I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 125, Cursed, Actually Moved


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


*Zoom!* In that instant, Yue Mingkong could hear ringing in her brain. Spacing out, she couldn’t believe what she just saw and heard.


In her previous life, solely because there was a slight chance that she might expose Gu Changge’s greatest secret, his identity as the Successor of Demonic Arts, she was heartlessly murdered by him on their wedding night. Those memories were still vividly living in her mind.


Contrary to her expectation, Gu Changge, seemingly unaffected by her confession and was being honest with her, claiming that he couldn’t bring himself to kill her. 


Yue Mingkong couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded. The preparations and inferences she made were all instantaneously ruined. Subconsciously, she let go of the runed sword she was holding. Although she couldn’t determine whether Gu Changge was telling the truth, she couldn’t deny that she sensed no murderous intent coming from him. She wondered if this ‘confrontation’ was merely to scare her.


Contemplating, Yue Mingkong instinctively clenched her teeth, unable to figure out what emotions she was currently feeling. It was a complex mix of bitterness and inexplicable affection. 


Regardless, she couldn’t comprehend why Gu Changge chose not to kill her, wondering if he was planning to manipulate her with some sort of demonic secret techniques. After all, that wasn’t entirely impossible as the best time to strike was when she lowered her guard.


However, she felt that she might have been overthinking. Compared to Gu Changge from her previous life, he seemed to have gone through many changes in this life. Although he was still the evil, heartless, merciless man she knew, he seemed to treat the people around him quite well.

Yue Mingkong’s mind was all over the place.


“My Demonic Arts are bound to be exposed one day. Either way, since you already knew about it, you no longer have to play pretend with me from now on.” Seeing the confused, incredulous eyes of Yue Mingkong, Gu Changge casually smiled before going up to her and giving her a hug.


Swiftly, Yue Ming’s trembling body eventually eased up. Nonetheless, she spoke not a word as she was trying to organize her thoughts.


Gu Changge felt rather fascinated by her dazed appearance. A moment ago, she was behaving so coldly, as though she was about to go all out on him, and he was entertained by that. In fact, if he truly wished to kill her, he would have made a move instead of waiting until this day.


Moreover, since Yue Mingkong was a regressor, she knew about Gu Changge’s true identity from the start. There were numerous reasons she chose not to expose him. Though, it could possibly be because she didn’t want him to end up fighting the entire world. Given how kind and thoughtful she was, there was no way Gu Changge couldn’t sense her delicacy. 


As for him framing Ye Ling, although she never personally experienced it, she pretty much figured out how Gu Changge did it. She knew he first slaughtered Bai Lie with Nommening, then picked the best time to pin the murder on Ye Ling. As such, she could no longer hide the fact that she knew about Gu Changge’s greatest secret.


Therefore, Gu Changge decided to be upfront with her, though the pretty words were simply to reflect his personality and at the same time to lower Yue Mingkong’s guard. Otherwise, she would be living in fear and stressing herself over nothing, which he found somewhat troublesome. Of course, he was aware that it wouldn’t be easy to wear away the agony and vengeance she garnered through her previous life.


Regardless, scars would heal over time, so Gu Changge, unhasty, decided to grant her the time and space to heal. After all, Yue Mingkong’s suspicion toward him didn’t all disappear, so she wouldn’t believe every word he said.


Furthermore, Gu Changge was interested in Yue Mingkong’s experience in her previous life and what exactly happened back then. At the end of the day, the one that murdered her was the host whose body he now controlled. Was it some kind of aberration that allowed her to catch a glimpse of the future or perhaps her soul somehow managed to tread the Path of Time and witnessed what happened in the future? Either way, Fortuitous Ones were protected by the Heavenly Path, whom Gu Changge perceived as his biggest foe.


Nevertheless, those were simply his opinions. In fact, it was possible Yue Mingkong actually experienced such a life before regressing to her current life.


The Dao of Time was an unrivaled mystical force. In this world, even celestials couldn’t set their foot on the River of Time as the myths around it indicated the mysteries and ambiguities it held, so things like taking a glimpse into the future was virtually impossible. Hence, as of now, even Gu Changge couldn’t understand such a concept.


“You’re not going to kill me… Aren’t you afraid that I might reveal your secret to the world?” At that moment, Yue Mingkong shook herself out of Gu Changge’s arms and stood a wingspan away from him, staring at him with coldness flickering in her captivating eyes.


“Of course I am. How can I not be? But if you actually do that, I’d have no choice but to admit that I’m too unfortunate to have chosen you as my wife…” Naturally, he wasn’t actually afraid. If Yue Mingkong truly wished to expose his secret, she wouldn’t have waited for so long. Besides, Gu Changge had his own means to deal with it. Given the circumstances, the best thing he could do now was to calm her down so that things could progress more smoothly in the future.


Hearing that, Yue Mingkong immediately let out a *hump*. Dissatisfied, she replied, “We’re not even married! Who are you calling your wife?” 


Indubitably, she was aware that Gu Changge was trying to win her heart. Saying those things meant that he wasn’t at all scared that she would expose his secrets. Gu Changge was a thorough and calculative man. There was nothing that could escape his mind, and every plan he came up with was ensured to be flawless. Nonetheless, hearing him saying such words, she couldn’t help but feel gratified.


“It’s only a matter of time,” Gu Changge stated with a casual smile. “You are already mine. Do you think I care about such small details?”


“Gu Changge…” Yue Mingkong tensed her brows, surprised by the shameless, cringing yet irresistibly pleasant words coming out from his mouth. Her eyes were glistening. Despite being taken aback by his teasing, charming words, she loved hearing them. Nine out of ten of them could be lies, but there was a chance that one of them was genuine.


All of a sudden, in Gu Changge’s mind, the System stated, 


<*Ding!* A shift in the attitude of Yue Mingkong the Fortuitous Lady. User is rewarded with 800 Fortuity and 4000 Fatums.>


Upon the notification, Gu Changge was satisfied that his ingratiating words were not in vain. 


Light flashed across his palm before an item suddenly appeared on it. Smilingly, he said, “You didn’t attend the Canonization Ceremony today. You could’ve picked some gifts offered by those old ones.” Gu Changge revealed a remorseful look.


*Whoosh!* The item whurred in his palm. Gleaming with radiant light, the item looked elegant and resembled a tiny phoenix as it was surrounded by mystical runes that glowed with heavenly beams. Undoubtedly, that was only its appearance in its normal state. With some power triggering it, it would enlarge to the size of a godly weapon.


Since Gu Changge already owned the Eight Barren Demon Halberd, he wouldn’t need the Golden Phoenix Lance.


“The Golden Phoenix Lance?” Yue Mingkong was somewhat dazed as she recognized the weapon. As a matter of fact, the Golden Phoenix Lance was a famous weapon that belonged to Skyward Schloss. It was a treasure forged by an elder. Its might was unparalleled and its value was immeasurable.


Judging by Gu Changge’s actions, he seemed to intend to give it to her. In fact, be it in her previous life or her current life, Gu Changge had never gifted her anything. Moreover, he seemed to have selected it specifically for her.


Suspicious, Yue Mingkong was in dismay. [Since when has he become this considerate?]


“Glad you recognize it. Does it look good?” Gu Changge looked at her and asked.


Yue Mingkong nodded as eagerness could be seen in her dashing eyes. “It looks good.”


As he was grinning, the Golden Phoenix Lance instantly disappeared in his arm as he warped it back into his storage ring.


Seeing that, Yue Mingkong was stunned. Immediately, her face stiffened and there was nothing but coldness on it. It was as if she was about to shoot icicles out of her eyes and pierce through Gu Changge’s entire body. Never did she expect Gu Changge to show it to her merely to ask if it looked good.


At that moment, she could finally understand how Gu Xianer felt when she had to deal with Gu Changge. Despite being angered by him, she was aware that she couldn’t beat him.


“Oh look at you, you grumpy lady.” Looking at Yue Mingkong’s icy face, Gu Changge burst out in laughter. Since he needed some entertainment, he decided to tease her.


“Of course this is for you,” Gu Changge smilingly and teasingly stated.


“Have fun with it!” Vexed, Yue Mingkong turned around as she couldn’t stand him.

[What a killjoy! And there I was feeling moved for a second. I must be cursed!]


Accordingly, Gu Changge shook his head. [Oh well, guess I’ll have to do this by force.]


*Zoom!* The fight ended the moment it began. Deafening noises reverberated through the palace as runes were shining while terrifying sounds came from the trembling air. Followingly, as a beam of light beaconed through the sky, an intimidating aura surged. Even the disciples outside the palace were frightened. In front of Yue Mingkong, Gu Changge feigned a fraction of his true power to subdue her.


Without a doubt, Yue Mingkong possessed power that even exceeded that of most youthful prodigies, and even Gu Changge had no clue what tricks else she hid under her sleeves.


But of course, to Gu Changge, Yue Mingkong was already her wife, so there was no way he would let Yue Mingkong allure him without him getting something in return. 


On the other hand, Yue Mingkong’s emotions were all jumbled up. All caused by the man in front of her. She gritted her teeth in frustration. Her perturbation caused by the fact that Gu Changge had a secret rendezvous with a ‘vixen’ some time ago had thoroughly disappeared. However, she still intended to unveil the identity of the ‘vixen’, which remained a mystery . After all, she would never allow Gu Changge to have any other women apart from her. 


Even Chi Ling, the Successor of the Vermillion Bird Clan, in her eyes, was not deemed a worthy threat. She was merely a pawn used by Gu Changge to deal with Ye Ling.


At the end of the day, Yue Mingkong understood Gu Changge too well to know that his heart would never beat her, let alone other women. Though, judging by his personality, it was certain that he would casually fool around with some women. Hence, she was determined to discover the identity of that ‘vixen.’



Lately, Skyward Schloss had never been peaceful as beacons of light pierced through skies while thick fog wafted all over on usual days. Simultaneously, an ancient yet dense aura was gushing out from the region while an enormous, borderless portal appeared in the sky. Waving in the sky, the portal—dark and immeasurably deep—was overflowing with an ancient aura, as though it was connected to another world.


Ever since the Celestial Ancient Continent appeared, countless forces and factions were attracted as they gradually came to the entrance of a Celestian Ancient Ruin, where, as of now, innumerable elders and old beings of Skyward Schloss gathered.


“We’ve used up everything we could to contain the portal, yet, all we achieved is stabilizing a path… If the natives from within were to come out, something major may happen…” An elder claimed with a look of contemplation as he was staring at the portal.


“Almost every faction sent their young ones here. There’s no telling if that’s good or bad.” The others shook their heads.


*Whoosh!* Beams of radiant lights shot out from the portal in numerous directions. Among them were some godly artifacts and medicines. The aura alone could probably make someone ascend to the skies.


As the Celestial Ancient Continents harbored countless opportunities, if it weren’t for the heaven;y treasure and opportunities that dwindled the fog with its blinding light, it wouldn’t have attracted the attention of so many forces.


“Heed us, young ones of various factions. Gather here once again after three days. Unfortunately, if an old one were to enter, numerous influential figures would definitely be dissatisfied. However, to the natives of the Celestial Ancient Continent, this shall be a challenge as well. But fear not, for only the disciples of us outsiders will be able to acquire the treasures within the continent!” The elders spoke as they were discussing.


As they had already made a deal with the ancient beings from the Celestial Ancient Continent, the challenge should only be taken on by the younger generation, while the elders were forbidden to interject. Eventually, the Celestial Ancient Continent would be broken through.


Very soon, the news from Skyward Schloss dispersed, and three days later, the door to the Celestial Ancient Continent opened, allowing the younger generation from various forces and factions to discover the opportunities within.


As soon as the news was spread, a huge commotion was stirred up as countless cultivators and forces were dumbfounded before growing gleeful. 


In Boundless Heaven, Skyward Schloss held a special meaning, and was even referred to as the All-Powerful Force. Some time ago, the Celestial Ancient Continent was said to open only for certain factions rather than to the entire Beyond. But upon Skyward Schloss’ declaration, it clearly proved that it held great influence.


Hence, cultivators were startled as they eventually gathered at the entrance of Skyward Schloss. If it weren’t for their respect, the stairway before Skyward Schloss would have been stomped to destruction.

To the factionless cultivators, the treasures and opportunities within the Celestial Ancient Continent could be theirs. They might be able to turn a new leaf. As those cultivators were tremendously eager for the event, they came to Skyward Schloss with prepared strategies of their own.


*Whoosh!* At the gates, a daunting might cultivator appeared and summoned a shining path that allowed passage into the depth of the portal. It was presented as a chance for the factionless cultivators to prevent disturbances from breaking out, which Skyward Schloss couldn’t afford to deal with.


During that time, almost every cultivator of the world had come to Boundless Heaven. Although the occurrence of the Successor of Demonic Arts was alarming, it was nothing worth of mention compared to the opportunities the Celestial Ancient Continent had to offer.




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