Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 193, Taking The Initiative


Translator: Truth

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


Once everything was set, all twenty or so Grand Sky Coalition cultivators started advancing toward the other island. The body tempering cultivators led at the forefront, the combat cultivators followed behind them, the spell cultivators and ghost cultivators were in the middle, and finally Hua Ci at the very back. She was accompanied by two bodyguards whose job was to block any attack that might fly in her direction.


As usual, the battle began with spell techniques and tele-controlled weapons flying in both directions. For a time, Spiritual Powers and explosions flared all over the place.


Lu Ye and Lu Yushan were currently standing at the highest point of their island. They did not join the battle this time because they had something more important to do. The Golem Master was currently sitting cross-legged in front of Lu Ye and controlling his Spider Golems to slip behind enemy lines. 


The reason the others were faking a forceful attack was to draw the enemy’s attention and distract them from Lu Yushan’s Spider Golems. Otherwise, they would’ve been discovered real quick because animal life did not exist on the Chess Islands.


Lu Ye stood behind Lu Yushan not just to protect him, but also because he was waiting for the right time to act.


The enemy array cultivator must be killed, or they would suffer casualties even if Hua Ci’s methods worked as intended.


He observed the battle for a moment before turning his head toward a different direction. A new Chess Island had appeared in the distance, and they would collide with theirs in an incense stick at most.


He had no idea if they were friend or foe, which was why they could not drag this out any longer. If it turned out that the incoming Chess Island carried dozens of additional Thousand Demon Ridge cultivators, they would be caught in a deadly pincer attack.


The shockwaves grew more and more intense until finally, Lu Yushan abruptly opened his eyes and rose to his feet. “Everything is in position!”


Lu Ye nodded. “Let’s go.”


He took a step forward and slipped his arms beneath Lu Yushan’s armpits. Afterwards a pair of fiery wings appeared behind him, as he took to the sky and flew straight toward the battlefield.


Lu Ye and Lu Yushan flew their own battle line in just the blink of an eye. Of course, the Thousand Demon Ridge cultivators also saw this and blanched. They had no idea what Lu Ye’s group was planning, but whatever it was, it could only mean bad news for them. Some of the flying weapons immediately changed direction and flew toward Lu Ye, but they lost their strength before they even got close to him.


A Seventh-Order cultivator could only extend their weapon so far, and Lu Ye had learned their attack range a long time ago. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was invincible as long as Transient Wings was still active.


Lu Yushan was hanging right beneath Lu Ye, so he didn’t feel nearly as confident as his partner. Once he discovered that they were out of range of the enemy though, he immediately relaxed and made a hand seal. He muttered, “Explode!”


The Spider Golems hiding behind enemy lines immediately exploded and surprised the hell out of the Thousand Demon Ridge cultivators. No one knew what just happened especially since the explosions had dealt next to no damage to them.


Hua Ci made her move while doubt and suspicion filled their minds. A visible circle of aquamarine energy surrounded her for a moment before sweeping in every direction, passing over her allies and enveloping her enemies completely.


The Thousand Demon Ridge cultivators panicked immediately. It was because their Spiritual Power had become corrupted just like the time they had invaded the Lu Ye’s island. That battle hadn’t just killed many of their allies, it took them a tremendous amount of effort to finally eject the spores from their bodies and restore their Spiritual Power to normal.


It was why they had given up on invading Lu Ye’s island and chose to passively defend their corner for now. Unfortunately, it would appear that even that wasn’t enough to stop the enemy from hitting them with the spores. A couple of flying weapons were instantly struck down from the sky.


Behind the Thousand Demon Ridge battle line, a man clad in green clothes was observing the battlefield closely with an array disc. He was waiting for the cultivators of Grand Sky Coalition to step into certain areas so he could activate the arrays he had set up previously.


He had a feeling that he wasn’t going to survive today, but he had no intentions of departing this world alone. One way or another, he would drag at least a couple of Grand Sky Coalition cultivators to the grave with him.


It was at this moment a sense of crisis enveloped him without warning. When he looked up, he found a speck of light that definitely wasn’t the sun growing bigger and bigger in the sky. In just a scant few seconds, it had transformed into a mini sun and filled him with an unbridled sense of danger.


“It’s that Golem Master!” One of his bodyguards growled.


Lu Yushan had shattered the chest of a Seventh-Order cultivator in a single blast earlier, and to say that the memory was still fresh in everyone’s mind would be an understatement. They all recognized the light the moment they laid their eyes on it.


Not only that, they saw a second person carrying the Golem Master in the sky. That man had a pair of wings made of fiery red Spiritual Power.


“Don’t let him get close!” Someone yelled. Two flying weapons immediately flew toward the array cultivator and surrounded him protectively. The second Lu Ye moved into range, they would be bombarded to hell and back.


Lu Ye never got within the range of the flying weapons though. They were unable to touch even a hair on him or Lu Yushan’s person no matter what they tried.


Lu Yushan’s smile grew increasingly malevolent as his oddly-shaped Spiritual Artifact charged up. A few breaths later, the weapon was finally ready to be shot.


“Thunder Dragon Roar!” Lu Yushan roared. A pillar of light exploded out of the Thunder Dragon Cannon and descended straight toward the array cultivator. The two flying weapons in its path were easily blown away like cheap pieces of metal.


The array cultivator knew it was bad the moment Lu Yushan fired his Spiritual Artifact. He hurriedly dodged to the side at the same time the body tempering cultivator acting as his bodyguard raised a Shield Spirit Artifact and stood in front of him. Like an immovable mountain, he channeled his Spiritual Power and attempted to block the attack with all he had.


Unfortunately for him, the bright light of the Shield Spirit Artifact was overwhelmed by the pillar of light. When all was said and done, the powerful Spiritual Power that once surrounded the shield scattered into many tiny light particles that popped into nothingness the second it made contact with the ground. The shield itself was covered in cracks, and it broke into a million pieces a couple of seconds later. At the same time, the body tempering cultivator wielding it spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to his knees.


The array cultivator himself was completely unharmed, but the shockwave of the attack still disoriented him greatly.


He had just climbed back to his feet when a figure descended from the sky. The next moment, he saw a bright saber flashing before his eyes.


Not far away, Lu Yushan hit the ground with a resounding thud. After scrambling to his feet and spitting out the dirt in his mouth, he looked in Lu Ye’s direction and complained with a painful grimace, “You could’ve been gentler, dammit!”


Lu Ye had dropped him the second he fired his Thunder Dragon Cannon. If he wasn’t a Seventh-Order cultivator who had learned just enough Telekinesis to cushion his fall, this could’ve been the end of him. He didn’t blame the combat cultivator though. He knew that Lu Ye just wanted to kill that array cultivator as soon as possible. He himself had scrambled to his feet, grabbed his Thunder Dragon Cannon, and ran toward the enemy backline.


However, he had only taken a few steps when he saw Lu Ye soaring to the sky once more with blood spurting out of his body. A couple of flying weapons were chasing just a few meters away from his ass.


“It’s done!” Lu Ye roared.


“Kill them all!” Gao Tai shouted from the frontline and charged toward the enemy faster than anyone else. Now that the array cultivator was dead, the arrays he left behind were basically dead weight. They no longer had to worry about them.


The battle ended quickly. The Thousand Demon Ridge group had lost their array cultivator, weakened by Hua Ci, and was at an absolute numbers disadvantage. There was no chance they would be able to do anything. They quickly fell and were annihilated to the last man.


It was yet another total victory. A few people were wounded, but no one was dead. In fact, Lu Ye was the one who took the most damage. When he flew into the enemy backline and slew that array cultivator, he also took a number of hits here and there. Luckily, they were all flesh wounds that would be healed in just a short time.


“Keep fighting! Don’t stop! Another Chess Island is about to hit us!”


Lu Ye shouted, and everyone figured out his plan immediately. The spell cultivators began channeling their spell techniques, and those who knew Telekinesis clashed their flying weapons against one another. They made sure that the sounds of combat could be heard from far, far away. Meanwhile, Lan Yudie and another two cultivators had moved to a nearby hiding spot to act as scouts.


A while later, the two Chess Islands collided with a massive boom. A few more minutes passed, and Lan Yudie sent a message informing that there was no need to keep up a charade any longer. Against all odds, the cultivators occupying the new Chess Island were Grand Sky Coalition, and there were at least a dozen of them.


After the two forces met, their numbers jumped to almost forty.


The new group was in far worse condition than Lu Ye’s group, however. Nearly everyone was injured in some way, and they looked like they just had a literal bloodbath. Some were so grievously wounded they were close to death.


Their joy was palpable when they learned that Lu Ye’s group had a medicine cultivator. Hua Ci treated them all starting from the one carrying the worst injuries.


Thanks to the Battlefield Imprint, communication between cultivators from different Chess Islands were pretty quick. Soon, almost everyone had learned that Thousand Demon Ridge had joined this Battle Royale of the Legates with the intend to massacre as many Grand Sky Coalition cultivators as possible.


Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do to improve the situation until the Chess Islands had merged into one giant continent, so instead they prayed that they would meet up with Crimson Blood Sect’s Chess Island. It was because they heard that they had a medicine cultivator that could treat their wounds, and several massive Gathering Spirits that allowed them to recover their Spiritual Power quickly.


Since there was no way to control the merging of the Chess Islands whatsoever, the best the Grand Sky Coalition cultivators could do was to stick together and minimize their losses as much as possible. Only then would they have a shot at surviving the enemy’s attack.


It must be said that Lu Ye’s island had disrupted Thousand Demon Ridge’s devious plan to a certain extent. If they hadn’t slain every the Thousand Demon Ridge cultivator that came their way, the enemy would’ve snowballed into an unstoppable force that no Grand Sky Coalition group would be able to stop eventually. Their actions hadn’t just saved their own lives, but also prevented the deaths of many more.


Earlier, Gao Tai was joking when he said that it was up to them to save the Grand Sky Coalition, but now the situation was slowly but surely developing in that direction.


Moreover, the successful cooperation between Hua Ci and the Golem Masters meant they now had a new way of dealing with their enemies. Instead of waiting passively for the enemy to come to them, they could also attack the enemy if the situation asked for it.


To this end, Lu Yushan and his junior sister were giving their all to create as many small Golems as possible.




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  1. Does the author now the death rate he created? Cause i bet at the end it said over 50% was killed. (And that would’ve been so so wrong. Way more have. Been killed

    1. First of all MoMo’s not someone, what they call “good with math”. Second neither he nor xianxia cultivation worlds in general are known to shudder at the thought of occasional bloodbath or massacre. “Kill one – break even, kill two – profit”

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