Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 100, You Drugged Me


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Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


“It’s such a fun and fulfilling day…” Inside the horse carriage, Lu Ye fiddled with the bell in his hand and sighed.


Tassel City was 30 kilometers away from Mount Ying, where Rogue Wanderers’ Club was located, so they would always move between the two places using a horse carriage, which saved time and energy. A weak cultivator wasn’t able to fly. Even a Seventh-Order cultivator like Dong Shu Ye could only glide in the air for a short moment.


Therefore, when low-rank cultivators had to go to a faraway place, they would make use of horses or horse carriages. Certainly, if one was capable enough, he could tame a Spirit Beast. Compared to riding a horse, moving around on a Spirit Beast was undoubtedly more impressive, and it suited his identity as a cultivator. Besides that, a domesticated beast could also help the cultivator battle against his enemies, which was why it was more useful than a horse.


There had never been a lack of Spirit Beasts or other wild beasts in Spirit Creek Battlefield. When Lu Ye arrived at this place for the first time, he came across a group of wolves straight away. Amber was also a wild beast in this battlefield. Naturally, there were horses as well.


Lu Ye had spent the entire day assisting Hua Ci and finally witnessed how she treated other patients. It had to be said that the way she treated her patients was brutal, but there was no denying that the results were excellent. That was why so many injured cultivators would seek her help.


Initially, Lu Ye thought that she was a ruthless miser, but what he had seen on this day changed his mind. She indeed charged a hefty price for treating her patients, but for those cultivators who were too poor to pay, she would give them a grace period. They just had to pay her the fee at a later time that had been agreed upon.


This kind of verbal agreement wasn’t legally binding. Most rogue cultivators had a hard time getting enough money to put food on the table, and they might lose their lives at any moment. In fact, some rogue cultivators wouldn’t really fulfill their promises. Therefore, after a busy day, they had only earned 20 Spirit Stones. Deducting the costs of the herbs and her own efforts, their profit was negligible.


Despite that, she still gave Lu Ye 2 Spirit Stones as his wage for assisting her on this day. She was such a conflicted woman.


All of a sudden, he felt a weight on his shoulder. He slightly turned his head, only to see that Hua Ci had nodded off as her head rested on his shoulder. Remaining in the same posture, he gently activated his Spiritual Power to nurture the bell in his hands.


At night, after he was done with practicing sword-wielding, he took a bath and sat down on the bed with his legs crossed. Just when he was ready to cultivate, he thought of something, so he got off the bed and shuffled out of the room. Arriving at a neighboring room, he knocked on the door.


A moment later, Hua Ci was seen opening the door. She must have taken a bath a while ago as the room was still filled with steam, and her hair was damp. Seeing him, she became startled for a moment. “What’s wrong?”


“I have some bottles of pills that I don’t recognise, so I’d like to ask you to have a look at them,” Lu Ye explained.


Besides Spirit Restoring Pills and Spirit Stones, he had also obtained some bottles of pills that he had never seen before from the Storage Bag of the Young Master of Nine Star Clan. Hua Ci was a medicine cultivator, so she must be familiar with all sorts of pills.


Hearing that, she stepped aside to let him pass. “Come in.”


Lu Ye stepped into the room and scanned his surroundings. Just like his room, the decorations in this place were simple. It seemed that she wasn’t particular about decorating her room.


“Show me the pills.” Hua Ci tied up her long hair and extended her hand to motion for him to have a seat.


Then, Lu Ye fished out those bottles. After picking up a bottle, Hua Ci dropped one pill onto her palm and carefully examined it. Then, she sniffed it under her nose and frowned. “This is the Five Poison Pill. Cultivators below the Fifth-Order will either become mentally confused or even lose their lives upon consuming it.”


With a disdainful look on her face, she put down the pill and picked up another bottle. A moment later, she said, “These are Spiritual Point Burning Pills, which are a kind of evil drug. If a Spirit Creek Realm Master accidentally consumes it, his Spiritual Points will be damaged.”


All of them were either poisonous pills or pills that could harm people. Lu Ye secretly despised the Young Master of Nine Star Clan and thought that the latter was indeed a wicked man. Hua Ci picked up the last bottle and gave him a look. “Where did you get all these from?”


“They are the rewards from a battle,” Lu Ye replied.


It was then Hua Ci understood how he obtained these pills. The last kind of pill was weirdly pinkish, and there seemed to be a sweet scent wafting from it. She couldn’t help but become startled. “This is…”


As though she wasn’t certain what it was, she sniffed it under her nose. All of a sudden, the pill dropped onto the ground with a thud. She placed her hand on her forehead and staggered before hurriedly pressing her elbow against the table.


A stunned Lu Ye asked, “What happened to you?”


“You… You drugged me!?” Hua Ci stared at him as her face became visibly redder. Her vision seemed to have lost focus, and her eyes were watery. Despite her accusation, her soft tone and expression were somewhat seductive.


An astounded Lu Ye finally realized what the last bottle of pills were for, so he quickly waved his hands. “I have never done that! Stop spouting nonsense!”


Things were getting out of hand. He just wanted Hua Ci to help identify these pills, but he hadn’t expected that the Young Master of Nine Star Clan had such potent aphrodisiacs. At this moment, her head had slumped onto the table as she fell silent.


Hurriedly, Lu Ye walked over to check on her and realized that she had passed out. Looking at the unconscious woman, he felt a headache. Even though he didn’t mean to drug her, this matter should never be exposed. Otherwise, those cultivators from Rogue Wanderers’ Club would cut him to pieces.


After giving it a thought, he carried her up and placed her on the bed. After covering her in a quilt, he snuck out of the room in a guilty manner. However, he soon returned to the room and retrieved the bottles of pills. After closing the door again, he quickly went back to his room.


As his footsteps faded, Hua Ci, who was lying on the bed, suddenly opened her eyes and covered her mouth with the quilt before laughing silently. The pink pill was indeed some evil stuff, but she was a Fifth-Order medicine cultivator, so it was impossible that she would be knocked out because of a drug so easily. All she had done was improvisation to make fun of Lu Ye.


With that said, the way Lu Ye reacted surprised her. This man seemed to be very upstanding. It was a shame that he wasn’t a rogue cultivator. Otherwise, she could have accepted him into Rogue Wanderers’ Club. However, it was apparent that he was from a top great force, so he was different from rogue cultivators like them.


At the break of dawn, Ruan Ling Yu came knocking on the door in an anxious manner. After Hua Ci opened the door, Ruan Ling Yu passed her a jade bottle and said, “Senior Brother Yi Ye has left without anyone’s knowledge, and he has also taken a horse away. This is what he’s left here.”


After taking the jade bottle, Hua Ci took a look and saw 10 Spirit Restoring Pills inside, which were supposed to be the fee for buying a horse. She dipped her head and replied, “Just let him be.”


They had been getting along pretty well recently, but they were from different worlds after all, so it was just a matter of time before they parted ways.


In fact, she realized that he had the intention of leaving on the previous day. He had already become healthy again, so there was no reason he’d keep staying in Rogue Wanderers’ Club. Therefore, she wasn’t surprised upon learning about it.


On the other hand, Ruan Ling Yu grunted in a dejected manner. There were only a small number of people in Rogue Wanderer’s Club because Hua Ci was strict when it came to recruiting people. She wouldn’t just accept anyone. 


Initially, Ruan Ling Yu thought that Lu Ye had a chance of joining their club to strengthen their collective power, but he had surprisingly left the place without informing anyone, which made her become listless for the entire day.




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