Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 97, Formal Treatment


Translator: Asuka

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


In the room, Lu Ye was bare-chested and seated on his bed.


Hua Ci was seated across from him as her jade-like hand whisked across his chest. “Your wounds have healed quicker than I expected. What’s wrong? Are you going to walk down the path of body tempering cultivation?”


A puzzled Lu Ye asked, “What do you mean?”


“Your vitality is richer than most cultivators in the same Order, which is why your wounds have healed so quickly. Since you’ve cultivated vitality in the beginning of your cultivation journey, don’t you intend to focus on body tempering?”


“No.” Lu Ye shook his head.


He wasn’t interested in becoming a body tempering cultivator. If nothing unexpected happened, he would choose to become a combat cultivator as it felt good to wield a sword to hack at other people. As for what Hua Ci had said, he reckoned that the reason his vitality was abundant was that he ate a lot every day.


Since he started cultivating, his appetite had become astonishing. He began eating even more after he mastered Gluttonous Feast.


With so much food getting into his stomach every day, his vitality was expected to be plentiful. Nevertheless, he had always refined vitality into Qi, so there wasn’t any change in his body weight. If he had only gained vitality, he would’ve become a burly man by now.


“That’s great. There’s nothing good about being a meaty barbarian. Just like what other cultivators say, those people enjoy the best resources, but they’ll also get punched the hardest.” Hua Ci started giggling. “Moreover, you’re too thin to become a body tempering cultivator.”


“Meaty barbarians?”


“It’s what they call body tempering cultivators.”


“That’s interesting.” Lu Ye put on a hearty smile. “What do others call medicine cultivators, then?”


After giving it a thought, Hua Ci replied, “They normally call us Fathers or Mothers.”


Lu Ye frowned. “Why is that?”


“That’s because it’s said that a doctor is like a patient’s parent. Haha!” Hua Ci was convulsing with laughter.


Lu Ye’s expression darkened as the image of a mild-tempered and knowledgeable woman he imagined her to be had fallen apart. It was then he realized that this woman’s appearance was different from her nature. One would only discover her true colors after getting into close contact with her.


“You’ve been stroking my chest for a long time. Are you sure you’re treating my wounds?” Lu Ye couldn’t help asking. Even though it felt nice to be touched, this couldn’t go on forever. After all, he was a young and energetic man.


“No.” Hua Ci retracted her hand. “I’d forgotten about it as I was talking to you.”


Presently, she was seated across from him as she stared at him with a solemn expression. “We’ll start now. You might feel some discomfort later. Bear with it and don’t make any strange noises. The walls around here are not soundproof, so others might get us wrong.”


Lu Ye wasn’t sure how to reply to her, nor did he have the time to do so. That was because right after Hua Ci finished her words, she pointed her fingers at his chest as Spiritual Power undulated around the tips of her fingers. In an instant, Lu Ye grunted. The spot that was pointed at not only hurt, but there was also an indescribable feeling that almost caused him to yelp.


Hua Ci tried to suppress her laughter and repeatedly pointed at his chest. Lu Ye’s face started twitching as he couldn’t help but keep grunting.


“Cultivators fight against one another all the time, and they might get injured. Although there are many forms of treatments, they might be left with some hidden health concerns. Normally, these injuries are not conspicuous, but they’re hidden deep in the organs. They’re not fatal, but if they’re accumulated over time, they might affect a cultivator’s physique and Spiritual Points, which will hinder his cultivation in the future. Flesh wounds caused by weapons are easy to deal with. However, the injuries caused by spells can’t be cleared with pills. You’re hurt by a fire spell, so some fire poison has been left in your body. Once the fire poison penetrates your Spiritual Points, it’ll be hard for you to unlock new ones. If possible, I suggest that you look for a medicine cultivator to help look after your health from time to time to make sure that there are no hidden health concerns with you.”


At this moment, Lu Ye was clenching his teeth as he was unable to respond to her regardless of what she said. He was worried that when he parted his lips, he might really make some strange noises. There was a reason for him to suspect that this woman was doing this intentionally. Otherwise, she could’ve told him about it after the treatment instead of doing it now.


A moment later, Hua Ci started patting him instead as her slender hands gently stroked the man’s chest. Following her pats, her pure Wood Attribute Spiritual Power continuously streamed into his chest. After getting through the most tortuous moment, he could finally be at ease.


One hour later, Hua Ci retracted her hands. Lu Ye looked down and realized that his chest was covered in blood. These were all burns on his chest, so it was hard to heal them. After she patted his chest, his scabs broke apart, and blood started streaming out of his wounds, which made his injuries look worse.


Nevertheless, Lu Ye knew that it wasn’t the case. His wounds might appear to be worse, but some other stuff had also flown out of his wounds together with blood. It was supposed to be the fire poison she had just mentioned. After taking a deep breath, he realized that he could breathe more easily, and his entire body felt energized.


Then, Hua Ci came over and applied the same kind of green herbal juice on his chest before she activated her Spiritual Power to help him heal his wounds. Following that, she dressed up his chest. Next, she handled his arms in the same way. Lastly, she had to deal with the cut on his back.


After she was done with all that, she was already drenched in sweat. After wiping the sweat off her forehead, she stood by the bed and stared bitterly at him. “What a shame. I guess you’ll recover in ten days.”


“Hey…” Lu Ye looked up at her.


With her mouth covered, she chuckled. “Oh, no. Why did I blurt out my thoughts?” She paused for a moment. “Anyway, you don’t have to worry. You’re my most important client now, so I’ll treat you properly.” Then, she extended her hand. “Ten Spirit Pills, please.”


Without protesting, Lu Ye passed her ten pills. Although the fee was two times more expensive than what he usually paid, it was worth it. He could clearly feel that her methods were indeed useful for healing his wounds. According to his own initial estimation, he would need a month to recuperate. But now, it would take him only over ten days.


Moreover, she had indeed put in lots of effort on this day. At this moment, she was covered in sweat, and her face had turned pale. Apparently, she had expended quite some energy.


“What a generous man. With so much wealth in your possession, you can do whatever you want. I’m envious of you.” Hua Ci mocked him.


Lu Ye became startled for a moment before realizing that she had just mocked him for spending resources willfully. “Give the pills back to me if you don’t want them!” He extended his hand in an attempt to grab his pills.


In an agile manner, Hua Ci dodged his hand and put on a faint smile. “Take a rest.” Then, she calmly left the place.


“Close the door!” Lu Ye yelled at her back.


Getting no response from her, he furiously leaped off the bed and closed the door before returning to his bed. He secretly decided that once he recovered, he would immediately leave this place. Otherwise, he would spit blood in fury sooner or later because of her.




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  1. Thought he would become a (how do you call the three things he unlocked with the tree again? Spiritual patterns?) Cultivator since that shows storngest point

    1. Nah, he’s got no patience for that. He’ll use those that dropped on him from the tree for free, but that doesn’t make any more pattern cultivator than using copy/paste in Paintbrush makes one an artist.

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