I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 107, Had Her Opportunity Taken Away From Her, Gu Changge’s Cruelty

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[He’ll kill anyone that I want dead? Is this Gu Changge’s unqiue way of showing concern?]


Listening to his words, Yue Mingkong felt a boundless aura of murderous intent coming toward her. However, at the moment, her heart was filled with mixed emotions. She didn’t expect such touching words from him,


[Maybe… I do have a place inside his heart, but for him, it doesn’t take up much weight. Even so, I have to stay away from his secrets and interests. Otherwise, it isn’t impossible to assume that he will turn on me. Regardless of the previous life or now, his ruthlessness is still the same. Maybe it just manifested in a different way. In my previous life, I was gentle and subservient, so he was always indifferent toward me, as if I was a pawn for him to kill off at crucial times. However, in this life, I’m more imposing and ruthless. I have the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty in my hand. So, now I have power. Not only that, I also have my regression as my secret ace. Maybe he feels that I’m useful and is treating me well.]


Thinking about it, she also understood that even though Gu Changge hadn’t fallen in love with her, she still felt much better around him than before.


<Ding! The attitude of the Fortuitous Lady—Yue Mingkong— has changed. Plus 800 Fortuity points and 4000 Fatum points.>


Then, the notification sound of the System rang inside his head, leaving him slightly satisfied. It seemed that his words were working on her. Of course, she still intended on killing him, but just like Gu Xianer, she didn’t have the means at the moment. Not to mention, the two of them were experiencing something totally different. In this life, there was no grudge between the two of them because the timeline that she was currently experiencing was completely different to the one she previously experienced.


Although Yue Mingkong wanted revenge, she couldn’t show it because it would expose her biggest secret, and Gu Changge just so happened to know about this secret of hers. Thus, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to use it to subdue her.


“Even if you don’t tell me, I’ll still find out,” he uttered again while his expression had turned completely calm, as if he wouldn’t hesitate to use other means if she refused to tell him.


Ye Ling was a Fortuitous One, but Gu Changge wasn’t clear about the techniques that he would use. If he wanted to know about this, he would have to obtain it from Yue Mingkong, so he wanted to take this opportunity to press her for answers.


Listening to him, she remained silent for a moment and moved her beautiful eyes away so that she wasn’t staring straight at him. She couldn’t help but panic a little under his intriguing gaze. She knew that if she didn’t deal with this situation properly, it might cause Gu Changge to suspect her. Then, he would easily find out that she actually had no grudges with Ye Ling at all, and the two of them had never met each other before.


[In that case, how am I going to explain to him why I tried to kill Ye Ling? Will he accept that I’ve gone crazy and tried to kill a stranger whom I don’t have any grudges against?]


Gu Changge was an extremely clever man, and not many people could deceive him. This was why Yue Mingkong was clenching her cuffs with her delicate hand while her heart began to squirm. As she had thought. Nothing good ever happens whenever she is in front of him.


“Actually, it isn’t something major. It’s just that I looked up some ancient books and found out where the inheritance of an Ancient Supreme Being was located, but Ye Ling took a shortcut and found it first…” She weighed her words and answered him.


Without any other choice, this was the only reasonable excuse she could come up with that would not expose her secret. Even though it wasn’t noble for her to plot against someone else’s opportunity, she wasn’t wrong to do so since they were surviving in a dog-eat-dog world. Her previous self would never do such a thing, but in this life, she had done many similar things before. If she wants to go against Gu Changge, she must become stronger by gaining all sorts of opportunities to better herself. However, she didn’t expect Ye Ling to be this hard to deal with. Even after she had set up such an elaborate trap, he still managed to escape.


Based on her experience in her previous life, Ye Ling wasn’t an ordinary character as he ended up becoming a terrifying being in the Beyond. He grew step by step from being a weakling. Now that he had formed a grudge against her, he would definitely be a huge problem for her in the future if she didn’t eliminate him as soon as possible. It was obvious that Ye Ling wouldn’t let her go this easily.


Listening to her words, Gu Changge suddenly revealed a somewhat dazed look before saying in a playful manner, “I didn’t expect it to be for this reason. As your husband, I’m really surprised. Mingkong, I can’t believe that you are such a cruel person. I originally thought that it was because he offended you, but it turns out that you only wanted his opportunity and tried to kill him for it. The old you wouldn’t have done such a thing.” 


With that, he shook his head while looking a little disappointed at her. Of course, he was only saying all these just to match her words. In fact, he already knew a lot of information about the matter.


It turned out that Ye Ling was actually the successor of an Ancient Supreme Being, which left Gu Changge in a bit of a daze because it was completely in line with the requirements of a comeback story. A mediocre or scrappy teenager, by chance, happened to obtain the inheritance of a certain powerful being, and from then on, he became undefeated while subduing all the beautiful women along the way. An Ancient Supreme Being was a self-appointed being with incredible powers during the ancient mythical era. Their powers were said to have touched a godlike level. Stories would stress that it was even said that it wasn’t impossible for the Ancient Supreme Beings to control the flow of time. Whenever the inheritance of an Ancient Supreme Being appeared in this world, it would definitely rattled all the powerful forces and immortal sects as it was even more shocking than the tomb of an ancient emperor, drawing attention from all sides of the world.


[I can’t believe Ye Ling secret obtained the inheritance of an Ancient Supreme Being, in which case, there might be all kinds of remains, ancient celestial patterns, weapons, divine pills and so on. No wonder Yue Mingkong couldn’t defeat him in her current state.]


“I’m doing this because you forced me to.” She glanced at him emotionlessly and continued, “You are speaking as if you are the good guy, but in fact, you are far more cruel than I can ever be.” 


There was a strong sense of hatred in her words. No matter how cruel her methods were, they were nothing compared to Gu Changge. Even though it was a secret to most people, she clearly knew that his forbidden Demonic Arts alone had killed countless youthful talents. If he actually revealed his true powers, it would definitely shock the entire world, causing many cultivators to come and kill him out of fear and anger. By then, the whole world would become his enemy, and he could no longer grow stronger in secret.


Of course, without any evidence, not many people would believe her words even if she exposed him. After all, the forbidden Demonic Arts had disappeared to the annals of history because all of the inheritance was destroyed by the powerful factions. As for how Gu Changge obtained such a technique, it was still a complete mystery, but she suspected that it had something to do with the mysterious master behind him. However, she never heard him talk about it before.


“Don’t put it that way. It’s not wrong with being a little ruthless in this world.” Listening to her, Gu Changge finally withdrew the faint smile from his face and said, “Good people can only live short lives so that the bad people can live longer.”


Hearing his words, she couldn’t help but remain silent. In her previous life, she would definitely scoff at such words, thinking that it was too absolute since the good did nothing wrong. But now, she knew clearly that the good were destined to live short lives. From ancient times to the present, the only beings who stood at the top have countless blood on their hands. This was something that she had to fully agree on at this moment.


“Which Ancient Supreme Being’s inheritance did he obtain? Maybe I can help you deal with him,” Gu Changge then asked again with another faint smile on his face.


Yue Mingkong glanced at him and answered, “The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.”


She might as well be frank to him, but she didn’t believe that he would help her deal with Ye Ling. Even though he worded it in a nice way, in the end, he was only interested in snatching the inheritance for himself. After Ye Ling dies, the inheritance would fall into Gu Changge’s hands, and she didn’t think that he would be kind enough to give it to her.


“The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. The power of reincarnation…” He squinted his eyes.


The power of reincarnation involved time, which was the same ultimate power as space. Now that he already had the Void Talent, it wasn’t impossible for him to evolve his abilities to Space Principles, Space Dao, even till the Origin of Space and more. Therefore, the power of reincarnation greatly interested him.


Looking at his expression, Yue Mingkong knew that he had his eyes set on Ye Ling, so she couldn’t help but sigh inside her heart. An opportunity was snatched right in front of her by Gu Changge. She knew how terrifying his powers were and wasn’t that confident that she could snatch it back from his hands.


Even though Ye Ling was difficult to deal with, she was still a regressor with foresight who even dared to go against Gu Changge. So why would she be afraid of Ye Ling exacting his revenge on her? However, it seemed like from now on, he would become Gu Changge’s prey, which meant that he was doomed from the start. Even when he was at his peak in the previous life, he still almost lost his life in the hands of Gu Changge, which led him to disappear. As for the current Ye Ling, it was even more unlikely that he could escape Gu Changge’s cruelty.


“Why the long face? Aren’t you happy that I’m willing to help you grab the opportunity?” Looking at her expression, he couldn’t help but smile. Even though he would take away most of the benefits for himself, he wouldn’t mind leaving the rest for her. After all, he wasn’t that heartless of a man to take everything for himself.


After hearing his words, Yue Mingkong was no longer in the mood to speak to him.


[I’ll be staying in Skyward Schloss during this period anyway. When the Celestial Path finally surfaces, I’ll immediately find out where the Celestial Spirit will appear. By then, the only thing I need to do is to wait in advance for the perfect opportunity to strike.]


Compared to the inheritance of an Ancient Supreme Being, the Celestial Spirit wasn’t that bad either. Even though Gu Changge had planned for the Celestial Spirit for a long time as well, she believed that he couldn’t possibly get much advantage over her.


With that, she also decided to stay on the Supreme Peak, preparing herself for the Celestial Path in the future. Besides, she and Gu Changge were officially married, so it was perfectly okay and no one would dare criticize her for doing so.


Soon, news about the heir of the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty arriving at Skyward Schloss spread out like birds with wings, causing a huge uproar. Everyone, including the disciples of Skyward Schloss and cultivators from other factions, were all shocked. After all, Gu Changge’s powers alone were terrifying enough, but now, he had his fiancee, Yue Mingkong, next to him. With the two of them working side by side, no youthful talent was a match against them.


Now, every faction and immortal cult had begun to gather in the Skyward Ancient City. There were many youthful prodigies, including those who rarely showed their faces, coming from all sides of the Inner Domain to show their powerful abilities.


Suddenly, a storm was brewing.



Meanwhile, in the depths of the Skyward Schloss, there was an ancient palace standing tall above the lingering clouds and haze. A frightening aura was reverberating while a series of divine light intertwined, forming a strong sense of oppression, as if the sky was being split apart.


The many elders of Skyward Schloss were discussing something inside with a serious yet somewhat gloomy expression on their faces. The Grand Elder sat in the leading position with a hale face, immortal figure and a flowing white robe.


Next to the Grand Elder, a middle-aged man in a green shirt with a gentle look and a long beard spoke up and asked, “Now, all the great factions have gathered in Skyward Ancient City so that they can force me to open the deeper areas for their young disciples to train in. What do you all think about this matter?”


He had an upright figure with eyes like stars and white hair like snow, giving him a tall and heroic image. There seemed to be a floating light and leaping shadow next to him like an illusion. He was none other than the current Palace Master of Skyward Schloss. He rarely showed up on such occasions and would always cultivate in the depths of Skyward Schloss, so his cultivation was unfathomable.


Hearing the words of the Palace Master, many elders remained silent because at this moment, it was no longer up to them to decide.


Then, an old man with an amazing aura and a tall figure stood out. He was currently the Second Elder of Skyward Schloss. An ancient character with unfathomable cultivation.”Palace Master, I think this matter still needs to be discussed by all parties before it is finalized. After all, there are many dangers lurking in that deep area of the mountain gate. If their disciples venture past that point and come back injured or dead, they will blame us for not providing any proper protection. When that time comes, are we really going to stomach all the blame?” he uttered while furrowing his brows, showing his frustration toward the matter.


In fact, the appearance of the heavenly treasure was just an excuse to go in. What all the powerful factions actually wanted was the Celestial Ancient Continent, but because they had cultivated in Skyward Schloss before, they couldn’t bring themselves to open their mouths about it, so they sent their young disciples here instead. This was something that every elder knew by heart.


“There are many opportunities in the Celestial Ancient Continent, but at the same time, there are many dangers too. Also, the different areas are shrouded with an immortal ancient mist that even I find it difficult to navigate through. If any young disciple ventures deeper, they will probably die inside…”


At that moment, many elders started to speak up as they agreed with the Second Elder’s words. Even though they were fine with opening the deeper areas to the outside world, they couldn’t afford it if any accidents occurred. If anyone wanted to venture deeper, they would have to bear the consequences themselves. Other than that, every faction must have someone in charge. Otherwise, it would be unfair to put all the blame on Skyward Schloss.


“In that case, that’s how it’s going to be decided. If any young prodigy would like to venture deeper, they will have to be responsible for their own deaths.” The Palace Master slowly nods. 


Then, several elders thought of something and began to murmur while secretly keeping an eye on the Grand Elder’s expression. “However, since we have so many young prodigies gathering here, there’s bound to be some conflicts. As the host… Skyward Schloss should appoint someone to handle the situation when the time comes. Among the Five Greatest Direct Disciples, Chu Wunian has returned to the Great Chu Celestial Dynasty because of his injury… The other three Direct Disciples are all in retreat at the moment, so they probably won’t show their faces for the time being. But are we really going to rely on them? After all, their cultivation isn’t that strong, and I’m afraid that they won’t be able to handle the situation by then.”


They purposely avoided mentioning Gu Changge because news about him offending the Grand Elder some time ago had spread throughout Skyward Schloss. Therefore, if they nominated Gu Changge at this moment, wouldn’t it be disrespectful toward the Grand Elder?



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