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Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 466, Life Energy Art

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“There are many secret techniques, cultivation techniques and more that were also spread to Jiu Zhou this way. The reason the Cultivation World of Jiu Zhou is overflowing with all kinds of schools of cultivation is because we have subsumed the essences of countless dead worlds and transformed them into what they are today.”


As a Ninth-Order Cloud River Realm cultivator, Xia Qianqian was more knowledgeable and experienced than Lu Ye in terms of the matter of Jiu Zhou. Lu Ye could not help but pay close attention to her words.


“You should already know this, but an item that could revolutionize an entire faction like this Beast Pact Art is supremely important to our Cultivation World. If we sell it to the Vault of Providence, we will earn the Heavens’ favor and improve our luck. This has been done many times in the past already. 


“Once, there was a cultivator who carried a cultivation technique out of a Hidden Realm and sold it to the Vault of Providence. It eventually resulted in the creation of a whole new cultivation faction. Since then, the cultivator became incredibly lucky. Obviously, he wasn’t so lucky that the world became his oyster so to speak, but everything he set his mind to do had ended in success.


“In conclusion, let’s sell the secret technique, Ye Six! You can have seventy percent of the Contribution Points. The rest of us will be content with just ten percent each!”


As she said, the Contribution Points were secondary. The intangible benefit they would gain from the sale was the true profit of this sale. Still, they had only obtained this opportunity thanks to Lu Ye, so they had no qualms giving up seventy percent of the proceedings to him.


By now, Kitty Shen and Lan Ziyi had stopped cultivating and were staring at him expectantly as well. There were countless cultivators who never earned the Heavens’ favor their whole lives, and now that opportunity was right in front of them. Of course they weren’t willing to give it up unless absolutely necessary.


Lu Ye thought for a moment before nodding. “Okay. But can we do that after we get out of this Hidden Realm?”


Xia Qianqian burst into a grin and slapped a hand on Lu Ye’s shoulder. “Thanks, buddy! From now on, you’re one of my close friends. If you ever run into a crisis on the Cloud River Battlefield, just send me a message, and I’ll do everything in my power to help you!”


Clearly, the woman’s friendship didn’t come cheap…


After that, the three women continued to recuperate while Lu Ye studied the secret technique that would connect his life and energy to Amber’s. As the secret technique was the prerequisite to the Beast Pact Art, it was recorded in the jade slip as well. The technique itself wasn’t too difficult to execute, but its requirement was a different story. Not only di the cultivator and the Tamed Beast have to trust each other unconditionally, they also had to be willing to give up their life for each other!


Was Amber willing to give up its life for Lu Ye? The answer was yes, of course. They had journeyed side by side since both of them were just the dirt on the road, and they had braved many dangerous situations together. They had become an inseparable part of each other’s life since a long time ago, not to mention that there was Yi Yi as well. She was a precious family member to both of them.


For other Spirit Beast and Beast Tamers, the trust requirement was something that would take a long time to nurture. However, Lu Ye and Amber had already met it a long time ago.


The secret technique to connect their life and energy together wasn’t complicated. In fact, Lu Ye saw it as a unique Glyph he had never seen before.


There existed countless Glyphs in the world. Although Lu Ye had obtained many Glyphs from the Tree of Glyphs and read even more from the books, he obviously hadn’t seen all of them.


From Lu Ye’s perspective, the Glyph was neither complex nor difficult to construct. But unlike a conventional Glyph, it could only be constructed using the cultivator and the Tamed Beast’s blood.


Even before the Myriad Beasts Sect was destroyed, there weren’t many people in the sect who could execute this secret technique. It was because Glyphweavers were a rare breed in the Myriad Beasts Domain as well. Usually, they had to depend on the Elders to execute the secret technique.


Of course, this did not apply to Lu Ye. As a Glyphweaver, he could execute the technique himself.


First, Lu Ye placed a container on the floor. Then, he sharpened the Inviolable with Sharp Edge before cutting open his palm, allowing the blood to drip inside the container.


The smell of blood immediately spread throughout the room. The three women shot him a look but ignored him soon after.


After filling up around half of the container, Lu Ye pointed his saber at Amber and motioned for it to come closer. However, the white tiger actually backed away from him and shook his head like a fan.


Amber looked mighty impressive when it unleashed its true self, and in battle it looked like nothing could faze it. In reality, it was terrified of pain…


It was a weakness only Lu Ye and Yi Yi were aware of.


Lu Ye didn’t care for Amber’s rejection, of course. He caught the white tiger’s paw and cut a thin line on its forelimb before it could struggle free. The poor beast immediately let out a pitiful whine as its pupils contracted into pin needles.


Blood dripped profusely from the wound and into the container. Lu Ye let go only when the container was almost full.


Amber immediately withdrew its paw and licked its wound aggressively. From time to time, it would shot Lu Ye an annoyed look.


Lu Ye picked up the container and gave it a little shake so that their blood would mingle as one. Then, he left the room and asked the Great Elder for herbs. The old man was currently resting in the courtyard as well.


The Great Elder figured out what Lu Ye was planning immediately. “Are you planning to execute the Life Energy Art, Young Master?”


The items Lu Ye was asking weren’t especially precious in the Myriad Beasts Domain because they didn’t have many uses. They could only be used to refine Spirit Pills or execute the Life Energy Art.


Lu Ye nodded, and the Great Elder offered, “Do you need my assistance?”


“It’s okay. I can do it myself.”


The Great Elder advised, “I’m aware you wish to regain your strength as soon as possible. I’m also aware that your little fella is smarter than most Spirit Beasts. However, the technique will not succeed unless the two of you trust each other unconditionally. If you do not succeed, please do not take it to heart.”


In his opinion, Lu Ye’s Chosen Beast had just perished not long ago. Although he managed to tame an intelligent Spirit Beast, it was extremely unlikely he would succeed in executing the Life Energy Art. How long had it been since his Young Master procured the Spirit Beast? A few days? Hours, even? There was no way their relationship had grown to the point where they were willing to sacrifice their lives for each other, not to mention that he didn’t know that his Young Master knew the Life Energy Art.


However, he was just a servant, and Lu Ye the Young Master and final hope of the Myriad Beasts Sect. The most he could do was to advise against this course of action in a roundabout manner.


“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing,” Lu Ye assured before walking back to the house.


Lu Ye dropped the herbs he obtained from the Great Elder into the container and began blending them manually. The bright red blood looked even redder than before.


When everything was ready, Lu Ye finally channeled his Spiritual Power into the blended blood, and began constructing Glyph: Life Energy in the air.


The Glyph was made up of several hundred Yin and Yang elements, but Lu Ye did not find it difficult to construct at all. After all, he was good enough to construct even Glyph: Void, a Glyph that was made up of over three thousand Yin and Yang elements. This was why he had succeeded at the first try.


All the ingredients in the container were used up when the Glyph was fully constructed. At first glance, the Glyph resembled a taichi diagram in the sense that it was also a circle that was made up of two matching counterparts.


Lu Ye glanced at Amber, and the white tiger immediately moved closer to the Glyph. Lu Ye sat down on the opposite side before activating the Glyph.


Red light immediately washed over the room. It was such an impressive sight that the three women opened their eyes to watch as well.


The commotion even alarmed the Great Elder and the other Myriad Beasts Sect cultivators outside the house. They stared worriedly in Lu Ye’s direction, but they could not see through walls and check how the young man was doing, nor was it a good time to enter his room and check on him. Worst case scenario, they might interrupt the process and cause a backlash. They could only wait impatiently for the process to finish.


When the Glyph was activated, strands of red light immediately wrapped around Lu Ye and Amber like living ropes. Lu Ye groaned, and Amber growled at the same time because their blood had grown boiling hot all of a sudden. Right after that, red mist exited their pores and hung around their bodies. It was their vitality.


Amber was in its cat form, but the Life Energy Art forced it to manifest its true self. Luckily, Lu Ye had anticipated this and cleared up some space beforehand. It would’ve been quite the conundrum otherwise.


As more and more vitality poured out of their bodies, everyone felt as if they were choking on blood. Thankfully, this phenomenon only lasted for a couple of seconds before the red mist converged at the space between Lu Ye and Amber.


The ropes of red light wrapped around Lu Ye and Amber began spinning rapidly. Lu Ye felt as if he was losing and gaining vitality rapidly both at the same time. It was as if an indescribable power was drawing out his blood from one end of his body and injecting it into the other. It was a strange sensation to say the least.


As time passed, Lu Ye felt a gradual change transforming his vitality. Not only was it stronger and richer, he felt as if some sort of beastial instinct was mixed in it.


It came from none other than Amber.


The dazzling scene would continue for another dozens of breaths before it finally subsided. As the red light faded, the Glyph: Life Energy also turned blurry and unclear. When it vanished completely, the blood stench that permeated the room also dissipated like never existed.


For a time, Lu Ye and Amber simply stared into each other’s eyes. It was because both man and tiger felt as if their lives had been joined together. They also felt closer than ever before!


Even before the Life Energy Art, Lu Ye could already guess what Amber was thinking thanks to the Bonding Pact. Of course, it was nothing compared to Yi Yi’s bond with Amber. The Ghost Spirit literally knew what the white tiger was thinking at all times.


After the Life Energy Art, Lu Ye still could not hear Amber’s thoughts and interact with it like Yi Yi. However, he felt as if he understood the white tiger much better than before. Their bond had crossed the line of guessing and into actual comprehension.


Amber clearly felt the same thing. It walked up to Lu Ye and rubbed its head against Lu Ye’s face affectionately.


That wasn’t the end of their transformation. Lu Ye abruptly sensed something and pulled open his shirt. When he looked down, he saw the lifelike image of a tiger’s head on his chest. It was as if someone had tattooed a Glyph onto his chest using fresh blood. It looked mighty impressive.


Lu Ye immediately recognized it as the Beast Pact. The Life Energy Art and the Beast Pact Art were separate techniques, and logically speaking the Beast Pact Art could only be cast after the Life Energy Art was executed successfully. But somehow, he had completed both the Life Energy Art and the Beast Pact Art at the same time.


He wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth though.


It was at this moment the Great Elder called out from outside, “Are you okay, Young Master?”


It was clear that the old man had reached the end of his patience. He desperately wanted to know if Lu Ye was doing okay.



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