I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 128, Saving the Damsel in Distress, No One Can Bully My Personal Punching Bag


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The Celestial Ancient Continent was vast, and the towering divine mountains formed a long endless range, as if it was a whole new world. The atmosphere was prehistoric and chaotic, as if it had given birth to all the beings in this world. The world was filled with a dense celestial mist, one could even see many small puddles of liquefied spiritual energy.


To the young prodigies of every faction in the Beyond, the first thing they did after landing was to bring together all their respective disciples to avoid being picked off one by one by some enemy. In a place like this, their enemies were their peers and the indigenous people who lived here, so no one dared to take it lightly.


Soon, Gu Changge also landed on the place along with the Direct Disciples of Skyward Schloss and his followers. The place they landed on was a valley, so the terrain was flat and there was an emerald lake in the distance that was made out of spiritual energy.


Among the followers, a tall ferocious-looking being stepped out and asked him, “Master Gu, where are we going now?”


Gu Changge pondered for a moment and answered, “We are heading east.”


At the same time, he glanced at Jin Zhou and the others behind him. To be honest, he didn’t want to bring these Direct Disciples along with him. After all, Jin Zhou’s abilities weren’t weak and he was also a young prodigy with many followers himself. If all of them ended up following Gu Changge, there would inevitably be conflicts whenever they encountered some opportunity. Gu Changge himself wasn’t one who was willing to suffer losses, so he was too lazy to solve these problems whenever he was needed.


“Senior Gu, since you are heading to the east, then I’ll head over to the west. After that, we can all find a way to gather at the center area.” Jin Zhou and the others weren’t stupid either. They knew that following Gu Changge wouldn’t bring them any benefits, and they might even end up doing free labor for him, so they immediately bid farewell and left. With a calm expression, Gu Changge didn’t say much about their leaving as it was what he wanted.


Soon, the only people left were Yin Mei and Gu Changge’s followers. This time, he didn’t allow Yan Ji to follow on this expedition into the Celestial Ancient Continent because it would be awful if her presence got exposed. Also, based on her cultivation, there was a huge possibility that she couldn’t even enter this place. Here, every young prodigy had to rely on themselves as there weren’t any beings around to protect them, so to Gu Changge, this might as well be his… hunting ground.


As long as any youthful talent caught his interest, they probably wouldn’t be able to escape getting killed and devoured by him or being controlled by his Demonic Manipulation Urn. However, he still needed to do all this in a discreet manner. If his actions were to get discovered, he could just pin all the blame on Ye Ling.


“Let’s go.” With that, he led everyone away and headed toward the east. If he was right, this was the direction that the Vermillion Bird Clan was in.


[Master Gu has asked me to find a chance to get close to Ye Ling. It seems like Ye Ling has sneaked in here. I’m afraid that he’ll come to me on his own accord by then.] Yin Mei thought to herself while following behind Gu Changge. At the moment, none of the followers here knew about her relationship with him, so it would be easy for her to deceive Ye Ling.


Meanwhile, Gu Changge felt that his luck wasn’t that great. Even though they had spent half a day traveling tens of thousands of kilometers, he still couldn’t find a native as he started to even question whether he had stepped into some forbidden land. However, the opportunities that they came across here were quite numerous as he had discovered many divine medicines that had already disappeared from the outside world. Not only were the medicines old, they also had a strong fragrance. Gu Changge wasn’t interested in all these, but the followers behind him loved to collect them.


[This isn’t going to work. The Celestial Ancient Continent is a bit beyond my expectation. I knew I should have asked the Grand Elder for some general information.] Gu Changge furrowed his brows before using his vast divine sense to sweep across the lands like a surging tide. After all, there weren’t any other cultivators here, so he wasn’t afraid of exposing the strength of his Primordial Spirit. 


He soon sensed the aura of the Vermillion Bird Clan, which was at least thousands of kilometers ahead. However, there was the sound of a battle coming from somewhere nearby with a radiant light soaring to the sky.


A series of bright runes was reflected in all directions. Anyone could tell that both parties at least had the strength of the Honored King Realm, which wasn’t weak. From his divine sense, he found out that a young prodigy from the Beyond was fighting for a star-like sword grass, which made a crisp clanging sound that resembled a sword. It looked as magnificent as it had stars with lines on its leaves that resemble veins. It was bizarre for a small grass to grow there with strands of light in the shape of swords around it. The opponent of the youthful talent was a ferocious beast that was about to break through to the True Enlightened Realm, which was why they were having a hard time deciding the winner.


“Master Gu, it seems like someone is fighting in that direction.” While Gu Changge stood on top of a mountain peak, a follower behind him asked curiously, “Should we go take a look?”


“It’s none of our business,” Gu Change flatly replied while waving his hand.


Naturally, he wouldn’t go over there and interfere because the main reason he came here was to find the Vermillion Bird Clan and create a chance for Yin Mei. As long as she stayed close to him, he could then sense her presence at all times. Once he placed her next to Ye Ling, he could later confirm Ye Ling’s whereabouts and wait to reap his rewards.


[Isn’t that much more convenient?]


At the moment, Yin Mei also had the same thoughts as him. While her eyes moved slightly, she said, “Senior Gu, since we are here, I would like to part ways with you.”


She also brought her followers along with her to prevent any suspicion since she still needed to maintain the perception of her relationship with Gu Changge.


“Alright. Look after yourself, Yin Mei.” Gu Changge slowly nodded his head with a calm expression.


Seeing her leave, heading toward the direction of the battle as if she was about to interfere, he nodded his head with satisfaction and revealed an intriguing expression. [Doesn’t Ye Ling miss Yin Mei? Now, I’m directly sending her to him. I even created a scenario especially for him to save the ‘damsel in distress’.]


Once Yin Mei went over to fight for that sword grass and purposely pretended to be at a disadvantage, Ye Ling would sense it and wouldn’t be able to resist saving her. Gu Changge had seen this play out many times before.


[Ye Ling will appreciate what I have set up for him.] Gu Changge left the place as he didn’t intend to stay for long. After all, there were other things that he needed to consider. The Celestial Ancient Continent was a huge place, but the area that he wanted to find the most was where the indigenous people lived, because that was where he had the chance of finding any ancestral tombs.


He had been thinking about their celestial corpses all the time. He wanted to at least find the corpse of an Ancient Emperor. Of course, he could only hope that the ancestors of these indigenous people weren’t like the ancestors of the Gu Family, who like to bury themselves underground or lie down inside coffins for no reason. [Well, that kind of behavior by the Gu Family is normally unacceptable to most.]



Just as Gu Changge was scouring to find the indigenous people of the Celestial Ancient Continent, Gu Xianer excitedly found many great opportunities along the way. The big red bird on her shoulder wasn’t an ordinary creature. It had some kind of ability to detect treasures. No treasure could escape its eyes, and it could even pull out the treasures hidden deep within a mountain range.


Gu Xianer kept on moving forward by transforming into a rainbow, and she came across many ferocious beasts of the Honored King Realm along the way, which she was able to handle with ease. During this period, it wasn’t unreasonable to say that her cultivation had been advancing at a rapid pace. But soon, she bumped into disciples of other factions.


[These people should be from the other sects outside Boundless Heaven. They don’t seem to be humans since they have a salty, sea like smell to them.]


She recognized their techniques and spells as well as their clothes. They all belonged to the contemporary era. The person leading them was a celebrity-like young man in the Honored King Realm, separating his powerful strength from his peers. Some of the rest were still in the Honored Lord Realm while most were in the Honored Nobility Realm.


“Little girl, which faction do you belong to? Or, did you come here alone?” The leading young man looked frivolous with his blue hair, he stared at her and asked. At the same time, his followers began to surround her.


Of course, in a place like this, he was just asking her a question. Since, no one really cared which faction the other party came from. The mist engulfing the Celestial Ancient Continent from above could conceal anything, so even if someone died inside here, the elders of most families wouldn’t be able to discover anything.


“It’s not good to be alone. Why don’t you follow us? We’ll look after each other’s backs. Haha.” The young man stared at her randly with eyes filled with heat and charm.


Looking at him, Gu Xianer furrowed her brows as she felt uncomfortable. [Looks like he is another person who only wants my body.]


With a gloomy and cold face, she struck out her delicate fist. A shadow began to fill the sky, covering everything beneath. Her body looked slender and weak, but her physical strength was astonishing. She rarely used her physical strength in most situations since she liked using swords more, but when she truly intended to kill someone, she didn’t even hesitate.


*Boom!* Just one punch was enough to send the group of cultivators in front of her flying. Many of them even collapsed straight after and turned into a mist of blood.


“You…” The expression of the leading young man changed.


However, without giving him a chance to react, she transformed into a shadow and disappeared. Then, a bright ancient rune fell straight down, like a divine sword engraved with wisdom! She wasn’t in a good mood in the first place, but this group of people still insisted on angering her. In the end, the place turned into a deep mist of blood with everyone dead.


“Serves them right.” She patted her skirt with an indifferent face and took away all their items before turning into a rainbow and leaving. During her journey into the Inner Domain after leaving Peach Village in the Land of Abandoned Celestials, she encountered a lot of similar situations. She was already used to killing people and taking their goods. However, while in Skyward Schloss, she was constantly oppressed by Gu Changge, which made her begin to act like a silly little girl. However, now, she would be able to show her true self, a clever girl.


Soon after she left, another large group of people appeared. The person leading them was a girl dressed in colorful feathered clothing with blue hair and scales on her forehead. With a proud expression, her eyes turned extremely cold when she saw the bloody scene in front of her. As her face turned gloomy, she roared in anger, “Only I can be allowed to kill and no one else! Who dares to kill my little brother!?”


“Seventh Princess, there is a beast here that has witnessed everything. We can look into its soul to see what happened.” One of her followers noticed the trace of beasts not far away.


Listening to him, the blue-haired girl immediately moved her body and caught those beasts without hesitation, showing her powerful strength. Ignoring their roars, she looked into their souls and saw what happened.


“Damn it… He was killed by a little girl dressed in green. I’ll make her pay for what she did! I can’t believe that my little brother got brutally murdered by her just because I was one step late!”


Soon, the blue-haired girl’s eyes became frighteningly cold as a flame of anger began to burn inside. Her body trembled in rage while she stared at the scene right in front of her. From the images she had seen, her brother only asked a few questions from the start and didn’t lay a finger on that little girl in green. But in the end, she ruthlessly killed everyone!


“My little brother has many protective items on him, but he still ended up dead in the hands of that little girl. Looks like she isn’t an ordinary character, but the Ancient Sea Palace didn’t travel hundreds of millions of kilometers just to come here and suffer! Send the word out! I want the head of that girl dressed in green!” The blue-haired girl’s voice was cold and filled with rage as she sent out her orders.


Listening to her, her followers were all frightened as they knew the rage of the Ancient Sea Palace alone could cause a huge earthquake.


On the edge of the Boundless Heaven in the Inner Domain of the Beyond was the Endless Sea, and the Endless Sea Clan was ruled by the Ancient Sea Palace. In the vast waters of the Beyond, traces of the Ancient Sea Palace could be seen everywhere. Even powerful factions and immortal sects would have to show some respect toward them. Not only that, there were also many subordinate sea clans under the rule of the Ancient Sea Palace. Most of them had close connections with the Ancient Immortal Race as they were linked together. Therefore, the Ancient Sea Palace was definitely a force to be reckoned with by the many factions.


At the moment, the group of followers had turned slightly pale as they couldn’t believe that the young girl had offended the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family. This little brother of hers belonged to her mother’s side, but as long as he had the royal blood of the Ancient Sea Palace flowing in his veins, he was one of them, so how could she not be infuriated after seeing that he was killed here?


All her followers couldn’t help but tremble while their faces seemed to have turned bloodless. They knew this would definitely cause a terrifying uproar that would bring about a catastrophe. Even if the young girl belonged to a powerful faction, it didn’t matter because inside the Celestial Ancient Continent, every faction had tacitly agreed that any deaths which occurred here shall not be looked into. Also, the strength of the Seventh Princess was unrivaled within her sea clan. With this being the first thing she encountered after leaving the clan for the first time, she needed to kill that little girl to set an example.


Soon, news about it spread through the many young prodigies within the Celestial Ancient Continent, causing a huge stir. The little brother of the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family was murdered by a young woman dressed in green. So she swore to hunt that girl down and avenge her little brother. As soon as the news was spread out, it caused a huge uproar.


Everyone knew that it was best to avoid those from the Ancient Sea Palace. Still, their princess’s little brother got murdered. This was naturally a huge shock. Many cultivators became very sympathetic toward the little girl in green. At the same time, they were curious about who she was. After all, it wasn’t easy to kill someone from the Ancient Sea Palace.


Inside a misty valley, a young man covered in haze mumbled to himself, “A young woman dressed in green? Isn’t that Gu Changge’s cousin?”


The person speaking was one other than the Successor of the Immortal Wang Family, Wang Wushuang. He ventured alone and received the news for some reason. “How interesting. If those of the Ancient Sea Palace fight against Gu Changge, I can just sit back and reap the rewards.” 


Golden runes appeared on his body, and he headed straight into the fog.


Meanwhile, inside a mountain range, a series of sharp golden lights flickered as a Golden-Winged Roc flew across the sky. With its golden body, it killed a beast of the True Enlightened Realm and tore its corpse in half.


The Golden-Winged Roc landed on the ground and turned into a tall man, who was the Successor of the Golden-Winged Roc Clan, Peng Fei.


“I heard that Gu Changge has a grudge against his cousin. If that little girl in green really is his cousin, I wonder if he will interfere. The Ancient Sea Palace isn’t that easy to get along with…” he murmured to himself while furrowing his brows.


A similar scenario was taking place at the edge of the Celestial Ancient Continent. There were many young prodigies that had arrived. 


Some managed to enter the Celestial Ancient Continent first, and others went in later. Nonetheless, they were all still prodigies of their generation. They all had powerful abilities. Because the faction and area that they came from was really far away from Boundless Heaven, it took them a lot of time to reach here. 


Naturally, with the entrance to the Celestial Ancient Continent being opened, some of these prodigies had encountered the indigenous people here, causing conflicts and killings. Though, it was not all that bad for the natives here. To them, it was also a rare opportunity for their own young prodigies.



On a low-lying plain, a plain of tall and golden unspecified plant swaggered like a golden grassland.


“Are you all natives here?” Gu Changge asked with his brows raised. In front of him were a group of living beings that looked and dressed differently than the people in the outside world. All of them were kneeling on the ground in fear.


Their legs were all twisted into a form it should never be in, with bloodstains on them. They couldn’t bear the terrifying aura of Gu Changge as he raised his hand. A part of their group were even blown into a mist of blood by his aura, obliterated instantly. When passing by this place just now, he was suddenly ambushed by this group of natives, so a few of his followers were killed.


“Where are you from?” Gu Changge asked using his divine sense.


Standing in front of him was a dark man in a beast robe. He was not that old, and he was in the Intermediate stage of the Honored King Realm. However, his soul was on the brink of collapse as he couldn’t even lift his head in fear.


Under Gu Changge’s aura, they were as insignificant as ants. The young men and women behind the dark man were all dressed in extraordinary clothing filled with treasures that protected their bodies. Even so, they were still terrified with their souls trembling. The young man in front of them seemed to be around the same age as them, but they couldn’t help but wonder why his might was more terrifying than a great emperor’s.


Gu Changge knew that they could understand his divine sense, so he faintly asked, “If you tell me where you live, I might let you go.”


Then, he grabbed the dark man in front of him with one hand and lifted him up like a chicken.


“Master Gu, there is news spreading across the place. Lady Xianer seems to have offended someone from the Ancient Sea Palace, but we aren’t sure whether it was really her.” The ferocious-looking follower of Gu Changge came and reported to him.


They had a way of gathering rumors from all directions, so naturally, the news that caused an uproar among the young prodigies reached them.


“The Ancient Sea Palace?” Gu Changge furrowed his brows and pondered for a moment before replying, “Don’t worry about her. She won’t die.”


No matter what, she was still a Fortuitous Lady, and the Ancient Sea Palace was only here to give her more experience. Of course, with her current ability, she might suffer a little, but he doesn’t plan to go and protect her. Even though she was arrogant and cold, she had many opportunities as the Fortuitous Lady. Naturally, she could turn a bad situation into a good one. Although it was just his speculation, he was still convinced that nothing would happen to her. At most, she would be injured a little and have to run for her life afterward.


However, after he was done with the things in hand, he could use this matter to his advantage. After all, since he played that bitter trick on her the last time, he had ignored her for a while, so it was about time to meet her again. [Who does the Ancient Sea Palace think they are? My personal punching bag isn’t something for them to bully.]


“Lead the way if you don’t want to die.” Gu Changge came back around and calmly uttered to the beings in front of him.


At the moment, they still had a bit of use which was to lead the way. Gu Changge was too lazy to look into their souls directly since they might not be able to bear it and explode. The indigenous people in the Celestial Ancient Continent were a mixture of various ancient races, and their strength was obviously much stronger than the outside world. Gu Changge could feel the difference, but it didn’t matter to him at all. After all, he wasn’t even afraid of a being in the Sacred Realm, let alone the young prodigies.


“Sir, we’ll lead the way.” The native man in front quickly answered in fear. From this young man, he could feel a sense of horror and terror. He felt as if this young man’s abilities could already rival the elders of their clan. It was simply terrifying.


When they ambushed him just now, he was able to block all their attacks with ease and instantly annihilated them. However, they weren’t sure why this young man would want to go to their place of gathering since it was deep within the continent and was full of strong opponents.


Soon, they left the area and headed east. On the way, Gu Changge could see many magnificent buildings that were incomparably ancient, but were already abandoned. Among them, there were many carvings on the stone including the enlightenment to the Sacred Realm. The place had a brilliant light soaring to the sky while a divine radiance filled the air, which could help with one’s cultivation, making this place a rare opportunity. However in a place like this, the numbers of young prodigies from the outside world and the natives had increased, causing many deaths.


With a glance, Gu Changge quickly lost interest. The indigenous people guarded the secrets of the Celestial Ancient Continent, and among them, the Celestial Spirit, had been nurtured to this day. Before joining Skyward Schloss, he had already planned for this occasion. [When the Celestial Spirit is born, it will cause such a huge stir within the Celestial Ancient Continent that even alarm the elders outside. They will definitely rush in as well.]




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