I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 127, Another Treasure Chaser, Many Opportunities in the Celestial Ancient Continent

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Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


In the blink of an eye, three days had passed. Deep within the Skyward Schloss, a swarm of cultivators appeared as a celestial haze rose in the sky with all kinds of splendid artifacts slashing by. All of them were the young prodigies who came on different mounts. This included a black cattle-like beast covered in scales and a huge bird dazzled by lightning as it spread its wings. Many huge flying boats and warships were parked here, carrying the young generation from all factions. The many cultivators who were qualified to come to the Boundless Heaven were all here.


“Once you enter, we shall not be responsible for your lives, and we will not interfere with the indigenous people there. Other than that, there are no other conditions. All of you shall fight for opportunities with your own strength.” An elder appeared in the sky and advised all. 


At the moment, everyone was staring at the enormous crack in front of them with eyes full of excitement. They could already see the scenery inside, which were stretches of Ancient Celestial Mountains. They were lofty and majestic with greenish-brown. Some of them even displayed a multicolored surface, which was intimidating. Further away, they could even see a divine light with runes shining brightly while floating up and down in a pattern. 


They could tell this was truly a rare Gifted Celestial Mountain that could only be seen once in a million years!


Then, the rest of the Elders of the Skyward Schloss appeared high in the sky. Beside them, there was a person with natural sceneries embroidered on his sleeves, and another wearing a purple gold crown, like an old emperor. There was also an old Daoist who held onto a huge brush and a beautiful woman in a robe with patterns of clouds. They were all powerful beings from different factions that came here to guard the entrance so that the indigenous people wouldn’t escape when the gate to the Celestial Ancient Continent was opened.


“It seems like the Sikong Family’s prediction was right. As expected, this is where the heavenly treasure will appear.” Looking at the dense mist coming through the huge crack, the middle-aged man with the natural scenery embroidered on his sleeves couldn’t help but breathe out a sigh.


The beautiful woman wearing a robe with patterns of clouds smiled proudly and said, “Of course we are right. The Heavenly Derivative Technique of the Sikong Family can be used to calculate everything. Even life and death or when breaking through Yin and Yang. It’s only a piece of cake for us to calculate where the opportunities would show up.”


“Everyone will be mixed up during this expedition. Since the Successor of Demonic Arts has been born, it’s best if we remind the young ones to be careful… so that they won’t be tricked and get harmed.”


As they discussed the matter, the leaders of the younger generation from various factions also arrived from all sides by appearing as rainbows. The man that looked as if he was made out of gold was the Successor of the Golden-Winged Roc Clan, Peng Fei. Other than him, there were: Ye Langtian of the Ancient Ye Family who had the aura of an emperor and spirits surrounding him; the extremely mysterious Wang Wushuang of the Immortal Wang Family, the Successor of the Undead Lake Clan and many more… They were all young prodigies with strong auras, with divine light inherently embedded in their bones.


With a quick glance at the prodigies in the sky, it seemed as though the sky was split apart while the void trembled, making a clunking sound and sparks in the process! Looking at the scene, many cultivators couldn’t help but shiver. This expedition to the Celestial Ancient Continent was opened specifically for these young prodigies. The others were just there to get a sniff of the opportunities there. After entering, they must not come into conflict with any of the young prodigies.








A series of rainbows quickly came slashing through the sky from the rest of the peaks of the Skyward Schloss. On a flock of strange beasts that resembled a vermillion bird, there were a group of young men and women rushing over dressed in glamorous clothes made out of colorful feathers. The person leading them had a petite body, delicate skin and a cold yet proud facial feature. She was the Successor of the Vermillion Bird Clan, Chi Ling. Not far behind her, she had a huge group of followers and among them, Ye Ling remained in disguise.


After a quick glance at the many celestial islands and mountains nearby, he couldn’t help but feel impressed by Skyward Schloss. This place far surpassed any other factions he had seen before. Once he got himself into the mix without anyone realizing his true identity, he breathed a huge sigh of relief inside his heart.


[Sure enough, the Skyward Schloss is worthy of being a powerful force within Boundless Heaven. Just this scenery alone only reveals the tip of an iceberg. It’s not something that I can have a clear view of.]


Looking at the huge crack not far away, he couldn’t help but feel excited inside his heart. After all, according to what Brother Gui had told him, the opportunity left for him by the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was hidden inside. When he finally obtained this opportunity, his cultivation would advance. It would also make it easier for him to clear his name.


Suddenly, a series of frightening rainbows flew across the sky from the east. A large group of powerful young prodigies came from that direction, and the person leading them had a dashing face and slender body. He wore feather clothing, a crown and a robe with white sleeves, giving him the look of someone that was otherworldly. Behind him were a bunch of followers as well as the Direct Disciples of Skyward Schloss. All of them appeared imposing, and their auras were extremely intimidating, as if their bodies were covered in glory.


“Gu Changge…”


Ye Ling’s pupils shrank slightly while a hint of hatred and anger flashed through his eyes, but quickly, he composed himself. Even though he had never seen Gu Changge before, he could recognize the man in front of him immediately at this moment. [He must be the Successor of Demonic Arts who framed me.]


He was wise enough to not show any strange emotions on his face because he knew that he couldn’t allow Gu Changge to read through him. When he remembered that figure he saw that day, he suddenly felt that it looked more and more like Gu Changge, who was in front of him. His fist tightly clenched. Then, he saw Chi Ling walking toward Gu Changge with a smile, which left him in disbelief.


“Brother Changge, I hope that you will take good care of me on this expedition into the Celestial Ancient Continent.” She clasped her hands and smiled before taking the initiative to greet Gu Changge.


Once Gu Changge settled himself on the top of a mountain, he smiled faintly and replied, “You’re being too kind, Lady Chi Ling.”


Behind him were a group of followers, and the rest were the Direct Disciples of Skyward Schloss. This included Yin Mei, Jin Zhou and the others. All of them were powerful prodigies of the young generation whose cultivation had already broken through to the Honored King Realm. During this expedition, they were all given the responsibility of listening to Gu Changge’s orders.


After that, Gu Changge swept his gaze across the group of followers behind Chi Ling before landing his eyes on a man with a handsome face. For a moment, he revealed a somewhat thoughtful smile. Of course, he knew that Ye Ling would get into the mix. Even though Ye Ling’s concealment methods were indeed frightening since he could even use the Power of Reincarnation to conceal his source of cultivation, it was still no possible for him to hide from from Gu Changge’s eyes. After all, all he needed to do was simply use the System to check everyone’s Fortuity points. With more than 5000 Fortuity, it was impossible for Ye Ling to hide himself.


Looking at his Fortuity, Gu Changge couldn’t help but feel a little envious. However, he didn’t reveal any of his true emotions on his face and acted calmly as if he didn’t notice Ye Ling at all.


[If Ye Ling isn’t stupid, he should probably know by now that the person who framed him is me. But so what? It’s not like he can expose me in front of everyone.]


Thinking about it, Gu Changge chuckled inside his heart and no longer paid much heed to it. If Ye Ling was no longer of use to him, he would easily kill him. Besides, Gu Changge was still waiting for Ye Ling’s Fortuitous One aura to take effect and play its role as treasure-finder. The last time he met a Fortuitous One in the Overworld, the person led him all the way to the center of the Ancient Sky Domain with no harm at all. This time, it was Ye Ling’s turn to help him find a way.


“Did Gu Changge notice me already?” The moment Gu Changge looked over, Ye Ling felt his heart tightening. He was a little worried that Gu Changge had already noticed his presence. However,  Gu Changge only gave him a quick glance and didn’t care much about him. “Luckily, I told Chi Ling previously not to reveal my presence no matter what. Otherwise, I’ll be in real danger right now. It’s like I’m treading on thin ice…”


The hatred inside Ye Ling’s eyes was all directed at Gu Changge. When he saw Gu Changge having a conversation with Chi Ling, he couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.


[Looks like I need to remind Chi Ling so that she won’t be deceived by him. He is the greatest danger here. The Successor of Demonic Arts.] With a quick glance, he saw one of the Direct Disciples of Skyward Schloss, Yin Mei, who was dressed in a red dress and had a haggard look while furrowing her brows.


[It seems like Bai Lie’s death has taken quite a toll on her. She definitely doesn’t know that Gu Changge is actually the one behind all this. I need to find a chance to warn her too.] He still couldn’t forget Yin Mei’s charming beauty. When he heard that Bai Lie was killed after seeing Yin Mei that night, she could most likely act as his witness, to prove that he wasn’t the Successor of Demonic Arts. On that night, he was thinking about taking good care of her if Bai Lie was gone, but now, he didn’t expect his words to come true.


*Boom!* Suddenly, thousands of radiance erupted from the crack, as if the space barrier was blown up, and the terrifying astral wind screamed forth, seemingly able to tear everyone apart!


“The Celestial Ancient Continent is open!” An elder shouted with an incomparably loud voice to all sides. Many of the young present started to have different thoughts as they stared closely at the crack in front.


There was a huge fluctuation in the void, and Yue Mingkong stood proudly on a mountain peak with her cold and profound eyes. As her clothes and robes fluttered, those from the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty also appeared. From afar, she glanced at Gu Changge before withdrawing her eyes. When going inside the Celestial Ancient Continent, all disciples would have to report to their own factions, so she didn’t go with Gu Changge. Though, the main reason for them acting separately was her worries. With him by her side, she would be unable to snatch away the heavenly treasure from him, which was infuriating.


As for Gu Changge, he smiled at her when he also saw her from afar. 


Yue Mingkong let out a cold grunt and looked away. Seeing the small interactions between the two of them, many secretly stayed vigilant inside their hearts. After all, it was great that everyone was harmonious with each other in the outside world, but once they entered the Celestial Ancient Continent, none of it would matter. One Gu Changge was already a handful to deal with, but if he teamed up with Yue Mingkong, everyone would be at a disadvantage unless they all joined forces together.


[Well, it’s best that she doesn’t come along with me. I’ll leave the other opportunities to her.] Gu Changge smiled faintly. Of course, he knew that she was avoiding him because she didn’t want him to snatch away the heavenly treasure from her. However, he only cared about the opportunities regarding the Celestial Spirit and Ye Ling. After all, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was involved in the Power of Reincarnation, which was related to the Dao of Time. This was a power that he wanted.


Immediately, he summoned Yin Mei and gave her some orders. When Ye Ling was secretly glancing at her just now, Gu Changge took notice of that. Therefore, it seemed like the only way for him to understand Ye Ling’s whereabouts was through Yin Mei, since he still didn’t know that she belonged to him.


Then, Gu Changge looked toward the east and saw a cold young girl standing there proudly. Her facial features were as flawless as a picture, but her expression was as cold as ice, and she had a big red bird perching on her shoulder. Even though she was alone, she had an icy aura that prevented anyone from getting close to her.


“Gu Xianer’s Fortuity has risen quite a lot. It seems like the Celestial Ancient Continent also contains her opportunities. Tsk-tsk… Forget it. I’ll let her be for now. I need to deal with Ye Ling first…” After a glance, he quickly withdrew his eyes and began preparing the plan after entering the Celestial Ancient Continent. 


Gu Changge definitely needed to separate himself from everyone in Skyward Schloss since he wasn’t their nanny even if he was the successor. All of them had their own opportunities to discover, and after a quick glance at their Fortuity, Gu Changge couldn’t care less what they were. His main focus would be on Ye Ling, and as for the other opportunities, unless he bumped into a young prodigy with a special physique and cultivation source, he couldn’t care less. The thing he actually cared about was the mausoleums in the Celestial Ancient Continent. As long as he could find a celestial corpse with the essence of its cultivation source, it would be far more valuable than the cultivation source of any other young prodigy present.


While he thought about it, Gu Xianer from afar furrowed her delicate brows in doubt. Then, she glanced at Gu Changge. She somehow felt that he was looking at her just now, but she soon realized that it was her own delusion.


[The Celestial Ancient Continent is my chance to surpass Gu Changge!] She secretly said to herself.


During this period, her entire mind was focused on her cultivation, and she managed to achieve some breakthrough, but she didn’t feel the same joy that she used to feel before. At the same time, it seemed as though Gu Changge had completely forgotten about her, so she could only continue with her cultivation to maintain a peaceful mind and not be disrupted by him. To her, this wasn’t a good sign, but from time to time, she couldn’t help but run outside the top of her cultivation mountain to take a look… and everytime, she was disappointed. Other than Yue Mingkong’s several visits, she didn’t even get to see Gu Changge’s shadow.


Soon, the young prodigies from various factions gathered at the entrance to the Celestial Ancient Continent. However, Gu Xianer didn’t join the crowd since she liked working alone, but most importantly, with less people around her, she could avoid bumping into Gu Changge. Since he was ignoring her, she wasn’t willing to see him either. She was confident that she could protect herself in the Celestial Ancient Continent and wouldn’t need to report to Skyward Schloss.




After seeing Gu Changge leading the people of Skyward Schloss into the entrance, Gu Xianer transformed into a rainbow and went through the crack without hesitation. Suddenly, she felt dizzy, as if she was walking through the barriers of a world, and she experienced various scenes on both sides.


Once she landed, the scenery in front of her shocked her. Some small puddles and hazy mist were formed out of the liquefaction of incomparably rich spiritual energy. The spiritual energy was able to fill one’s lungs to an unimaginable point where it almost turned into spring water. There weren’t many poisonous bugs or ferocious beasts, making this place exceptionally tranquil and peaceful.


The place she landed on was a vast majestic mountain range. Here, the celestial energy was dense as its essence transpired upward like a burst of dragon roars. It was an extraordinary scene. Moreover, the natural structure here seemed to be much better than many of the gifted places found in the Beyond, which made it excellent for cultivating.


Then, Gu Xianer couldn’t help but reveal the excitement bubbling in her. “It seems that the celestial ancient ruins are the same as those recorded in literature. This really is an amazing place!”


Thinking about the many opportunities contained here, she revealed her excitement once more with her delicate brows. Meanwhile, the big red bird on her shoulder couldn’t help but roll its eyes. [This little girl is once again being dazzled by everything she sees. Haa… some things just can’t be changed…]



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