Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 92, Nowhere To Flee


Translator: Asuka

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


The Nine Star Clan had completely lost the battle. The only person who could go against Wang Yang was Dong Shu Ye, but he had left the station to hunt Mountain Tiger down. Once the Grand Array was broken, no one could stop Wang Yang from slaughtering them.


Cao Ye had a feeling that there was a secret plot going on, but he didn’t have the time to ponder it. After activating his Spiritual Power, he yelled, “All of you, get ready to retreat!”


The disciples, who had scattered everywhere to help defend the station, were already apprehensive. Upon hearing what Cao Ye had said, they immediately ran towards the main hall where there was a Divine Opportunity Column. With the help of the column, they would be able to return to Jiu Zhou, which allowed them to escape from this calamity.


Right then, a crack was heard coming from the Clan Defending Grand Array. A large area of fluorescent light spread around from the periphery of the station as though the entire place had been lit up by fireflies. Xiao Zhu, who was hovering in the sky, lethargically fell to the ground. A well prepared Wang Yang hurriedly caught her and held her in one arm.


Then, he unsheathed his sword with his other hand and pointed at the front. “Kill them all!”



In the forest, Lu Ye was running for his life. His arms had been covered in blood, and his chest appeared burned.


Someone like him was completely powerless to counter Dong Shu Ye, who was a Seventh-Order cultivator. If it weren’t because of his defensive Spiritual Patterns, he would have lost his life after his opponent used the first spell.


Initially, he thought that he could increase his chance of survival by sneaking into this forest, but in fact, the densely grown trees were not able to help him conceal himself. Dong Shu Ye relentlessly raced after him and continuously cast his spells, which easily felled the extremely large trees.


Also, Lu Ye had been separated from Amber. When he was struck by Dong Shu Ye’s second attack, he was blasted off the tiger’s back upon impact, which was how his chest was burned. He had no idea about Amber’s condition, but the tiger must be severely injured. That was because when Amber tumbled, the ground was immediately dyed crimson.


He didn’t even have the time to check on Amber as he realised that there was no way he could survive. Therefore, he immediately decided to leave Amber. If they stayed together, Amber would also lose its life. Even if he was bound to perish, Amber could still survive at the very least.


The feeling of a blade that had been pressed against his back became clearer. Fortunately, Dong Shu Ye stopped gliding in the sky. That was because the trees around this place were tall and densely grown. If he continued gliding in the sky, he would lose Lu Ye quickly.


Despite that, Lu Ye still couldn’t get rid of a Seventh-Order cultivator like him. There was only 30 percent of his Spiritual Power left. He could only activate the Spiritual Pattern that could fend off Dong Shu Ye’s spell one more time.


[There’s no chance for me.] Lu Ye raised his blood-soaked right hand and clenched the hilt. Even though his life was short and not interesting enough, he still had to directly face his enemy before his death.


All of a sudden, he heard a loud crashing sound of water. Initially, he didn’t pay much attention to it, but when he realised what the source of the sound was, he hurriedly changed direction and rushed over to that place.


When Dong Shu Ye saw Lu Ye from a distance, he was so incensed that his gaze seemed able to spit fire. He had never expected that it had taken him such a long time to race after a Third-Order cultivator, yet he hadn’t managed to capture his target, which was unacceptable for him. Therefore, he became more determined to kill Lu Ye. Seeing as Lu Ye had changed direction, and upon hearing the crashing sound of water, he immediately figured out what Lu Ye was up to.


“Brat, you can’t run away from me. I’ll spare you the pain if you obediently wait for death!” Dong Shu Ye bellowed. As his Spiritual Power swirled around him, he shot into the sky.


While in mid-air, he saw a huge waterfall in front of him. Under the dazzling Sunlight, the mist that was formed from the splash of water radiated the colours of the rainbow. At this moment, Lu Ye was seen leaping towards the bottom of the waterfall as he was engulfed in the rainbow light.


“Where do you think you’re going?” Dong Shu Ye yelled and hurriedly cast a Golden Arc Slash at Lu Ye. The Golden Arc Slash that was cast by him, a Seventh-Order cultivator, was certainly more powerful than the one used by Luo Ji, a Second-Order cultivator. The Golden Arc Slash was about a metre long.


The half-moon shaped slash broke through the air and reached Lu Ye. However, due to the fact that both of them were moving rapidly, the slash slightly missed its target as it whizzed past Lu Ye’s back. The Spiritual Power that was supposed to protect Lu Ye seemed to be made from paper as blood spurted out of his back. He felt so much pain that his face twitched.


Just now, he didn’t even have the time to activate a defensive Spiritual Pattern. If he was struck by the Golden Arc Slash, he would’ve been cut into halves. As his figure fell swiftly, he plunged into the waterfall lake a moment later. He immediately dived deeper in an attempt to conceal himself.


At the same time, Dong Shu Ye also glided down the waterfall and hovered above the lake. Without hesitation, he hurled a Golden Arc Slash at the spot where Lu Ye had plunged into the water. Compared to other spells, a Golden Arc Slash was undoubtedly more penetrative. The water current would hinder the power of the slash, but there was no better way now, unless Dong Shu Ye was willing to get into the water to look for Lu Ye.


As soon as the slash came into contact with the water, the surface of the waterfall lake separated for a moment. Blood started dyeing the water red, and the shreds of some organs floated to the surface. Seeing that, Dong Shu Ye hurriedly checked his Battlefield Imprint. Realising that ten points had been deducted from his Contribution, he felt heartbroken.


Spirit Creek Battlefield was a peculiar place. There seemed to be a mysterious force that controlled the Contribution points of all cultivators. A cultivator who managed to kill an enemy in the higher Order would be rewarded handsomely. However, if a cultivator killed a person that was three Orders below them, a lot of Contribution points would be deducted.


The mysterious force seemed to be encouraging cultivators to challenge people in the higher Order while punishing those who oppressed the weaker cultivators. That was the reason powerful cultivators were rarely seen in the Outer Circle of the battlefield. Contribution was immensely useful for any cultivator. In order to earn more Contribution points, one had to kill an opponent that was similarly powerful.


A cultivator in the Sixth or Seventh-Order couldn’t really get any benefits in the Outer Circle anymore. Even though they wouldn’t completely leave the Outer Circle, they would try to get closer to the Inner Circle to receive some training.


Dong Shu Ye was a Seventh-Order cultivator, so he would only get some Contribution by killing a Fourth-Order cultivator. If he killed a Third-Order cultivator, 10 points would be deducted from his Contribution. Likewise, if he killed a Second-Order cultivator, 20 points would be deducted from his Contribution.


10 points were not a lot, but it wasn’t a small number either. To Dong Shu Ye, he could only get 7 points by killing a person in the same Order. If it weren’t because those old guys from the Sect had given the order, he wouldn’t have come all the way here to kill Lu Ye.


Fortunately, everything was over now. Then, he took one more look at the Battlefield Imprint because he realised that someone had sent him a message when he was checking his Contribution points earlier. After he finished reading the message, his expression changed drastically.




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