I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 108, I Want to Beat Him to the Ground, She Was Once a Pitiful Person

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Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


Inside the palace, the atmosphere suddenly became a little strange. Even the Palace Master of Skyward Schloss was shaking his head while glancing at the Grand Elder without uttering a word. Even though the elders were here to discuss the gathering of factions in Skyward Ancient City, they knew for a fact that matters had gone out of control and there was nothing they could do to change it.


That was the real reason they held this meeting… It was to choose a person in charge from Skyward Schloss. Someone to deal with the younger generation. However, out of respect for the Grand Elder, they spoke tactfully and didn’t recommend Gu Changge straight away. After all, other than Gu Changge, there really weren’t any other candidates who were better.


As for the disciple, Gu Xianer, who the Grand Elder just accepted, although she had powerful talent, she was still miles away when compared to Gu Changge. Her abilities and identity alone were no match against him at all, not to mention his imposing aura. Although he had become a powerful tyrant among the disciples of Skyward Schloss to the point no one dared to offend him, the elders couldn’t help but admit that his abilities were unquestionable. He was capable of sending fear into the hearts of even the young prodigies.


A few days ago, in the Skyward Ancient City, the Young Master of the White Tiger Clan, which was an Ancient Royal Family, had no choice but to leave in embarrassment because he wouldn’t dare to fight Gu Changge. Without a doubt, only Gu Changge could deal with such a situation. The young talents who came to Skyward Schloss from the other factions would definitely restrain themselves, so there shouldn’t be much conflict. That was why the only problem left now… was the disagreement between Gu Changge and the Grand Elder. Unfortunately, the decision would require an approval from the Grand Elder, which was why the matter was a little difficult to settle.


“I understand your concerns. You don’t need to be so tactful about it. After all, we are doing this only for the good of Skyward Schloss. I’m also not that unreasonable of a person.” The Grand Elder finally spoke, but his face looked a little gloomy mainly because the thought of him asking Gu Changge to handle the situation for Skyward Schloss infuriated him.


[How is that any different than throwing my reputation to the ground? What I said last time will be for nothing, and I’ll be slapping myself in the face…]


Thinking about it, he felt a raging flame burning inside his heart. After living for so many years, this was the first time he repeatedly bumped heads with a disciple, which was simply unbelievable.


Then, the Palace Master smiled faintly and said, “Grand Elder, I believe that you are a generous man who won’t argue with a disciple. I understand that the Young Master of the Gu Family has had his eyes set on the position of Skyward Schloss’s successor ever since he came here. Even so, I chose not to expose him. Now, he has been given such a chance. Although he is eccentric and unpredictable, he is still a disciple of Skyward Schloss. With that identity behind him, I don’t think he will want to betray his masters. From what I’ve seen, it’s about time to decide who the successor is going to be, and I don’t think character is as important as ability anymore.”


Listening to him, the elders looked at each other and nodded their heads. Now that the Palace Master had shown his support for Gu Changge, the Grand Elder couldn’t say anything else even if he was reluctant about the decision.


“Fine. I’ll sacrifice my reputation for today and go to Gu Changge to talk about it.” The Grand Elder waved his hand with a gloomy face as he understood that this was the only way. Then, without saying much, he took a step and disappeared from the palace.


Looking at him, the Palace Master and the other elders couldn’t help but shake their heads and breathe a sigh.


“Gu Changge is the only youthful prodigy who could force the Grand Elder to take a step back…”



While the Grand Elder and the others were having their meeting, Gu Xianer remained on the mountain peak where the Grand Elder would usually be during his retreat.


*Phew!* In a green outfit, her body looked slender while the expression on her delicate face was calm. With her eyes closed, she sat on the side of a green rock as a radiant haze shone brightly behind her, spurting rays of essence in all directions. A purple divine sunlight drifted down from the sky like a mist and hovered around her, giving her a Daoist look. Then, a wisp of Daoist energy emerged and dropped down, appearing above her head like an invisible spotlight.


At the moment, a newly-formed bone inside her body was burning while a profound and vast energy emerged from it, causing the many divine lights within it to change. Just like a Celestial Bone, it was crystal clear, flawless and radiant while being suffused with an immortal aura. Among the hazy mist, a tiny immortal being seemed to be sitting on her Celestial Bone, chanting a supreme scripture.


*Boom!* In the end, all the power in her cells and bones burst out, turning into a surging and terrifying bloody energy before converging into all her limbs and bones!


[I did it!]


Gu Xianer opened her eyes while a hint of joy appeared on her delicate and flawless face, but soon, she composed herself.


[I’ve finally broken through to the Honored Lord Realm! I heard that Gu Changge only reached the Honored Nobility Realm when he was at my age. I’m now a realm quicker than him at that time. As long as I work hard on my cultivation, I’ll surpass him sooner or later. Then, I’ll exact my revenge, and he’ll regret what he did to me. I’m not someone who he can simply bully whenever he wants to!]


She clenched her delicate fists while her eyes lit up. During this period, she ate all kinds of divine pills and medicine while also cultivating the various ancient techniques prepared by the Grand Elder, which was why her cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds. It was progressing at a much faster rate than before.


The True Celestial Meaning contained within the Skyward Ascension was particularly mystical, even pointing the way to the Celestial Path, which allowed her to benefit greatly from it. Even though her previous masters were very powerful, they were as specialized as the Grand Elder who was an excellent cultivation master. He had taught many disciples before, so naturally, he was experienced enough to teach her according to her specific talents. Even so, she already had a strong foundation and plenty of talent, so it was normal that all that accumulation resulted in such a rapid growth of her cultivation. Therefore, she quickly calmed down and thought to herself.


[If Gu Changge didn’t agitate my master at that time, he probably wouldn’t choose to teach me all of this. In other words, this is all thanks to Gu Changge… But he definitely has other intentions when doing so. Even though I still can’t figure out why he is doing this, I know that his intentions aren’t good. Now, the only thing I want to do is to beat that annoying bastard to the ground!]


At this moment, she looked cold and lonely, as if she was a fairy in heaven, not tainted with the slightest struggle of the world. However, she was surprised that Gu Changge didn’t come to visit her during this period and felt strangely uncomfortable. Suddenly, her eyes moved slightly and looked at a giant green stone not far away.


“Who is that?” she roared with a cold voice.


At the same time, she held a jade-like crystal sword with extraordinary runes flowing on it. Just now, she felt a slight presence coming from that side, which meant that someone was hiding there, but she didn’t notice at all before. Therefore, she furrowed her delicate brows and remained vigilant. This was where the Grand Elder would enter retreat, so no one would come here on a regular basis. Also, the Grand Elder was now heading toward a meeting on the main peak and was not present here, so it was possible that someone would try to sneak in. Also, he didn’t have any habits of laying down any formations or patterns around his place of retreat since the surroundings of the mountain peak was safe and there weren’t any protective formations.


Thinking about it, Gu Xianer became more and more vigilant. At first, she suspected that it was Gu Changge, but she quickly ruled out the possibility because he wouldn’t come all the way here to see her cultivation unless he was very bored. As for whether Gu Changge would try to assassinate her, she didn’t think much about it because if he really wanted her dead, he would have done it long ago without waiting until now to do it.


[Then who is it?]


“Xianer, it’s alright. I don’t mean any harm.” Then, a heavenly voice was heard as a slender and tall woman came out from behind the boulder. She wore a cage-colored silk skirt and a conch hair bun on her head. Her picturesque face was stunningly beautiful and carried an inherent nobility. Even as a woman, Gu Xainer couldn’t help but feel stunned by her beauty. She was definitely the most gorgeous woman she had ever seen, and none came close.


Quickly, she came back to her senses and asked calmly, “Are you Gu Changge’s fiancee? The Fourth Princess of the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty—Yue Mingkong?”


With that face and mannerism, she couldn’t think of anyone else other than the princess. However, she was confused as to why she would come here and secretly stare at her for so long.


“That’s me.” Yue Mingkong nodded while carefully looking at her. Gu Changge had left the mountain gate and went to the Skyward Ancient City for some reason, so she thought of coming here to visit Gu Xianer, but since she was in her cultivation state when she arrived, she decided not to interrupt her and stand aside to watch. Now that Gu Xianer was done with cultivating, she finally made a movement, which allowed Gu Xianer to notice her presence.


She didn’t have any malice toward the cold and lonely Gu Xianer, but instead, all she felt was pity for her. In the previous life, Gu Xianer was the only true friend that she could make, and the two of them got to meet each other by chance. Gu Xianer didn’t hate her because she was Gu Changge’s fiancee, but instead, they see each other as equals, so they got along pretty quickly. However, because of Gu Changge, the two of them ended up being strangers in the end. The last time Yue Mingkong heard news about her, was when the Peach Village that Gu Xianer once lived in got wiped out by millions of soldiers sent by Gu Changge from the Celestial Dynasty. Afterward, that mysterious peach tree at the entrance of the village opened a portal and left with the wrecked village, not leaving any trace. Ever since, Gu Xianer completely disappeared as if she was removed from the world.


At that time, Yue Mingkong thought that Gu Xianer realized that there was no hope for any revenge, so she chose to enter retreat, but after thinking about it carefully, she knew that according to Gu Changge’s personality, he wouldn’t let her go this easily. It was possible that he used Gu Xianer’s masters afterward as hostage so that she would turn herself in. Since then, no one knew whether Gu Xianer was dead or alive, but Yue Mingkong guessed that she probably had her cultivation source devoured by Gu Changge and perished.


Just like her, Gu Xianer was a miserable girl. When she was young, her beloved brother dug up her Daoist Bone and took it for himself. Then, she escaped to the Land of Abandoned Celestials and met several mysterious yet powerful masters. Many years of cultivation later, she harbored a deep hatred inside her heart and a determination for revenge. Sadly, she never succeeded and was saved several times from the hands of Gu Changge. In her previous life, her lineage, including her parents, was wiped out completely by Gu Changge, who had become the head of the family.


[There were too many tragic events…]


Thinking about the past, Yue Mingkong suddenly felt a sense of regret and sadness. In her previous life, she helped Gu Changge to unify the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty and annexed many other forces. The millions of the soldiers that wiped out the Peach Village at that time were all personally trained by her for the sake of helping Gu Changge.


Many things had changed in this current life, but Gu Xianer’s predicament still remained the same. At that time, she also came to Skyward Schloss to cultivate and to become the Grand Elder’s disciple, but because she had offended Gu Changge, she wasn’t treated well in Skyward Schloss. No disciples dared to talk to her. Even the elders avoided her as if she was a poisonous chalice.


However, during this period, she would receive a divine opportunity from the depths of Skyward Schloss, causing her cultivation to advance at a rapid rate. Because of that, she decided to challenge Gu Changge and announce to the world that he had committed the despicable act of digging up her bone. After her announcement, it immediately shook everyone in the Beyond, causing a terrifying earthquake.


Then, her final battle with Gu Changge at the Ancient Battle Arena drew the attention of countless cultivators and factions. Unexpectedly, she survived the battle and barely won in the end, killing Gu Changge. This was also the only time where she had an advantage over him, but obviously, he faked his death during the battle because he couldn’t reveal his biggest ace in front of everyone.


His ‘body’ was then saved by the Primal Celestial Temple, and 6 months later, he reappeared in the Beyond with even more unfathomable powers. Soon, the two of them collided with another battle again. In the end, Gu Xianer was defeated and almost died but was saved by someone afterward.


Silavin: The author seem to now use 年轻一辈, which just mean young generation… when he had been using youthful prodigy or young talent… Not sure why… I like young talent/youthful prodigy more. So, I’ll use them instead. 



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