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Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 467, The Spirit Beasts Attacks

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“I’m fine,” Lu Ye replied before returning his focus back to his transformation.


Lu Ye did not feel particularly changed despite having formed the Life Energy Art and the Beast Pact Art with Amber. He could understand Amber better, and their lives were now as one, but that was it.


That said, Lu Ye had a feeling that he could borrow Amber’s strength in battle if he wanted to. This ability alone was worth the trip to this Hidden Realm.


A while later, Lu Ye exited the house and saw the Great Elder and the old woman waiting for him outside the door.


The Great Elder’s eyes immediately lit up when he saw Lu Ye and Amber. He asked, “Did you do it, Young Master?”


It was clear that he had noticed something. While asking the question, the Great Elder wondered when his Young Master had picked up the Life Energy Art.


“Yeah,” Lu Ye responded before pulling up his shirt. “I have a question, Great Elder. I was only casting the Life Energy Art, so why did the Beast Pact take form as well?”


Amazement bloomed across the Great Elder’s face. “You…”


The old woman’s eyes had widened in shock as well.


“This is not a problem, right?” Although Lu Ye didn’t feel anything wrong with the Beast Pact, he would rather be safe than sorry.


“The Heavens haven’t abandoned the Myriad Beasts Sect after all!” The Great Elder abruptly bellowed as tears streamed down his cheeks. It was such a surprising and unexpected reaction that Lu Ye was paralyzed with uncertainty for a time. Even the old woman was saying, “The Sect Master would’ve been so glad if he could have seen this…”


It wasn’t until they calmed down that Lu Ye finally learned why they had such an outburst.


As it turned out, the Life Energy Art and the Beast Pact Art were really two parts of a whole. It was just that the Myriad Beasts Sect had decided to separate the two secret techniques generations after it was created because it was easier to execute, less susceptible to potentially deadly errors, and allowed for more systematic progress.


However, that didn’t mean the effects of the revised secret technique were better than the original.


The fact that Lu Ye had successfully formed the Life Energy Art and the Beast Pact Art with Amber at the same time meant that they were connected at a level that most Beast Tamers and their Spirit Beasts could not compare to. 


At this level, the Tamed Beast wasn’t just a Chosen Beast anymore. It was a Fated Beast.


The Myriad Beasts Sect had a long history, but only a handful of disciples had ever owned a Fated Beast. Not only that, they were one of, if not the strongest champions of their era. It was thanks to their contribution that the Myriad Beasts Sect ultimately became the greatest sect in the Myriad Beasts Domain.


The Myriad Beasts Sect was destroyed, and Lu Ye’s original Chosen Beast had perished in battle. This was without a doubt the darkest times of their sect. There was light at the end of the tunnel, however. Their Young Master had replaced his Chosen Beast with a Fated Beast. In the two seniors’ opinion, this was the sign that not all hope was lost for the Myriad Beasts Sect, and they might even rise to the top once more once they had survived this crisis. It was no wonder they were as excited as they were.


Lu Ye did not really share their sentiment because he wasn’t a true Beast Tamer. Amber was Amber. All he wanted to know was that the Beast Pact Art would not bring harm to him or Amber. The white tiger could be a normal Spirit Beast, and he would still treat it like family.


Besides, he wasn’t the true Young Master of the Myriad Beasts Sect. He was just a passerby. If Xia Qianqian was right about this world, the true Myriad Beasts Domain and Myriad Beasts Sect were annihilated a long, long time ago. Everything he was experiencing right now was just something the Heavens had recreated to put their cultivators to the test and hone them into greater cultivators.


Suddenly, the ground shook unnaturally. Immediately after that, distorted waves of Spiritual Power washed over their bodies, and screams of battle broke out from every direction.


The Great Elder immediately blanched. He looked like he couldn’t comprehend what was going on. That was not the case for Lu Ye. He knew that the army of Spirit Beasts his group encountered a while ago had finally begun their assault.


The army was the reason they escaped back to Bilandia in the first place. Now that he thought about it, it was about time they made contact with the city.


“Cultivators of the Myriad Beasts Sect, answer me!” A powerful voice abruptly resounded from the sky. A cultivator wearing bright armor and dressed as a general was addressing them from above.


The general’s arrogance immediately angered the Great Elder. The old man was just about to give him a piece of his mind when Lu Ye interjected, “I am the Young Master of the Myriad Beasts Sect. What business do you have, general?”


The general tossed a jade slip into Lu Ye’s hands and answered in a hurried tone, “The Spirit Beasts are attacking the city. Milord commands you to assist the Inferno Battalion in defending the Primus-third wall immediately!”


“What insolence!” The Great Elder could not stop himself from yelling, “Tell Liu Wuzhai to come out and speak with me this instant!”


The general shot the Great Elder a cold look before replying, “Mylord also said that defending the walls is the responsibility of all cultivators residing within Bilandia. Anyone who refuses the responsibility will be executed without mercy.


The Great Elder was going to say more when Lu Ye raised his hand and stopped him. He looked back at the general and said, “Please do not wait on our behalf, general. We shall take our leave immediately!”


The cultivator nodded slightly before flying away probably to deliver the same order to the other cultivators.


The Great Elder remained livid even after the general was gone. He cursed Liu Wuzhai for going too far. Lu Ye was far too precious to risk on the frontlines. 


However, Lu Ye said, “Now is not the time to worry about my safety, Great Elder. Bilandia is the final bastion of humanity. If it falls, then the Myriad Beasts Domain falls as well. We are the ones who came to this city to seek refuge. Now that the city is at stake, it is only right that we repay the favor and defend it, don’t you agree?”


The Great Elder looked at Lu Ye as if he had grown two heads. It was because the Young Master he remembered was a pampered, unreasonable child. In fact, he was the perfect example of a hedonistic son who had far too much power and wealth for his own good. He usually spent day and night fooling around and not cultivating.


The Great Elder’s eyes reddened as he grabbed Lu Ye’s hand and patted it repeatedly. “You’ve grown up, Young Master!”


The Great Elder thought to himself that hardships truly was the medicine that transformed a boy into a man. The rest of the Cloud River Realm cultivators were wearing gladdened expressions as well.


Lu Ye could only smile wryly at their reactions.


The door opened, and the girls came out to join them. They nodded when their eyes met with Lu Ye’s.


Lu Ye immersed his mind into the jade slip to find out where the Primus-third wall was. As it turned out, it was closer than he thought. Liu Wuzhai had probably planned for them to guard this wall from the moment he assigned them to this house.


The group followed behind Lu Ye as they flew toward the Primus-third wall. Wherever they looked, the sky was filled with avian Spirit Beasts. There were so many that they almost blotted out the sun itself.


Countless colorful lights were already exploding all over the place and turning the avian Spirit Beasts into showers of blood and gore. While Bilandia possessed a Grand Ward as a matter of course, it was only activated partially because a full activation would prevent the defenders behind the Grand Ward from attacking the Spirit Beasts as well. Considering that the enemy vastly outnumbered them, it was only a matter of time before the Grand Ward was destroyed.


The only way they might survive this crisis was to kill as many Spirit Beasts as possible while defending. That was why numerous gaps had been opened at strategic locations throughout the grand ward. By funneling the Spirit Beasts into this gap, they could lessen the burden on the Grand Ward and improve their kill efficiency drastically. The cultivators of Bilandia weren’t so dumb that they didn’t understand basic strategy.


The Primus-third wall Lu Ye’s group was assigned to was one of the places where a gap was opened. Right now, countless avian Spirit Beasts were flooding through the gap and attacking every human in sight. The powerless mortals could only hide in the buildings and pray that the cultivators could stop the assault.


Inside the city, many cultivators could be seen flying here and there and hunting down the Spirit Beasts that managed to break through the defense line. Blood rained all over the city like a downpour.


On the walls, the defenders were doing everything in their power to kill the Spirit Beasts that were climbing up the walls. They beat back the tide of flesh and madness again and again. It was utter chaos everywhere.


When Lu Ye and his group arrived at the Primus-third wall, they discovered that the section was already in danger of falling. Many Spirit Beasts had already climbed up to the walls and were tearing into the cultivators with wild abandon. Some people were hurt, some were dead, and some were roaring and fighting with all their might just to stay alive.


Without reinforcements, this wall would’ve been overcome in just a matter of minutes. The defense line would be breached, and the endless horde would quickly overtake the entire city.


The only way to stop this was to close the gap, but that also meant that the grand ward would withstand greater pressure.


One could say that Lu Ye’s group had arrived at the perfect time.


Everyone in the group was a Cloud River Realm cultivator. Their numbers were few, but three of them were Ninth-Order Cloud River Realm cultivators. They were as powerful as they were indispensable in this battle.


As usual, the cultivators kicked off their counterattack with spells and flying weapons first. The flying weapons made a “tut-tut” noise every time they pierced through a Spirit Beast’s flesh. 


Lu Ye had fought many great battles on the Spirit Creek Battlefield, but they were almost child’s play compared to this battle. 


This was a battle with the fate of the entire world at stake. Humanity was already at their last legs, and their enemy, the Spirit Beasts only needed to wipe out Bilandia to achieve total victory. If the cultivators lost this battle, they and everyone else behind them would be killed.


Lu Ye was a cultivator from Jiu Zhou. Personally, he did not think he would truly be able to empathize with the cultivators of the Myriad Beasts Domain even if he was an active participant in it. However, he quickly discovered he was wrong. Not long after he set foot in this battle, he found himself fighting with everything he got. At that moment, it was as if he had truly become the Young Master of the Myriad Beasts Sect, and that he was leading the remnants of his sect against the endless tide in hopes of postponing their extinction even a second longer.


As Lu Ye was the leader of the group, he was supported by Xia Qianqian and the Great Elder. Wherever they went, even Champion-class Spirit Beasts fell to their blades with insulting ease.


Thanks to their efforts, every Spirit Beast that managed to climb onto the walls were slain in short order, and this section of the defense line was no longer in danger of collapsing.


Vitality rolled off Lu Ye’s body like clouds as blood dripped from the Inviolable. Amber was overflowing with vitality as well.


When he formed a Beast Pact with Amber at the beginning, Lu Ye thought that he didn’t feel too different from before. Now that he was fighting though, he could clearly feel the additional energy coursing through his veins.


After their vitality became linked, every attack Lu Ye executed was imbued with a bit of Amber’s strength. Thanks to this, his attacks were stronger and swifter than before!



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