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Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 448, Good Luck

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A single Green Amulet obviously wasn’t enough to improve Lu Ye’s cultivation drastically, though he could definitely tell that his river was bigger than before.


This time, he took out the Purple Amulet and snapped it as well.


The exact same thing happened again. The Purple Amulet disintegrated into dust and formed a purple hole in front of him. A large amount of pure Spirit Mist poured out of the hole.


Even the concentration of the Spirit Mist was the exact same as before. This meant that the difference between a Green Amulet and a Purple Amulet was probably the quantity of Spirit Mist they produced. He would have to wait and see if that was the case though.


Previously, the Spirit Mist generated by a Green Amulet had lasted an hour. He wondered how long the Spirit Mist generated by a Purple Amulet would last before vanishing.


Spirit Mist kept pouring in from the purple hole until it had reached a certain scale. New Spirit Mist appeared from the purple only after Lu Ye, Yi Yi and Amber had consumed the existing Spirit Mist.


Lu Ye was starting to figure out how the Amulets functioned. The Amulets themselves could not create Spirit Mist out of nothing, or rather, the Amulets themselves did not contain Spirit Mist. An Amulet was just a medium to create a hole to an unknown space and obtain the Spirit Mist within. 


Moreover, the Heavens had made it so that the Spirit Mist would not be wasted no matter what. The Spirit Mist surrounding the cultivator would never exceed a certain volume, and new Spirit Mist would not appear until the existing Spirit Mist had been consumed.


An hour passed, and the purple hole was still pouring out Spirit Mist.


Two hours passed, and the phenomenon did not change one bit.


Nine to ten hours later, the purple hole finally vanished into nothing.


The experience matched some of intel engraved in the basic information packet he had bought from the Divine Trade Association. 


The Cloud River Battlefield had existed for years, and the cultivators had gathered enough data to conclude that the ratio between Amulets of different colors was roughly 1:3.


To put it simply, one Gold Amulet was equal to three Purple Amulets, nine Blue Amulets, twenty seven Green Amulets, or eighty one White Amulets.


In Lu Ye’s case, a Purple Amulet provided nine times more Spirit Mist than a Green Amulet. This was evident from the fact that the Green Amulet had only lasted an hour or so, but the Purple Amulet had lasted between nine to ten hours.


When Lu Ye checked his river of Spiritual Power, he noted that it was bigger and faster than before. Unfortunately, he still hadn’t reached the point where he could enter the next minor realm.


That said, Lu Ye was certain that he could ascend to the Second Order if he used another two or three Purple Amulets!


Naturally, this cultivation method was much faster than just consuming Spirit Pills.


Before this experience, consuming Spirit Pills was Lu Ye’s main cultivation method. He even thought that Amulets were a good but unnecessary option for him.


Now, he realized that he could not miss any Amulet contest he might run into in the future.


Amulets were extremely useful no matter the cultivator. It was to the point where Amulets were considered a more valuable currency than even Contribution Points in the Cloud River Battlefield. Given enough Amulets, there was theoretically nothing you couldn’t make happen.


Finally, Amber and him could consume Spirit Pills to cultivate, but not Yi Yi. With the Amulets, Yi Yi could grow her strength swiftly as well.


They had just arrived at the Cloud River Battlefield, and already they had made a huge score. Lu Ye was pretty happy with this.


While tossing a Vital Spirit Pill into his mouth, Lu Ye checked his 10-point map.


Originally, he was planning to check out the Tertius-level Arcane Glade close to the Divine Trade Association hotspot he had appeared. Unfortunately, one thing after another, and now he was anything but close to the Arcane Glade.


He didn’t have a better goal in mind though. Left with no choice, he brought out his Spirit Boat and took off toward the Tertius-level Arcane Glade once more.


Two hours later, when night finally fell upon the Cloud River Battlefield, Lu Ye landed on top of a hill.


It was never a good idea to travel at night especially because he was no longer the invincible One Leaf. At best, he was an exceptionally powerful First-Order Cloud River Realm cultivator. That was why Lu Ye decided to spend the night on the hill.


The reason he chose here was because he spotted a couple of decrepit buildings on the peak while passing over the area. It was clear that someone used to live here until circumstances had driven them away.


While checking his surroundings to confirm its safety, he discovered what looked like a dry spring.


He immediately realized that this place used to be an Arcane Glade. The dry spring was proof of it.


Every Arcane Glade had a Spirit Spout that spat out enough World Spiritual Qi to form an Arcane Glade.


The Spiritual Qi of an Arcane Glade wasn’t permanent, however. There would be a time where it ran out of Spiritual Qi and ceased being an Arcane Glade completely.


Judging from the number and size of the abandoned buildings around him, this Arcane Glade was probably a small one; just big enough to accommodate three to five people. It was impossible to say the level of this former Arcane Glade though.


The size of an Arcane Glade had nothing to do with its quality. It was decided by the size of the Spirit Spout. The bigger a Spirit Spout, the bigger the Arcane Glade would be.


An Arcane Glade could encompass an entire hill, but only be at Quartus-level. Just the same, a tiny Arcane Glade could be Primus-level. 


Lu Ye randomly picked a building that looked relatively intact and walked in. It was too much to even call the decor simplistic. There was only a table, a bed, a chair and a praying mat in the room. The cultivator who used to live here clearly did not care about acceptable living conditions.


In fact, most cultivators were like this. They mostly cared about increasing their cultivation level and strength. Little else mattered to them.


Lu Ye himself was one such person. That was why the non-existent decor suited him just fine.


He set up a couple of simple wards outside the building before going inside. He then sat down on the floor and took out a dragon scale from his storage space. He inhaled the blood qi in the dragon scale, cultivated via consuming Spirit Pills, and read his books all at the same time.


He had borrowed many books from Lady Yun’s study as usual. He hadn’t completely digested the twenty blade technique insights he extorted from the Raving Bladesmen either.


As for the dragon scales, he gave one to Amber and kept the other four for himself. Amber loved it.


After some time, Lu Ye suddenly straightened up and looked outside. He heard something, but it wasn’t the sound of people. It sounded like… water…?


There was no stream or river anywhere on this hill though. How could he possibly be hearing what he was hearing?


Suddenly, Lu Ye recalled something and hurried out of the building. He ran toward the source of the noise and quickly found himself standing in front of the dry spring from before. 


It wasn’t dry anymore. Water and incredibly rich World Spiritual Qi was pouring out of the Spirit Sprout. Already, the concentration of World Spiritual Qi around the Spirit Spout had risen dramatically.


Lu Ye was speechless. While it wasn’t impossible for a dry Spirit Spout to come back to life so to speak, it happened so rarely that it was considered a once-in-a-century occurrence.


This Arcane Glade had been dead for some time, but now its Spirit Spout had come back to life. It wouldn’t be long before the Arcane Glade was revived as well.


Originally, he was planning to check out a known Tertius-level Arcane Glade and collect information on Arcane Glades in general such as the richness of its World Spiritual Qi. It would seem that there was no need to do that anymore. He could just collect all the information he needed from the Arcane Glade right in front of him.


The Arcane Glade was still in the middle of reviving, so he couldn’t tell what its level was. He could only decide after the Arcane Glade had stabilized.


Also… Lu Ye had no idea about what constituted a Primus-level Arcane Glade, Secundus-level Arcane Glade and so on. Frankly, he wouldn’t be able to tell even after it had stabilized. 


“Lu Ye Lu Ye, do you think there’d be a treasure underneath this spring?” Yi Yi asked while staring at the Spirit Spout excitedly.


That was a good question. “Do you wanna go down and take a look?”


“Sure!” Yi Yi said before diving into the underground.


Tens of breaths later, Yi Yi returned to the surface with an unhappy look on her face. It was clear that she hadn’t found anything.


She was also muttering under her breath, things like, “Impossible!”, and, “How does this make sense?”.


After she had calmed down enough to give Lu Ye an explanation, he learned that there was nothing underneath the Spirit Spout at all. In her opinion, a miraculous treasure must have produced the Spirit Spout they were seeing. In reality, there was nothing in the underground at all. It was as if the World Spiritual Qi had appeared out of nowhere.


This morning, someone had tossed a Purple Amulet right into his hands. Now, he had accidentally stumbled onto a revived Arcane Glade. Lu Ye suddenly realized that his luck was pretty good today.


For now, the Arcane Glade was his to use. That could change very quickly in the future though.


In the Cloud River Battlefield, it was perfectly common for cultivators to fight over an Arcane Glade. The higher the quality, the more attention it drew.


If Lu Ye could not defend the Arcane Glade, then his discovery would only benefit someone else.


There was no way he could defend this alone, not even if he factored Yi Yi and Amber into the equation. He would need more helpers.


He did have someone he could summon right now. The problem was that he didn’t know where he was right now.


He tapped a finger on his Battlefield Imprint and sent a message to Ju Jia. He informed the body-tempering cultivator his current location and urged him to come over as soon as possible.


Ju Jia responded, “Aang!”


He tried contacting his fourth senior brother and Feng Yuechan next. Unfortunately, they were still unavailable.


With that done, Lu Ye asked Yi Yi to guard the Spirit Spout while he took out sixteen ward keystones from his storage space.


Lu Ye had several sets of ward keystones. In fact, he had dug hundreds from his enemy’s Outposts back at the Spirit Creek Battlefield, though most of them had been given to Shui Yuan.


He had kept several sets for himself just in case he needed them in the future. That day had come sooner than expected.



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