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Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 71, Casual Demonstration of Ability

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As a newcomer who had only been in the Spirit Creek Battlefield for approximately three months, it was only natural that Lu Ye was clueless about the social rules in this place. Nevertheless, the light coming from the Battlefield Imprint would make things more convenient for him.


At this moment, he and Amber were hiding at a spot behind the four people from Mystic Sect. They were approximately 100 metres away from the opposing party. However, the distance was gradually shortening as the four people from Mystic Sect continued to retreat.


The burly man was becoming increasingly more injured as time went on. Thus, the situation was becoming more and more disadvantageous for these four people from Mystic Sect. Seeing that the burly man could not hold out for much longer, the other Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master beside him shouted, “Die, all of you!”


While speaking, he took out a Spirit Talisman Paper that was shining with a golden light and drew upon his Spiritual Power to activate the Spirit Talisman Paper. A golden disc flowing with Spiritual Patterns that was about the size of a wash basin immediately appeared in front of him.


This was the Golden Wheel Talisman Paper that Lu Ye had once used against a pack of wolves when he first entered the Spirit Creek Battlefield. This Spirit Talisman Paper was not as powerful as the Fiery Snake Talisman Paper in terms of strength, but it lasted much longer. At that time, Lu Ye had used this Spirit Talisman Paper to repel the wolf pack that had been surrounding him.


When a golden light flashed brilliantly, a golden half-moon-shaped slash swept out from the disc with the sound of something slicing through the air. A Spirit Talisman Paper was extremely expensive for a low-level cultivator. Even so, every one of them would carry one or two as a trump card to get them out of difficult situations as long as they were financially capable of doing so.


The moment that person shot out the Golden Wheel Talisman Paper, the Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master from Nine Star Clan immediately took a step back. His cultivation might be the highest among these people, but even he did not dare to arbitrarily take on the attack of a Golden Wheel Talisman Paper. That was simply seeking death.


Then, he immediately took out a palm-sized circular shield from the Storage Bag hanging from his waist and brought it up in front of him. At the same time, his two other companions raised their hands and each pressed a hand on the shield, and the three of them simultaneously poured their Spiritual Power into it. Following that, the palm-sized shield instantly became the size of a table that stood in front of all three of them.


Numerous golden half-moon-shaped slashes slammed into the shield with a booming sound. The force of impact caused the three people from Nine Star Clan to stagger backward repeatedly. Various slash marks of different depths appeared on the surface of the shield. Be that as it may, it was obvious that the attacks of the Golden Wheel Talisman Paper could not penetrate the defenses of the shield. That shield was a defensive Spirit Artifact.


Consequently, the four people from Mystic Sect began to wallow deeper and deeper in despair…


The golden disc formed from the Golden Wheel Talisman Paper slowly dissipated. Thus, the Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master from Nine Star Clan put away the shield with a sullen look. “You won’t even get to wish you were dead now!”


Although his defensive Spirit Artifact had managed to block his opponent’s attack, it had been severely damaged. He did not know how many Spirit Stones he would need to spend in order to repair it, which upset him so much that his heart was practically bleeding. Raising the weapon in his hand, he was about to charge forward when he glanced at something behind the four people from Mystic Sect in astonishment.


At the same time, the four people from Mystic Sect also noticed an anomaly. Somebody was charging toward them at an extremely high speed from behind. Before they could even look behind, a shadowy figure had already passed over their heads.


In the next moment, a completely snow-white tiger appeared in their field of vision. Moreover, there was a young man in black riding on the tiger’s back…


[A white tiger and a young man…] In that instant, all seven cultivators present immediately realized who that person was.


Lu Ye pressed his hand against the hilt of his knife, leaping off the back of the tiger. His gaze was fixed on the Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master. His long knife slid out of its sheath and came slashing downward, aiming for the opponent’s neck.


The Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master was not slow to react. He instantly discerned Lu Ye’s cultivation the moment the other party turned up. [Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master. Sure enough, it’s exactly as Senior Brother Cao had guessed.]


His cultivation was one Realm higher than Lu Ye’s, so he was not afraid of the incoming attack. The weapon in his hand came up before him to block the menacing attack.


It was just that Lu Ye had the advantage of a pre-emptive strike. Combined with the momentum of his attack, the force of impact caused Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master’s body to stagger slightly.


Before the other party could recover his strength, Lu Ye had already stabbed forward while his body was still in mid-air.


This attack was extremely tricky, so the Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master had a difficult time trying to defend against it. Nevertheless, he was a ruthless man. He immediately activated his Spiritual Power to protect the place where the knife would land while simultaneously chopping at Lu Ye’s neck with the weapon in his hand.


A Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master and a Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master might only be one Realm apart, but there was a huge gap in strength. That was because the number of Spiritual Points that a Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master had to unlock would increase considerably. That was why this person assumed that Lu Ye’s attack would only injure him slightly. His Spiritual Power defense was not for show after all. On the other hand, he was certain that Lu Ye’s head would go rolling if his attack landed.


Thinking about the 1,000 Spirit Stones reward, he felt his blood boiling with excitement. [With so many Spirit Stones, I can definitely cultivate until I reach either the Sixth-Order Spirit Creek Realm or the Seventh-Order Spirit Creek Realm!]


There was a tearing sound as the long knife sliced through his chest. An intense wave of pain shattered his fantasy. What shocked him even more was that his sure-kill attack had failed to injure Lu Ye in the slightest. Just as his weapon was about to touch Lu Ye’s neck, he vaguely felt something flashing for an instant and blocking his attack.


Meanwhile, Lu Ye jumped over him and slashed out at his opponent’s neck again. The sharp blade sliced through his opponent’s neck like slicing through tofu. The other party’s Spiritual Power defense was no more than a decoration. Following that, a head flew off and blood gushed out from his opponent’s neck.


Lu Ye tumbled to the ground, a stream of blood spurting out from his waist area. It was an injury inflicted upon him by one of the other Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters when he was unguarded. Fortunately, the injury was not serious. It was only a flesh wound at most.


At the time, he had to activate the Protection Spiritual Pattern to defend against the lethal attack coming from the Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master. That was why he had been unable to defend against the other attack and could only use his Spiritual Power defense to block. It was lucky that his Spiritual Power was pure enough so the defense had been fairly effective.


The changes that occurred in the blink of an eye left all four people from Mystic Sect completely dumbfounded. They originally thought that they were going to die. Who could have known that a young man riding the back of a tiger would come rushing out from behind? Moreover, that person had killed the enemy Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master as soon as he appeared.


They were shocked, but Lu Ye did not stop there. The moment he landed on the ground, dust flew up again as he lunged at the Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master who stabbed him.


The other party was clearly in shock over his companion’s death and could only lift his sword by instinct to block Lu Ye’s frontal attack. To his dismay, the longsword broke the moment their weapons came into contact! Not every low-level cultivator would have a Spirit Artifact, and only a Spirit Artifact could withstand an attack from the long knife blessed with the Sharp Edge. An ordinary weapon was completely helpless against it.


The sharp blade came slashing down on the bridge of his nose, slicing open his face, and ripping a 30-centimeter-long wound from his chest down to his abdomen. Blood and internal organs burst out together. Only then did the man scream in agony.


On the other hand, Lu Ye raised his hand again and cut the other party down. That was the second one!


The remaining Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master was currently struggling against Amber. When Lu Ye came charging in on Amber, he had immediately targeted the Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master. In contrast, Amber had pounced upon one of the Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters. Sadly, it was no match for its opponent and was cut up so badly that its ferocious roar rang out loudly and repeatedly.


However, the situation changed when Lu Ye joined the fight. They were both in the Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm, but Lu Ye’s combat power was significantly higher than the other party’s. Combined with the tiger’s cooperation from the side, the two of them immediately made short work of their opponent in a matter of seconds. Still feeling frustrated, Amber even broke the other party’s neck in one bite. Warm blood spattered all over its head and face, causing it to seem even more terrifying than ever.


The intense battle subsided. All three people from the Nine Star Clan were dead. Even so, the entire battle had only taken approximately 10 seconds or so in total. It happened so quickly that the four people from Mystic Sect had yet to return to their senses.



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