Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 82, Every Dog Has Its Day


Translator: Asuka

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


Inside the gorge, Lu Ye and Luo Ji, who had little Spiritual Power left, started competing against one another using talisman papers. As these different talisman papers were activated, lights of different colours expanded.


The noises reverberated the place and attracted the attention of the cultivators from two nearby Sects. Upon seeing what was going on from afar, no one dared to go over. There was no way they could butt in on such an intense battle. If they were not careful enough, they’d be dragged into the battle and get killed.


A Fifth-Order cultivator might be able to interfere in this battle. However, there were not many Fifth-Order cultivators in either Sect to begin with. Since the war started, the Fifth-Order cultivators from both Sects had been clamping down on each other in Split Sky Gorge, so none of them were able to go away. That was the reason Lu Ye hadn’t come across any Fifth-Order cultivators in the past few days.


It was already morning at the moment. Lu Ye panted heavily as he had never expected that the battle would lead him to end up in such a state. Nevertheless, the dawn of hope was right before his eyes because he realised that his enemy had no more talisman papers for attacks.


That wasn’t surprising because Luo Ji was a spell cultivator who had mastered some low-rank Spell Techniques. The spells he was able to cast were more powerful than ordinary talisman papers. Therefore, he had fewer than ten offensive talisman papers with him. Most of his talisman papers were for defence.


After an intense battle with Lu Ye, he had used up all of his offensive talisman papers, which made him feel humiliated. He was taught that a spell cultivator shouldn’t even use talisman papers because that was a sign of incompetence, but now, he would rather be called imcompetent than get killed by a reckless guy.


Seeing as Lu Ye was charging towards him with a sword, he felt horrified and immediately turned around to flee. However, he could hear that Lu Ye was getting closer to him. Turning his head, he realised that Lu Ye was riding on the snow white tiger again.


[How shameless!] he secretly cursed. At the same time, he barked, “Stop running after me. Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson!”


Certainly, Lu Ye wouldn’t care about such a laughable threat as the tiger charged forward at a greater speed.


“You’re forcing me to do it!” Luo Ji said through clenched teeth. Upon whirling around to face Lu Ye, he fished out something from his Storage Bag.


Lu Ye had no idea what Luo Ji had taken out, but the latter’s posture made him feel that he was in danger. While he was in his thoughts, Luo Ji had tossed the thing at him. Upon closer look, he realised that it was a square seal the size of a palm. The seal was translucent and white, but it wasn’t certain what material it was made from.


However, the next instant, he felt a chill running down his spine as the petite seal expanded to be as large as a table before coming at Amber.


An agile Amber changed its direction and dodged the seal with Lu Ye on its back. With a loud boom, a 60-centimetres deep pit appeared on the ground where the seal landed. Following that, the ground seemed to be shaking.


Lu Ye’s eyelids twitched when he saw that. This thing must be an incredible artifact. If he and Amber were struck by it earlier, they would’ve become mashed meat. Amber attempted to bring Lu Ye to pounce on Luo Ji. However, even though the seal was large, it was actually dextrous. It repeatedly fell from the sky as the tiger dodged it with difficulty. There were times when they almost got struck by it.


“Run!” Lu Ye, who was on Amber’s back, yelled. Knowing that the situation wasn’t in their favor, the tiger turned around and fled from the scene with Lu Ye.


“Where do you think you’re going?” A relentless Luo Ji put on a frenzied grin. “Wasn’t it fun racing after me? Come fight with me, reckless brat!”


The situation had flipped around. Earlier, it was Lu Ye who was racing after Luo Ji, but now, it was Luo Ji who was trying to kill Lu Ye. It could be said that every dog had its day, and no one could always be on the lucky side.


*Boom! Boom! Boom!* Every time the seal landed, the ground would tremble, which caused the rocks to scatter everywhere. This artifact was supposed to be Luo Ji’s trump card. He hadn’t used it earlier because he was confident of his capabilities, and it also had something to do with his pride. However, after he was pushed over the edge by Lu Ye, he broke free from his psychological restraints. Since he had used talisman papers, it made no difference to also use an artifact.


The speed at which the seal landed became increasingly faster. The huge impact made it difficult for Amber to flee. Eventually, the tiger fell to the ground upon impact. The seal immediately hovered above it and shaded the Sunlight. Hurriedly, Amber got to its feet, but it was too late. At the most critical moment, Lu Ye activated his Spiritual Power, which was running low, and formed a defensive Spiritual Pattern to protect the tiger and him.


As the seal landed, the Spiritual Pattern only lasted for a short moment before it fell apart. Following that, the second layer of defense took shape and broke apart again. Then, the third one appeared. Finally, he managed to shut out the seal. After just a moment of deadlock, the light around the seal dimmed as it shrunk to its original size. Then, all its light went out.


Lu Ye raised his hand to grab the seal, but he missed the target because his hand was trembling violently from exhaustion. The seal landed on his head and caused a bump on it, but fortunately, the seal had lost all its power. Following a laugh from a distance, the seal whooshed back into Luo Ji’s hand.


Presently, they were about 100 meters apart. A sloven Luo Ji leaned against a boulder and stared at Lu Ye with a laugh, as though he had won the battle. There were countless holes on the ground in the gorge they were in. The repercussions of the battle had died down, but the battle was far from over.


Lu Ye got to his feet with difficulty as he dragged his feet towards Luo Ji, which wiped the smile off the latter’s face. However, after taking just a few steps forward, he collapsed to the ground and made the dust rise.


Seeing that, Yi Yi dashed towards him and helped him up. As their eyes met, she looked inquisitively at Lu Ye, who shook his head slowly. Seeing as Luo Ji was in a terrible state, Yi Yi intended to join forces with Amber and get rid of their enemy for good.


Nevertheless, Lu Ye felt that even though Luo Ji looked like he was on his last legs, he might still be able to use one to two spells. It was difficult to deal with his big seal as well. Lu Ye had used three Spiritual Patterns earlier, but he still almost couldn’t ward off the seal, not to mention that Amber and Yi Yi were much weaker than he was. If they were struck by the seal, they would immediately lose their lives.


There was no doubt that Luo Ji was a wicked man, which was evident in what he had done during the battle. Such a man wouldn’t really have exhausted himself when he was fully aware that Lu Ye had two helpers. Lu Ye even suspected that even if he walked up to Luo Ji, he still couldn’t kill him. He was the one who was really on his last legs.


From a distance, Luo Ji observed them with a cold gaze. Seeing as Yi Yi and Amber didn’t seize the chance to kill him, there seemed to be a tinge of disappointment behind his gaze, but at the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief. Just like what Lu Ye had expected, even though he seemed to have used up his power, he wouldn’t mind showing Yi Yi and Amber the heritage of a disciple from a top Sect if they dared to come near him.


The present outcome was the best as he didn’t need to use his last bit of power to deal with two insignificant helpers. Raising his head, he yelled at Lu Ye, “After I take a rest for a bit, I’ll definitely kill you!”




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