Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 117, Chase and Intercept


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Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


Inside the main hall, three pairs of eyes watched as that white dot encountered five black dots. In less than 20 seconds, the five black dots vanished one after another. Only the white dot continued to blink steadily.


Their eyelids twitched at the sight. Han Zhe Yue hurriedly lifted her hand, pressed her Battlefield Imprint, and quickly sent out a message. Soon, nearly ten black dots gathered toward the nearby mountain peaks where the white dot was located.


The woman was clearly enraged. A Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master had appeared out of nowhere, intruded upon the back of the Tai Luo Clan, and taken over a mountain peak. That was practically a slap to the face.


In any case, that part of the mountain was occupied by the Tai Luo Clan. It was very easy for her to mobilize some people to encircle and suppress him. Besides, there was a high probability that the other party was injured. As long as he dared to remain in that place, she would definitely kill him without mercy!


Tang Wu lifted his gaze and glanced at her but did not interfere in her matters. This matter could not be interfered with anyway. Everybody had a Battlefield Imprint, which made communication between each other very convenient. Furthermore, there was a steady stream of people coming and going in this hall. It was a given that all the information in this hall would constantly leak to the outside.


The three of them in the Ninth-Order Spirit Creek Realm were not just stationed here to ensure the smooth progress of the Dragon Spring Conference but also to interfere and conduct the Dragon Spring Conference to the necessary extent.


It was quite a pity that this Fourth-Order Spirit Creek had barged into the One Hundred Peaks from the wrong direction. If he had entered the Green Feather Mountain’s territory instead, he might have become a powerful ally to the Green Feather Mountain. Unfortunately, he chose to intrude upon the Tai Luo Clan’s territory instead. Things would not end well for him. The only way for him to survive was to retreat immediately. The Tai Luo Clan would not have the time nor energy to chase after him during the Dragon Spring Conference.


Just as Tang Wu was mulling over these thoughts, the white dot began moving once more. He immediately knew that this person was doomed the moment he saw the direction the white dot was moving.


On the other hand, Han Zhe Yue gritted her teeth and sneered. “Good! Courageous indeed!”


There was no other alternative. Despite killing five Tai Luo Clan cultivators, that white dot did not choose to retreat. On the contrary, that person chose to charge deeper into the One Hundred Peaks instead.


Qin Wan Li stood by the side and began to laugh. “Where did this greenhorn pop out from? Doesn’t he know that the three Sects are currently holding the Dragon Spring Conference in this place?”


Tang Wu simply stretched out a hand toward Han Zhe Yue and stared at her wordlessly. The meaning behind his actions were clear.


“What!? Have I lost the bet!? Who knows which faction this guy belongs in? He only killed a few of the Tai Luo Clan’s disciples. Who can prove that he belongs to the Grand Sky Coalition?” Han Zhe Yue was currently in a bad mood, so her tone was very harsh.


Her words were not without reason. Even those in the same faction could attack each other on the Spirit Creek Battlefield. After all, they would also receive the equivalent Contribution points from killing their own.


Therefore, Tang Wu withdrew his hand and left the matter alone. He pretty much had the same idea in mind just now when he made the bet. Ultimately, the bet they made earlier had been a spur-of-the-moment thing. They all knew that it was very difficult to force the other party to fulfill the conditions of the bet, unless they had a way to prove which faction the white dot belonged to.


On the mountain peak, Lu Ye packed up his spoils of war, climbed on the back of the tiger, and continued on his journey. For him, the previous battle was nothing more than a small hiccup in his journey forward. It did not affect him in any way. Nevertheless, he asked Yi Yi to scout ahead for danger just to be on the safe side. Yi Yi was extremely elusive, so she was most suitable for these kinds of tasks.


Sitting on the back of the tiger, he tossed a Spirit Restoring Pill into his mouth. The battle started all of a sudden and ended just as quickly, so he did not use up a lot of his energy. If he did not perform those two Spell Techniques at the end, his consumption would have been even lower. As for the injuries that Han Zhe Yue expected him to have… They did not exist! It was just that maintaining his Spiritual Power at its peak while traveling alone on the road was undoubtedly a good practice to maintain.


Speaking of which, the power of the Fire Phoenix Technique was rather impressive. It had immediately taken the life of the Second-Order Spirit Creek Realm he hit. The only flaw to this Spell Technique was the slight sense of shame that came from casting this Spell Technique. He would require a strong heart to cast the Fire Phoenix Technique. [It looks like I will need to find the time to research this Spell Technique properly. I need to try and see if I can change the external appearance of this Spell Technique to resemble a more regular form.]


15 minutes later, Yi Yi returned and informed Lu Ye of some very bad news. There were several cultivators on the mountain peak ahead. Not to mention, they were charging in this direction. They seemed to be the companions of those people he killed earlier.


Lu Ye could be certain that those five cultivators he killed earlier had not sent out any messages before they died. That was because the battle had ended too quickly, and they had not had the time to do so. Even so, it seemed that the other party’s companions were coming to kill him. [What is going on?]


After briefly considering his options, he decided to retreat. He did not know the cultivation strength of those cultivators approaching him. Yi Yi only managed to glimpse several people. She did not dare to get too close to them, so there was no way for him to determine the strength of their cultivation.


If the other party’s cultivation was not high, he would have the confidence to face them. But, if some of those people happened to be in the Fifth-Order Spirit Creek Realm or if one or two of those people were in the Sixth-Order Spirit Creek Realm, things would become very troublesome indeed. Naturally, the possibility of those scenarios was not high. This was the Outer Circle of the battlefield after all.


He simply felt that the situation was strange. Although he would occasionally come across some cultivators throughout his journey, it was his first time facing such frequent encounters. Therefore, he suspected that he had intruded upon the territory of one of the Sects. However, the 10-point map indicated that this was the intersection point between three different Sects. This area did not belong to any one of the Sects.


Yi Yi left to scout their way forward again and soon came back with even worse news. There were more than ten people coming from the back, flanking him from both sides.


He immediately had a bad feeling. At this moment, he could be sure that he had intruded upon the territory of one of the Sects. Otherwise, his movements would not have caused such a big reaction. It was too late for him to retreat now. He could vaguely sense the Spiritual Power fluctuations coming from some of those people. That indicated that those people were very close at hand.


Thus, he patted Amber’s body. They turned in a different direction and tried to escape from the sides. [There are people coming from the front and the back. But, surely there won’t be people coming from the sides, right?]


Inside the main hall, Han Zhe Yue was glaring hatefully at the white dot leaping up and down the One Hundred Peaks. As command after command was conveyed to the troops, wave after wave of black dots set off from each mountain peak to surround the white spot. She had now gotten a piece of definitive information. The cultivator who had barged into the territory was riding on a snow-white tiger. That was why he could move around so quickly and the Tai Luo Clan cultivators chasing after him were unable to catch up to him.


However, she did not need her disciples to catch up to the enemy. Under her constant mobilization of the troops, a tight encirclement was slowly taking shape. There were no less than 30 black dots surrounding the white dot in all directions. No matter which side he tried to break through, he would be attacked. They only needed to delay him for a moment and the others would be able to swarm him and turn him into mincemeat!


She was furious that something like this had occurred during the Dragon Spring Conference. If not for the fact that she could not make a move during the Dragon Spring Conference, she would have personally gone out to capture the person riding on the white tiger and give him a taste of extreme torture!


Lu Ye sat on the back of the tiger with an extremely solemn expression. After running around for two hours, he discovered that he could not shake off these unknown enemies. Rather, the situation was becoming worse and worse. Yi Yi didn’t leave to scout the path ahead anymore. That was because there were enemies everywhere!


He could not figure out how the enemy managed to complete the encirclement. He had been riding on Amber, charging left and right without a fixed pattern to their movements. Even so, he had been surrounded anyway. [If I can’t escape, then I can only slaughter my way out of this situation!]


He lightly patted the tiger’s back with one hand and pressed his hand against the hilt of his knife with his other hand. Seeming to understand his intentions, the tiger let out a loud roar. Its speed increased sharply as it broke through the front.




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