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Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 446, Purple Amulet

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Since the tetrachromatic cloud in the sky was gone, the contest for the Amulets was also approaching the end. The cultivators who managed to get a Purple Amulet had escaped a long time ago, though whether they could keep their Amulet remained to be seen. It all depended on their speed and strength.


If they lacked either one of these qualities, then all their efforts would still amount to nothing.


People were already bashing each other’s brains in order to obtain a Purple Amulet. If there was a Gold Amulet, a lot more people would’ve died today.


The cultivators who got an Amulet departed the scene happily, and those who didn’t left with their heads hanging low.


“Hey handsome…” The sexy woman asked suddenly.


Lu Ye ignored her and turned around to leave.


“What a miser!” The female cultivator harrumphed with a disgruntled expression. Still, she was lucky all things considered. At least she had gotten a White Amulet.


Lu Ye zipped across the wilderness at high speed. More than ever, he thought that the Cloud River Battlefield really was a different place from the Spirit Creek Battlefield. Just now, every cultivator had fought to obtain an Amulet or two without revealing their affiliation. Someone who was an enemy a second ago could be your ally in the next second. It all hinged on the word “profit”.


This would never happen in the Spirit Creek Battlefield. Cultivators between opposing factions would never cooperate with one another because their cultivation was weak, and their area of activity was limited. It usually took little effort to identify a stranger’s affiliation.


In the Cloud River Battlefield though, most cultivators chose to explore the world as they pleased. If they ran into a stranger, they might consider cooperating with them if the conditions were suitable.


He had just flown a kilometer or two when, suddenly, he saw a cultivator flying in his direction. Behind him were a couple of cultivators. From the looks of it, the cultivator at the front was being chased.


Lu Ye changed directions and attempted to stay out of their way. When they got close though, he abruptly discovered that the guy being chased was none other than the spear wielder who attacked him a while ago. The guy’s face was covered in blue and black bruises, and he looked like he had taken a couple more hits since the last time Lu Ye saw him. It was quite amusing.


The tetrachromatic cloud had disappeared a short while ago, but the guy was still being chased. [Could it be…]


He was just thinking this when the spear wielder abruptly threw something straight at Lu Ye. It was none other than a Purple Amulet.


Lu Ye could not help but marvel at the guy’s luck. The tetrachromatic cloud had discharged only a handful of Purple Amulets, and hundreds of cultivators had beaten the crap out of one another to obtain them. But somehow, the spear wielder had managed to snag one for himself.


It was clear he wasn’t strong enough to keep the Purple Amulet though. That was why he ultimately chose to throw the Purple Amulet to Lu Ye.


As for whether he was plotting to make trouble for Lu Ye due to their earlier interaction, that was something only the spear wielder could answer. Even if he was, it would be righteous payback considering what Lu Ye had done to him earlier.


The second the Amulet was thrown, the cultivators immediately abandoned the spear wielder and changed directions just in time to see Lu Ye catching the Amulet. 


Someone yelled, “Throw it here, boy!”


Another person cried, “That’s not something a young lad like you can keep, boy! Give it to me!”


And of course, there was the angry roar. “Surrender the Purple Amulet or die!”


As the cultivators approached, a pair of fiery wings abruptly Lu Ye appeared on Lu Ye’s back. With a flap, he shot toward the opposite direction at high speed.


He hadn’t used Soar  before because it was pointless. With hundreds of cultivators scattered all over the place, there was almost no chance he could get to an Amulet  before someone who was already waiting in the right direction.


This situation was different though. There were only a couple of pursuers, and he was holding a Purple Amulet, a cultivation resource that was inferior only to a Gold Amulet. The reward was worth the risk. 


If nothing else, it would make up for the half a day he wasted just to obtain a measly Green Amulet.


Lu Ye was as fast as lightning when Soar was activated. The spear wielder who tossed the Purple Amulet to Lu Ye was stunned by this as well. Clearly, he wasn’t expecting Lu Ye to possess an ability like this. It took only a moment for the young man to vanish from view.


In the sky, Lu Ye kept flapping his energy wings while expending Spiritual Power like a dam. Currently, he had three methods of flying: flying using a flying Spirit Artifact, flying unassisted, and flying using Glyph: Soar.


Each method depleted more Spiritual Power and stamina than the last. Soar in particular used far more Spiritual Power than any other method, although it was also the fastest and nimblest flight method he possessed.


Despite this, he discovered that he was unable to shake off his pursuers. It was clear that they were at least several Orders stronger than him and not someone a newbie in the Cloud River Realm like him could shake off. Generally speaking, the greater one’s cultivation level and skill, the faster they could fly.


The only good news was that he hadn’t encountered any other cultivators along the way. Otherwise, this would’ve ended poorly for him.


An incense stick later, he was still only one kilometer ahead of his enemy. This distance might as well not exist to a Cloud River Realm cultivator.


Left with no choice, Lu Ye gritted his teeth and activated Windwalk.


He had never combined Windwalk and Soar until now because Soar alone drained away at his Spiritual Power like a vortex. Even at the Cloud River Realm, there was no way he could sustain the combination of Glyphs for long.


Now was not the time to conserve his strength, however. If even Windwalk plus Soar could not shake off the enemies, then he could only give up his Purple Amulet.


Nothing was more important than one’s life.


Lu Ye’s speed skyrocketed after he conjured Windwalk. Everyone chasing him blanched when they saw this. They already had to push themselves to their limits just to keep up with Lu Ye, and judging from his Spiritual Power he had clearly just ascended to the Cloud River Realm a short time ago. At best, the young man was a Second-Order Cloud River Realm cultivator, and everyone here was at least three to four minor realms above him. Despite this, they were still unable to catch up to Lu Ye. It was so unbelievable that they wouldn’t believe themselves if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes.


As if that wasn’t enough, this still wasn’t Lu Ye’s maximum speed. After he constructed Windwalk, he began pulling away from his pursuers at a visible rate. Just an incense stick later, they could only see a dot in the horizon. It wouldn’t be long before Lu Ye vanished completely from view.


The pursuers didn’t give up though. They might not know what Lu Ye used to increase his flight speed to insane levels, but it couldn’t possibly be without a cost. Considering that Lu Ye was only a First or Second-Order Cloud River Realm cultivator, he should run out of Spiritual Power in a short time.


As long as they didn’t lose Lu Ye completely, they could just wait until he had exhausted himself before snatching the Purple Amulet from him.


Suddenly, Lu Ye’s altitude declined sharply. The next second, he vanished seemingly into thin air.


After the group arrived and looked down, they saw a forest where Lu Ye had disappeared to. The young man was nowhere to be seen.


The cultivators hesitated for a few seconds. Then, they scattered and entered the forest to search for Lu Ye.


These people were not friends. They were competitors whose interests happened to be aligned for now.


In the forest, Lu Ye was hiding himself using Glyph: Concealment. He wasn’t completely out of Spiritual Power yet, but he was nearing the end of his reserves. That was why he had no choice but to hide inside this forest.


Glyph: Concealment wasn’t perfect, but it should keep him hidden until his pursuers had abandoned the pursuit. If his bad luck reared its head and exposed him, he would consider his options then.


Once in a while, a cultivator would swoop close to the ground in search for Lu Ye. Clearly, they weren’t going to give up without giving their all.


Lu Ye simply stayed where he was and did not move a muscle.


A quarter of a day later, when he could hear no more noises from his surroundings, Lu Ye finally began moving in a certain direction. He did not disable Concealment just in case someone was hiding nearby and waiting for him to reveal himself.


It wasn’t long before Lu Ye found a dry cave. Once he was inside, he immediately took out his ward flags and set up a couple of simple wards at the entrance. Only then did he return to the cave and meditate.


He had used up too much Spiritual Power, so he threw a couple of Vital Spirit Pills into his mouth and activated Gluttonous Feast. The pills were quickly converted into Spiritual Power and injected into his Circulation System.


Finally, he took out the two Amulets and inspected them.


He had obtained one Green Amulet and one Purple Amulet from the contest. The Green Amulet was something he had obtained via his own strength, and the Purple Amulet was given to him by the spear wielder.


In the Cloud River Battlefield, the ambient Spiritual Qi of the wilderness was almost the same as the ambient Spiritual Qi in Core Circle. While it wasn’t impossible to cultivate in such an environment, it was extremely inefficient.


The best way to improve one’s cultivation was to occupy an Arcane Glade or get Amulets. The latter especially was the fastest way for a Cloud River Realm cultivator to climb through the ranks.


Most cultivators treated Spirit Pills as a supplementary method of cultivation, not the main. Few people possessed the ability to purge Pill Poison from their bodies like Lu Ye after all.


Of course, they could also cultivate via absorbing the Spiritual Power of a Spirit Stone. It was much faster than inhaling the World Spiritual Qi in the surrounding, but slower than consuming Spirit Pills.


In addition, there were numerous Hidden Realms in the Cloud River Battlefield. Some of them opened at fixed times, so the cultivators knew when to enter. Some did not follow a pattern at all and could appear anywhere, anytime.


Most of these Hidden Realms contained Amulets as well. Those lucky enough to enter a Hidden Realm would be able to claim the Amulets and the Hidden Realm’s unique products for themselves. It was a massive opportunity to say the least.


In comparison, the opportunities in the Spirit Creek Battlefield were mostly made up of inheritances. For example, Hua Ci had obtained the inheritance of a poison doctor. The world also thought that Lu ye had obtained the inheritance of a Glyphweaver in the Spirit Creek Battlefield.


The opportunities that could be found in the Cloud River Battlefield were vastly different. They were mostly things that could improve a cultivator’s cultivation.


This intel was all recorded in the jade slip he had purchased from the Divine Trade Association.


Lu Ye had had a strange feeling when he saw this information. It felt as if someone had purposely made the Spirit Creek Battlefield and the Cloud River Battlefield the way they were.


Spirit Creek Realm cultivators were weak and new to cultivation. Therefore, they needed inheritances far more than they needed items that could boost their cultivation level. That was why most of the inheritances were found at the Outer Circle and the Inner Circle. Few were located in the Inner Circle.


When a cultivator had reached the Cloud River Realm, they were considered to have carved out their path in the eternal journey of cultivation. Now, all they needed to do was to increase their power and cultivation level as fast as possible. That was why items that could boost their power and cultivation level became much more important than inheritances.


Most of the opportunities in the Cloud River Battlefield such as the Arcane Glades, Amulets and Hidden Realms were all aimed at increasing a Cloud River Realm cultivator’s power.


The theme was so obvious that even the biggest skeptic could not claim that it was mere happenstance.



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