Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 60, Gathering Spirits


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Lu Ye had already filled his 21st Spiritual Point to the brim during the day. Therefore, he only needed to penetrate the barrier of his 22nd Spiritual Point to be one step closer to the Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm. However, he did not consume the Barrier Penetrating Fruit even though it had the miraculous effect of penetrating the barriers around the Spiritual Points.


According to his estimation, the Barrier Penetrating Fruit was likely to be something very precious. He only took the Spirit Fruit previously because he had been in a hurry to advance into the First Order Spirit Creek Realm. Seeing as he had enough Spirit Restoring Pills at the moment and could achieve the same results with a little more time, he did not wish to waste the Barrier Penetrating Fruit on something like this.


Instead, he wanted to preserve these two Spirit Fruits and wait until the time was right to consume them so that he could make the most of them. Besides, the Spiritual Power in his body nowadays was incomparable to how it had been in the beginning. Breaking through the barriers of his Spiritual Points had become much easier for him.


The entire process took less than two hours. He successfully broke through the barrier of his 22nd Spiritual Point and allowed a trickle of Spiritual Power to flow into it. Afterward, he continued to cultivate for a while. It was not until he completely digested the remaining Pill Power that he finally stopped cultivating.


Three days had passed since the last time he inspected the Spiritual Pattern on the leaves of the Skill Tree. He had planned to investigate the third burning leaf tonight to see what kind of Spiritual Pattern it carried.


Despite mentally preparing himself for what was to come, he still felt a little reluctant when he was about to do this. It was mainly because the experience was simply too unpleasant. Be that as it may, it was something that he needed to experience sooner or later. Dragging it out would only make it worse. Therefore, he resolutely focused his mind and ‘looked’ at the Skill Tree in his Source Spiritual Point.


The burning leaf was rapidly enlarged. Following that, the complicated and intricate pattern on the leaf filled his vision and his mind in an instant. At the same time, the feeling that somebody was smashing his head in with a sledgehammer came again. His brains were pried open, a large amount of unknown information poured into his head, and then everything was vigorously mixed together…


A long while later, he finally opened his eyes and gasped for breath. Beside him, the tiger lifted its head to look at him. Similarly, Yi Yi stood beside the bed and looked at him worriedly. It was fortunate that they had already experienced a similar occurrence three days ago, so this incident did not shock her as much anymore.


Afterward, Lu Ye immersed his mind once more and studied the information that had been added into his brain. Gathering Spirits! That was the name of the Spiritual Pattern carried on the third leaf.


[The first Spiritual Pattern is offence-based, the second Spiritual Pattern is defence-based, and now, the third pattern is support-based?]


The function of this Spiritual Pattern was easily understood just by looking at the name alone. It was used to gather Spiritual Qi. Thus, he activated his Spiritual Power and constructed this Spiritual Power on the palm of his hand. The moment the complicated and intricate Spiritual Pattern appeared, all the World Spiritual Qi in the room gathered toward the palm of his hand. Even the World Spiritual Qi outside the room was pulled toward him and came pouring into the room.


He waited for some time and discovered that the World Spiritual Qi in the room did not seem to have changed much. It might be that the Spiritual Pattern he constructed was neither large enough nor lasted long enough. If he could construct a Spiritual Pattern that could cover the room or even the entire Trade Association, then the effect of gathering the World Spiritual Qi would probably be very outstanding.


Putting aside whether or not his Spiritual Power could support such a large Spiritual Pattern, it was meaningless even if he did do something like that. His body was unable to absorb Spiritual Qi effectively. It did not matter how dense the Spiritual Qi around him was, it would still be of little use to him.


[Trash!] He cursed in his heart, feeling disappointed.


Both Sharp Edge and Protection could provide great help to him in battle, so he had been looking forward to the third Spiritual Pattern. Disappointingly, it turned out to be such a useless Spiritual Pattern. Nevertheless, the consumption of the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern was very small compared to Sharp Edge and Protection. For a Spiritual Pattern of the same size, the consumption of Gathering Spirits was only 10% of Protection’s. Moreover, it seemed like it could be maintained for a long time.


Be it Sharp Edge or Protection, the duration they could be maintained was very short. That was why he had to grasp the perfect timing when using them in battle. It was possible to maintain them for a long time, but the consumption of his Spiritual Power would increase. In this regard, Gathering Spirits was different. It would also replenish itself while gathering the World Spiritual Qi. In that way, it would continue operating forever once it was activated, unless he actively dispersed the Spiritual Pattern.


Thinking about it this way, it was not completely useless after all. If he could construct a large enough Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern in the base of a Sect, then the World Spiritual Qi in that base would become more and more dense over time.


Meanwhile, Yi Yi was staring at this scene in shock. She had personally witnessed Lu Ye casually constructing an unknown Spiritual Pattern that night three days ago and she was seeing it again tonight. More importantly, they were completely different Spiritual Patterns. Although she was not sure what the Spiritual Pattern three days ago was used for, the Spiritual Pattern this time obviously had the effect of gathering the World Spiritual Qi.


[Just who on Earth is this guy? His cultivation is not high, but his research in Spiritual Patterns is so thorough… This is something that takes up a lot of time and energy after all. From the looks of it, he really is related to some bigshot in a major Sect…]


The more she thought about it, the stranger her thoughts became. Even so, she was smart. There were some things that should never be questioned, so she simply pretended not to know about them.


Lu Ye was very grateful for her consideration in this regard. Otherwise, he would have had to re-consider whether to continue their cooperative relationship.


On the other hand, Lu Ye had already dispelled the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern. He took off his shirt, picked up his long knife, and began practising his slashing. The tiger had no choice but to curl up in the corner to avoid being accidentally injured…


Stroke after stroke, he slashed away seriously.


Soon, the night passed and dawn came. Lu Ye exited the third floor and came to the main hall on the first floor. He sought out one of the Trade Association’s managers and sold two pieces of Yuan Metal ore to the other party.


He currently had another 14 pieces of the Yuan Metal ore. Each of them was relatively large and the largest one of them all was the size of a washbasin. Be that as it may, he did not trade too much, lest he met somebody like Lin Ru Yin again. In any case, he would come across many more branch offices of the Divine Trade Association during his journey. He planned to slowly sell off the mineral ores in his possession to reduce some of the risks.


If not for the fact that he was in a hurry to purchase a 10-point map before he left Green Cloud City No.3, he would not have taken the risk to sell off more than 10 pieces of Yuan Metal ore at once. Those kinds of actions would cause him to be targeted very quickly.


The two pieces of Yuan Metal ore were exchanged for 103 Spirit Stones. This time around, he did not purchase any Spirit Restoring Pills but kept the spirit Stones instead. He currently had more than enough Spirit Restoring Pills to last him until he advanced into the Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm, so there was no need to keep accumulating them. As for the Spirit Stones… He needed a large amount of Spirit Stones for something else.


Lu Ye had only just walked out of the Trade Association when a male cultivator with a pointed mouth and pinched face greeted him with a smile. “Hello, Fellow Cultivator!”


He frowned and stared at the man. At the same time, the tiger next to him stepped forward and let out a threatening growl.


The smile on the male cultivator’s face stiffened and he involuntarily took several steps back. “Please calm down, Fellow Cultivator. I don’t have any malicious intentions. I simply wish to speak to you about business-related matters.”


Lu Ye glanced at the aura around this person and confirmed that the other party was only in the Second-Order Spirit Creek Realm. Not to mention, the purity of the other party’s aura was below average. It was easy to tell that this person was not that strong.


The male cultivator felt his scalp going numb with fear when he saw both Lu Ye and the tiger glaring at him, but he forced himself to smile. “I really only want to speak to you about a business-related matter.”


“Move aside!” Lu Ye spoke in a quiet voice. His hand was pressed against the hilt of his knife as he led the tiger forward.


That person hurriedly stepped to the side but did not give up. He probably believed that Lu Ye would not do anything to him here. Thus, he chased after Lu Ye while saying, “Fellow Cultivator! I have a set of auxiliary cultivation techniques that can help boost your cultivation. If you use these cultivation techniques, your cultivation efficiency will be doubled at the very least! It’s suitable for people with cultivation like yours. Are you interested in buying?”




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