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Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 461, Intel

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The house was pretty small, and it didn’t have many rooms either. It was big enough to accommodate four people though.


Bilandia was absolutely jam-packed with people right now, but the ruler had still given them a detached house. It was because of Lu Ye’s gift, of course. Without the thumb ring, there was no way the lord would have offered them an acceptable accommodation.


While Xia Qianqian was inspecting the rooms, Lu Ye took the opportunity to inform Kitty Shen and Lan Ziyi of their current location. He also messaged Yi Yi and asked her if she was still doing okay.


Nothing much had happened on Yi Yi and Amber’s side. The poor Spirit Beast was still trapped in its cage and yearning for release though.


Less than an incense stick later, Kitty Shen and Lan Zi Yi arrived one after another. In a room, they sat in a circle and began swapping intel with one another.


Lu Ye said, “Now that we’ve settled down properly in Bilandia, does anyone have any idea what we should do next? One thing is for certain, we’re going to have to fight against the maddened Spirit Beasts eventually.” 


Xia Qianqian nodded in agreement. “You are right, but there is more. Generally speaking, a Hidden Realm like this expects us to solve the crisis at hand. That is why fighting the Spirit Beasts isn’t the only thing we’ll be doing. We’re also expected to find out the true reason the Spirit Beasts became sick and solve the root of the problem. Only then can we save the world.”


“Save the world?” Kitty Shen exclaimed in disbelief, “That’s a little much, don’t you think?”


“As I have said earlier, everything we’re experiencing has already happened in the past. The real Myriad Beast Domain should’ve been destroyed a long time ago. It is just that the Heavens are somehow making us relive its past and even enabling us to change the course of history per se. Of course, the Myriad Beasts Domain isn’t going to come back to life even if we did manage to save the world, but we will be rewarded handsomely for our efforts. I’ll grant you that this trial isn’t easy, but don’t forget that there are others who have entered the Hidden Realm. We’re not expected to change the fate of the world single handedly.”


Lu Ye nodded. “Let’s swap intel. What did you find, Fellow Cultivator Shen?”


Kitty Shen replied, “Not much. I only found out that a lot of Jiu Zhou cultivators have entered Bilandia, and just like us they are all here to seek refuge. Some of them were also granted special identities and are currently employed in various positions throughout the city. On the subject of Spirit Beasts, the reason Bilandia became the final bastion of humanity is because most of their cultivators do not practice beast taming, but of course there are still some Spirit Beasts in the city. They are just held in captivity right now. Currently, Bilandia is still undecided if they should preserve the Spirit Beasts or kill them all.”


“Where are they being held?” Lu Ye asked hurriedly.


Unless he was gravely mistaken, Amber must be imprisoned in the same location. Preferably, he would like to rescue Amber before Bilandia had arrived at a decision.


“They’re currently being held in a beast prison to the east of the city. It used to be a marketplace where Spirit Beasts were traded until the disease spread.”


Xia Qianqian frowned deeply. “The entire reason the Myriad Beasts Domain is facing annihilation is because of the rabies, right? What possible reason is there to keep these Spirit Beasts alive?”


“It’s because Beast Taming is the main cultivation faction of this Cultivation World. Most of the refugees are Beast Tamers, and a good number of them have either lost their Chosen Beasts in battle or to the rabies. Without their Spirit Beasts, they are much weaker than your average cultivator. That is why they haven’t killed these Spirit Beasts. At the very least, it’ll restore the Beast Tamers’ strength.”


“That doesn’t change my question. Aren’t they afraid that these Spirit Beasts will catch the rabies and destroy them from the inside out?”


“There are very clear symptoms when a Spirit Beast catches the disease.”


Xia Qianqian exclaimed in realization, “I see. Gotcha.”


“What about you, Fellow Cultivator Lan?” Lu Ye turned to Lan Ziyi next.


Lan Ziyi wordlessly dropped a pitch black identity pass on the table. She then said, “I went to look for the city’s recruitment department and quartermaster department. I was able to obtain this identity pass from the recruitment department. Since we’re taking refuge in Bilandia, we’re expected to take orders from the city.”


“What do we get for our services?” Kitty Shen asked curiously.


“The pass can be used to send messages and record battle points. Battle points can be used to exchange for all sorts of cultivation resources,” Lan Ziyi paused for a second before continuing, “This includes Amulets of all qualities as well!”


Everyone perked up when they heard this. The trials in a Hidden Realm offered not just training opportunities, but also incredible rewards. In the Cloud River Battlefield, most of the rewards were cultivation resources. Before this, Lu Ye was puzzled because he was treated to the full scale of the risks one might encounter in the Myriad Beasts Domain, but not the rewards. If he didn’t know better, he would’ve thought that hiding in a safe place and waiting out the Hidden Realm to be a reasonable option, much less everyone else.


Now he knew that the Heavens had, in fact, arranged it all.


A while later, Lu Ye, Xia Qianqian and Kitty Shen left the house and flew toward Bilandia’ recruitment department following Lan Ziyi’s instructions. Lan Ziyi stayed behind in case someone decided to take over their home while they were gone.


There was a long queue outside the recruitment department when they arrived. They were cultivators who had come from every corner of the Myriad Beast Domain to join Bilandia. Some of them were true natives of the world, but some were obviously Jiu Zhou cultivators.


The good news was that they didn’t need to wait long for their turn. They were just registering their identities to receive an identity pass after all. It was neither a time-consuming nor a complicated process.


Lu Ye gave the name “Ye Six” when it was finally his turn. He received an identity pass after the cultivator at the counter was done registering his name. It looked just the same as Lan Ziyi’s identity pass. 


Lu Ye took a moment to connect his mind to the pass. It contained his name, his background and his battle point.


To his surprise, his battle points were over thirty instead of zero. After he communicated with Kitty Shen and Xia Qianqian, he discovered that their battle points weren’t zero either. Xia Qianqian in particular had over seventy battle points.


“I think it’s because we killed those Spirit Beasts on our way here,” Xia Qianqian guessed.


That had to be it. The Heavens were the ones recording the points, so there was no chance this could be a mistake. Xia Qianqian’s battle points were the highest since she had killed the most amount of Spirit Beasts on their way here.


“Let’s visit the quartermaster department next,” Lu Ye suggested.


The quartermaster department was just next door, and there were a lot of cultivators here as well. Most of them were made up of Jiu Zhou cultivators though. Judging from the grins on their faces, it was clear that there was a lot of good stuff.


A short while later, the trio received a jade slip from an attendant. It recorded all the cultivation resources one could exchange from the department and their price.


A thorough check later, Lu Ye discovered that the quartermaster department offered not just a wide variety of cultivation resources, but a massive stock as well. Almost everything that a Cloud River Realm cultivator could use could be found here. He could not help but be impressed by how wealthy the Myriad Beasts Domain was.


Then again, the Heavens were masterminding things behind the scenes. Theoretically, they could create as many cultivation resources as they wanted.


Lu Ye had good reason to believe that these items came from the Vault of Providence though. After all, the Vault of Providence was famous for having anything and everything a cultivator might want. It would make sense that the items in this quartermaster department really came from the Vault of Providence.


What really caught Lu Ye’s attention were the Amulets. As far as he could tell, the prices were very fair. White Amulets cost two hundred a piece, Green Amulets cost six hundred a piece, Blue Amulets cost one thousand and eight hundred, Purple Amulets cost five thousand and four hundred, and Gold Amulets cost sixteen thousand and two hundred.


It was almost the same price as the Amulets would have been in Contribution Points. To make a comparison, Lu Ye had spent a little over two hundred Contribution Points to purchase the White Amulets.


This was an opportunity for all the cultivators who entered this Hidden Realm. In the real world, they could not have purchased as many Amulets as they wanted even if they could afford the Contribution Point cost. It took some luck to get the Amulets you wanted in Amulet auctions as well.


But here in the Myriad Beast Domain, they could exchange as many Amulets as they wanted as long as they had the battle points, and battle points could be accrued as simply as killing the maddened Spirit Beasts. That was the one thing the Hidden Realm did not lack right now!


It would seem that the rumors were right. The Hidden Realms really were golden opportunities for Cloud River Realm cultivators. They would not have obtained such a good deal on the Cloud River Battlefield.


Lu Ye’s observation was shared by many other cultivators. Already, some cultivators were forming teams and getting ready to hunt down some Spirit Beasts.


There were a lot of maddened Spirit Beasts in the outskirts of Bilandia. Lu Ye had seen some of their corpses at the foot of the wall when they first arrived.


“What do you say, Fellow Cultivator Ye?” Xia Qianqian asked Lu Ye with an expectant look on her face. 


Technically, she could dump Lu Ye and hunt down the Spirit Beasts on her own. However, the Heavens had specifically tasked her to protect Lu Ye. Therefore, the decision to head out was ultimately in Lu Ye’s hands. If he agreed, then all was well. If he refused, then she would have to hold back no matter how much she loathed the decision. The last thing she wanted to happen was the Heavens punishing her for abandoning her responsibility.


Instead of giving her an answer straight away, Lu Ye said, “Why don’t you girls head back first? I have a private matter I need to settle.” 


After he bade them goodbye, he flew to the eastern section of the city.


He had to ask a couple of passersby for directions on the way, but he was ultimately able to find the place where the Spirit Beasts were imprisoned.


The beast prison was an incredibly massive structure. Lu Ye could hear roars coming from inside from time to time.


There were two cultivators standing guard outside the prison. They immediately grew alert when Lu Ye descended in front of them.


Lu Ye shot both men a look before saluting the one to the left, saying, “Greetings, Fellow Cultivator.”


The guard raised an eyebrow before lowering his voice, “You’re from Jiu Zhou?”


Lu Ye nodded wordlessly.


The guard’s expression immediately grew much friendlier. Obviously, he was a Jiu Zhou cultivator as well, though he must be an unlucky one to be given such an undesirable post. He asked, “What is your business here, fellow cultivator?”


In this particular Hidden Realm, all cultivators from Jiu Zhou were on the same side no matter which faction they hailed from. Also, they were the allies of the natives and the enemies of the maddened Spirit Beasts.


“My Tamed Beast was separated from me when we came in, and I learned that it is currently in this prison. I would like to retrieve it,” Lu Ye answered honestly.


The guard frowned a little. “That… won’t be easy, my friend. You’re aware of the situation, no? There is no way the natives would allow you to retrieve your Spirit Beast willy-nilly. If the circumstances were different, then I could even get you ten Spirit Beasts, let alone one. But now? It’s just not doable.”


“Please enlighten me on a solution, fellow cultivator,” Lu Ye said while passing a bottle of Vital Spirit Pills into the guard’s hand.



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