Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 83, Goodwill From Mystic Sect


Translator: Asuka

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


In the station of Nine Star Clan, Cao Ye and Dong Shu Ye were waiting together. On the previous night, they had learned that Luo Ji and Mountain Tiger had traded moves. One of them was a Second-Order cultivator while the other was a Third-Order cultivator. However, their battle was as violent as that between two Fifth-Order cultivators.


Then, they were shocked to learn that Luo Ji, whom they had high hopes of, wasn’t able to settle their enemy quickly. Instead, he and Lu Ye had fallen into a deadlock. Lu Ye indeed lived up to his name as a disciple from a top Sect. It wasn’t so easy to kill him. If it was just a normal grudge between them, those from Nine Star Clan would’ve let him off. However, they must get revenge for their Young Master, so they could only wait. Just then, Dong Shu Ye’s expression changed.


“Is there any outcome?” Cao Ye asked anxiously.


“No. It’s that bitch who works for Wang Yang. She has left the Mystic Sect’s station.” 


“Is she going to deal with Luo Ji?” Cao Ye’s heart sank.


“I don’t know, but we can’t rule out that possibility. You’ll have to go over.”


At that, Cao Ye’s face twitched. Although both of them were Sixth-Order cultivators, he was no match for that woman. Every time he traded moves with her, he would end up getting beaten up. This couldn’t be helped, as he was a body tempering cultivator while that woman was a spell cultivator, which was why she was naturally at an advantage. In the past two years, they had battled against one another several times, but he’d always end up getting assaulted.


Therefore, he wasn’t willing to face that maidservant called Xiao Zhu. However, since Dong Shu Ye had said so, he had no choice but to execute the order. [Well, I’ll just get beaten up one more time.] With this thought in this mind, he strode out of the place with a resolute expression on his face.


Dong Shu Ye watched him leave and heaved a sigh.



Presently, Chu Tian was taking a rest with other Junior Brothers and Sisters in a hidden place. Just then, a woman with two buns on her head shuffled towards them. Seeing her, Chu Tian hurriedly greeted her by saying, “Senior Sister Xiao Zhu.”


Xiao Zhu walked over and asked, “How is it going?” She was asking about Lu Ye instead of Chu Tian and the others.


Since those from Nine Star Clan could find out that Lu Ye and Luo Ji were in an intense battle, those from Mystic Sect could do that as well. Therefore, everyone was aware that these two disciples, who were from some of the top great forces, were in a life-and-death battle. Still reeling from the shock, Chu Tian replied, “Their brains almost spurted out. Senior Sister Xiao Zhu, those two can’t even be considered Humans!”


“Who has got the upper hand?” Xiao Zhu questioned.


Chu Tian shook his head. “They’re equally matched. Sometimes, one would race after the other one, and the next instant, it’d become the other way round.”


“Have they been battling against one another since last night?” Xiao Zhu furrowed her brows.


“They don’t keep fighting all the time. Sometimes, they’d take a break to recuperate, but they’d soon get into a scuffle again.” Chu Tian had apparently gathered quite some information.


“Their restorative powers…” Xiao Zhu was astounded. For cultivators in the Second-Order and the Third-Order, their restorative powers were unbelievable. Most people couldn’t last for such a long time in a battle. “Where are they?” she asked.


After Chu Tian pointed out the direction for her, she started striding forward. A moment later, Lu Ye and Luo Ji, who were in an intense battle, vigilantly turned to look in a particular direction at the same time.


This had been a maniacal battle as both of them were on their last legs. After taking a rest for about two hours to restore their energy, Luo Ji was the first one to launch an attack and ignited the second round. However, this time, they didn’t use any talisman papers because they had no more offensive talisman papers left. They only had some defensive talisman papers.


On the other hand, Luo Ji also never activated the big seal again because that would consume a lot of his energy. The small amount of Spiritual Power he had restored wasn’t enough to sustain using the artifact. If he couldn’t kill Lu Ye quickly, he would be waiting for death. Now, he even stopped using other spells as he only traded moves with Lu Ye using his Icicle Technique. It was because he was most adept at this technique, and he’d be able to consume less energy with this one.


In fact, there were no grudges between the two of them, and they had never met one another prior to this. However, battles on Spirit Creek Battlefield had nothing to do with grudges. It had everything to do with whose side they were on. Since they were from different sides, that was a good enough reason to kill one another.


As they watched attentively, a curvy figure approached them from a distance. Luo Ji immediately felt his chest tightening because he realised that the person wasn’t from Nine Star Clan. However, the next moment, he was able to be at ease because immediately after the woman appeared, another burly figure also arrived at this place. He was Cao Ye from Nine Star Clan.


The fact that two Sixth-Order cultivators suddenly appeared in this place puzzled Luo Ji, so he looked inquisitively at Cao Ye, who shook his head and motioned for him to stay calm before standing beside him. It was then Luo Ji realised that Cao Ye was here to restrict the other party, so he seized the chance and sat down with his legs crossed before fishing out some pills to consume them.


On the other hand, Lu Ye had no idea what was going on, but upon seeing what Luo Ji was doing, he also gulped down some pills and fished out a big chunk of meat to eat. Then, he tossed another piece of meat at the tiger beside him. A speechless Xiao Zhu stood in front of Lu Ye, and as he stared vigilantly at her, she introduced herself by saying, “I’m Chu Tian’s Senior Sister.”


Certainly, Lu Ye wouldn’t readily believe her, so he immediately sent a message to Chu Tian to inquire about it. Upon getting his confirmation, he nodded slightly and murmured, “What’s wrong?” At the same time, he sized her up and took a brief glance at her plump chest. He couldn’t help wondering why this woman was dressed up like a maidservant.


“Give me two Spirit Stones,” Xiao Zhu uttered.


“What?” Lu Ye thought he had heard it wrongly.


“Two Spirit Stones!” She repeated herself.


A puzzled Lu Ye didn’t understand why this woman came all the way here to demand two Spirit Stones from him. Was she trying to rob him? That was practically impossible. After giving it a thought, he fished out two stones from his Storage Bag and tossed them at her. After taking them, Xiao Zhu threw a jade slip at him. “You’ve bought it now.”


With a frown, Lu Ye took the jade slip and scanned it, whereupon he immediately understood what this woman was doing. This jade slip was actually an Earth Grade cultivation technique.


Certainly, two Spirit Stones were not enough to buy an Earth Grade cultivation technique. This was apparently how those from Mystic Sect expressed their goodwill. Whatever the case, he had saved some disciples who were from Mystic Sect recently. This came as a surprise to him. Previously, he had contacted Chu Tian in an attempt to buy a Black Grade cultivation technique. Naturally, an Earth Grade one was much better, which would allow him to open up to 180 Spiritual Points, and he wouldn’t need to look for a new cultivation technique upon ascending to the Sixth-Order. “Thanks,” he said.


A nonchalant Xiao Zhu turned around and flashed a smile at Cao Ye, who wasn’t far away. Cao Ye felt a crawling sensation on his scalp as terrible memories from the past sprang back into his mind. However, Luo Ji was just beside him, so he couldn’t appear weak. After taking a step forward, he uttered, “Why don’t we go to a different place?”


The grin on Xiao Zhu’s face widened. “That’s what I thought as well.”


The next instant, Cao Ye turned around and flew away at an incredible speed. Seeing that, Xiao Zhu leaped into the air and raced after him. After both of them disappeared, Lu Ye hurriedly swallowed the food in his mouth and picked up his sword before pouncing on Luo Ji.


At the same time, countless battles that were more violent than the previous ones were ignited in different parts of Split Sky Gorge. The cultivators from both Sects clashed with one another as more and more of them lost their lives.




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