Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 236, Departure


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Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


The days continued as per usual. During the day, he would head to Lady Yun’s place to study the Way of Glyphs. When nighttime arrived, he would return to the Outpost to cultivate and rest.


Lady Yun had gotten worried since she heard that Lu Ye would be heading to the Inner Circle soon. However, she was aware that Lu Ye could not stay in the Outer Circle forever.


While no harm would come to him so long as he remained a Seventh-Order cultivator, staying in the Outer Circle for too long wasn’t conducive to his growth. While the building-a-cart-behind-closed-doors style of cultivation was technically an option, it had been proven to be a dead end time and again. Strength wasn’t something you could obtain by cultivating alone, or no one would ever leave their training chambers. In fact, there wasn’t a single pillar in either faction who hadn’t overcome mountains of challenges and rivers of blood to get to where they were.


Therefore, the best thing she could do to protect him was to be the best teacher she could. The more he learned, the better he would be able to protect himself. In private, she also gave him two valuable treasures that should prove very useful in his journey.


Lu Ye’s talent in the Way of Glyphs was satisfactory to say the least. A simple demonstration was normally all he needed to figure things out.


She could teach him even more if she could recruit him as her official student, but alas, that old bastard refused to let him go no matter what she tried.


Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.


In front of the Sanctum of Providence, Lu Ye said while watching the crowd who had come to see him off, “I’m going ahead to open up a new path for the sect, but that is no excuse to be lax in your cultivation, okay? It is my sincere wish to meet you all in the Inner Circle and the Core Circle soon.”


He then looked at Hua Ci and said, “I leave the Outpost to you.”


Hua Ci nodded slightly. “Be careful.”


Finally, Lu Ye turned to stare at He Xiyin for a moment. The brat was staring at the floor and clenching her fists for some reason. Her shoulders were shaking from time to time as well.


“He Xiyin!”


“I am here!” The girl abruptly looked up from the ground.


“You look like you have something to say.”


“Huh? Right, yeah, uh, you’re leaving, Brother Lu? What will the Outpost do without you? I’m going to miss you so much… hahahaha…”


Lu Ye watched her expressionlessly. “Is that so? You can come with me then. You’re almost Seventh-Order anyway, so you’re good enough to go to the Inner Circle. I don’t mind traveling with a companion either.”


“No thank you!” He Xiyin rejected the suggestion immediately.


“Oh? And why’s that?”


“My… er, cultivation is still pretty low. I would only be dragging you down if I come with you. For now, my time is better spent cultivating in the Outpost.”


Lu Ye stared at her for a moment longer before he put his fingers into his mouth and whistled.


A massive shadow descended from the sky. It caught the Blood Sturgeon Lu Ye tossed into the air perfectly before crouching on the ground.


Lu Ye jumped onto Gray’s back with Yi Yi right behind him. A small white cat about a foot long was lying on top of his shoulder. It yawned once before letting out a cute growl…


Three days ago, when she learned that Lu Ye was going to enter the Inner Circle soon, Yi Yi had shadowed him every step of the way. She was terrified that Lu Ye would leave her behind.


The girl hadn’t said anything when Lu Ye had attended the Battle Royale of the Legates without her, but she was really unhappy that she had missed out on an adventure with him. That was why she had clung to him like a glue.


The good news was that Lu Ye had always intended to bring her and Amber to the Inner Circle, so her worries were completely unfounded.


Speaking of Amber, it was none other than the white “cat” lying on Lu Ye’s shoulder. How did it transform from a massive tiger to a small cat? It was all thanks to the Transformation Pill Shui Yuan had refined for this exact purpose.


Spirit Beasts possessed the ability to take on a human form and become a Mutant. Lu Ye had interacted with a small number of mutant cultivators in the past, and the one he remembered the most were the women working as receptionists for the Divine Trade Association.


However, a Spirit Beast must first unlock some special Spiritual Points before they could take on a human form. Barring all external help, a Spirit Beast had to reach a certain cultivation level before they possessed the power to transform.


In the past, Lu Ye was puzzled by the fact that some Spirit Beasts were capable of taking human forms despite not being at the required cultivation level. Later, he learned that there were two ways a Spirit Beast could undergo transformation: one, being strong enough to transform into a Mutant naturally. Two, consuming a Transformation Pill.


The offspring of two Mutants had a chance of being born with a human form as well.


Amber had not taken on a human form after consuming Shui Yuan’s Transformation Pill. Instead, it had shrunk to the size of a cat. According to Shui Yuan, it was Amber’s own choice to transform like this, and it would likely not have a human form in the future either. It was because its instincts told it that a feline form was best suited for its growth.


The reason Shui Yuan had purposely refined a Transformation Pill for Amber was because she wanted Lu Ye to take Yi Yi and Amber with him. This way, they would be able to look after each other.


While everyone was waving goodbye, Gray flapped its wings and caused such a powerful gust of wind that no one could open their eyes for the moment. When they looked again, the eagle and its passengers were already a dot in the sky.


On the eagle’s back, Yi Yi stretched her arms wide and giggled like a bell as she felt the wind blowing past her body. She felt as if she had returned to the days where it was just the three of them against the world.


Lu Ye took out a 10-point map and confirmed their current location. He then set the course for their destination.


He had made the acquaintance of many Legates and prolegates during the Battle Royale of the Legates, so he wasn’t worried about finding someone who might be interested in forming an alliance with him. That wasn’t the only reason he was heading to the Inner Circle though.


A few months ago, after his identity had been exposed, a ton of Thousand Demon Ridge sects had tried to hunt him down. This was especially true during the Battle of the Goldentip where a total of forty-three cultivators, each hailing from a different sect had tried to kill him…


He had never forgotten those who had participated in the hunt and made his life difficult at the Goldentip. Every name was recorded in his mind so that one day he could take revenge against them.


Why else had he made each and every one of them announce their sects during the Battle of Goldentip?


It wasn’t long before he found a familiar name on the map. [I choose you, Sky Pillar Sect!]


A little over a day later, Gray took off after leaving Lu Ye and Yi Yi in a spot in the wilderness. They were going to continue their journey on foot.


They were already within the Inner Circle. Without Gray, Lu Ye would’ve ridden Amber for an entire month and would’ve just barely made it to this place. However, Gray wasn’t just a flyer, it was also the strongest and fastest creature in the entire Spirit Creek Battlefield. This bit of distance was nothing to it.


It was also why it only took him a short time to travel from the Outpost to Mount Ying back then.


Unfortunately, Gray could only be used as a transport. Since his first senior brother left the Spirit Creek Battlefield, Gray had entrenched itself in the Outpost and done whatever it wanted. No one could command it to do anything, and even Lu Ye was just bribing it with the Blood Sturgeons to transport him somewhere. There was no chance he could order it to slay his foes, or he would’ve ridden Gray to his enemies’ doorsteps a long time ago.


He once asked Shui Yuan why Gray had stayed behind in the Outpost. She told him that it was his first senior brother’s final order before he left the Spirit Creek Battlefield.


That was why the Outpost was the most important thing in Gray’s world. It could afford to leave the Outpost a couple of days, but no more than that.


“Lu Ye, Lu Ye!” Yi Yi chirped, “The World Spiritual Qi in the Inner Circle is so rich!”


In the past, she could not absorb Spiritual Qi to increase her cultivation, but that had changed since she started learning under the Sect Master. Not only could she cultivate like a normal cultivator now, she could even form a positive feedback loop with Amber.


This was why Yi Yi and Amber were growing at an incredible rate. They were basically cultivating at twice the speed of a normal cultivator. Not only that, Amber’s main method of cultivation was to eat a full meal, sleep, then eat some more. Even Lu Ye was incredibly envious of Amber. There could not be an easier way of cultivating than this.




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