I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 111, Going Totally Berserk From Uncontrollable Shame and Anger, Let Me Repay You With This


Translator: Zenas

Proofreader: Silavin


“So, you’ve become so arrogant just because you have broken through to the Honored Lord Realm? Or, is it because that I’ve not bullied you these days that you’re itching for a beating? Gu Xianer, tell me what do you want to do? Could it be that you’re still thinking about becoming the master of your own fate?” Gu Changge squatted down with a playful smile and pinched her delicate and beautiful nose. Gu Xianer grinded her teeth in anger as her beautiful, light brown eyes filled with emotions of fury and unwillingness.


[What do you mean by me becoming arrogant?  Do you want me to do nothing, despite what you did to me?] Although his words sounded very strange, she was clear that he was ridiculing her. It made her almost go crazy from rage. Of course, the biggest reason behind her feelings was her dejection and unwillingness to accept such an outcome. 


She had cultivated painstakingly for so many years. She would sit cross-legged on the limestone every day, absorbing the rays of the sunlight in the early morning, and refining the essence of the sun and the moon. What was her intention behind cultivating the peerless technique at the time? Revenge. She wanted to press Gu Changge’s hateful face against the ground and make him regret his actions that brought her endless pain.


Just a while ago, she had a great momentum on her side. She felt so fierce, self-confident, and high-spirited. She had believed that after breaking through to the Honoured Lord Realm, no one would be a match for her in the same generation. After all, she had achieved something that even Gu Changge could not when he was her age. So, how could he still dare to take her lightly and be indifferent to her? 


Gu Xianer only wanted to prove that she was stronger than the Gu Changee back then. She wanted to defeat him and settle her grievances with him. But once she actually fought him, it was her who ended up being humiliated by him! She could not accept such an outcome and it made her experience all sorts of bitter feelings like depression, dejection, gloominess, and discouragement. In short, she was experiencing complex feelings at the moment.  All she wished to do was to win in a fight against Gu Changge with her own strength, without relying on the precious treasures that her masters had given her. Naturally, if Gu Changge was planning to kill her, she was not going to let him do as he wanted! 


Gu Xianer glared at Gu Changge with her eyes that looked like swords that were tempered in cold. It was as if her stare alone could poke holes throughout his body. Even if she loses to someone, she could not allow herself to lose her spirit. Especially not to their pressure. Her third master had told her these words when she was still cultivating in the Peach Village.


“Gu Changge, don’t be so proud of yourself. You only won because your current realm is higher than mine. I’ll definitely be able to suppress you once I catch up to your realm.  At that time, I’ll make you pay for the humiliation I’ve experienced today.” Gu Xianer said in a frosty voice.


“Then why don’t you do that first? Why were you thinking about killing me and taking revenge with your meager abilities now, instead? Gu Xianer, you should really stop deluding yourself, you know?” Gu Changge’s  clear and mellow but indifferent voice reached Gu Xianer’s ears. It sounded very belittling, as if someone of a very high position was looking down at a lowly person.


She was a bit taken aback upon hearing his words. She grinded her teeth in rage. As she was still suppressed by the gigantic hand, she could not even move a finger no matter how much she tried… And then, she felt her nose being pinched tightly by Gu Changge once again! It made her go so crazy that she became desperate!


“Gu Changge, don’t go too far! I’m really going to kill you!” Gu Xianer shouted in rage as she gnashed her teeth. At this moment, she looked like a kitten with her hair standing on end.


“I gave you the opportunity to kill me and take your revenge, but you didn’t cherish it at all. Gu Xianer, it’s disappointing to see that you can only utter such words.” Gu Changge had a very indifferent expression. To Gu Xianer, he seemed like a cold immortal from the nine heavens who was untouched by emotions of the secular world.


Gu Xianer was shaken inside as she became stupefied at his words. [He is disappointed in me? What was there for him to be disappointed about? Should not he be happy that I could not defeat him and was so easily suppressed? What exactly does he mean? Does he really want me to kill him?] Gu Xianer could not understand what Gu Changge was thinking as she stared at him.


But Gu Changge did not say much. In his opinion, Gu Xianer was simply asking for a beating with how she was acting. It would do her good to act more calmly, as her small pride and her love for challenging him only makes him want to bully her even more. Would it not be better for her to quietly focus on cultivating and raise her strength? It was her who was spending her day thinking about this and that. 


She still looked at him as her enemy as if she was trying to get rid of an evil thing. Although he had to take the blame for digging out her bone, his body was under the influence of the demonic nature at the time. So in reality, it was not something he had done because he wanted to. If the System had awakened him and had taken care of his demonic nature before that incident happened, he naturally would not have done such a thing as digging out her bone. He had an even better and more profitable way to go about the whole thing.


Gu Xianer was trying her best to take her revenge by killing him, so he was already showing great mercy by not killing her. He had been scheming on ways to deal with her hatred instead. It was just that he did not have time to pay attention to her recently. Thanks to him, she was given a lot of cultivation time with someone as mighty as the Great Elder. Furthermore, he had also stimulated the Great Elder into focusing on teaching her with great care. In conclusion, not only did he not do anything that would harm her, he also set up a fortuitous opportunity for her. 


[Despite the fact that I have done her good, this girl is still acting so stubborn and foolish. She does not seem like an idiot, so why is she still behaving in such a way? Does she feel lonely because I have not been paying attention to her for a while? Could it be? She’s just venting her petty emotions?] Many thoughts crossed through Gu Changge’s mind. But since she had taken the initiative to come to him, he needed to give her a lesson and make her understand the reality of things. Otherwise, she would become arrogant and carried away by her success again after breaking through the next realm.


“Today, I’ll let you off with a little punishment. But next time, I’ll just throw you down a latrine pit and keep you suppressed there for a few years…” Gu Changge warned in a calm manner.


*Spank!* His words were followed by a spanking sound.


Gu Xianer was dumbfounded. She was in disbelief for a moment before her face flushed red! She was experiencing uncontrollable shame and anger. It was the first time in her life that someone had smacked her in such a way. Not to mention, it was none other than the person she hated the most, Gu Changge!


“Gu Changge…” Yue Mingkong was also dumbfounded at the scene. Even though she felt strange about Gu Changge’s attitude towards Gu Xianer, it was naturally a good thing if he had no intention to kill her. 


As Gu Xianer’s older cousin, there was nothing wrong with him teaching his disobedient little younger cousin a lesson. But to hit the butt of a girl her age was going a bit too far… 


Nonetheless, since it was Gu Changge, such a thing would indeed be considered a light punishment from him. It really could not be called excessive in this particular case. After all, it was already a great blessing that Gu Changge did not feel like killing her. Fortunately, there were only three of them here. Otherwise, Gu Xianer would have totally lost her honour and reputation once the news of her being spanked like this spread to other people.


“Xianer…” She just wanted to persuade her about something when she saw Gu Xianer going berserk.


“Gu Changge, I’ll kill you, no matter what it takes…” Gu Xianer grinded her teeth as her face looked cold as ice and frost. She was dying to cut down the hand that Gu Changge had used to smack her.


On the other side, Gu Changge was still looking calm and indifferent, as if he did not care about her words.


“Want to kill me to take your revenge? Then become strong enough to do just that. Don’t make me look down on you like this.” He shook his head with a regretful and disappointed expression as he got up to return to his palace.


*Buzz!* Suddenly, a terrifying aura erupted from Gu Xianer. She had a cold look as she took out a pitch-black broadsword that was generating a monstrous amount of killing aura. The tip of the sword looked extremely fearsome as if it could split open the sky and cut down heaven. 


The pitch-black sword appeared high above in the sky and many terrifying and strange scenes emerged. It seemed like the heavenly emperor was bathed in blood, a true immortal was put to death, and the universe was bursting apart. The power contained on its surface was ridiculously terrifying, as if it was a sword that could annihilate the world. It possessed such a vast amount of turbulent energy that it would be hard to find another thing that could rival it.


“What’s that?”


“So fearsome! Just what exactly happened on the Ultimate Peak? That’s where Direct Disciple Gu Changge stays. Is some kind of great battle happening there?”


At this moment, the countless disciples of Skyward Schloss were shocked. All of them appeared on their mountain peaks and divine islands as they looked afar in extreme horror. The direction they were looking at was being suppressed by that fearsome and black broadsword. It made their souls tremble and they almost felt like prostrating towards it. The divine pressure coming from it had already surpassed the Sacred Realm and could easily destroy heaven and earth! The disciples on the Ultimate Peak, in particular, experienced the brunt of the pressure. They were having a really hard time with their mind feeling terrifying suppression and it has almost become impossible for them to breathe as well. Who would have thought that Gu Xianer could easily take out a thing as powerful as this?


“Having power that transcends the Sacred Realm. How is it possible for Gu Xianer to have such a thing? If not for the fact that her strength is lacking, its power might have been even more terrifying.”


A lot of elders had appeared in the sky as they looked at the scene with a frown. They proclaimed themselves to be old monsters, but even they were intimidated by the broadsword. Although Gu Xianer was young, her background had to be absolutely astonishing. It was no wonder that the Great Elder treated her so well. They had asked around about Gu Xianer’s background and knew that she was from the Immortal Gu Family. However, they were not too clear about the other aspects of her background. Looking at the shocking sword tip, they could not help but fall silent as they became even more curious about Gu Xianer’s background.


“This doesn’t seem like a minor clash between Gu Xianer and Gu Changge. As someone with the capability to be the successor of the Immortal Gu Family, Gu Changge should not be afraid of that sword tip, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’ll still hurt him quite a bit…”


They could not help but speculate as they watched the scene unfolding on the Ultimate Peak.


“It’s the tip of the sword of that old monster. I didn’t expect him to give Xianer such a thing. Gu Changge is really looking for death here. He is only reaping what he sowed, so don’t blame this old man…” Standing in the void, the Great Elder had already recovered his calm. He appeared like an immortal being with the demeanor of an enlightened person. Watching the scene on the Ultimate Peak, he could not help but stroke his beard and smile with happiness. It was not easy to see Gu Changge suffer a setback, so it was a matter of delight for him. It was like drinking cold and sweet water on a blazing hot day and made his whole body feel relaxed! 


In his opinion, Gu Changge would be seriously injured even if he did not die. After all, Gu Xianer had lost herself now and taken out that broadsword. Right now, she looked like someone that would cut down anything and everything in her way, no matter who or what it was. Regardless of Gu Changge’s strength and the many tricks he had up his sleeves, he would still not be able to avoid getting serious injured. But, in the next moment, the expression on the Great Elder’s face stiffened. He frowned and even seemed to be in disbelief of what he was seeing. There were not many things in the world that could shock him like this.


Outside the palace, Gu Changge had noticed Gu Xianer taking out the black broadsword. He had already expected that such a thing would happen and had a calm expression on his face. He turned around and looked at the sword!


“Xianer, you can’t…” Yue Mingkong’s expression changed slightly and she wanted to stop her, but it was already too late. Gu Changge not having the intention to kill Xianer was not something that could have happened easily. But if Gu Xianer truly attempted to kill him like this, it would be equal to her shedding all pretense of cordiality with him, and the grudge between the two would be exposed to all. At that time, things could get out of hand! Considering Gu Xianer’s ability right now, she would have no chance of defending herself against Gu Changge’s means if she really burned her bridges, unless she escapes to the Peach Village or seek the help of her masters. 


Yue Mingkong was not worried about Gu Changge because she knew he had countless means. It was difficult to imagine that Gu Xianer would be able to kill him for real with this attack from her. She was only concerned that things would get out of hand soon.


Gu Xianer came to herself when she heard Yue Mingkong calling out to her to stop and she also regretted taking such an action. Just now, she had totally lost herself in fury and impulsively taken out the broadsword that her great master had given to her. She wanted to cut Gu Changge’s body into many pieces! Not only was it contrary to her intention to defeat Gu Changge in a fair manner, he had only bullied her in the name of teaching her a lesson instead of trying to kill her. 


However, it was already late for her to stop the attack. Gu Xianer quickly withdrew the magic power that the broadsword contained but there was no way for her to do the same with the power that had already been discharged. Just the aura from the sharp tip of the sword was enough to pierce through everything and split open mountains and seas!


*Buzz!* The void shook intensely as many runes flashed in an explosive manner. It was as if they were going to fill the whole sky.


“Gu Changge, get out of its way…” Gu Xianer could not help but have a tense look as she shouted at Gu Changge immediately. It was her who had unleashed the attack but it was also her who wanted him to dodge it. It made her feel really conflicted. She seriously had no intention of attacking Gu Changge like this.


However, Gu Changge looked quite calm upon hearing her words when he turned around in front of his palace. He did not even show the slightest sign of resistance on his face or took any action to resist the attack as he watched her sword slashing at him. His calm demeanor made Gu Xianer flustered.


“Let me repay you with this…” Gu Changge spoke in a calm and indifferent manner. He quietly looked at the blade slashing across his body diagonally as it cut through half of his body. He felt horrible pain as if his body was going to be ripped apart, but he still kept a calm look and did not even show a frown on his face. Immediately, blood gushed out of his body and the bone of grand runes it contained appeared unusually bright and extremely profound. Fine cracks had appeared on its surface after experiencing the blow from the sword.


“This…” Yue Mingkong was shocked to see the scene before her eyes. She found it simply unbelievable. She did not expect that Gu Changge would actually do nothing, letting Gu Xianer’s sword cut through him without any resistance. Given his ability, he could easily deal with this attack if he wanted to!




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