Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 95, Honesty

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“It turns out the news is genuine. The Xie family has really plotted against the Liu family, and you have protected Miss Xue’er this time,” Qi Ziyu looked at Xia Yan with a complex gaze. “Xia Yan, can I ask you something?”


“Go ahead and ask!” Xia Yan felt like his secret had been discovered by Qi Ziyu.


“At the start of the university’s new term, someone had attracted Worldly Power. Was it you?” Qi Ziyu said solemnly.


“Worldly Power?” Xia Yan said in surprise.


“That’s right. On that day, I detected that the source attracting the Worldly Power was in the Male Dormitory’s direction, and it looks like it’s you,” Qi Ziyu nodded and said.


“I don’t know what’s Worldly Power…” Xia Yan said honestly. At the start of the new term, he advanced into the Novice Mage Stage, and he had really attracted all the Undead Element in Sihe University’s range but he had no idea how this was related to the so-called Worldly Power.


“Xia Yan, I don’t harbor any malice toward you. Can’t you trust me?” Qi Ziyu furrowed her brows and said out of displeasure, “There is no stranger here and we both know that anyone who can hold this jade ornament without suffering a mishap is no ordinary person.”


When Xia Yan heard her state that no stranger was here, his imagination ran wild in spite of himself. But, he still quickly came back to his senses and explained quickly, “Ziyu, you have misunderstood my intentions. I’m really no ordinary person, but I don’t know what’s Worldly Power… Fine, at the start of the new term, I achieved a breakthrough in the dormitory and it may have affected the vicinity. This is probably what you are talking about.”


“It turns out it’s really you,” Qi Ziyu said out of surprise and delight and pulled Xia Yan’s hand. “What kind of canon are you practicing? I have never seen such energy fluctuations.”


“Huh…” Xia Yan hesitated for a moment. He couldn’t divulge his secret identity as a necromancer even to Qi Ziyu.


“Sorry, I must have overstepped my bounds. I shouldn’t have raised this question,” Qi Ziyu realized his qualm and she understood that her question touched upon his sect’s secret. Thus why she immediately apologized.


“Never mind! By the way, you are also…” Xia Yan said.


“My master is Guangnan County’s Huang Zunshou, and he’s part of the Daoist School,” Qi Ziyu easily divulged her master, and school’s name and said with a smile. “Just look at me, I’m more honest than you, aren’t I?”


“That’s right!” Xia Yan found himself in an awkward position. He had no idea who was Guangnan County’s Huang Zunshou, but his name sounded quite impressive.


“By the way,” Qi Ziyu spoke again. “Qingyang Palace’s Daoist Desireless asked me several days ago to investigate a student of Sihe University, is it you?”


“Desireless?” Xia Yan was taken aback and said angrily, “That old goat is unexpectedly running an investigation about me, he has gone too overboard.”


“You don’t respect the elderly at all. It isn’t a good habit to curse people behind their backs, hehe,” Qi Ziyu covered her mouth and chuckled. She obviously wasn’t condemning him!


“I’ll call him the same way in his face,” Xia Yan said.


“Fine, Daoist Desireless has a good temper and won’t mind it,” Qi Ziyu said. “Actually, Daoist Desireless is a pretty good person.”


“He’s only a lascivious daoist,” Xia Yan ridiculed him.


“Huh… That daoist is really a little bit…” When it came to this, Qi Ziyu couldn’t defend him.


“What do you plan to do with this jade ornament?” Qi Ziyu returned the jade ornament to him and asked worryingly.


They had both revealed their secrets to each other and they got a lot closer. Xia Yan felt like he and Qi Ziyu were birds of a feather.


“I’ll take it back to study it and try to disperse the evil energy in it,” Xia Yan said.


“Do you need my help?” Qi Ziyu asked.


“I’ll first give it a try before considering it. If I really need your help, I’ll seek you,” Xia Yan said.


“This looks like Guizhou’s witchcraft and it’s very strange. I’m not sure I can deal with it, but even if I can’t, I can ask my master to help us,” Qi Ziyu said solemnly.


“Witchcraft?” Xia Yan asked curiously. “What kind of supernatural powers exist in this world?”


“Didn’t your teacher tell you?” Qi Ziyu found this quite strange and she answered back with a question.


“He didn’t,” Xia Yan said. [The Lich had come from a different world, and he obviously had no info about Earth.]


“Then this means…” Qi Ziyu gave this some thought and said, “You should have read about them in novels, and there are many kinds of power besides the mysterious path of crossing tribulation and ascending.”


“Wow!” Xia Yan opened his mouth wide in shock. “This is so cool!”


Xia Yan and Qi Ziyu were sitting down on the sofa and chatting merrily. They both didn’t notice that half of the people in the hall were watching them.


[This youngster had just helped the Liu family’s young miss wear a pendant a while ago, yet in the twinkling of an eye, he went after a superstar singer and started chatting with her. Is heaven so blind? Does he want to take up everything for himself, does he plan to get two lovers? He’s already so close to Qi Ziyu, isn’t he afraid that Liu Xue’er will get jealous and angry?]


[Or is he able to get those two exceptionally beautiful girls from influential houses and make them coexist peacefully?]


[What’s wrong with the world? This is so crazy!]


Many youngsters dreaming about Liu Xue’er and Qi Ziyu had almost gone crazy out of jealousy, and flames of anger and jealousy raged in their eyes. Even Xie Zheng and Wen Yipin were defeated by Xia Yan, and none here dared to challenge him. They could only look on helplessly despite their jealousy and envy.


As for women, they were all very curious about Xia Yan. [What’s so outstanding about this youngster who seduced both Liu Xue’er and Qi Ziyu?]


“Le’er, Le’er, what are you looking at?” A young girl knocked Fang Le’er who was in a trance.


“Huh, what’s wrong?” Fang Le’er averted her gaze from Xia Yan and Qi Ziyu.


“Who is this guy? It seems like you know him, don’t you?” Fang Le’er’s bestie asked.


“He’s only a…” Fang Le’er wanted to say that Xia Yan was only an ugly toad fantasizing about eating swan’s meat, but she couldn’t finish her words. Qi Ziyu and Liu Xue’er’s familial backgrounds weren’t any lower than hers, and they had even surpassed hers, yet Xia Yan was so close to them and he chatted with them so cheerfully.


Even if an ugly toad was lucky and got to eat swan’s meat, it wouldn’t get its hand on two swans, would it?


“What’s he?” The girl asked carelessly.


[B*tch!] Fang Le’er cursed inwardly. She knew her bestie well and she was obviously questioning her deliberately. She had obviously seen her conflict with Xia Yan, yet she was still asking about him to embarrass her.


“He’s only a boring guy, fine? Let’s forget about him. By the way, why didn’t you bring your boyfriend that sang with us yesterday?” Fang Le’er asked carelessly.


An embarrassed look appeared on the girl’s face, while anger appeared on the man next to her. On this day, she brought her real boyfriend with her.


After Fang Le’er had retaliated against her bestie, she finally felt a little better.


This was the friendship between women, it was so strange and men usually couldn’t understand it.


Xia Yan was sitting next to Qi Ziyu and was still chatting with her. Upon seeing this, Fang Le’er’s mood turned sour again.


[What a shameless couple!] Fang Le’er thought inwardly. If she didn’t treat him so awfully on that day, would she be better off now?



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