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Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 465, Beast Pact Art

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Verbal promises meant nothing, so everyone swore a Heavenly Oath to prove that they would definitely not sell the Beast Pact Art. They would only share it with their close ones or keep it for research. Seeing no problems with the oath, Lu Ye gave them the slip so they might copy it in their own time. He then picked up the Spirit Beast Bag and examined it closely.


Not only did the bag look like a conventional Storage Bag, it was sewn from a Spirit Beast’s skin as well. However, its aged appearance made it clear that it was something that had been passed down for many generations.


The Great Elder had claimed that there were only a dozen or so Spirit Beast Bags in the entire sect, and that they were inherited from their ancestors. Obviously, it was as rare as it was valuable.


The Great Elder had removed the Restriction Lock on the bag before giving it to Lu Ye, so it took him little effort to refine it and make it his own. When he inspected it, he was surprised by what he found.


The storage space of the Spirit Beast Bag wasn’t very big, and at first glance it looked like it was no different from a Storage Bag. Something about the storage space felt different from a Storage Bag’s though.


Lu Ye had an inkling what it was used for. Its very name was telling.


Amber was currently napping beside Lu Ye. When it sensed Lu Ye’s gaze, it looked up and tilted its head cutely.


Lu Ye gestured at Amber with the Spirit Beast Bag, so Amber rose to its feet and waited. It was only then that Lu Ye channeled his Spiritual Power and threw the Spirit Beast Bag over the white tiger.


As expected, Amber immediately vanished from view. When he checked, he found that the Tamed Beast had been stored inside the Spirit Beast Bag. However, Amber was twisting and turning non-stop as if it wasn’t used to the environment. To be fair, the storage space itself looked incredibly cramped now that it was inside. The bag itself wriggled as Amber struggled.


[I was right. The Spirit Beast Bag really can be used to hold a living creature!]


A Storage Bag did not have such a function. In fact, none of the Storage Bags Lu Ye knew could be used to store a living creature. To do so would result in the eventual demise of said creature.


Technically speaking, Lu Ye possessed an item that could be used to store not just one, but multiple living creatures. It was of course the Nine Realms Scroll. 


The Spirit Treasure could even be used to store multiple people, let alone other things. However, it wasn’t just a combat item, but one that was shaped like a painting. It would be incredibly inconvenient to carry it on his person, not to mention that it cost a continuous stream of Spiritual Power to keep it activated.


Convenience wise, this Spirit Beast Bag was a million times better than the ward scroll. He could just hang it on his waist or carry it beneath his shirt.


This way, Amber would not need to lie on its shoulder all the time.


It wasn’t that he had a problem with keeping Amber in the open. In fact, having Amber on his shoulder was usually a boost to his combat abilities unless he faced someone he needed to go all out against. 


The problem was that Amber was a very recognizable Spirit Beast. His enemies only needed to take one look at the white tiger to know that he was Lu Yi Ye.


Back in the Spirit Creek Battlefield, there was practically no Thousand Demon Ridge cultivator who didn’t know that Lu Yi Ye of the Crimson Blood Sect owned a white tiger. Even those who never met him could easily recognize him through Amber. As a result, Lu Ye was unable to conceal his identity most of the time.


The Spirit Beast Bag was a solution to this problem. In the future, he simply needed to store Amber in the Spirit Beast Bag and put on a Spirit Artifact that could change his appearance to hide himself. He didn’t have such an item yet, but he could just buy one from the Vault of Providence. No one would know who he was!


Maybe it was because he was excited, but he didn’t release Amber until some time later. Because of this, the white tiger immediately tried to take a bite out of the Spirit Beast Bag when it was finally loose. Lu Ye hurriedly put a hand on its forehead to stop him. His plans would go up in flames if the Spirit Beast Bag was damaged.


It was at this moment Lu Ye received a message. He checked his Battlefield Imprint and discovered that it came from Yi Yi.


Yi Yi chose this method of communication because she didn’t want to reveal herself. A trump card should remain hidden until the right time after all. According to the girl, Amber didn’t feel comfortable inside the Spirit Beast Bag. Not only was it pitch black inside the bag, it was cramped to the point of being claustrophobic.


That said, the storage space of the Spirit Beast Bag wasn’t fixed. Amber could fit inside even if it returned to its true form.


Amber glowered as Lu Ye shoved the Spirit Beast Bag under his shirt. He also promised Amber he would never put it in the bag unless absolutely necessary. It was only then it finally withdrew its gaze and calmed down.


The three women had already finished copying the contents of the jade slip. They were currently meditating and recuperating their strength.


Lu Ye tossed a couple of Vital Spirit Pills into his mouth while checking the Beast Pact Art. At first, he didn’t care too much for it. He wasn’t a Beast Tamer after all. However, his expression grew increasingly serious over time.


The Beast Pact Art had never existed in Jiu Zhou. If the technique could be spread, it would improve the power of its Beast Tamers tremendously!


The Beast Tamers were a minor cultivation faction in the Cultivation World of Jiu Zhou, but compared to other factions, there were a lot more Beast Tamers than, say, Golem Masters. Even Lu Ye technically counted as a Beast Tamer since Amber was his Tamed Beast.


Intelligent and tameable Spirit Beasts were extremely useful especially during the early stages of one’s cultivation. They could fight alongside their tamers and be used as mounts. Plenty of cultivators carried at least one Tamed Beast with them when they were weak.


Unfortunately, just like all other minor cultivation factions, Beast Tamers were considered a minor cultivation faction because they rarely produced champions. Beast Tamers relied on their Spirit Beasts to be strong, and there were few things they loved more than raising powerful Spirit Beasts and commanding them in battle. As a result, most of their cultivation resources were spent on their Spirit Beasts rather than themselves. This meant that they were neglecting their own growth for their Spirit Beast’s. Generally speaking, the Beast Tamers of Jiu Zhou commanded between ten to thirty Spirit Beasts. 


Lu Ye once fought a Beast Tamer in the Scroll of Supremacy battles. The Beast Tamer himself was a joke, but the five Spirit Beasts he commanded were quite powerful. Still, they weren’t enough to stop Lu Ye, so he died as soon as Lu Ye broke through the defense line and reached him.


In Lu Ye’s opinion, cultivators should always focus on cultivating themselves. Spirit Beasts were powerful supports at best!


Before he read the Beast Pact Art, Lu Ye thought that the Beast Tamers of the Myriad Beast Domain were more or less the same as their Jiu Zhou counterparts. It wasn’t until he studied the technique that he realized that he was wrong.


As it turned out, there was a reason Beast Taming became the primary cultivation faction in the Myriad Beasts Domain. In fact, every cultivation faction theoretically had a place in the world given the right circumstances. While the Beast Tamers of the Myriad Beasts Domain also tamed, raised and fought alongside their Spirit Beasts, their focus was on the cultivator, not the Spirit Beasts!


There wasn’t a single Beast Tamer in the Myriad Beast Domain that commanded over a dozen Spirit Beasts. In fact, most of them owned only one Spirit Beast, a.k.a their Chosen Beast!

Even the handful who owned more than one Spirit Beast would not keep more than three Spirit Beasts at a time. It was because they did not have the resources or the energy to raise that many Spirit Beasts.


A Chosen Beast was a Spirit Beast whose life and energy were literally connected to the cultivator using a secret technique. They shared both honor and disgrace. If the cultivator lived, then the Chosen Beast lived. If the cultivator died, then the Chosen Beast died as well!


The opposite wasn’t true, however. The cultivator would suffer some backlash if they lost their Chosen Beast, but that was it.


It was a secret technique that was created by cultivators after all. Of course it was more advantageous toward the cultivator.


A Spirit Beast that had just been born was usually chosen to be the Chosen Beast. It was because it was easier to mold its nature at a young age and forge a relationship with them. Only when the cultivator and the Spirit Beast were willing to give up their lives for one another would their life and energy become interconnected. After that, the Spirit Beast would become the cultivator’s Chosen Beast, and a Beast Pact would be formed between them!


After the Beast Pact was created, the cultivator could borrow their Chosen Beast’s strength to strengthen themselves to a certain degree. If they had sufficient trust in one another, they could even subsume the Chosen Beast into the Beast Pact temporarily to drastically increase their strength!


Be it the connection of life and energy or the formation of the Beast Pact, both of them proved that the Way of Beast Taming in the Myriad Beasts Domain focused on the growth of the cultivator, not the Spirit Beast. It was completely different from the Beast Tamers in Jiu Zhou.


If this secret technique could be carried to Jiu Zhou, Lu Ye had good reason to believe that it would revolutionize the whole Way of Beast Taming. No Beast Tamer in their right mind would reject this secret technique as it was powerful enough to push them into the big leagues. Never again would they be called a minor cultivation faction.


Lu Ye was still studying the secret technique when suddenly, a floral scent brushed against his nostrils. He looked up and saw Xia Qianqian standing next to him and bumping him with an elbow, “Hey man, can we renegotiate the terms of our Heavenly Oath? If you don’t mind, I would like to sell this secret technique to the Vault of Providence.”


It was clear she had noticed the importance of the secret technique as well. Without exaggeration, the Beast Pact Art was a technique that could revolutionize and popularize the Way of Beast Taming once and for all. She was sure they would be rewarded handsomely if they sold it to the Vault of Providence, but that wasn’t the main objective. By giving up a secret technique that could revolutionize an entire Way for altruistic purposes, they would earn the Heavens’ favor and attention. She could only imagine how much smoother her cultivation journey would be if the Heavens themselves favored her.


The girls had never encountered such a valuable opportunity until now. Since it was Lu Ye who brought them this opportunity, of course they had to speak to him about it, not to mention that they had just sworn a Heavenly Oath. Selling it now would be breaking the oath and earning the Heavens’ punishment. Also, they would not dare to sell it to the Vault of Providence if Lu Ye rejected the idea.


“How many Contribution Points is it worth?” Lu Ye asked.


Xia Qianqian chuckled. “Don’t be shallow. This is no longer just a matter of Contribution Points. If we sell the Beast Pact Art to the Vault of Providence, we will earn the favor of the Heavens for sure. Do you know what that means? At the very least, your luck will be better than before.”


Now Lu Ye was tempted. As of late, his luck was extraordinary probably because he had obtained the Gift of Providence. If what Xia Qianqian said was true, then selling the secret technique to the Vault of Providence would increase one’s luck.


He wondered which one had a greater effect; the Gift of Providence or the sale of the Beast Pact Art. The answer was probably the Gift of Providence. It was a boon none had received for decades after all.


“Are you sure about this?” Lu Ye asked with a raised eyebrow. His luck was already extraordinary, sure, but who in their right mind would begrudge more luck?


“Do you know how the minor factions in Jiu Zhou came to be?” Xia Qianqian asked before answering her own question, “They all came from Hidden Realms such as the Myriad Beasts Domain. Our minor factions are all major factions in those Cultivation Worlds. The reason our cultivators came to learn them is precisely because someone shared their secret techniques with the world. Our existing Beast Taming faction is no exception. A long time ago, our ancestors shared what they learned from a Hidden Realm with Jiu Zhou and popularized them into all kinds of minor factions.”



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