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Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 457, This Is My Sister

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After retaking the Arcane Glade, Lu Ye and Kitty Shen spent the next period of time resting. Kitty Shen especially needed the rest because the great battle had worsened her already serious injuries. In comparison, Lu Ye was only suffering from the aftereffects of using Flash five times in a row. He recovered after just two days of rest.


Lu Ye reinstalled the wards as soon as he was ready. After the bad experience with Ruan Qingzhu, neither Kitty Shen nor him were keen on expanding their current roster despite the disadvantages they brought.


While Kitty Shen recuperated, Lu Ye focused on cultivating his power. He just couldn’t shake the feeling that he was progressing slower than usual. It was because his experience with the Amulets had spoiled him. There was a poem that went something like this: “Had I not seen the Sun / I could have borne the shade / But Light a newer Wilderness / My Wilderness has made”. It was a perfect description of his current feelings.


He was well aware that impatience was the bane of cultivation, but he still couldn’t stop himself from recalling the rush and exhilaration he felt when using the Amulets from time to time.


Kitty Shen’s condition improved over time. Recently, she had healed enough to walk outside.


Kitty Shen’s impression of Ye Six had drastically improved after the incident. At first, she thought that the young man was just a newbie First Order Cloud River Realm cultivator. However, not only had he ascended to the Second Order without her realizing, he had displayed the impressive ability to slay enemies far above his cultivation level.


It was true that his opponents had ascended with less-than-perfect Spiritual Points, but it was no easy feat to defeat multiple foes who were two to three minor realms above one’s cultivation level almost single handedly. This realization made her certain that he was pretty famous when he was still a Spirit Creek Realm cultivator.


What puzzled her was the fact that Ye Six had received no backlash despite breaching the Sacred Pact by killing Ruan Qingzhu. It was all she could think about while being holed up in her dwelling for the past few days. No matter how hard she thought, she just could not find a loophole in her listed terms.


[Does he have some sort of special art that allowed him to hide from the Heavens’ scrutiny?]


While this meant that Ye Six could harm her one-sidedly if he wanted to, she wasn’t too worried for her safety. If Ye Six wanted her dead, he could’ve just left her to die back then. She hadn’t known him for long, but she was fairly certain that he was a trustworthy man.


Five days later, Kitty Shen personally cooked a meal for Lu Ye. It was both to celebrate their success in retaking the Arcane Glade and to thank Lu Ye for getting revenge for her.


At the table, Kitty Shen could not stop drinking until she was completely red-faced. For whatever reason, she looked incredibly happy today. Lu Ye did not have a problem with her being happy, but he did have a problem with her toasting him every time she downed a glass. Eventually, he chose to ignore her altogether and focus on the food in front of him.


“Can I ask you something, Ye Six?” Kitty Shen asked him drunkenly.




“Why didn’t you tell me about your plans before attacking the Arcane Glade? Were you worried that I would be in danger?”


Lu Ye shot her an incredulous look. He wanted to tell her, “Are you serious? Considering your condition, you would’ve far more of a liability than an asset!”


Before he could say anything though, the young woman’s head hit the table with a loud thud. He did not think it was possible for a Fifth Order Cloud River Realm cultivator to drink herself under the table, but here he was.


A while later, after Lu Ye had fully satiated himself, he rose to his feet and pushed Kitty Shen lightly on the shoulder. The woman waved languidly at him and muttered something he couldn’t hear before falling silent once more.


Frowning, Lu Ye grabbed her by the waist before throwing her across his shoulder. Then, he carried her back into her dwelling like he was carrying a sack of potatoes. After tossing her onto her bed, he backed out of the room and locked all the doors behind him.


In the room, Kitty Shen abruptly opened her eyes. They looked bleary, but not so bleary that she couldn’t have walked herself back to her bed. She smirked a little before muttering to herself, “I hadn’t misjudged him after all.”


After she woke up at the cave, she found that her whole body including her private parts had been treated and bandaged meticulously. This bothered her greatly even though she told herself repeatedly that Ye Six had only done it to save her life. She was a woman after all. How could she not be bothered by her nude form being seen by a stranger, not to mention that she was at her most vulnerable at the time? He could’ve violated her, and she wouldn’t know because she was completely unconscious at the time.


That was why she had drunk herself under the table on purpose. It was a little underhanded, but she wanted to test if Ye Six was the man he appeared to be.


It would seem that her worries were unfounded though. While Ye Six could stand to be more articulate, he was overall a reliable man. She was now certain that he hadn’t done anything untoward when he was treating her. Her smile grew wider.


In Lu Ye’s room, Yi Yi suddenly appeared out of Amber’s body with an angry expression. She then sat in front of the combat cultivator and glared at him fiercely.


Lu Ye asked in puzzlement, “What’s wrong?”


“She did it on purpose!” She erupted while puffing up her cheeks.


“You’re going to have to elaborate on that.”


“She got drunk on purpose! She wasn’t completely drunk either!”


Surprise bloomed across Lu Ye’s features. “How could you tell?”


“I just know, okay? She—she—!” 


A red-faced Yi Yi clenched her tiny fists tightly like she wanted to punch something. It wasn’t until a long time before she finally managed to say, “She was trying to seduce you!”




“Yeah!” Yi Yi nodded like a chick. “You mustn’t drink with another woman alone, okay Lu Ye? There are a lot of bad women out there! You need to protect yourself!”


She added through gritted teeth after warning the combat cultivator. “Dammit! I would’ve left her to die if I knew this would happen!”


[Stupid, stupid me!]


“Understood. I will watch myself in the future,” Lu Ye said with a straight face. In his mind though, he thought sadly, [Dammit! I would’ve gone along with it if I knew that Kitty Shen was trying to seduce me! She is very busty!]


The next day, Lu Ye was cultivating and reading a book when suddenly, he heard an exclamation of surprise from outside, “Who are you!”


The sounds of fighting immediately broke out after that.


Lu Ye rushed out of the door just in time to see Kitty Shen and Yi Yi standing a far distance away from each other. They were both wearing wary looks on their faces.


Lu Ye was surprised. Yi Yi usually kept herself hidden from strangers because she fancied herself as one of his trump cards, and trump cards should not reveal themselves willy-nilly. Most people did not even know that she existed besides their mutual acquaintances and close friends.


This was probably the first time she willingly revealed herself to another person. It was as if last night’s incident had lit a flame in her.


“She’s a spell cultivator, Ye Six!” Kitty Shen yelled in warning, but she didn’t look too worried. It was because she could tell from the brief exchange that Yi Yi was no match for her, much less Ye Six.


She couldn’t figure out how the young girl had infiltrated the Arcane Glade though. Ye Six had been holding the Control Gem and keeping watch for the past few days since she was still injured. Moreover, he was the one who had set up all the wards. She could not believe that someone could slip through the ward without being detected by Ye Six.


“She’s my sister, Ye Yi Yi,” Lu Ye introduced while standing at the entrance. He changed her surname to fit with his own fake name.


At first, Kitty Shen thought he was joking. When she looked back and forth between the two and confirmed that he wasn’t, she finally withdrew her hostility and chuckled awkwardly. “She’s your sister? Sorry. I thought someone had infiltrated our Arcane Glade.”


She then looked at Yi Yi and apologized, “Sister Yi Yi, is it? Sorry for attacking you.”




To her surprise, Yi Yi let out an arrogant hmph before turning her back on her. She then walked straight into Lu Ye’s dwelling.




It would seem that Ye Yi Yi wasn’t a very friendly girl, but Kitty Shen did not understand why she was acting so hostile. What confused even more was her presence in this Arcane Glade.


According to the Sacred Pact, neither of them were allowed to reveal the Arcane Glade’s existence in private. Therefore, this girl should not be able to enter the Arcane Glade without triggering a backlash. That obviously wasn’t the case, however.


[How did he do it? Did Ye Six really have a way to avoid the Heavens’ scrutiny?]


During the next few days, Kitty Shen would come to realize that she hadn’t misjudged Ye Yi Yi in the slightest. Not only was she difficult to interact with, she could clearly sense a great amount of hostility from her. Sometimes they inevitably crossed each other’s path, and she would try to get acquainted with the young girl. Sometimes she would answer flippantly, and sometimes not at all.


There was a clue though. Ye Yi Yi was living under the same roof as Ye Six. When she discovered this, she realized that Ye Yi Yi probably wasn’t Ye Six’s real sister. [No wonder she dislikes me so much.]


She made sure to avoid causing any more misunderstandings after that.


In the room, Lu Ye was advising Yi Yi seriously, “I know you don’t like her, Yi Yi, but you don’t need to be so obvious about it. We’re going to be living together for the foreseeable future, and you’re practically treating her like she’s the dirt beneath your feet.”


“So? It’s my responsibility to keep you straight while Sister Hua Ci isn’t around!” Yi Yi argued unrepentantly.


“What does this have to do with Hua Ci?” Lu Ye rolled his eyes.


“How could it not have EVERYTHING to do with Sister Hua Ci? She’s carrying your baby!”


Lu Ye exclaimed in alarm, “What are you talking about? There is nothing between Hua Ci and I!”


“Bullshit! I heard the two of you as clear as day! Sister Hua Ci called you her child’s dad, and you played along with it!” Yi Yi declared loudly while looking very pleased with herself.


Lu Ye let out a sorrowful sigh before looking out of the window. “What the heck is keeping Ju Jia?”


He had messaged Ju Jia since he entered the Cloud River Battlefield, and it had been almost twenty days since. However, the body-tempering cultivator was still nowhere to be seen. If he knew that Ju Jia was going to take so long, he would’ve just summoned a Divine Opportunity Column and had him teleport over from Jiu Zhou.


When a cultivator had claimed ownership of an Arcane Glade, they were granted the right to summon a Divine Opportunity Column. However, it cost a lot of Contribution Points to do so—twenty thousand Contribution Points to be exact—and it couldn’t be taken away at a later date.


If the Arcane Glade was conquered,, then he would practically be giving away twenty thousand Contribution Points for free.


While the benefits were worth the cost—for starters, they could use it to purchase items from the Vault of Providence or teleport back and forth from Jiu Zhou—it was generally inadvisable to summon a Divine Opportunity Column in a small-sized Arcane Glade.


Generally speaking, only middle or big-sized Arcane Glades that could accommodate dozens of cultivators or more had Divine Opportunity Columns not just because of the benefits, but also because the cost would be split among dozens of people. It would be much more affordable.


In Lu Ye and Kitty Shen’s case, it was a complete waste of Contribution Points to summon a Divine Opportunity Column no matter how you cut it. 


There was no way to tell when the Arcane Glade would run out of Spiritual Power either. It could last forever, or it could run out tomorrow. If that happens, then their investment would be totally wasted.


Since Yi Yi had revealed herself, Kitty Shen rarely left her house anymore. Sometimes, Lu Ye wouldn’t see her for several days straight.


One day, the ground suddenly shook like there was an earthquake. It felt like thunder was rumbling beneath the earth or something.


Lu Ye thought that someone was attacking the Arcane Glade and rushed out of his house. However, he couldn’t see anyone outside the ward.


The door beside him opened to reveal a voluptuous figure. Kitty Shen asked seriously, “What’s happening?”


Lu Ye shook his head to indicate that he didn’t know either.


The abnormality lasted for a long time before it finally subsided. Then, Kitty Shen flew into the air and looked left and right as if she sensed something. A while later, her excitement bloomed across her face as she cried, “A fortuitous opportunity has landed in our laps, Ye Six!”



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