I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 1, Young Master Gu Changge


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


“So this is what Supreme Stygian Holy Land, one of the Six Greatest Holy Lands of Eastern Barren, is like? Oppressive, tyrannical. You would even give your own daughter up to the devil! Right from the start, you didn’t even question the Supreme Stygian Saintess herself of her willingness. It’s only right that I do her justice today! Disciple of the Supreme Stygian Holy Land or not, it no longer matters. But do remember this—the humiliation you have brought forth today, I, Ye Chen, will eventually repay!”


In the extravagant palace were endless noises and an assembled multitude. In that instant, a young man with an unsullied face filled with unwavering determination was clenching his fist and roaring his frustrations. His name was Ye Chen, and he was a Sect disciple.


“Blasphemous! How dare you, a puny Sect disciple, go against the Archbishop!? You must be tired of living!” Before the young man came a seemingly fear-striking Sect Elder, who was clearly exasperated as he was attempting to put an end to his disciple’s rebellion. 


After all, how could one allow the wanton behavior of a mere disciple of a Sect in the Palace of Supreme Stygian Holy Land, one of the Six Greatest Holy Land of Eastern Barren? Besides, as today was the canonization ceremony of a Saint, countless influential guests were invited as witnesses, and boy were they witnessing the disturbance at this moment.


If it weren’t for the sake of pride, the Sect Elder would have taught his uncivilized disciple a lesson on the spot.


In the meantime, in the gigantic palace, a group of Sect Disciples, as well as the Direct Disciples, were chattering about the incident as they pointed their fingers at Ye Chen. In their eyes, the enthusiastic young man was nothing but a lunatic.


“Is Ye Chen mad? How dare he charge into the palace and utter such nonsense?”


“He’s certainly one of the exceptional disciples in the Sect. I even heard that one of the elders intended to take him in and promote him to Direct Disciple, but I guess that’s not going to happen now.” One of the disciples couldn’t help mocking.


“It seems like he’s really sick of living. If he were to anger the young master, he might just bring the entire Supreme Stygian Holy Land down with him.” Frustrated and concerned, a Direct Disciple vented. If Ye Chen’s doing had indeed upset the mysterious young master, perhaps Supreme Stygian Holy Land wouldn’t be the only casualty; even the entire Eastern Barren might be doomed. Therefore, he was tempted to take Ye Chen down by himself.


Meanwhile, the Senior Disciples, who came to spectate the ceremony, were also observing the disturbance as if they were watching a performance. Of course, at the same time, many perceived Ye Chen as if he was a jester. Out of all the things the Sect Disciple could do, he decided to oppose the Archbishop of Supreme Stygian.


“Ye Chen, is it? I remember you. You came from a small village in Qing Domain. After experiencing the terrible Hundred Days War, you eventually came seeking refuge in my Supreme Stygian Holy Land. And now, you speak to me of deserting your identity as a man of Supreme Stygian Holy Land?” At that moment, a middle-aged man, who had been in the central space of the palace, uttered.


The instant he opened his eyes, a dense, golden, daunting beam surrounded his body as he feigned a spine-chilling aura at his vexation. Evidently, the man was a mighty individual, and that individual was also the Supreme Stygian Holy Land’s Archbishop himself. Upon his utterance, the entire palace quieted down as each of the formidable guests ended their conversations.


*Whoosh!* Ye Chen felt an intimidating pressure and drops of sweat started surging on his forehead, but it was no time for him to forfeit. After all, he, too, had immense power to back himself up. “Archbishop, I’m simply requesting justice for the Saintess. How could I just watch idly as she is being sent to the devil?” Every word spoken was conveyed with assertion and tenacity. As he was speaking, he subconsciously turned to a damsel opposite him.


The damsel was beautiful, blessed with impeccable features. Her eyes glistened like the rivers as her brows arced like the moon; her hair was silky and her snowy cheeks were glowing with radiance. With the white garment she was donning, she appeared extraordinarily elegant. Her energy was so serene it couldn’t be described with mere words. It was as if her sole existence was an accident bequeathed upon mankind by the heavens.


“T-To the devil? How slanderous!” Listening to Ye Chen, the Archbishop scowled, visibly offended.


At the same time, the audience realized something, and would gradually reveal their judgmental, belittling faces. [After all that talk, Ye Chen was only agitated because the Saintess he had admired for so long was handed over to another man!] 


Although a number of fellow disciples were also envious, none of them had the courage to express their bitterness like Ye Chen did. Furthermore, all of them knew their place. After all, the young master’s position was one that even the Archbishop had to bow down to without sparing the slightest respect.


With that, the crowd’s gazes simultaneously fell upon the young man sitting at the back of the central space, who was indulging in some tea with his eyes lowered, indifferent to the current event. And that young man was none other than Gu Changge himself!


Silavin: Goal is to have a steady stream of 14 chapters a week till 300 or so chapters, afterwards, see how much support this novel garnered and pace from there.

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