I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 101, What Luck, Tingle


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


*Zoom!* A number of intimidating figures appeared in the sky. All of them with auras of Quasi-Sacred Realm who have engulfed the skies.


“What is this? What’s happening!?”


“Beings of the Quasi-Sacred Realm, and there are so many of them!” Cultivators in Black Stone Ancient City were dumbfounded as they all looked up in the same direction with shocked faces.


A massive building within the palace collapsed and was turned into ruin.


Then, an ambiguous fog appeared as it was gleaming with runes that intertwined in the shape of a dragon, surrounding Ye Ling. At once, he was thoroughly stupefied.


“Why are you attacking me for no reason?” Apart from shock, there was also anger in his heart. He stared at the dashing woman, who was walking out of the mansion. Her eyes were ever so cold, as if she was glaring at a worthless peasant.


“You possess something that doesn’t belong to you, so you shall die,” she coldly replied, bearing no intention for mindless chatter. Yue Mingkong waved her hand and a number of Quasi-Sacred Realm cultivators immediately drew their hands as they were about to strike Ye Ling the final blow.


In order to take Ye Ling down, Yue Mingkong pieced together the strongest team she could. Given the four Quasi-Sacred Realm cultivators in her team, it was apparent how much she wanted to kill Ye Ling. It just showed that she would spare no effort to squash this bug. After all, she was aware that Ye Ling was the successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. He certainly had a crafty way to keep himself alive.


Simultaneously, she drew her hands as her sleeves swayed, the winds swirled before her before turning into a glowing wave. She swung her delicate white palms forward, intending to slaughter Ye Ling once and for all. Her palms were surrounded by an awfully alarming aura that was so enormous, it could bring fear to all lives.


At the same time, she drew an elegant jade sword, which emitted an absolutely terrifying aura. It was as daunting as the might of a god, possessing the power to wipe out the universe. Along with the four Quasi-Sacred Realm cultivators, Yue Mingkong drew her hands, putting Ye Ling in a life-threatening situation. If it were any other youthful prodigy, unless they were as skillful as Yue Mingkong, they would surely fall.


In that instant, nothing would be able to stop her. After all, such a massive power could unquestionably destroy the entire Black Stone Ancient City, and now, she was using it to annihilate Ye Ling.


“Brat, use the item now, or you will die!” At that moment, within the black pendant on Ye Ling’s neck, the spirit turtle screamed. The spirit turtle was obviously shocked by what was happening as he was aggressively instructing Ye Ling.


[Why would the princess of Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty set such a huge trap just to kill Ye Ling? Did someone leak news about Ye Ling possessing the legacy of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being?]


Upon those words, Ye Ling’s face turn pale as his eyes were filled with disdain, coldly glaring at Yue Mingkong. His ingratiating mood from before had disappeared.


“If you fail to kill me today, I shall pay this back a hundredfold!” He coldly yelled.




As he was speaking, he revealed a face in agony as he summoned a dark jade talisman from his ring. Ringing, it emitted an oppressing aura as power was wafting around it. The strength of the aura alone was above the Sacred Realm, even reaching the Sacred Lord Realm. All cultivators in the ancient city were thoroughly frightened witless as the aura almost brought them down to their knees. 


After all, a cultivator of the Sacred Lord Realm was regarded as a godly being. In some ancient families, there were a number of cultivators that achieved such a level. However, they were hidden dragons, not people who ordinary cultivators would ever have a change to meet.


[What is happening over there? Why is there such a terrifying aura?] The cultivators were absolutely horrified.






The moment Yue Mingkong saw the jade talisman, she was visibly dazed as the coldness in her eyes dispersed. She never expected Ye Ling to possess a jade talisman of the Sacred Lord Realm. After all, she never heard of him using this jade talisman in her previous life.


In fact, as the ruler of Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty, she merely had protective charms and had nothing like an offensive jade talisman that could emit the might of a Sacred Lord Realm powerhouse.


[I see now. Anyone who knows this trick up his sleeve were all killed by him…] Upon that realization, she turn pale.


[D*mn! No wonder he was able to escape from Changge and survive…]


At once, the four Sacred Lord Realm cultivators in the skies immediately retreated as they dared not to face the jade talisman straight on.


Ye Ling then took the chance and disappeared with hatred filling his heart.


[It won’t be easy to kill him next time…] Yue Mingkong was obviously unaffected as she clenched her snowy fists. She was disappointed by the fact that she, having been given a second chance at life, failed to squash such a puny bug that was right in her grasp.




All of a sudden, Yue Mingkong felt an alarming rise in the temperature. A set of runes formed a sea of flames that engulfed everything before her. The jade talisman used by Ye Ling sank in the sea of flames, and the Sacred Lord Realm item was instantly destroyed.


Afterwards, a beautiful woman dressed in red appeared out of thin air in front of her.


“Who are you?” Sensing her magical aura, Yue Mingkong scowled as coldness surged on her face. She had no choice but to let Ye Ling escape. 


The trap she set up so perfectly could effortlessly slaughter all the youthful prodigies in the Beyond. Yet, Ye Ling managed to escape. As such, she could only be astonished by his luck.


Nonetheless, the woman in red that appeared out of nowhere seemed to be in the Sacred Lord Realm. Something that caused Yue Mingkong to feel uneasy. Be it in her previous life or current life, she had never met such a person, and for the woman to suddenly appear and fended off Ye Ling’s jade talisman, she couldn’t help but grow suspicious.


“I belong to the prince. Greetings, Princess Mingkong.” Naturally, the one who appeared was Yan Ji. Upon Yue Mingkong’s question, she courteously introduced herself.


After receiving Gu Changge’s command, she left Skyward Schloss and began her search for Yue Mingkong all over the ancient cities in Boundless Heaven, and eventually found her in Black Stone Ancient City.


When Yan Ji arrived at Black Stone Ancient City, she encountered what she just saw and defended Yue Mingkong from the jade talisman’s blow. But of course, she was aware that Yue Mingkong, as a ruler of Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty, certainly had the means to defend herself. However, since Yue Mingkong was the fiancée of Gu Changge and potentially her mistress in the future, she decided to shield her from the attack.


Despite her intention to stop the man in black, she didn’t expect him to be so crafty in escaping. After fleeing from sight, he instantly concealed his aura and traces. Thus, she felt frustrated.


“Prince? Which prince?” Hearing that, Yue Mingkong stared at Yan Ji with her icy and somewhat hostile eyes. Intuitively, she assumed the prince to be one of her pursuers. As her judgment was clouded by the hatred and annoyance toward the pursuers that were constantly clinging to her. Thus, Gu Changge did not come into her mind.


After all, Gu Changge only had one woman, her, by his side, and even so, she was ultimately, mercilessly killed by him. Considering that he wouldn’t have any other women by his side, she instinctively eliminated him as the possibility of being the ‘prince.’


“It’s Prince Gu Changge, of course. Why would you even ask that, Princess Mingkong?” Hearing that, Yan Ji was rather confused. According to the rumors, Yue Mingkong was an incomparably intelligent, overpowering individual. But for some reason, she seemed to be somewhat idiotic when she asked which prince Yan Ji was referring to. [Isn’t that obvious? Who else, besides Prince Gu, would care about where you go?]


“Impossible. I’m the only woman by his side.” With that declaration, Yue Mingkong immediately shook her head as she subconsciously denied Yan Ji’s answer. She even squinted her eyes in disbelief. Although she wasn’t as strong as Yan Ji, her words instilled anxiety within the latter. It was her inner aura as an emperor.


Upon those words, Yan Ji realized something, after which she explained, “I was brought to the Beyond by Prince Gu. Back then, I was only a Cursed Spirit, but thanks to Prince Gu, I managed to recover my physical body.” And so, she briefly laid out her history with Gu Changge.


After listening to her, Yue Mingkong was no longer hostile and skeptical, though she was left dumbfounded.


[Did I hear that right? A helpful man, she said? The one thing he loves doing the most is consuming Cursed Spirits of daunting cultivators like her, so why would he even help her?]


There were nothing but questions in Yue Mingkong’s mind as she completely forgot about Ye Ling’s escape. In that instant, understanding Yan Ji became her main priority. [Why would Changge help her? What are his intentions?]


Subconsciously, Yue Mingkong turned to look at Yan Ji’s cheeks and body. [She’s a beauty, and a rare one at that. And she’s not even a human. Is that why he’s interested in her?]


At that moment, Yue Mingkong felt somewhat jealous as she could feel something stabbing at her heart. She felt wronged and reluctant. Be it her face or her body figure, she was in no way inferior to the woman before her. Yet, not only was Gu Changge not interested in her, but he even decided to help the woman before her. In her previous life, Gu Changge interacted with no other woman except for her. Yet, he cultivated such a powerful and beautiful woman.


Naturally, Yan Ji was oblivious to Yue Mingkong;s thoughts. She recalled Gu Changge’s instructions, and stated, “Princess Mingkong, Prince Gu ordered me to relay his message. If you don’t go and visit him, he will come get you himself.”


“I understand,” Yue Mingkong emotionlessly replied. Her heart was filled with all kinds of emotions—frustration, helplessness, and reluctance, and mostly, a feeling of irrepressible pessimism. She barely spent any time in Boundless Heaven, and she was already noticed by Gu Changge. Besides, how could she escape if a cultivator of the Sacred Lord Realm came to ‘capture’ her?


As a regressor, she was supposed to possess all the leverages and have everything under control, but whenever it came to Gu Changge, she instantly became a helpless little girl. It seemed as though she no longer had any chance of avenging herself. Besides, it was highly likely that she would eventually die the same way as she did in her previous life. Although Gu Changge had improved in the way he dealt with things, she believed that he was still his apathetic self.


With that in mind, Yue Mingkong was devastated. Unable to change anything, she lost her purpose as a regressor.


[Am I going to watch as history repeats itself? Am I going to, once again, get killed by Gu Changge in the end?]


Clenching her fists, she recalled what had happened in Gu Family Residence back then and grew hopeless.


[What in the world is he planning?]


Soon, Yue Mingkong calmed herself down. Despite having hidden herself from Gu Changge for so many days, she found herself in an inevitable, inescapable situation. Yet, she felt a tingle of bitterness in her mouth when she looked at Yan Ji, who was standing right in front of her.




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