Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 86, Red Lotus Sky Mnemonic


Translator: Asuka

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


Name: Lu Ye


Identity: A disciple from Crimson Blood Sect


Cultivation: 29 Spiritual Points


Location: Spirit Creek Battlefield


Contribution: 142 points


Lu Ye was examining the information in his Battlefield Imprint. If he wasn’t mistaken, before coming to Split Sky Gorge, his Contribution was 34 points, but now, it had become 142 points, which was an increase of 108 points. These were the points he had obtained from killing the cultivators from Nine Star Clan. If he hadn’t been held up by Luo Ji for a few days, he would have obtained more.


For now, he had no idea what Contribution was for. Although he could ask Chu Tian about it, his secrets would be exposed by doing so. Therefore, he didn’t intend to ask anyone about it. Whatever its uses were, he would find out about it after returning to the station of Crimson Blood Sect.


As for his wealth, he had 10 Yuan Metal ores, 1 ten-point map, 135 Spirit Restoring Pills, 251 Spirit Stones, 31 Healing Pills, 22 Small Returning Pills, 9 talisman papers, 1 bell artifact, and 4 Storage Bags that hadn’t been opened yet.


The Small Returning Pills were from Luo Ji’s bag. The name of the pills was written on the bottles. Lu Ye had seen Luo Ji use it when taking a rest, so he was certain that these pills were useful for cultivators. As for the talisman papers, they were all defensive and auxiliary ones. The four Storage Bags belonged to the Young Master of Nine Star Clan and his subordinates, but Lu Ye reckoned that apart from the Young Master’s bag, the others didn’t contain any valuable items. He would have to get someone else to open the bags to find out.


Although he seemed to have many resources at hand, he wasn’t actually wealthy. Now, he was a Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master, so he needed about 15 Spirit Pills to open up one Spiritual Point. With the help of Gluttonous Feast and Gathering Spirits, he was able to consume fewer pills and improve his efficiency. Now, the most important thing for him was to recuperate. Even though he had become more energetic after a night’s sleep, the Spiritual Power he had used wouldn’t be restored automatically.


Curious about the efficacies of the Small Returning Pills, he took out one from the bottle and consumed it. As he used Gluttonous Feast, he refined the pill and constructed some Gathering Spirits around his Spiritual Points to restore his Spiritual Power. When all the Spiritual Points were blessed with Spiritual Patterns that looked like a funnel, he could clearly feel a pull around his chest and belly that could attract the World Spiritual Qi around him. That was the effect of 29 Gathering Spirits Spiritual Patterns combined.


Now, he could confirm the efficacies of Small Returning Pills. These pills were more useful than Spirit Restoring Pills. It was no wonder that Luo Ji would always consume these when taking a rest. He secretly cursed and thought that these disciples from top great forces indeed had a rich heritage. Even the pills they took were different.


After spending one day and taking six Small Returning Pills, he was finally able to fully restore his Spiritual Power. It was then he fished out the jade slip given to him by the woman with double buns from Mystic Sect and studied it.


Red Lotus Sky Mnemonic was the name of this Earth Grade cultivation technique. If he cultivated according to this technique, he was able to unlock up to 180 Spiritual Points. What surprised him was that there were a few Spell Techniques that came with the cultivation technique. However, these spells required the cultivator to reach a certain point in Spiritual Power to start cultivating, so it wasn’t useful for Lu Ye at the moment. This cultivation technique was supposed to be costly, but those from Mystic Sect only sold it to him for two Spirit Stones, so it was indeed a bargain for him.


Presently, he was a Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master who had opened up 29 Spiritual Points. In order to ascend to the Fourth-Order, he had to unlock 45 points. In other words, he still had another 16 points to go. Nevertheless, it was far from the truth as there must be parts between the cultivation techniques he had studied that didn’t overlap. Therefore, he had to unlock more than 16 points.


After comparing the Spiritual Points he had unlocked and what was written in the Mnemonic, he came to the conclusion that he needed to open up 18 more points before he could achieve the Fourth Order. Only until then could he completely switch from Golden Liberation Technique to Red Lotus Sky Mnemonic.


He estimated that he would need about 250 pills to unlock 18 points. Given the number of pills he had, it was far from enough. Fortunately, he still had Spirit Stones. After giving it a thought, he decided to send someone a message. That was the only person he could look for at the moment. ‘I’ll buy some Spirit Restoring Pills and food from you for 251 Spirit Stones.’


He wasn’t willing to stay here any longer. The station of Crimson Blood Sect was far away from this place, so it’d take him a long time to arrive at his destination. Therefore, he decided to set off on his journey as soon as possible. Moreover, the Sect Master must be worried about his safety.


When he left Green Cloud Mountain, he had only unlocked 21 Spiritual Points, but now, it was 29 points. Amber and Yi Yi had also grown their powers. He had spent about ten days in Split Sky Gorge, so it was time he moved on. As a Third-Order cultivator, he was already able to protect himself in the outer circle of the battlefield.


As for cultivation, he could do so while heading to his destination. There shouldn’t be any problem with it. He had mastered the correct way to use Gathering Spirits. Even if he didn’t consume any pills, his Spiritual Power would still increase slowly. However, before he embarked on his journey, he had to trade the useless things in his possession for useful stuff.


He didn’t really need any Spirit Stones, so it’d be best if they could be traded for pills. As for food, both Amber and he were gluttons, so he had to prepare more foods well.


Soon, Chu Tian sent him a message. ‘Sure. Brother Yi Ye, are you leaving?’ He must have realised something.


‘Yes,’ Lu Ye replied.


‘I’ll get everything ready by tomorrow morning and look for you.’


After the conversation with Chu Tian, Lu Ye picked up the Mnemonic to study it and ascertained the location of the next Spiritual Point he had to unlock. Following several attempts, he was finally able to break through the barrier of the 30th point.


Then, he started practising sword-wielding instead of continuing to cultivate. In the past few days, he had been in an intense battle with Luo Ji, so he hadn’t had the time to do such a thing. However, on this day, he realised that something was different. It became smoother and more natural when he wielded his sword. He had a feeling that this was the upside of his previous life-and-death battle.


Amber and Yi Yi had also returned. Since the war between the neighbouring great forces had ended, it was dead silence in Split Sky Gorge. Therefore, they didn’t have to worry about any potential danger. Presently, Amber was lying on its stomach. After finishing its own jerky, it waited for Lu Ye to give it more food.


In the beginning, he only had to feed Amber two Spirit Restoring Pills every day, but as the tiger grew in power, it had to consume more. So, he’d give the beast four pills every day now. As for Yi Yi, she didn’t live on anything. She was a Ghost Spirit associated with the tiger. As long as the tiger became more powerful, she would become stronger as well.


Four hours later, Lu Ye put the sword back into the sheath and started having roast meat beside a bonfire. He also tossed two pills at Amber. Suddenly recalling something, he asked, “Yi Yi, does Amber know how to use spells?”


When he was battling against Luo Ji in the tunnel, Yi Yi went over to disturb him, but she was forced to retreat when faced with a Golden Arc Slash. At that time, she yelped in shock. Amber thought that she had been injured, so it roared at Luo Ji.


The roar not only disturbed Luo Ji, but it also caused Lu Ye to feel like someone had struck him with a hammer. This was obviously not normal.




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