Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 118, Breaking Out of the Encirclement


Translator: Asuka

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


While crossing a mountain pass, several figures came charging at Lu Ye from the front. The person in the lead had dense Spiritual Light surrounding his body, indicating that he was in the Fifth-Order Spirit Creek Realm.


He leaped from tree branch to tree branch, his figure moving as agilely as the wind. When he was 30 meters away, he launched an attack at Lu Ye. The spear in his hand stabbed forward as ferociously as a Dragon. At the same time, he shouted, “Die!”


A burst of overwhelming Spiritual Power surged at the tip of the spear, adding to the power of this attack. It was accompanied by the sharp sound of something slicing through the air.


The distance between the two parties closed rapidly. It was too late by the time Amber wanted to dodge the attack. Lu Ye raised his hand in the direction of that man, Spiritual Power swelling in the palm of his hand. In the next moment, a red light burst forth. A fat bird flapped its wings and dived straight at that man.


“A spell cultivator!?” The Fifth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master was shocked. For a Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master to cast spells at such a speed, it could only mean that this person was a spell cultivator.


This Spell Technique looked similar to the Fire Bird Technique. However, it was a little different from the normal Fire Bird Technique in the sense that the Fire Bird shot out by the opponent was rather chubby…


The Fifth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master was stuck in mid-air and had difficulty avoiding the attack. Thus, he stabbed his spear forward and struck the fat bird flying toward him squarely in the middle.


There was a loud explosion. A blast of Spiritual Power erupted and a scorching aura wrapped around him. It was fortunate that he was in the Fifth-Order Spirit Creek Realm. Only by hurriedly drawing upon his Spiritual Power to protect himself did he manage to come out of that attack unscathed.


His expression was very solemn when he landed on the ground. Even though he only made contact for a moment, he had felt the purity of the opponent’s Spiritual Power. It did not seem like something a Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master would possess…


Turning his head to look around, he saw that the young man riding on the white tiger had swerved to the flank. That young man clearly had no intention of confronting him directly.


On that side, two Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters joined forces to launch a pincer attack on the young man. One of them wielded a machete that looked extremely heavy as a weapon. The blade came slashing downward, aiming directly at the tiger’s head. The other person wielded a longsword. He swung his sword and created sword flowers that stabbed at Lu Ye, who was riding on the tiger’s back.


A scorching aura spread out once more as Spiritual Power with a red glow gathered. Another fat Fire Bird flew out and swooped down on the Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master wielding the machete.


At the same time, Lu Ye pulled out his knife and slashed at the enemy with the longsword.


*Clang.* The Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master wielding the longsword steadily backed away under those attacks. Despite their similar cultivation, he could not hold up against Lu Ye’s aggressive attacks.


On the other side, the fat Fire Bird was cut down by the machete-wielding Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master. It had not managed to harm him, but it did save Amber from the misfortune of being cleaved apart by the machete. Moreover, he was momentarily stunned by the explosion of the Fire Bird’s Spiritual Power. Taking advantage of that brief moment, Amber swiped its claws out. That man gave a muffled groan. The sound of bones breaking came from his chest and he fell to the ground.


It only took an instant before the combined attack of the two Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters was broken. Behind them stood several other Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters, staring wide-eyed at the tiger and the young man lunging at them. For a time, they were at a loss for what to do.


“Hurry up and dodge!” The Fifth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master shouted desperately.


In the original plan, he and the two Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters were responsible for leading the first round of attacks to ensure that the opponent was forced off the tiger’s back.  That young man would be doomed as long as they could knock him to the ground.


However, he never imagined that this Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master would be a spell cultivator who could perform the Fire Bird Technique so quickly that his aggressive barrage of attacks failed to achieve anything.


A Fifth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master like him could not bring about the desired obstructive effect. Two Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters could not do a thing either. How could the remaining Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters stop that person?


The majestic tiger brushed past the Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters and rode off into the distance.


The Fifth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master tried to chase after them for some time. It was not until he watched the distance between them growing larger that he was forced to stop. Turning his head back to look, he caught sight of one of his Junior Brothers in the Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm.


That man was clutching at his throat and red blood dyed his upper body. Blood continuously trickled out of his mouth. He stretched out a hand toward the Fifth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master and cried out with difficulty. “Save me, Senior Brother!”


How could he be saved? With the severity of his injuries, he could only wait for death.


By the time the Tai Luo Clan cultivators chasing from the rear arrived, they were greeted by the sight of these people standing frozen in place with ugly expressions. One of their fellow Sect members lay dead on the spot.



Lu Ye continuously broke out of countless encirclements!


His expression was solemn. He could sense that there were enemies in all directions. No matter which direction he went, he could not escape the encirclement and suppression of those people. Unfortunately, he simply could not understand the situation. [Who on Earth have I offended? Who does this territory belong to? Did I accidentally fall into a den of thieves?]


Fortunately, he had Amber. It was all thanks to Amber’s swift speed. He would not have the capital to escape in the face of the continuous encirclements and suppressions otherwise. Nevertheless, he could sense that the force of the encirclements grew stronger the further he moved forward. It had been rare to encounter Fifth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters at the beginning. But now, he would encounter one or two Fifth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters every time he ran into any cultivators. This situation made him very miserable.


Lu Ye was not the only person feeling miserable. Han Zhe Yue, who was watching the Shadow Moon Disc back in the palace, felt equally miserable.


She watched helplessly as the white dot dashed left and right across the One Hundred Peaks, constantly breaking out of the encirclements. Moreover, one or two black dots would disappear suddenly from time to time. In less than a day’s time, more than ten Tai Luo Clan cultivators had died at the hands of that man!


Therefore, she gnashed her teeth together loudly in irritation. She wished that she could grab the white dot out of the Shadow Moon Disc and bite him to death!


The Dragon Spring Conference had been going very well until this troublemaker popped out of nowhere. Out of all the options, the Tai Luo Clan had suffered many losses under this person. As the person-in-charge of the Dragon Spring Conference, it was only natural that she needed to bear some of these responsibilities.


It would not have been a big deal if that were all. It was only the deaths of a few dozen disciples after all. Such losses were something the Tai Luo Clan could bear. When was there ever a Dragon Spring Conference that did not involve death?


However, the Tai Luo Clan had spent too much energy and manpower in order to encircle and suppress this person. This situation had given rise to their repeated defeats in the battle against Green Feather Mountain.


Tang Wu would not simply stand by the side-lines and watch the drama unfolding. When he saw that the Tai Luo Clan was being restrained by an outsider, it was only natural that he would take various actions.


The mountains that had been captured earlier were now being lost one by one. Be that as it may, the Tai Luo Clan could not simply leave the outsider alone. More than a dozen disciples had died at that man’s hands. They would not have an explanation for the higher-ups if they left the matter alone. Besides, the outsider was currently within the Tai Luo Clan’s territory. The losses would be even greater if they left him be.


That was why the Tai Luo Clan was currently facing a difficult situation. They wanted to kill the outsider as soon as possible, and then put all their energy into the battle against Green Feather Mountain. However, they could not kill him and were caught in a dilemma as a result.


In contrast, Tang Wu was undoubtedly reveling in a secret sense of enjoyment. Green Feather Mountain had always been in a disadvantaged situation, but the arrival of an unwanted guest had allowed them to slowly turn the situation around again.


He watched the white dot running around the One Hundred Peaks, feeling slightly uncomfortable. [It’s a good thing if this person continues to move forward in a straight line. That way, he will enter Green Feather Mountain’s territory. Both parties will encounter each other as long as he enters Green Feather Mountain’s territory. Based on his previous display, he will surely be of great help to Green Feather Mountain if we can recruit him. At this moment, I can only pray in secret that this unwanted guest will persevere for as long as possible. Only by surviving can he continue to distract the Tai Luo Clan.]


Just as the thought passed through his mind, he raised an eyebrow. That was because the white dot in the Shadow Moon Disc had changed directions once more. This time, it was heading directly toward Green Feather Mountain’s territory.


[This bastard has finally been enlightened!] He immediately sent out a message. [This is an opportunity for Green Feather Mountain to try and see if they can get in touch with that person.]


On the other hand, Tang Wu’s actions had not escaped Han Zhe Yue’s notice. Her gaze immediately became as sharp as a knife, sweeping over him with a fierce glare. She activated her Battlefield Imprint and sent out a message. [No matter what, we cannot allow the outsider to enter Green Feather Mountain’s territory!]




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