next to him, she stared fixedly at the necklace and her envy and jealousy were apparent on her face.


“Xia Yan, can you help me wear this jade ornament?” Liu Xue’er walked over to Xia Yan, lowered her head, and spoke.


Xia Yan’s heart skipped a beat. He could clearly smell a sweet fragrance and see even the light hair on her forelock.


Liu Xue’er’s actions surprised everyone. They had all discerned clearly that Liu Xue’er’s relationship with Xia Yan was anything but ordinary, but they didn’t expect that they were already so close.


She had asked a man to help her wear an ornament around her neck, and this was an intimate gesture done only by lovers.


But, upon observing them further, they didn’t seem like lovers, and it was especially the case since Xia Yan seemed so surprised. Could it be that the Liu family’s young miss was pursuing Xia Yan and she expressed her love for him with this gesture?


How could this happen? Someone with Liu Xue’er’s eminent status could pick any boyfriend she wanted. So, why did she fancy this ordinary-looking student?


In the crowd, Wen Yipin was the most disturbed person; he was both startled and infuriated. He had always pursued Liu Xue’er, and the Liu family’s colossal industry was obviously his main objective, but Liu Xue’er still never responded to his feelings.


But even if Liu Xue’er didn’t accept him for now, he believed that as long as he worked hard, he would get his hands on her, and the crux was preventing anyone from snatching Liu Xue’er from him.


However, it was obvious that Liu Xue’er had already been snatched by the con artist Xia Yan, and Wen Yipin couldn’t help but look at Xia Yan murderously.


It was a pity that he had already forgotten what happened in the Computer Plaza’s parking lot, or else he would have understood that Xia Yan wasn’t someone to be trifled with.


“Fine, Miss Xue’er,” Xia Yan hesitated only for a moment before he raised the hair around her nape in order to coil the jade sculpture’s red string around Liu Xue’er’s neck. As he ran his fingers through her smooth and silky hair, his heart couldn’t help but flutter.


When the jade sculpture of Buddha came in touch with Liu Xue’er’s skin, she felt a refreshing air invading her body and it spread toward her limbs. She felt comfortable all over, while her mind got brighter and sharper.


“Xia Yan, is this jade sculpture of Buddha also…” Liu Xue’er shouted in delight.


“That’s right, Miss Xue’er,” Xia Yan nodded and said with a smile. “If it’s possible, don’t ever take it off.”


“Wow!” Several women close to Liu Xue’er shouted. This scene was too romantic, and those were sweet words one could hear only in drama series.


[They confessed love in public and made a public display of affection. Is this alright?]


Outside the crowd, Qi Ziyu had just exchanged several words with two stars and was about to leave, yet she sighted upon Xia Yan helping Liu Xue’er wear the necklace, and she also got to hear Xia Yan’s statement, which wasn’t any different than a love confession. She stopped in her place and her smile stiffened, while bewildering jealousy welled up in her heart.


She couldn’t help but think about how she ran out of the campus with him hand-in-hand, how they ate noodles in a noodle shop and fought against their enemies… But, she quickly came back to her senses and was surprised by her own feelings. [Why do I have such feelings? Could it be that…]




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