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Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 468, Holding On

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Right after the Beast Pact was formed, Lu Ye already had the feeling that he could borrow strength from Amber. It just wasn’t obvious at the time because they were resting. 


Now, it was clear that it wasn’t just a feeling. He really could empower himself through the Beast Pact.


He wasn’t the only one who was doing this. The Myriad Beasts Sect cultivators were borrowing strength from their Chosen Beasts. It was obvious from the way their vitality mingled together as one.


This was the true power of a Beast Tamer!


To Lu Ye, this benefit was more than welcomed. In the past, Amber rarely had the opportunity to intervene in his battles despite riding on top of his shoulder. It was because he was a lot more powerful than the white tiger. The most Amber could do was to stun his enemies with its roar.


It was different now. Amber could do nothing throughout the whole fight, and it would still be of help to Lu Ye by lending its strength.


Not only that, this was just the beginning of the strength borrowing. When their vitality had mingled to a certain extent, Amber could even temporarily merge with Lu Ye to become a singular, more powerful entity.


He did not expect that to happen anytime soon, of course. He had formed a Beast Pact with Amber less than an hour ago. He was nowhere close to figuring out how to merge with his Chosen—no, Fated Beast.


Lu Ye swung the flame-wreathed Inviolable through a Spirit Beast’s neck and killed it instantly. A blood-drenched cultivator crawled out from beneath the dead creature, straightened his helmet, and gave Lu Ye a nod. “Thank you for the save, fellow cultivator. Who are you people?”


The cultivator Lu Ye saved was obviously a native. He would’ve died if Lu Ye hadn’t acted fast enough.


“We are the Myriad Beasts Sect!”


His eyes lit up when he heard this. “The Myriad Beasts Sect! No wonder you managed to plug the leak so easily!” He then raised his arm and shouted, “Brothers and sisters, our friends from the Myriad Beasts Sect have come to join us! Have courage and keep fighting the enemy! These beasts must not be allowed to break through our defense line!”


“RAAH!” Countless cultivators responded just as loudly.


The man wiped away the blood on his face before asking, “This section of the wall is guarded by my Inferno Battalion, and I am the battalion commander, Fang Zhun. What is your name, fellow cultivator?”


“Ye Six.”


“Well met, Brother Ye Six. Now, we are kinda in a tight spot here, so I shan’t waste anymore time exchanging pleasantries with you. Since you are here, I assume that you’ve received the mobilization order from our lord. I need you and your men to go to that location—” Fang Zhun pointed, “—and protect Howling Thunder and my brothers and sisters. Can you do that?”


Lu Ye looked at the direction he was pointing. He saw a big ward and something that looked like the skull of a Spirit Beast at the center of the ward. He could tell it wasn’t a real skull because it gave off a metallic glint. Whatever the skull was made of, it was probably the Howling Thunder Fang Zhun was referring to.


Right now, seven or eight Inferno Battalion cultivators surrounded the Howling Thunder and were channeling their Spiritual Power into the ward. Judging from their auras, there were both Cloud River Realm cultivators and Spirit Creek Realm cultivators. The ward grew increasingly threatening to his senses as more and more Spiritual Power was injected into it.


As it turned out, Howling Thunder was an offensive ward with a Spirit Artifact as the core. Lu Ye also figured out why it was called Howling Thunder at first glance. He was a ward cultivator. It would be embarrassing if he couldn’t figure out something so obvious.


Howling Thunder was most likely a top grade Spell Artifact or even a Spirit Treasure. Naturally, it would be difficult for any cultivator to activate it alone, especially since the strongest cultivator in the Myriad Beasts Domain was just a Ninth-Order Cloud River Realm cultivator.


Unfortunately, it was also unrealistic to expect multiple cultivators to wield the weapon. It was like having multiple people wielding a single sword. Forget how awkward that would be, the distribution of Spiritual Power alone would be a difficult problem to solve. 


It was a different story if they used wards though. By setting up a ward around Howling Thunder, they could ensure proper power distribution and wield it properly.


Howling Thunder was really a siege weapon, and most cultivators never saw it outside of large-scale battles. The good news was that it functioned as an excellent anti-siege weapon as well.


As Lu Ye watched, a ball of light began forming in front of the weapon. As more and more Spiritual Power was poured into the ward, even a Ninth-Order Cloud River Realm cultivator like Xia Qianqian felt her skin pricking with instinctual fear, and her hair standing on end. 


What this meant was that Howling Thunder was powerful enough to threaten even a champion like Xia Qianqian!


It should not need to be said that Lu Ye felt deeply threatened as well. If the weapon was aimed in his direction, he would be flying away with Soar and Windwalk functioning at max capacity already. 


There was a sudden boom that sounded like the howl of thunder. The entire wall shook, and the ball of light gathering in front of Howling Thunder transformed into a beam of light that stabbed over a kilometer deep into the throng of Spirit Beasts like the sword of the Heavens themselves, lightning crackling the whole time.


It did not matter if the Spirit Beast was Champion-level or not. The beam of light turned them into ashes all the same. 


Ten whole breaths later, the beam of light finally faded into nothing. It wasn’t until much later that the Spirit Beasts filled up the massive hole it left behind.


For a time, Lu Ye was completely speechless. This was the first time he’d seen the weapon in action, but he could already tell that it wasn’t something any Cloud River Realm cultivator could endure. The one strike had taken out hundreds of Spirit Beasts, and it only took seven or eight cultivators to perform the feat.


The Howling Thunder he was seeing wasn’t unique in the sense that similarly powerful anti-siege weapons had been installed in every section of the wall. Of course, their firepower varied greatly as well. Regardless, they were all powerful weapons capable of dishing out an insane amount of damage.


After Howling Thunder had fired its payload, its cultivators immediately sat on the floor and focused on recovering their strength as much as possible. The attack was powerful, but it also took a lot of energy out of them.


That was why Fang Zhun had requested Lu Ye and the Myriad Beasts Sect cultivators to protect them. Both the weapon and the cultivators needed to be protected at all times.


“I got it. We promise that we will keep them safe!” Lu Ye replied with a nod.


“I trust you!” Fang Zhun saluted Lu Ye respectfully before raising his Spirit Artifact and throwing himself back into battle.


The Myriad Beasts Sect cultivators were already fighting alongside the Inferno Battalion cultivators and assisting in the defense effort. As for Lu Ye, he summoned the three women to his side before leaving to protect the Howling Thunder and its cultivators.


Lu Ye was going all out. All nine of his flying weapons were up and killing while he ran all over the place to cut down any Spirit Beast who dared to climb onto the walls. From time to time, he would unleash a Fire Phoenix Technique and blast the avian Spirit Beasts to kingdom come as well.


Of the four of them, Xia Qianqian was the one who killed the most Spirit Beasts not just because her cultivation level was the highest, but also because she was a spell cultivator. Every time she cast a powerful spell, an entire swathe of Spirit Beasts would be turned into ashes. She even had the time to produce her identity pass and check how many battle points she had earned. One look at the grin on her face was all Lu Ye needed to see to know that the answer was a lot.


For the cultivators of the Myriad Beasts Domain, this was the battle that determined whether they could continue existing in this Cultivation World. But for the cultivators of Jiu Zhou, this was just a golden opportunity to earn as many battle points as possible. After all, the more battle points they gained, the more Amulets they could exchange for at the quartermaster department. Lu Ye himself could attest to how addicting it felt to boost his cultivation level using an Amulet.


Lu Ye’s killing efficiency and speed were much slower than Xia Qianqian’s, but that was only natural considering that their cultivation level was seven minor realms apart. But what Lu Ye lacked in power, he made up for with a vast set of skills. He could kill enemies remotely with his flying weapons, cast powerful spells that destroyed large groups of enemies, and even fight powerful Spirit Beasts at close range all at the same time.


Lan Ziyi wasn’t doing poorly either. She only had one flying weapon, but it was insanely powerful. Combined with her longswords and her fighting style, she was killing multiple Spirit Beasts almost every second or so.


Kitty Shen was currently doubting her whole life right now. She was already desensitized to Lu Ye’s abnormal strength as he was the man who dared to invade an Arcane Glade alone and practically dominate multiple cultivators who were several minor realms above his level. It was impossible to judge him by normal standards. She had no doubt that he was an extremely accomplished ranker on the Scroll of Supremacy before he entered the Cloud River Battlefield as he was on par with the average Fourth or Fifth-Order Cloud River Realm cultivator despite just being a Second-Order.


But what about Lan Ziyi? How was she, a Second-Order cultivator, performing as well as she, a Fifth-Order cultivator? She wasn’t THAT weak, was she?


Kitty Shen could not help but feel a bit depressed. She was a top fifty Spirit Creek Realm ranker as well, but she could not even hold a candle to these two…


And so the cultivators of the Myriad Beasts Sect and Inferno Battalion worked together to defend the entire section of the wall. It wasn’t long before everyone was positively soaked in blood.


The carcasses beneath the walls had piled up as high as hills by this point. It felt like they were breathing blood, not air.


Despite the one-sided massacre, the Spirit Beasts kept coming as if they didn’t know death. They continued to climb up the walls or fly over it.


These crazed Spirit Beasts only had one goal, and that was to kill every Human in the entire world.


This was a Cultivation World where Beast Tamers were its strongest cultivators. Naturally, the Spirit Beasts vastly outnumbered the Humans even before the sickness had spread. That was why the crazed Spirit Beasts not only succeeded in defeating the Humans, but also conquering most of the lands until Bilandia was their only remaining bastion.


The Section Jia-Three wall wasn’t doing so hot. It was the same for the other walls.


That said, Bilandia was the city where the remaining Humans of the entire Cultivation World were gathered. Faced with the threat of extinction, even the most uncooperative sects were able to set down their differences and work together to fight against the Spirit Beasts. Therefore, Bilandia wasn’t going to fall in the short term no matter what.



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