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Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 274, The Woman In The Red Dress’ Punishment


Translator: Truth

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


Lu Ye wasn’t just escaping earlier. Just like Chu Qing, he was performing various tests such as growing his killing intent toward Chu Qing or something. Unfortunately, his suspicions were spot on. The woman in the red dress’ cultivation level was powerful beyond measure, and he was unable to lift a finger against Chu Qing even after he was several streets away from the compound. From the looks of it, he wouldn’t be able to inflict any harm against those who were chosen to search for the woman’s cat.


However, the rule did not apply to Yi Yi. Maybe it was because she was hiding in Amber’s body, or maybe because she was an apparition. Regardless of the reason, she was free to act as she pleased, and the same applied to Amber’s Ghost Spirits.


It looked like Ju Jia and him had been surrounded by their enemies, but in reality he was getting ready to launch his counter attack. He would not have stopped otherwise.


Chu Qing had to seek help from others to kill Lu Ye, but Lu Ye could skip this step completely because his helpers were already right next to him. They were all hiding in Amber’s body right now.


The big battle before had cost him a lot of Ghost Spirits, but those who survived were elites. The sentry leaders and special apparitions such as Liu Sanbao and Pipa Girl were all capable of giving his enemies a run for their money.


It worked just as well as he expected, if not better. The surprise attack had killed a couple of enemies instantly, and the rest started attacking on instinct as well. This would’ve been dangerous for the Ghost Spirits and Yi Yi because as powerful as they were, there was no way they could survive even one bombardment from seventy plus enemies at once. 


Thankfully, Lu Ye had planned for everything. The second the Thousand Demon Ridge cultivators attacked, Amber immediately inhaled in the direction of the Ghost Spirits and sucked them all into its stomach. At the same time, Lu Ye leaped into the air and charged straight toward an incoming offensive spell, a Golden Arc Slash to be exact. It had been launched by a Ninth-Order spell cultivator, and it was quite powerful. It was perfect for the experiment he had in mind.


He quickly realized that his action was a tad pointless though. It was because Ju Jia had suddenly scooped Amber into his arms before baring his back at the incoming spells and flying weapons.


“Stop!” Chu Qing realized what was about to happen and screamed in panic. Some quick-witted cultivators were able to control their spells or flying weapons just in time to miss Ju Jia. The slow ones though…


At least a dozen spells or flying weapons bounced off Ju Jia’s back. At the same time, the Golden Arc Slash was blocked by Lu Ye’s Protection.


There was so much power behind the spell that Lu Ye was struck down from the sky. He hit the ground and skidded at least ten meters before he came to a stop.


He rose back to full height and flicked a finger across his own chest. Then, he looked at the Ninth-Order spell cultivator who hit him.


A fearful expression was growing on the guy’s face. The same expression was spreading across the dozens of cultivators who struck Ju Jia as well.


Their Spiritual Power grew more and more chaotic until they reached the point of berserking. Then, he heard a series of pops that sounded pretty similar to popping balloons.


“Save me, Sister Chu!” The Ninth-Order spell cultivator screamed while stretching his hand toward Lu Ye.


“Ah!” Bloodcurdling screams resounded throughout the air. The dozens of cultivators were experiencing popping sounds as well.


Lu Ye watched this whole scene with a grim expression on his face. His experiment was a success, but the consequences of disobeying the woman in the red dress’ rule—attacking a fellow “cat seeker” to be exact—were more severe than he had expected.


This was the first time he heard of the popping sounds, but he still recognized them for what it was immediately. It was the sound of one’s Spiritual Point being punctured!


Judging from the painful looks on his enemies, it wasn’t just one Spiritual Point either. Their Spiritual Points were being punctured one after another. This was the punishment of the woman in the red dress.


Everyone felt chilled watching the afflicted cultivators losing their cultivation bit by bit as their Spiritual Points were punctured. They went from Ninth-Order to Eighth-Order, and then from Eighth-Order to Seventh-Order. That was as far as it went because they died before they could lose more Spiritual Points.


Amber chose this moment to leap out of Ju Jia’s arms. Lu Ye didn’t even need to give it the order before it opened its mouth and released its Ghost Spirits once more.


Chu Qing’s pupils shook violently as she screamed, “Run!”


Pipa Girl began wailing once more. Although Thousand Demon Ridge was prepared this time and managed to shield themselves from the worst effects, that didn’t mean they were completely unaffected. As if on cue, the sentry leaders’ Spirit Shackling Ropes, Liu Sanbao’s dice and Yi Yi’s spells started raining from above.


The tables were completely turned. The group who chased Lu Ye and Ju Jia before were now escaping for their lives.


At the front, Chu Qing gritted her teeth hard enough to crush it. Right now, the situation was overwhelmingly disadvantageous toward them because they couldn’t so much as tickle their opponents with killing intent, while Lu Ye could command the Xianyuan City Watch to do some serious harm. It felt horrendous to be the victim of a one-sided beating.


That wasn’t all. If this was a fair fight, they could’ve wiped out the dozen or so apparitions with ease. The problem was that Lu Ye’s pet could just inhale the apparitions every time they were about to be hit, and the stray attacks that hit Lu Ye and Ju Jia would trigger the woman in the red dress’ punishment even if it was an accident.


After witnessing the consequences with their own eyes, no one was willing to take the risk unless they were absolutely certain.


So, their current situation was this. They were unable to attack Lu Ye and Ju Jia because of the woman’s punishment. They couldn’t just surround them and do nothing either because the Xianyuan City Watch Lu Ye commanded could attack them. Right now, the only thing they could do was run like hell.


Dozens of Thousand Demon Ridge cultivators ran at the front while the Ghost Spirits chased them, throwing spells, dice or Spirit Shackling Ropes. Lu Ye and Ju Jia followed behind the Ghost Spirits.


It was impossible for the Thousand Demon Ridge cultivators to dodge or block all the spells flying toward them. People kept being caught by the Spirit Shackling Ropes and killed.


There were over eighty of them at the beginning, but half of them were killed just a quarter of a day later. At this rate, Lu Ye was going to slaughter all of them.


Ju Jia was wearing a stupid look on his face because he had no idea how things had turned out this way. That said, he was perfectly fine with this.


Tring ling ling…


Suddenly, everyone heard a crisp ringing from nearby. It flowed through their hearts like a clear stream and cleared the mind a little.


Lu Ye turned toward the source of the ringing and saw something unbelievable. A small but agile figure was running across the rooftop, and it was none other than a cat. It had bright and smooth white fur and a collar wrapped around its neck. The ringing had come from the small bell in the middle of the collar.


[There’s actually a cat in this city?]


Honestly, he had thought that the woman in the red dress was delusional when she asked him to search for her cat. Some special apparitions’ requests were completely insane after all. Now though, Tang Yuan the white cat really did exist in the Lost City of Xianyuan.


Lu Ye did not know if he would receive a reward for bringing the cat back to the woman in the red dress. He hadn’t fulfilled Liu Sanbao or Pipa Girl’s requests after all.


It was worth trying though. Who knows, the reward might be better than he thought.


Lu Ye immediately applied Windwalk to his legs and ran toward the white cat. The moment he was close enough, he immediately stretched his arm toward it.


To his surprise, he missed. The white cat turned out to be much more agile than he thought. Right before Lu Ye could catch it, it suddenly sped up and dashed out of his grasp.


 Lu Ye landed on the rooftop but didn’t stop. He continued to chase after the white cat.


As the man-and-cat chase continued, Lu Ye realized that the cat only looked like it was slow. In reality, it was extremely agile. Every time Lu Ye was about to catch it, it would speed up just enough to dodge out of his grasp.


It made him feel like he was being toyed with.


Lu Ye frowned and slapped his Storage Bag. Two flying weapons flew out and stabbed toward the white cat.


The white cat immediately moved faster. It jumped at just the right time to dodge both weapons.


“Ju Jia!” Lu Ye shouted toward the bottom.


The body tempering cultivator immediately leaped into the air. He had seen the white cat a while ago and was waiting for the right opportunity to catch it. The moment he heard Lu Ye’s call, he immediately leaped onto the rooftop, stretched open his arms and blocked the white cat’s way. It almost looked like he was welcoming the creature into his arms.


The white cat leaped toward Ju Jia and caused him to reach out with his massive hand. He missed. Not only that, the cat landed on top of his hand for an instant before flipping into the air and landing lithely on his head.


Lu Ye and Ju Jia froze immediately. It was almost as if they had been frozen by a spell.


On Ju Jia’s head, the white cat meowed once before licking its paws. It caused Ju Jia to look above his head before staring at Lu Ye. He slowly stretched his arms and slowly reached out to his head.


Lu Ye gestured for Ju Jia not to act carelessly by shaking his head. However, he nodded right after that.


The next instant, Ju Jia’s hands clapped above his head like lightning.




A visible shockwave spread out from the point of impact. If the clap had hit, the white cat would be flattened like a pie even if it was an apparition. It was a short distance away from Ju Jia though, and it was… was that disdain in its eyes?


Ju Jia pounced toward the cat like a vicious dog. There was a loud bang, and the man crashed through the roof and into the building underneath. Right next to the hole, the white cat peered through curiously as if it had been there all along.


Lu Ye tried to seize the moment of distraction and rushed forward, but just like the previous times, it dodged out of the way right before he could catch it. The disdain in its eyes was definitely growing.


Lu Ye thought to himself as he stared at the cat. Then, he jumped off the rooftop.


He could confirm now that the little shit was toying with him and Ju Jia. It was so fast that he could never catch it with his own power.


Since he knew it was futile to catch the white cat, he wasn’t going to waste anymore time on it. Right now, his top priority should be hunting down Chu Qing and her group.


Ju Jia stepped out of the room where the hole was connected to and looked up at Lu Ye with an inquiring look on his face. Lu Ye shook his head at him to indicate that the hunt was over.


Amber wasn’t idle when they were trying to catch the white cat. It never stopped commanding the Ghost Spirits to hunt down Chu Qing’s group. On the way, they encountered a scarce trail of bodies that were clearly slain by Ghost Spirits.


The white cat was following them on the rooftops beside theirs, bell ringing the entire way. It was clearly taunting them, but Lu Ye simply pretended that he didn’t see it.


They didn’t go far before they sensed what felt like a turbulent mess of Spiritual Powers. It looked like there was a big fight ahead of them.


It was at this moment Yi Yi returned with Amber. When Lu Ye inquired her what was going on, she confirmed that there was indeed a big battle ahead of them. Judging from the scale, it was probably between Hidden Light Sanctuary and Sunlit Mountain.


Chu Qing and her group had already met up with Sunlit Mountain. They returned after seeing that it was impossible to keep up the pursuit any longer.




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  1. “There were over eighty of them at the beginning. ”

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