Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 273, I’m Not Alone


Translator: Truth

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


Lu Ye had never seen such a way of consuming Spirit Pills before. Although Tree of Glyphs could burn away the Pill Poison, he wouldn’t dare to consume this many Spirit Pills at the same time. 


He could only say that Ju Jia was exceptionally talented.


Lu Ye turned around when he heard footsteps approaching. It was Chu Qing walking toward him.


Her hair still as messy as Lu Ye had left it earlier, she stopped in front of him before clenching her fist. Then, she landed a soft, completely harmless punch on his chest.


Lu Ye’s eyelids twitched when he saw this.


Chu Qing exclaimed in realization, “So, this is how it works!”


She wasn’t stupid. After she had recovered from her anger, she quickly wondered why Lu Ye was able to ruffle her hair and quickly came up with a hypothesis. To put it simply, the prickly sensation would not occur as long as they did not reveal any killing intent. That was why the woman in the red dress had ignored Lu Ye when he rubbed her head earlier.


The reason she came over to hit him in the chest was one, to confirm her hypothesis and two, pay back for the humiliation he dealt her.


She wasn’t satisfied though, so she raised her fist and hit him again. This time, she injected enough strength into the punch to cause a thump.


Lu Ye looked at the woman in the red dress. The special apparition was swinging on her swing without a care for the world.


Chu Qing hit his chest again and again and she uttered through gritted teeth, “You won’t be able to hide here forever. The minute you leave this place is the moment you die.”


Lu Ye was an avid believer of paybacks, even one as slight as this, so he immediately started rubbing her head again and said, “I killed Chu Xue.”


Chu Qing blanched and began tembling immediately. Killing intent burst out of her heart, and the temptation to kill Lu Ye no matter the cost swelled greater than ever before. However, the ballooning sense of crisis also made her recognize reality. She was certain she would die before she could kill Lu Ye.


The special apparition’s cultivation level was ridiculously high.


So, she forced down her killing intent and smiled, her bloodshot eyes and fake smile combining to form the perfect image of a forced smile. “Don’t worry, you won’t die easily. The House of Wintry Blossoms still has dozens of cultivators. Each one of us will have a go at you when you fall in our hands. You will die a horrendous death.”


“I killed Qiao Yun.”


Chu Xue’s fist paused for an instant before she started hitting him faster.


“I might consider granting you a swift death if you beg for mercy now. What do you think? It’s not a bad deal, is it?”


“I will kill you.”


Lu Ye frowned when he said this. Although Chu Qing wasn’t exuding killing intent, she had hit him enough times that his chest was starting to hurt a little. It wasn’t like he could do unto her what she was doing to him either. It was one thing to kill her and another to molest her chest. Still, he felt like he was losing because her hair was already messy, and he didn’t like to lose even a little bit.


The moment he thought this, he leaped away from Chu Qing and said, “Ju Jia, why don’t you have some fun with her?”


Ju Jia slowly rose to his feet and walked toward Chu Qing. Her mouth unconsciously fell open when he stopped right in front of her. She was tall, but the body tempering cultivator was almost a full chest taller than her.


“Wait—” Chu Qing started a bit panickedly.


Ju Jia dropped his fan-sized hand on top of Chu Qing’s head. Then, he began rubbing earnestly.


Chu Qing tried to retaliate, but she was unable to reach his chest even after she fully stretched her arms.


What should’ve been a solemn, tension-filled moment turned hilarious instantly.


Suddenly, a silent voice entered everyone’s ears. “Why are you fooling around instead of looking for Tang Yuan?”


Lu Ye the popcorn audience, Ju Jia the bully, Chu Qing the victim and the utterly dumbfounded Thousand Demon Ridge cultivators at the sidelines all straightened their backs instinctively.


“Leave now!”


“Yes ma’am!” Everyone answered in unison before rushing toward the exit.


Chu Qing and the Thousand Demon Ridge cultivators walked at the front while Lu Ye and Ju Jia followed behind.


The situation had suddenly taken a downward spiral for him and Ju Jia. He hadn’t expected the woman in the red dress to chase them out all of a sudden.


There were a ton of Thousand Demon Ridge cultivators lying in wait for them outside the compound. They would be attacked the moment they set foot outside.


The woman in the red dress had already given them a warning though. Their situation would be far worse if they stayed.


Their only option left was to make a break for it. He had a chance to escape, but Ju Jia most certainly wasn’t going to survive this.


“I’ll go first!”


A massive palm and a booming voice stopped him in his tracks. Before he knew it, Ju Jia had already stepped past him and strode toward the exit.


Lu Ye followed right behind him, and Amber crouched on his shoulder.


A few seconds later, the compound’s door slammed shut behind them.


Lu Ye glanced around them. As expected, every way was blocked by dozens of Thousand Demon Ridge cultivators at least. They were all glaring at him with murder in their eyes.


Spiritual Powers began rising. Spell cultivators began casting their spells, and ghost cultivators and combat cultivators released their flying weapons.


Ju Jie bent down and began channeling his boiling vitality. Lu Ye unsheathed his Inviolable as well.


“Kill them!” Chu Qing ordered.


Right before they could unleash their attacks, muffled groans suddenly broke out all over the place. It was because their Spiritual Powers had suddenly become disrupted. The spells were all canceled in mid-cast, and the flying weapons suddenly fell to the ground as well.


The same had happened to Lu Ye and Ju Jia. The duo only managed to take two steps before they were forced to halt in their tracks.


Chu Qing’s expression turned ugly as she stabilized her chaotic Spiritual Power in a hurry. Lu Ye did the same thing while sheathing the Inviolable.


The woman in the red dress had nearly given him a heart attack. He hadn’t realized that her rule of no-killing applied outside the compound as well.


Perhaps the woman had forbidden Lu Ye, Ju Jia, Chu Qing and everyone else involved from killing each other because she had ordered them to look for her cat. Naturally, it wouldn’t be in her interest for her cat seekers to kill each other.


Lu Ye relaxed when he noticed this. For now, they were safe.


A while later, he finally let out a long breath and stabilized the Spiritual Power in his body. He then looked at the nearby Chu Qing and pointed a thumb behind himself.


[I’m not alone!]


He and Ju Jia then strode toward the line of Thousand Demon Ridge cultivators and forced their way through. There was absolutely nothing they could do to stop them.


Chu Qing was seething with frustration, but so what? Nearly everyone had suffered from the woman’s curse just now. She would be foolish to continue along this course now that she realized that her power extended beyond her compound as well. In fact, there was barely any difference at all.


The second Lu Ye pushed his way out of the encirclement, he immediately cast Windwalk and ran forward.


Ju Jia wasn’t stupid. He followed behind Lu Ye immediately.


“Chase them!” Chu Qing waved her hand, and the eighty Thousand Demon Ridge cultivators immediately gave chase.


The situation had returned to what it was before, but this time Lu Ye and Ju Jia couldn’t hide in the compound anymore. The woman in the red dress was clearly dissatisfied with their slack attitude. To head back now would be to court death.


It looked like their situation had reverted, but in reality it wasn’t quite the same as it was from before.


There was one thing Lu Ye wished to test as soon as possible. It would be most interesting if things went as he thought it would.


It wasn’t long before they were a few streets away from the compound. Lu Ye abruptly skidded to a stop when he reached a round square.


Ju Jia followed suit even though he didn’t know why Lu Ye had suddenly stopped running.


A few breaths later, Chu Qing and the Thousand Demon Ridge cultivators caught up with them.


“Surround them!” Chu Qing ordered.


They immediately formed a tight circle around the duo. The only reason they didn’t act was because the apparition’s invisible restriction was still present even though they were a long distance away from the compound. She knew this because she had tried to summon her killing intent multiple times during the pursuit to no avail.


This frustrated her greatly because she could not take revenge even though her hated enemy was right in front of her. It was no different from torture.


From the looks of it, the only way to remove the restriction was to find Tang Yuan. However, she had forgotten to clarify exactly what Tang Yuan was.


She knew the apparition wasn’t referring to the food. Apparitions did not need to eat to survive.


In fact, there was an easy way to solve this problem. They were unable to kill Ju Jia and Lu Ye because of the woman’s restriction, but those who weren’t at the compound earlier, could. All they needed to do was to get help from other people.


In fact, she had already contacted Sunlit Mountain about this. She requested if they could spare some men to take out Lu Ye.


Unfortunately, Sunlit Mountain was already fighting against Hidden Light Sanctuary. Including the independent cultivators, about three hundred of them were clashing against one another right now. In fact, they were hoping that she and the House of Wintry Blossoms would reinforce them as soon as possible.


They were going to meet up with Sunlit Mountain before they ran into Lu Ye and were occupied until now.


Chu Qing was unwilling to heed her allies’ call for help because her sworn enemy was right in front of her. If she left now, there was a huge chance she wouldn’t run into him again until the rift was over.


That was why she had no choice but to wait. She would wait until Sunlit Mountain and Hidden Light Sanctuary’s fight was over before borrowing their forces.


They had already finished negotiations. Once the battle was over, Sunlit Mountain would assist the House of Wintry Blossoms in taking out Lu Ye and Ju Jia. Then, they would work together and sweep the rest of Grand Sky Alliance.


It was an arrangement that benefited both of them.


For now, their group only needed to stick to Lu Ye. The guy was already dead, he just didn’t know it yet.


She was just thinking this when something unexpected happened. Apparitions suddenly flew out of the pet crouching on Lu Ye’s shoulder, and soon at least a dozen of them were surrounding the young man and Ju Jia. Most of them were Xianyuan City Watch except two special apparitions.


Chu Qing was stunned by this. [So, he really can control the Xianyuan City Watch?]


One of the special apparitions started crying all of a sudden. At the same time, she plucked a note on her pipa. Before they even knew what was happening, a wave of dizziness struck all of them.


Spirit Shackling Ropes were thrown, and eight unsuspecting cultivators were caught immediately. At the same time, Liu Sanbao struck them with his dice, and Yi Yi with her spells. They began dying quickly.


By the time the House of Wintry Blossoms recovered, some of their bound cultivators were already killed.




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