Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 107, My Name Is Lu Yi Ye


Translator: Asuka

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


When Hua Ci returned to Mount Ying in a hurry, Ruan Ling Yu approached her.

“How is he?” she asked.

In a grim voice, Ruan Ling Yu replied, “He’s severely injured.” She had never seen anyone as seriously wounded as Lu Ye before. Honestly speaking, she found it strange that he was still alive. It could be said that no part of his body was intact. He might be better off going to Hell than staying alive.

“Are you Senior Sister Hua Ci? Please save Lu Ye!” Yi Yi walked over and looked up at Hua Ci. Her expression seemed to be pleading with her.

Hua Ci looked at the source of the voice and became startled. Previously, Lu Ye had come to this place on his own, but this time, he was sent here by a sweet-looking young girl. There was also a burly tiger that was lying on the ground. The tiger’s fur was supposed to be white, but now, it had been dyed red. It was just lying there as its chest heaved.

Without saying anything redundant, Hua Ci asked, “Where is he?”

Ruan Ling Yu replied, “He’s in the room where he used to live.”

“I’ll have a look now.”

A moment later, Hua Ci arrived at the bamboo room where Lu Ye used to live and saw the blood-soaked young man. Although she had come across countless injured cultivators before, she still frowned upon seeing him. That was because his injuries were more serious than she thought. Upon checking on him, she knitted her brows.

Just then, Lu Ye slowly awakened and opened his eyes. With a blurred vision, he saw the woman sitting beside him. As their eyes met, Hua Ci chuckled and said, “Oh, who is this man lying here? We meet again so soon? What are the odds?”

Upon hearing that, Lu Ye felt embarrassed. Whatever the case, he was in the wrong for leaving this place without informing her some time ago.

“Your wounds are too severe. Even a deity can’t save you.” Hua Ci slowly shook her head. With the softest voice, she uttered the meanest words. “Tell us what you have to say before your death. Otherwise, it’ll be too late.”

On the side, Yi Yi started bawling upon hearing that. Ruan Ling Yu also felt a lump in her throat as her eyes reddened. Unable to hold it in anymore, she wrapped her arms around Yi Yi to allow the latter to rest against her chest and cry.

“Why are you… frightening these young girls?” Lu Ye said weakly. “Don’t… listen to her nonsense.” With a trembling hand, he fished out a bottle of pills from his Storage Bag.

Hua Ci said, “I said no one can save you. Lug him out of here and bury him.”

In response, Lu Ye fished out another bottle of pills. It was then Hua Ci snorted and stealthily took the bottles before saying impassively, “Well, I can give it a try.” Then, she spoke to Ruan Ling Yu. “Get me a basin of hot water.” After that, she shifted her attention to Yi Yi. “You’ll stay here to help me.”

Ruan Ling Yu grunted in agreement and dashed out of the room. On the other hand, Yi Yi was standing there and not knowing what to do. She turned to look at Lu Ye, only to see that he had passed out again.

“He’s not dead.” Hua Ci kept taking out things from her Storage Bag to get prepared. “Help me take off his clothes.”

“T-Take off his clothes?” Yi Yi became startled.

“His entire body is wounded. How am I going to save him if his clothes are not taken off? If you want him dead, you can choose not to do it.”

“I’ll do it!” Yi Yi hurriedly replied. It seemed as though she was asked to take off her own clothes. With a determined look on her face, she gritted her teeth and shuffled towards the bed.

Soon, hot water was ready. Hua Ci had already started treating Lu Ye as a green light surged around the room. The light felt warm and seemed able to nurture life. With a flushing face, Ruan Ling Yi darted out of the room and kept guard at the door, awaiting Hua Ci’s orders. Under Hua Ci’s guidance, Yi Yi soaked a towel with hot water and cleaned the dirt off Lu Ye’s wounds.

They then spent a long time treating Lu Ye. It wasn’t until afternoon that they were able to take a rest. Compared to his previous injuries, his wounds this time looked more horrifying, but in fact, they were less severe. That was because he was hurt by a weapon this time, whereas he had been wounded by spells previously, so the situations were different. However, there were too many wounds on his body, so it was difficult to handle them.

After brushing away the sweat on her forehead, Hua Ci turned to look at Yi Yi. “Do you want me to save the tiger?”

Yi Yi dipped her head repeatedly. “Yes.”

Earlier, she had witnessed how Hua Ci saved Lu Ye. Following her treatment, his breathing had stabilized. Although his face was still pale, he was already in a much better state. That was how she knew that this alluring Senior Sister was a medicine cultivator. Amber was injured as well, but it wasn’t as seriously wounded as Lu Ye. As Amber’s Ghost Spirit, she was fully aware of the tiger’s condition.

“He’ll also pay for the tiger’s treatment, then,” Hua Ci said and left the room. A moment later, Amber was heard grunting from outside.

It wasn’t until one day later that Lu Ye awakened again. He was weak, and every part of his body hurt, especially his right lung. However, he was aware that it was a good sign. It’d have been troublesome if his right lung still felt numb.

“Lu Ye, you’re awake!” Yi Yi was heard saying. The next instant, her face was just centimeters away from Lu Ye’s as she stared at him in surprise.

Lu Ye flashed a smile at her. He wanted to sit up on the bed, but he was too weak to do so. Seeing that, Yi Yi quickly helped him up and let him rest against the headboard. Looking around, he saw Hua Ci sitting on the side with a bowl of green herbal juice in her hand. His expression became bitter.

“Since you’re awake, you should drink this medicine.” Hua Ci leaned closer to him and passed him the bowl.

Lu Ye wanted to raise his hand, but he couldn’t do so. That was why he looked pleadingly at her. A helpless Hua Ci rose from her chair and approached him. As she fed him the medicine, she said, “It costs one Spirit Pill for feeding you the medicine.”

“Cough…” Lu Ye almost choked to death. This evil woman was really crazy about money.

“If you dare spit the medicine, I’ll stuff the bowl into your mouth,” Hua Ci uttered in a gentle tune with a smile on her face.

In disbelief, Yi Yi turned to look at Hua Ci as though the latter was a different person. After Hua Ci was done with feeding him the medicine, she checked on him again and nodded. “Given your ample vitality, you can recover faster than most people.”

She had mentioned the same thing previously. Lu Ye’s vitality was stronger than that of most cultivators in the same Order, so initially, she suspected that he was going down the path of body tempering.

“We’ll start the treatment for today, then.” Hua Ci clapped her hands.

Immediately, Yi Yi sprinted out of the room. Lu Ye was puzzled at first, but after Hua Ci lifted the quilt, he realized that he was naked. Fortunately, his entire body was dressed up like he was a mummy. A green light started undulating. Lying on his stomach, Lu Ye felt the pain and numbness coming from his wounds.

“Didn’t you tell me your name is Yi Ye?” Hua Ci suddenly asked. “Why did Yi Yi call you Lu Ye?”

Previously, Lu Ye had stayed in this place for half a month, so he had told her his name before.

“My surname is Lu, and my name is Yi Ye,” Lu Ye explained with a straight face.

“Oh, is it?” Hua Ci replied.

“Gasp!” All of a sudden, Lu Ye felt an excruciating pain coming from his back.

“Oh, no! My hand slipped. I’m so sorry,” Hua Ci said with a smile.

“Stop acting!” Lu Ye became exasperated.

“This isn’t how a patient is supposed to speak to his doctor.” Hua Ci’s voice became gentler.

At that instant, Lu Ye’s expression darkened as he had a feeling that something terrible was about to happen.




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