I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 103, No Unharvested Crops, Bare Signature


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At the voice of the announcement, silence filled the Skyward Gate Tower before an explosion-like turmoil broke out as all the youthful talents were shocked. [Gu changge actually came!?]


[As the Master of the East, there’s no way Brother Gu wouldn’t come.] Ye Langtian got up from his seat as the gloominess on his face turned into a smile before he walked out of the tavern to welcome Gu Changge.


[Gu Changge is here?] Excitement flashed across Ye Liuli’s captivating eyes before she followed after her brother. Due to the effect of Demonic Manipulation Urn, her memories from the Overworld had grown vague. She could only remember Gu Changge once bullied her and forced her to address him as her ‘master’. Yet, she felt no hatred for him, but was very eager to meet him instead.


Meanwhile, the rest of the youthful talents as well as youthful prodigies with immense power gradually stood up to receive Gu Changge. As a matter of fact, right now, across all skies within the Inner Realm, none, except Gu Changge, possessed the strength that rivaled that of these youthful talents and youthful prodigies.


“The Young Master of the Gu Family? Gu Changge?” Bai Lie, the Young Master of White Tiger Clan, revealed a scowl. He was aware of Gu Changge’s fame. In fact, he had several encounters with Gu Changge, but never managed to reap any benefits from them. Never did he expect Gu Changge to attend the Thousands Banquet as many youthful prodigies wouldn’t be bothered to attend the banquet organized by the Alliance of Thousand Merchants.


However, as he continued pondering, he realized that Skyward Schloss was considered Gu Changge’s territory, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary for him to be here. As he was contemplating, Bai Lie turned away, his brows even more tense.


A young man entered through the doorway of the Skyward Gate Tower. Donning an unstained white robe, the young man, possessing straight long hair, was gleaming with endless light. He seemed unnaturally calm as a godly glow surged in his eyes. At one glance, he was obviously someone extraordinary.


Gu Changge was followed by a big group of Skyward Schloss’ disciples. Whereby, Bai Lie’s fiancee, Yin Mei the Nine-Lived Gifted Lady, was among them.


Seeing Yin Mei and Gu Changge walking together, although she was walking behind him and not beside him, Bai Lie felt uneasy.


Yin Mei wore a red dress. Her body was glamorous and her charming face was as white as snow, carrying a seductive sensation. Her eyebrows arched above her glowing, crimson eyes; her nose was solid and her lips were luscious red; her teeth were gleaming as her hair was as smooth as silk.


At that sight, anyone would think that Yin Mei was a perfect fit for the man in white, as though they were a destined couple. 


It was natural for Bai Lie to feel uneasy. Any man would be upset to see their own fiancee walking so gracefully with another man.


Meanwhile, fascination surged in the eyes of many youthful prodigies as they revealed an inexplicable smile upon seeing Bai Lie’s frown.


[Well, this sure looks like someone’s been cheated on. And there he was, boasting that he’s only here for his so-called fiancee. Yet! It seems like his fiancee isn’t here for him!]


“You’re finally here, Brother Gu. I knew the Master of the East wouldn’t miss the gathering of prodigies from various lands!” Ye Langtian came forward and greeted Gu Changge with a joyful smile. Anyone who didn’t know better would have assumed they were close acquaintances. Nevertheless, it was, in fact, the first time they met each other.


Ye Langtian had heard numerous stories about Gu Changge from his sister, Ye Liuli, especially the ones that took place in the Overworld. One of them was how Gu Changge did not punish Ye Liuli for her demeanor, which made Ye Langtian to grow more fond of Gu Changge. After all, many forces in the Beyond perceived Gu Changge was given the title of ‘Avatar of a True Immortal,’ while Ye Langtian bore the title of ‘the Almighty One. Therefore, it only made sense that the two of them got to know each other.


“Long time no see, Gu Changge,” Ye Liuli also greeted Gu Changge, though her eyes seemed rather evasive as though she was bashful.


Seeing that, many youthful talents felt a cold sensation in their hearts. They were about to hit on Ye Liuli, but she apparently already had someone else in her heart.


After taking a good look at the crowd, Gu Changge revealed a subtle smile. “You’re flattering me, Brother Ye. It’s been a while, Lady Liuli.”


Despite it being their first encounter, it wasn’t hard for Gu Changge to recognize Ye Langtian. However, he wasn’t at all interested in Ye Langtian’s title of ‘the Almighty One.’ In his eyes, any almighty being in the world that dared to offend him would only end up dead. The attitude of Ye Liuli, on the other hand, was acceptable, so he briefly greeted her back.


With that, the rest of the youthful talents began to introduce and present themselves before Gu Changge. Even the youthful prodigies were tactful enough to be wary as they greeted Gu Changge with no intentions of upsetting him.


Naturally, the purpose of Gu Changge’s visit wasn’t to attend the Thousands Banquet, which he hadn’t the slightest interest in. 


However, as of this moment, Skyward Schloss had drawn the visit of many forces, in which the majority was of the younger generations. Since Skyward Ancient City was at the foot of the mountain where Skyward Schloss was located, many young individuals decided to stay there.


Hence, Gu Changge came here to test out his luck. Essentially, the occurrence of a new Fortuitous One meant that he would have a new crop to harvest. Most importantly the new Fortuitous One was currently very near him.


Besides, on his way to Skyward Ancient City, he received a Sudden Fortuity Mission from the System.


<Destroy the connections of the Fortuitous One. Reward: 1,000 Fortuity; 5,000 Fatums.>


The reward was highly lavish, and it was nothing like that of the Fortuity Mission in the Overworld.


Given how rich the reward from just one mission was, Gu Changge vaguely figured out how formidable the Fortuitous One might be.


[Interesting. Anyway, the Fortuitous Ones in the Overworld are at most toys as calling them tools would be overestimating their values. Meanwhile, this Fortuitous One from the Beyond is one worthy of the title ‘tool.’ However, the System hinted that his connections are within Skyward Ancient City. So, that must mean he is related to a few of these youthful talents.]


Without a doubt, Gu Changge was awfully familiar with such plotlines.


[What was that holy land that I destroyed in the Overworld? Right, Karura Holy Land. Unfortunately for them, the System just had to give me such a mission!]


“So the rumors are true, Brother Gu. Your powers are truly unpredictable. You don’t even flaunt a hint of them.” Suddenly, Ye Langtian expressed his amazement. After meeting Gu Changge, he could finally verify the integrity of those rumors. Even if Ye Langtian, was in the Intermediate Honoured King Realm, and were to use up all of his powers, he would still remain inferior to Gu Changge. There was no chance of him beating Gu Changge.


“Aren’t you an honest one, Brother Ye? Given your true power, I reckon less than a handful in this room would be able to take you on.” Gu Changge casually smiled, disregarding the feelings of the rest of the youthful prodigies whom he might have offended with his words.


Anyway, knowing that Ye Langtian was the Young Master of the Ye Family and also Ye Liuli’s older brother, Gu Changge couldn’t help but have the urge to get him on his side.


Hearing that, Ye Langtian bitterly chuckled. “You’re embarrassing me, Brother Gu. There’s an infinite amount of youthful talents in this world, so how could I claim that I’m undefeatable?”


Upon those words, a trace of light flashed across Gu Changge’s eyes as he smilingly replied, “Why so? Has there been an accident that left you scarred?”


As a youthful prodigy and the legend of the Ancient Ye Family, it was somewhat enthralling for Ye Langtian to speak such words. As such, Gu Changge felt like he dug something up. 


[Is he the new Fortuitous One?]


With that, Ye Liuli, seemingly somewhat angered, clarified, “A few days ago, my brother was affected by a cunning Secondary Disciple of the family. Jeez, what an intolerable man Ye Ling was…”


“Oh? I’m all ears.” Hearing that, Gu Changge grew fascinated.


[A feud between a Secondary Disciple and the Young Master? Within the Ye Family, one of the Ancient Immortal Races? It sure smells like the fish is here!]


Ye Langtian then shook his head with a bitter grin before recounting the incident as he was absolutely disheartened.


[Accidentally hurting his father, avenging his father, the Secondary Disciple, is cunning in his methods, and is from the Ye Family…] After listening to his story, Gu Changge pretty much understood the details. [Out of all the plot devices, it just has to be the one I’m best friends with! Perhaps I should be more wary of anyone from the Ye Family. It’s the biggest family which has conquered countless worlds. Heck I wonder how many Fortuitous Ones are in there…]


In earlier years, Ye Langtian accidentally inflicted serious injury to a leader of a secondary branch of the family during an annual sparring, which eventually led to the deterioration of that branch. Accordingly, generous compensation was given to the secondary branch, which they welcomingly accepted.


Nonetheless, years later, the son of the leader appeared out of nowhere and with the intention to avenge his father. After winning a sparring contest, he took the opportunity to declare a challenge against Ye Langtian.


And so, Ye Langtian, as the Young Master of the Ye Family, felt obliged to consider the feelings of his family members. Moreover, the incident years ago was indeed his fault. Thus, he suppressed his powers and accepted the young man’s challenge.


Little did he know, the young man was surprisingly cunning, concealing his true power and pretending to be an unremarkable weakling. Fortunately, Ye Langtian was strong enough to finish the fight in a tie despite the suppression of his power. Nevertheless, after the fight, the young man named Ye Ling gained his fame and drew the attention and interest of the elders within the Ye Family as they thought that he might possibly grow more formidable than Ye Langtian if his potential was fully cultivated.


[It’s quite interesting how this works.] After hearing out Ye Langtian, Gu Changge figured that it was highly possible that the young man named Ye Ling was the new Fortuitous One. [Cunningly pretentious, rebellious, salvaging benefits in the name of righteousness. If that isn’t the bare signature of a Fortuitous One, I don’t know what is. From Ye Langtian’s perspective, Ye Ling is extremely sly and would resort to any shameless tricks. He most likely is wondering about the compensation. The reason why they accepted it if they are now seeking revenge.]


Naturally, Gu Changge saw nothing odd in it. Rather, such action only seems natural to him. [Only dimwits would miss out on free benefits. Besides, salvaging benefits in the name of righteousness is nothing out of the ordinary for a Fortuitous One. I guess this Fortuitous One is not a man of virtue, huh?]


[However, I’ve never even met Ye Ling the Fortuitous One. How did I even offend him? Or is he perhaps a destined adversary of mine?] Gu Changge muttered in his heart. [Of course, never having offended him doesn’t mean I won’t do that in the future. Oh, Fortuitous One, I’m coming for you eventually. Offense or no offense, there shan’t be unharvested crops! Though, I’m still kinda confused…]


“Yin Mei…” All of a sudden, a dissatisfied voice interrupted Gu Changge’s contemplation, after which, he turned to the voice. His eyes grew enthralled.


The one speaking was none other than Bai Lie, the Young Master of the White Tiger Clan—a muscular man donning a leather cape with a white tattoo on his forehead, as if he was a walking furnace. The nearby youthful talents visibly kept a distance away from him as they feared him.


The White Tiger Clan was a branch of an Ancient Royal Family, and its members possessed an ability named the Golden Force in which its destructive power was ranked top three in the Beyond. Moreover, not many dared to oppose the younger generation of the clan as they bore immense strength.


Gu Changge was quite interested in the Golden Force. Furthermore, Bai Lie, unlike the other youthful talents, didn’t seem as respectful, so he was obviously not on the same team as Gu Changge. 


Since they weren’t on the same team, plus the fact that Ye Langtian stated that Bai Lie was a close acquaintance of Ye Ling, Bai Lie was clearly an important key to his Sudden Mission.


“Yin Mei, Brother Bai Lie is calling for you. Why don’t you go talk to him?” Accordingly, Gu Changge revealed a subtle grin with a tender expression as he spoke to Yin Mei, who was standing beside him. Simultaneously, he stroked her one of her puffy fox tails like how he used to pet kittens in his previous life.


Seeing that, Bai Lie was exasperated as if the frustration within him was about to detonate.


Meanwhile, the witnessing youthful talents were also starring as though their eyeballs were about to pop out.




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