Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 265, Why Didn’t the Xianyuan City Watch Arrest You


Translator: Truth

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


Considering the amount of pressure Lu Ye was putting out right now, one death would quickly lead to the other if either one of them was killed.


Chu Qing swapped places with Qiao Yun as soon as she arrived. It was a body tempering cultivator’s natural responsibility to fight at the forefront and endure the most amount of damage for their allies.


The fat palm flying toward Lu Ye’s head wasn’t particularly quick. Lu Ye was able to change his trajectory and slash her in the arm. However, the Inviolable only left a bloody gash on her skin instead of lopping off her whole arm. He felt as if he had struck an extremely flexible piece of rubber instead of human flesh. The wriggling flesh and blood surrounding the blade had minimized the force behind his slash.


Qiao Yun brought down another palm at him. Lu Ye tried to send her flying with a kick to the stomach, but he felt as if his foot had sunk into a mud pool. Not only was his counterattack completely nullified, the wriggling fat abruptly clamped around his leg and held it in place. He was actually unable to pull it out on the first attempt.


By now, Qiao Yun’s palm had made contact with Protection. The Glyph shattered into bits, and he saw stars as if he had just taken a hammer blow to the head. If the attack was this powerful even after it was partially nullified by Protection, he was certain that a perfect hit would turn his head into paste.


“I’ve come to show you some love, you flirt!” Qiao Yun’s words were sweet, but the look in her eyes was anything but. As she stretched her arms wide as if she was about to give him a hug, vitality gushed out of her body and boosted her speed to an unbelievable level. This was bad. If she managed to catch him, it would be worse than being fully bound by the Spirit Shackling Ropes. He would completely be at his enemy’s mercy. As if this wasn’t bad enough, his leg was still stuck in her stomach. He couldn’t escape even if he wanted to.


Lu Ye’s eyes remained clear despite the fact that he was a moment away from defeat. His concentration climbing to peak levels, he wreathed Inviolable in flames and aimed a stab at Qiao Yun’s chest. At the same time, Inviolable’s aura flashed.


[If one Sharp Edge isn’t enough, how about two!?]


As the tip of his blade sank into Qiao Yun’s flesh, he could feel it wriggling and trying to nullify his attack like last time. However, it was way harder to nullify a stab than a slash, not to mention that it was empowered by two Sharp Edges.


Qiao Yun cried out in pain as the blood drained away from her face. Instead of hugging Lu Ye, she hit him in both shoulders and pushed him away from her. The attack was so powerful that Lu Ye was pushed almost ten meters to the back; his feet dragging across the surface and leaving deep gorges on the ground.


Qiao Yun stared at her bleeding chest with lingering fear on her face. She felt as if she had one foot in the grave just now.


A short distance away, Lu Ye caught himself and rolled his shoulder blades a little. They were a bit numb from Qiao Yun’s attack, but it wasn’t going to affect performance. At the same time, he lamented the missed opportunity. If Qiao Yun had hesitated even half a second just now, he could’ve activated Burster and given her a taste of internal flowering.


Yi Yi was throwing spell after spell at Qiao Yun this whole time, but the fat woman didn’t even bother defending herself against them. The mixture of vitality and Spiritual Power surrounding her body was more than enough to stop them all.


Lu Ye stared at the fat woman with a serious expression. He had to admit that she was a formidable opponent. Even if this was a one versus one fight, he still needed a bit of time to kill her, and right now time was something neither of them possessed.


By now, the surrounding fog had thickened to the point where it almost seemed solid. The unnatural churning was growing more and more intense as well.


Behind Qiao Yun, Chu Qing and Ruo Yan had taken out all the sentries that were keeping her busy leaving only the sentry leader. This was the reason they hadn’t participated in the battle earlier. Someone had to keep the Xianyuan City Watch at bay, or it would be nigh impossible to continue the operation.


Now that the pressure had alleviated somewhat, Chu Qing took a moment to survey the other side of the battlefield. She was stunned by what she saw. Half of her people had already perished in battle, and the other half wasn’t doing well either. The Xianyuan City Watch was immobilizing them with the Spirit Shackling Ropes, and the odd apparition was killing them all with his dice. Their teamwork was pretty much perfect.


Chu Qing could not help but feel saddened by this sight. She had assembled over twenty people to deal with Lu Yi Ye, and yet the Xianyuan City Watch had appeared out of nowhere foiled what should’ve been a flawless assassination! Just why had it turned out like this?


Despite her reluctance, Chu Qing had no choice but to accept that they had been beaten for now. Eyes bloodshot, she ordered, “Retreat!”


The House of Wintry Blossoms cultivators were unwilling to engage the Xianyuan City Watch in the first place, so they did not hesitate to retreat when she gave the order. The sentries gave chase until both parties were out of sight.


Meanwhile, Lu Ye rushed toward the trio the second Chu Qing gave the retreat order. He had been planning to take revenge against the House of Wintry Blossoms, so why would he let them escape especially since they were kind enough to deliver themselves to his doorstep? Besides that, he recognized that these three women were his greatest enemies in this city, that fat woman named Qiao Yun especially so because of her strange constitution. If he couldn’t kill her now, her presence was going to make it that much more difficult for him to kill the others. Luckily for him, Chu Qing’s latest order was a mistake. Now was the time to take out the biggest obstacle in his path!


Lu Ye stabbed toward Qiao Yun as soon as he got in range. Much more cautious after the earlier brush with death, so the fat woman attempted to bat his weapon away with her palm. However, she missed because Lu Ye had withdrawn his blade halfway before stabbing once more.


Qiao Yun’s pupils turned into pins when an aura erupted from Lu Ye’s saber once more. At the last moment, Ruo Yan arrived and blocked the attack. At the same time, Chu Qing dashed out from the side and slashed at her sworn enemy. They had finally taken out the sentry squad that was keeping them occupied a while ago.


Lu Ye was immediately pushed back after the trio had joined forces. Even with Yi Yi’s help, he wasn’t quite able to defend himself perfectly. His Protections kept flashing with every hit they took.


“We leave now!” Chu Qing ordered. Although they had finally gained the upper hand, it was clear that it was going to take some time before they could kill Lu Ye, and right now their first priority was to find a place and hide from the hidden threats of this city. 


It was clear from the churning fog around them that something big was about to happen in this location or even the entire Lost City of Xianyuan. They all needed to leave this place as soon as possible. It was why she had ordered her people to retreat.


Qiao Yun turned around and took off running. Ruo Yan escaped with Chu Qing after driving Lu Ye back.


Lu Ye chased after the trio relentlessly, though he made sure to pick up his flying weapons before giving chase. 


For a time, four people could be seen leaping up and down the rooftops. However, every time Chu Qing looked behind her back, her expression grew just a little more frightened. It was because a dozen sentries were following behind Lu Ye, and she was certain they were part of the squads who had ambushed them earlier. How could she tell? It was because the odd apparition was among them as well.


[I thought they were lured away by my cultivators. Why did they come back? And why are they chasing us?] Chu Qing just could not figure out what was going on here.


She was wondering if she should turn around and give Lu Ye the death match he so desired if he continued to give chase, but now she had no choice but to extinguish that impulse. Everyone lost when they clashed in the presence of the Xianyuan City Watch.


The sentry leaders and Liu Sanbao were obviously faster than the normal sentries. It didn’t take them long before they caught up with the three women and attacked them. Liu Sanbao threw his three dice, and the other sentry captains unleashed their Spirit Shackling Ropes at Chu Qing.


“Watch out, Sister Chu!” Ruo Yan cried out while blocking Liu Sanbao’s attack with her massive blade.


Qiao Yun also moved behind Chu Qing to throw a punch at the Spirit Shackling Ropes. Her impressive vitality blew them away as if it was a physical thing.


However, that short delay was all the sentries needed to catch up and throw even more Spirit Shackling Ropes at them. Qiao Yun was forced to stay where she was and punch away all the spells. While this was happening, Lu Ye ran straight toward her.


“Go!” Qiao Yun roared while charging toward Lu Ye. She knew there was no longer any hope of escape for her.


Chu Qing and Ruo Yan’s eyes trembled, but they forced down their desire to help Qiao Yun and leap toward the distance. It wasn’t because they were willing to abandon their companion to her death, but because they would all be captured if they remained.


The one silver lining was that the Xianyuan City Watch did not usually kill their captives unless they struggled too much. Most of the time, they were simply thrown into the dungeon and left there. With Qiao Yun’s tenacity, she should have no problems surviving until the end of the rift.


As for Lu Yi Ye, she highly doubted he would be able to escape the Xianyuan City Watch. Moreover, he would definitely fare worse than Qiao Yun if he was thrown into the dungeon.


Lu Ye wasn’t going to let Chu Qing and Ruo Yan escape if he could help it, but Qiao Yun grew her already massive body another size before running straight toward him. It was like he was facing down a hill of flesh. Not even Protection would be able to hold out if he took a direct hit.


He did not dodge out of the way, however. Instead, he empowered his saber with Gravity Well and brought it down for one mighty swing. The moment his blade connected with Qiao Yun, the woman let out a muffled groan and nearly dropped to her knees, while Lu Ye was blown about thirty meters away from his original spot. His saber grip was literally shaking after he steadied himself.


Swoosh swoosh swoosh…


Then, the Xianyuan City Watch surrounded them in an inescapable circle.


Qiao Yun laughed despite her dire situation. Her saggy eyes were full of delight as she declared, “If I’m going down, you’re going down with me!”


Lu Ye merely massaged his wrist while staring at her with an odd expression on his face. She still had no idea what was coming for her.


Qiao Yun yelled, “Don’t kill me! I won’t resist!”


“Capture her!” A sentry leader yelled.


Spirit Shackling Ropes immediately hit her from every direction and wrapped her from neck to toe.


Suddenly, Qiao Yun frowned in confusion. Something didn’t feel right about this. For one, the sentries only immobilized her and did not touch a hair on her person. Second, Lu Yi Ye was walking toward her with his saber in hand, and the sentries around them were acting as if they hadn’t seen him at all.


Lu Ye walked until he was right in front of Qiao Yun. Then, he raised the Inviolable and aimed at the spot where her heart was.


Lu Ye had fought plenty of fearless enemies in the past, but this was the first time he encountered someone who ran head first to her death.


Shock and horror filled Qiao Yun’s expression. “Why didn’t the Xianyuan City Watch arrest you?”




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