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Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 101, Looking for Amber


Translator: Asuka

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


The horse was running at full speed as Lu Ye remained seated on the horse’s back in a steady manner. Although he had never ridden a horse before, he had the experience of moving around on a tiger’s back. In fact, it felt bumpier to be riding on Amber’s back, so the current situation didn’t affect him one bit.


After half a month of recuperation, he had almost fully recovered. Initially, he intended to bid Hua Ci farewell on this day, but after the farce on the previous night, he had no idea how to explain it to her when she awakened. Therefore, he decided to directly leave. He had to look for Yi Yi and Amber.


Half a month ago, he was hunted down by Dong Shu Ye. The reason he was able to get out of the woods in the end was all thanks to Amber. If it weren’t because the tiger brought him to charge forward, he wouldn’t have had the chance to run across the flatland. When they were separated, Amber was already injured. He wasn’t sure how horrible its injuries were, not did he have any idea about whether it was still alive. Regardless, he had to look for the tiger and find out.


Riding on the horse, he was moving forward beside a river. The direction they were heading was against the water current. As he refined pills to cultivate, he activated his Spiritual Power to nurture the bell.


One day later, he took a glance at the majestic waterfall and got off the horse. Then, he landed a slap on the horse using his sheath. The shocked horse started running away and disappeared. Since he was on a mountain, a horse was practically useless. Therefore, he could only let it go.


At the bottom of the waterfall was a huge lake. The water continuously fell into the lake and caused a splash. Lu Ye recalled that he had leaped off from the top of this waterfall and plunged into this lake. If he wanted to look for Amber, he had to go back up.


While he was examining the terrain, he suddenly heard a strange sound. Turning his head, he saw a person emerging from the lake. That person saw Lu Ye as well and became vigilant.


In Spirit Creek Battlefield, cultivators would always react in such a way when coming across people they didn’t know. That was because they had no idea which side the other party was from. If both of them were equally powerful, no one would easily reveal the side they were from.


Looking at that person, Lu Ye recalled that after he plunged into the lake, he saw someone else under the water. At that time, that person seemed to be looking for something. However, he was unlucky as he was cut to pieces by Dong Shu Ye’s Golden Arc Slashes, which allowed Lu Ye to escape unscathed. On this day, he bumped into someone else again.


It seemed that there were things under the water that were useful to cultivators, which was why so many people would come over here. That person slowly got onto shore and stared at Lu Ye. Seeing as that person was a Third-Order cultivator, Lu Ye could be at ease.


Then, he took a look at the top of the waterfall and asked, “Hey buddy, do you know how I can go up there?” On the sides of the waterfall were steep cliffs, and there didn’t seem to be anywhere he could climb up.


That person stared fixedly at Lu Ye for a moment before pointing in a particular direction. “10 kilometers away from here, there’s a place where you can go up the mountain.”


Lu Ye nodded. “Thanks.”


Then, he shuffled in the direction where that person pointed. When they brushed past one another, that person became tense. It wasn’t until Lu Ye was out of his sight that he could set his mind at ease.


Half a day later, Lu Ye reached the top of the waterfall. He traced back the path he had taken and looked around. The spells from a Seventh-Order cultivator like Dong Shu Ye were truly powerful as the traces of the attacks against Lu Ye were still left on the ground.


A moment later, he squatted in front of a pit that was caused by a fireball. The trees around it had been burned down. At that time, he was separated from Amber on this spot. Recalling the sight, he moved forward in a particular direction for over 10 kilometers.


There wasn’t any corpse on the ground, which eased his anxiety a little. It seemed that Amber wasn’t dead. The ground had been dyed crimson as the trace of blood extended into a particular direction, which led to the location of the waterfall.


With his heart growing heavy, he seemed able to imagine what was going on. At that time, he was blasted off the tiger’s back by Dong Shu Ye’s spell, and Amber passed out upon impact.


He didn’t have the time to check on the tiger as he fled immediately. That was because he believed that Dong Shu Ye was only chasing after him. If he stayed with Amber, both of them would be killed. If he fled on his own, the tiger would stand a chance of surviving.


However, after Amber awakened, it followed the trace of blood in an attempt to look for him. He walked alongside the faint trail of blood and indeed arrived at the waterfall.


There was a large black bloodstain on the ground. Apparently, Amber had stayed in this place for quite some time. Even though he had seen the bloodstain earlier, he thought that it was his blood, which was why he didn’t pay attention to it. It wasn’t until this moment that he found out it was Amber’s blood.


Following the trail of blood, he kept moving forward. He didn’t have any experience in tracking down anyone. Fortunately, since he was a cultivator now, his eyesight and observational skills had become stronger than those of ordinary people. That was why he could keep going with difficulty.


In the evening, he followed the intermittent trail and arrived at a cave. There wasn’t a trace of blood anymore. Apprehensively, he called out at the cave, “Yi Yi! Amber!”


All of a sudden, a growl was heard as a metallic tang came right at him. A black panther leaped out of the cave, after which Lu Ye unsheathed his sword and slashed across the beast. The black panther’s head was sent flying away as its burly figure collapsed to the ground. Blood was still spurting out of its body.


Lu Ye’s expression darkened. He had followed the lead to come to this place, but a black panther emerged from the cave instead of Amber and Yi Yi. At that instant, he had a terrible feeling. If Amber didn’t come here on its own, it might have been dragged towards this place by a different beast. 


Upon sheathing his sword, he stepped into the cave and directed his Spiritual Power to his eyes. At first glance, he saw some bones at the end of the cave, which made him feel more anxious. With heavy steps, he shuffled forward and crouched down in front of the bones to examine them.


A moment later, he heaved a sigh of relief as these were not Amber’s bones. The tiger’s skull was much larger.


At this moment, darkness was about to descend upon him, so it wasn’t possible for him to keep looking for the tiger. Left with no choice, he decided to stay the night in this place. Now, he was certain that Amber wasn’t dead at that time. The bloodstain on the ground proved that the tiger had come to this place on its own.


However, Amber soon left the place. As for where it had gone, he could only keep tracking the next day.


At night, after Lu Ye was done with his meal, he continued cultivating. 36 Spiritual Points had been unlocked so far. He had to look for Amber during the day, so he didn’t have the time to break the barrier of the 37th Spiritual Point. Therefore, he could only do it at night. Now, he could unlock a Spiritual Point more easily than when he first started cultivating. That was because he had enough Spiritual Power at his disposal. Moreover, his Spiritual Power was pure, which was naturally advantageous for unlocking Spiritual Points and improving efficiency.


After only one hour, the barrier of the 37th Spiritual Point was shattered as his Spiritual Power streamed into it. Things became much easier after this. He just had to keep refining pills and make use of Gathering Spirits to fill up this Spiritual Point before he could attempt to break the next barrier.


With Gluttonous Feast running in the background, it could automatically refine the pills for him. Gathering Spirits also wouldn’t distract him, which was why he decided to fish out the bell and continued nurturing it with his Spiritual Power.




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