Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 109, Bumping Into an Enemy


Translator: Asuka

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


On this day, Lu Ye stepped out of the Divine Trade Association in Tassel City as a manager saw him off. He had sold the last six Yuan Metal ores as well as the Storage Bags of those people from Serene Cloud Mountain to the Association.

He didn’t sell Senior Brother Zhou’s bag. Instead, he had paid a fee to the old cultivator from the Association to lift the restriction on the bag to find out what was inside. However, the outcome was disappointing. Compared to the effort he had put in, he had actually suffered a loss. It was risky to unlock a bag, so one had to be careful when it came to this type of investment.

The only thing that was worth some money was Senior Brother Zhou’s long sword, but it had been destroyed by Lu Ye during the battle. This lesson made him secretly decide that as long as a bag didn’t belong to someone like a Young Master, he’d just sell it in the future.

On the other hand, the Beast Taming Collar had been traded for over 10 Spirit Stones. It was an artifact from Senior Sister Yu that was specifically used for dealing with Spirit Beasts. The uses were rather limited, so it wasn’t worth a lot of money. He had traded most of the stones for pills, and he had kept 30 stones just in case he needed them. After all, cultivators mostly used Spirit Stones to trade goods. One could also use Spirit Pills, but it wasn’t worth it.

In the Divine Trade Association, 10 stones could only be traded for 9 pills. The Yuan Metal ores he had sold were pretty big, so they were worth a lot. In the end, he had obtained 500 pills. Including the dozens of Spirit Restoring Pills he was left with, that was all he possessed. To a low-rank cultivator, it was actually an immense wealth.

However, after some calculations, Lu Ye knew that these pills couldn’t last him a long time. Now, his cultivation had improved, and he had become more efficient at refining pills. After he became a Fourth-Order cultivator, the speed at which he could refine pills would become quicker. On the other hand, Amber had also started consuming more pills as well. He had given Yi Yi a few bottles of pills the other day, but when he asked her about it on the previous day, he was told that there were not many pills left.

Nevertheless, there was no denying that after just over ten days, Amber was able to give off a greater pressure, so it was apparent that it had grown a lot. Hua Ci had mentioned to Lu Ye in private that Amber might be a very rare Spirit Beast, which was evident from the fact that it could transform Yi Yi into a Ghost Spirit. Given enough resources, this beast could grow rapidly and become a powerful helper for him in the future.

Lu Ye couldn’t really see the potential in the tiger as he was still an inexperienced man. He just knew that he had to come up with a way to earn more resources for cultivation. That was because he had sold off all the Yuan Metal ores he had taken from Evil Moon Valley. After all his pills were finished, he couldn’t possibly wait for Gathering Spirits to slowly help him increase his power. That would be too inefficient.

Therefore, despite the fact that he had a large amount of pills at the moment, he was dejected.

As Lu Ye walked along the streets, he was heading to the fixed spot where Hua Ci treated her patients. A moment later, he heard someone growling from the second floor of a restaurant. “Where’s my wine? Where are the waiters? Are all of you dead?”

Lu Ye became startled because he found the voice familiar. He was supposed to have heard it before. Since he left Green Cloud Mountain, he hadn’t come across many people. So, how was it possible that someone he knew was here? After he pondered about it for a moment, his expression became solemn.

Then, he turned around and shuffled towards the restaurant. As soon as he stepped into the place, someone approached him and asked, “Fellow cultivator, welcome. What do you want to eat or drink?”

Although he wasn’t as obsequious as the average waiter, he was hospitable. These jobs were mostly taken up by rogue cultivators because they didn’t have a great force to rely on or Seniors to take care of them. Therefore, they could only slowly earn the resources for cultivation this way.

“I’m looking for someone,” Lu Ye replied in a small voice and ambled towards the stairs. The rogue cultivator went away with a smile.

Lu Ye walked up the stairs and stopped in his tracks before reaching the second floor. After a glance, he saw that a disheveled and crestfallen man was seated beside the window. Some dishes were placed in front of him. The table and the ground had been covered in wine jars. This person seemed to have been hit hard by a terrible event as he was trying to cast away his trouble by drinking wine.

Upon making out the person’s face, Lu Ye immediately went away as his heart pounded against his chest. It was Dong Shu Ye!

Earlier, although Lu Ye found the voice familiar, he didn’t think it was possible that this person was Dong Shu Ye. To be safe, he decided to take the risk and come upstairs to have a look. After that, he realized that this person was indeed Dong Shu Ye, who had hunted him down before.

He had no idea what Dong Shu Ye had gone through, but the latter no longer looked as haughty as before. It could be said that he looked just like a loser. Besides the fact that he appeared miserable, there was also a new scar on his face. Lu Ye couldn’t understand why Dong Shu Ye had come all the way here.

Nevertheless, he was certain that the older man wasn’t looking for him. Dong Shu Ye must have thought that he had killed Lu Ye at that time, which was why he left. If he was still hunting Lu Ye down, he wouldn’t have been unrestrainedly drinking wine in a restaurant. Then, Lu Ye recalled what Hua Ci had told him before. The station of Nine Star Clan was occupied by Mystic Sect and burned down.

Despite that, the station was still there. It was just that Nine Star Clan had to pay a hefty price to rebuild it. Those from Mystic Sect didn’t have the power to manage two stations at the same time. Now, it seemed that even though the station had been occupied, Dong Shu Ye wasn’t dead. After all, he was a Seventh-Order spell cultivator, so it wasn’t easy to kill him.

Lu Ye didn’t know why Dong Shu Ye was here, nor was he interested to find out. He just knew that he had to run away quickly. If he stayed in this area, Dong Shu Ye might come across him one day and kill him.

On the second floor, Dong Shu Ye was looking at the people on the street with a listless gaze. The hustle and bustle of this world made him have the urge to kill all of them. While he was racing after Lu Ye the other day, he saw a message from Cao Ye. After completing his task, he hurriedly returned to the station, only to see countless corpses lying on the ground, and that the entire place had been engulfed in fire.

From the mess, Wang Yang, who had been waiting for a long time, emerged and pounced on him with a sword. Dong Shu Ye had spent a lot of Spiritual Power carrying out his task and coming back to the station, while Wang Yang had been waiting in silence, which was why the latter was at an advantage. Moreover, he wasn’t really a match for Wang Yang to begin with.

In that battle, he was almost killed by Wang Yang. Although he escaped in the end, three of his Spiritual Points had been damaged by his opponent, which made him drop from the Seventh Order to the Sixth-Order. He only reappeared after recuperating in the wild for about a month. Those from Nine Star Clan had been summoning him, but he wouldn’t dare to respond.

Besides the fact that the station had been occupied, and countless of their disciples had been killed, the crux of the problem was that those from Mystic Sect had taken away the blessings from the Divine Opportunity Column. The station could be rebuilt, new disciples could be recruited, and the lost resources could be accumulated again. However, it wasn’t easy to restore the blessings around the column. It was the result of decades of hard work that had been put in by the Spirit Creek Realm Masters from Nine Star Clan.

It could be said that this battle had destroyed the foundation of Nine Star Clan in Spirit Creek Battlefield. Moreover, the Young Master was killed under his watch. Even a Ninth-Order cultivator wasn’t able to take up the responsibilities for all these mistakes, not to mention that Dong Shu Ye was only a Seventh-Order cultivator.

The reason those from the great force had been summoning him was to hold him accountable. If he dared to go back, he wouldn’t even be able to see the Moon this night, let alone the Sun on the next day. He was terrified, which was why he had squandered all the Contribution points he had accumulated over the years to erase Nine Star Clan’s Brand from his Battlefield Imprint. Since then, he had betrayed his great force.




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  1. why risk coming face to face with someone youre worried might be a person willing and able to hint you down? If LuYe was really worried, wouldnt he just keep his head down and leave town?

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